Foreword and intro of my NEWEST BOOK, “Super Hunk Domination” (out this TUESDAY!!)

I’ve got two new books coming this Tuesday (11)! Here’s my foreword and naughty little intro for one of them!

Hello, my precious! How are you doing on this lovely Tuesday? 😀

In this mighty book, we continue the crazy, lube-filled, cum-ridden story of our two muscular superheroes duking it out to see who’s the strongest, mightiest Alpha male!

The answer might surprise you… and it’s waiting for you on the following pages!

Twitter: @GigiPotemkin

Amazon: amazon.com/author/gigipopo

I’m finally embracing the most erotic, downright pornographic aspects of my muscle, cum and squirting obsession (among other fetiches).

This whole superhero series is a personal achievement for me, as it marks my transition from “nice, romantic Gigi” (my previous series) to “fuck-drunk, crazy bitch Gigi!”

Ha, ha, ha, ha!! It’s so good to let these fetishes gain wings and fly freely!

I’m getting increasingly more erotic with every passing book, and every new publishing week marks a new high-point in my career.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m humble enough to admit there’s still a long way to go until I become a finely-tuned, pitch-perfect erotica writer… but I feel I’m damn well in the right path!

Your opinion and feedback, therefore, is very valuable to me. After all, there’s only so much that analytics and sales numbers can offer.

I’m always pleased to answer all my readers’ requests on my Twitter feed, so why don’t you pay me a little visit there and exchange some thoughts?

My commitment is with your pleasure… as well as my own!!

I hope you adore this new chapter of my obscene superhero, muscle-engorging adventures, and come back next week for more musclemanic goodness!

See ya again soon, my love!

A thousand kisses on your cheek,

A hundreds kisses on your cooch,

A hundred slurps on your cock!

Yours adored,

P.S.: we’ve got two brand new stories this week! Visit my salespage to check out all my releases!


Previously, on our crazy superhero sex adventures…

After a new danger has arrived on Earth, a few superheroes gather on the observation deck of the Tower of Might to evaluate the situation.

Amongst them are Black Lanter and White Archer, two of the world’s mightiest Alpha males!

The supers are approached by Wondrous Woman, who proceeds to lay down a plan to contain the danger.

However, the sheer eroticism of her rock-solid, muscle-abundant body strikes powerful hard-ons on all superheroes present —especially on the two impressive, gargantuan cocks of these powerful studs.

After all, White Archer has nothing less than an 11in hard cock, while his counterpart Black Lantern effortlessly reaches 13 inches of sweet, black guetto pussy-wretching, male-juice maker!

After being dismissed by the mighty superheroine, both men head to the nearest bathroom to relieve themselves of their obscene bulges.

Once alone, their competitive drive quicks in full gear. They are nothing short than the two most powerful men in history, so their rivalry couldn’t be greater.

Black Lantern is a massive, 550-pound black muscle man, while White Archer is a 400-pound multibillionaire muscle playboy with an insatiable appetite for good pussy and good ass.

Black Lantern decides to take this arrogant white boy down a notch, and so both men decide to see… who’s got the mightiest cock… and who can produce the biggest amount of juices in the shortest amount of time!

As their jerk-off competition starts, it’s pretty obvious that Black Lantern will be the winner in terms of sheer male abundance: seemingly effortless, he manages to extract almost a full gallon of precum from his dick… in a single wad!

This black bull is so damn powerful that, by the end of his performance, he milked over fifteen gallons out of his massive Afro prick!

White Lantern, in comparison —by no means a puny man—, barely extracted more than two gallons out of his sizable 11in penis.

His biggest load of sweet precum juices didn’t even surpass 15 ounces —a miracle for any man, but just a tiny dropplet compared to Black Lantern’s performance.

The black superhero stands high and mighty, therefore, after being able to shoot loads of precum so strong that they bent the metal of the ceiling itself!

However, White Archer still has many cards up his sleeve: for starters, he is a mega serial seducer who’s slept with over 10,000 women, whereas Lantern has managed “only” a “measly” 400-something score.

White Archer’s sexual skills are legendary even among many superheroes, and he is deemed by ladies and lads alike as the biggest sex machine in history.

After an altercation involving the N-word, the arrogant white man leaves Black Lantern fuming with anger! Their conflict escalates to a boiling point —and both men soon realize they can only truly settle their differences… with their fists!

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