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Though she had been loved and ravished as intensely as she’d ever been in her life, she discovered her massive muscular lover… had just begun!

Even though our protagonist is one of the world’s biggest, strongest, and thickest fitness women, she is quickly and decisively reduced to a pile of quivering flesh and sweat after her muscular lover is done with her on the bed.

Those have been the two most intense, downright insane hours of love of her whole life… yet now she discovers they have only been the first round!

Her man soon takes things to a new level of orgasmic insanity by bringing her to the kitchen and replenishing his energies first with some regular beverages… then with the liquids of his lover!

In this tale of extraordinary fertility and massive feats of human sexual physicality, you’ll discover just how much **POTENCY** a man can produce in between his legs… …and how much **LIQUID LOVE** a busty muscle giantess can make from her meaty **JEWELS.**