[NEW BOOK!] White Power, Black Pleasure

The rivalry between a black bodybuilding monster and his white Alpha stud finally comes to an end… and it’s going to be messy!

Black Lantern once thought of himself as the biggest, manliest Alpha there was: huge, bulging and powerful, with over 500lbs of pure muscle juiciness, this black beast was on top of his game… until White Archer came along!

Together with him inside a bathroom on the Tower of Might, this playboysish white billionaire taught his black stud a lesson he could never forget.

Their passion was long, savage and Earth-shaterring —literally!—, but it now must come to an end. Watch as these two virile especimens of muscular male perfection duke it out on the absolute apex of their passion —and Black Lantern finally learns the true power of a real muscle man and a legendary sex god!

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