Get GREAT VALUE on erotica with my newest BUNDLE: “The thickest, biggest, hardest billionaire”

She was a fitness muscle giantess who believed nobody in the world could impress her… until she met her mysterious harem-holding, bed-wrecking, bodybuilding billionaire!

This 4-book saga narrates the greatest night in a fitness woman’s life, from her out-of-this-world foreplay session to her fainting multiple orgasms… and so much more.

Though she always thought that her body was a machine of sheer muscle perfection, with near-limitless amounts of stamina, she quickly discovers that her incredible womanizer is much more than just her match —he’s actually peerless in the art of lovemaking, and nearly superhuman in his effortlessness of sexual pleasuring.

Follow her as she is reduced to a flesh-n-bones pool of ceaseless pleasures, filled to the brim* by her super muscle Alpha male’s virile abundance!!

This 4-BOOK COMBO includes:

Foreplay: A fitness muscle giantess meets a man to match her strengh and stamina…  yet she was not ready for so much **PLEASURE**… so many times in a roll!… with just the POWER of his fingers!!

Endowment: A muscle fitness giantess discovers the TRUE SIZE of her massive Greek-god lover… and faces earth-shattering explosions of PLEASURE thanks to his amazing skills with this enormous TOOL!

Seed of the Stud: A fitness bombshell discovers that her mysterious bodybuilding Alpha is a harem-hoarding billionaire —yet that is NOTHING compared to the prodigious liquid fertility between his legs!

Seal the Deal: A perfect Alpha couple will finally close their sexual pact: a fitness giantess will be part of her muscle billionaire’s harem… while he will make her his greatest, most FRUITFUL wife!

*Both mentally and physically!