“Seed of the Stud” and “Seal the Deal” (this week’s NEW RELEASES!)

It is a night of sensuous discoveries!

Our fitness protagonist always thought she was the world’s greatest Alpha female —a Spartan iron lady with muscles carved out of a mountain, whom no man could possibly subdue.

To her shock and amazement, however, she is quickly, easily and masterfully dominated by an out-of-this-world Alpha mega-stud… who’s revealed to be a billionaire!

…and a harem master! And the most massively well endowned guy she’s ever been with.

After climbing down from a 10-minute-long wave of multiple orgasms this sexual beast gave her… just as a warm-up!… the woman is sure nothing else that night can possibly leave her any more shocked. But she is wrong. Oh-so deadly wrong: now that the man has finished heating her up, it is time for him to show her the true, voluminous fertility that lies between his legs!

She could never believe she would offer herself up to any man so quickly… and so throughly!

Yet there she is, one of the world’s most beautiful and dominant muscle women, surrendering her soul —and every other part of her body!— to a mysterious, harem-hoarding bodybuilding billionaire she’d met that very night.

Truth be told, the man couldn’t be any more perfect: a titanic mountain of muscles with the wealth of nabob, the charm to sway legions, and an endowment to challenge all of human anatomy!

After a mere hour of his loving, she’s ready to surrender everything she has to him —everything! And this raging sex god will make excellent use of her submission… …by crowning her his greatest, dearest, most fertile lover… right now!

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