How could they make “Aladdin” so unsexy and unappealing??

So, Disney has released a new “trailer” for their upcoming live-action remake of “Aladdin”, and the Internet seems to be all the rage with it… for all the wrong reasons.

I almost didn’t catch this trailer due to so much work. The only reason I found it is because of this Vice article, which (rightfully) tore the teaser down to shreds.

I mean… what are they doing to the classics of my childhood?! How on Earth did they think this was acceptable?!

Everybody is talking about the Genie and how horrifying it looks… and they are right. Will Smith has been flundering hard on Hollywood in the past few years and this pic, apparently, won’t help change the tides of his career.

Not that he needs any more “assistance” for his career, of course —gee, I wish I had his professional “problems”—, but still, for a star that was once the unfailing name of Hollywood blockbusters (and a certified, tasty piece of chocolate hunk), these past few years have been a fall from grace.

I might talk more about my sweetheart Smith later on this post or on another occasion, but for now I want to focus on what really matters.

Yes, because the true problem of this remake is not Will Smith, not the Genie, but the fact that it is, as a whole, deeply unsexy!

That’s right: unsexy! It’s boring, it’s plain-looking and, sometimes, it’s downright ugly! And the main fault for that lies, in my opinion, on the casting.

OMG, the casting for this thing is atrocious! It’s like they’ve handpicked precisely the ‘wrongest’ actors for each part, with disastrous results!

But, Gigi, what are you talking about? This is a Disney movie! It’s for kids! It’s not suppooosed to be sexy!”

Huh, hello-ooh! Are you serious?? Of course a Disney movie can be sexy!

Actually, in my view, it’s meant to be sexy! That’s how the movies of my childhood were: filled with innocence and dreams, yes, but also super sexy!

Don’t you realize it’s ‘Aladdin’ we’re talking about? Freaking Aladdin! I mean… his is the hunkiest boy of out childhoods, isnt’t he? Are you saying that a remake featuring precisely one of the HOTTEST boys Disney has ever drawn shouldn’t be sexy?

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