Follow the blue bird

Dear readers, I wish I could update you more frequently here, on my personal blog, but my many jobs and activities have been taking too big a toll on my schedule lately.

I have been very active, though, on Twitter, so why don’t you jump over there and give them a nice reading?

I’ll be making updates about everything regarding my work there. On this blog, I’ll be posting only the most “major” news… which aren’t many for now, I’m afraid.


Gigi’s Twitter

It was wonderful writing articles for WordPress, but my main source of income (in erotica) really comes from my Amazon page, so you can hop over there any time to check out my latest releases.

And remember: I’m always available for contact. I can take a little while to reply, yes, but it’s never more than 24 hours.

I pride myself for my top-of-the-line customer service. 😉 Ciao!

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