Two new releases this weekend!

I’ve got two new books out this weekend, continuing the ‘Tara’ series!

They are My Studious Friend and The Name of the King!

My Studious Friend deals with lesbian seduction, strong girl VS. weaker girl, fitness lady fliting with a sexy, busty intellectual blonde babe, lesbian fantasies and much more!

The Name of the King, on the other hand, is more male-centric and focuses on threesomes, foursomes, outstanding sexual performance from a man, awesome displays of virility and male vitality, busty supermodel babes and a muscular hunk making three gals orgasm… at the same time! (oops! Spoilers, I guess!) πŸ˜›

Fighting the system! A few tiny issues with Amazon’s adult-content filtering

A few readers might have noticed that the subtitles and covers of my books are changing a little overtime.

Others might have seen that it’s a bit more difficult than usual to find my books on the search engines (English versions).

Well, that’s because I’m having a few issues with Amazon’s adult-content triggers.

Basically, whenever Amazon flags your book as “ADULT”, it’s basically BANNED from the search engines, making it difficult to find. πŸ˜₯

It’s an annoying thing, but I think I’ve figured out the heart of the problem already. I’ll be working along the week to have it fixed. πŸ˜‰

There’ll be no changes in content whatsoever. The problem is exclusively with the information presented on the sales pages (title, cover, blurb, etc.)

Where you read my books!

Here are my books for this weekend. You can find them in two versions: one ENGLISH and another translated to Brazilian PORTUGUESE!

I hope you all have an awesome reading! Kisses! ❀ ❀

My Studious Friend: A fitness brunette lady meets her blonde intellectual (buy version in PORTUGUESE)

The Name of the King: A fitness diva discovers why her college super stud is called ‘King’
(buy version in PORTUGUESE)