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It will be the greatest night in this fitness woman’s life —as well as the most powerful display of human physical abilities by any Alpha male… ever!

Our muscular protagonist got way more than she bargained for when she went to bed with her mysterious, swashbuckling stud.

Sure, she obviously knew that man oozed sex through every pore, but what she discovered on that night went much beyond mere mortal understanding.

What he did to her that night was a superhuman, almost otherworldly display of *passion* and physical fitness!

Let’s recount, then, her sexual journey over four hours of the most relentless action she —or any woman!— has ever thought possible, with increasingly unbelievable displays of power that absolutely wrecked her soul and literally shattered her whole apartment!

==================In this 9-BOOK deal, you’ll get:==================

– Foreplay (Book 1)

– Endowment (Book 2)

– **** of the Stud (Book 3)

– Seal the Deal (Book 4)

– Mountain Nectar (Book 5)

– Dame Meets Monster (Book 6)

– Terms of Harem Engagement (Book 7)

– Drink it all! (Book 8)

– Are you strong enough? (Book 9)

He will destroy the kitchen…

He will wreck the bathtub…

He will pulverize the bed…

But above all, he will discipline his lover’s body and tame her soul in a way she never thought possible!

Our protagonist is a headstrong, muscular fitness giantess who always had the upper hand on her sexual relationships… until she met her steel-hard, mountain-sized muscle billionaire!

After hours of relentless action, she quickly discovers how outmatched she is near the insane skills of her womanizing lover —the greatest power stud any woman could ever know!

Yet what to any other human would have been the greatest sex ever, to that almighty stud was just the warm up.

Both to her amazement and despair, this incredible god in human form will now take their action to her kitchen… and to her living room… and to her bathroom… and back again at her bedroom…

…destroying everything in sight with his increasingly superhuman performance!

==================In this 5-BOOK deal, you’ll get:==================

– Mountain Nectar (Book 1)

– Dame Meets Monster (Book 2)

– Terms of Harem Engagement (Book 3)

– Drink it all! (Book 4)

– Are you strong enough? (Book 5)