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The reporter couldn’t take her eyes off the window, finding the whole situation all too strange.

‘This doesn’t seem to me like a military base to me.’ She told her driver, who calmly replied:

‘It doesn’t have to look like one. The activities here, let’s say, are very ‘different’ from your standard military operation.

‘Mmm. I see.’ And she smiled with a naughty expression. ‘Your ‘super soldier,’ am I right?’

The man gulped dryly and answered with his voice quivering:


The reporter went back to reading the notes on her small tablet while the driver, from time to time, gave her a sly look through the rear mirror.

He had seen his fair share of pretty reporters, but that one right there…

«Holy fuck!» That Nordic blond beauty belonged to a Victoria Secret catwalk!

She knew she was being spied on, and liked every second of the attention. Ever since she got boobs and butt, around her fifteen years of age, the male attention had been a universal constant.

She could very easily follow an international modeling career if she ever wanted some easy money. But no: international journalism’s where the action was, so she followed her heart to this more exciting, albeit less glamorous career.

She bit the back of her pencil while reading those impossible notes. Outside the armored vehicle, green hills and enchanting groves kept appearing alongside the road, like the world’s most scenic resort.

«Super soldier, super soldier…» She repeated on her head, still in disbelief about everything that has been told to her.

Because, well, how could she? What a bunch of crazy stuff!

The program had started in 1994 and only bore fruits in 2022 —some eight years ago! Ten billion dollars had been spent on it, yet the results were said to surpass even the wildest expectations.

«Somehow, the army started winning every single battle to which this… soldier… was sent, and it seems to also be profiting a lot from the investment funds connected to the program. Mmm. This all needs a lot of explaining, honestly.»

Especially considering that everything seemed to revolve around a single soldier, nothing else!

‘This soldier was sent to over 128 battles… alone.’ Some generals explained, days before, in preparation for the interview. ‘He won them all… alone.’

She raised an eyebrow, nearly breaking into laughter.

‘A single soldier won almost 200 battles… all by himself?’


‘Fighting against how many enemies?’

‘Some battles, dozens. A few others… hundreds.’

And another officer went on:

‘The biggest campaign to which he was sent had over three thousand enemies… and he had them all destroyed by the end of the week.’

The reporter then began to feel a squeeze on her heart and a spicy tightening in the middle of her legs.

‘This soldier…’ She gulped. ‘He’s a man, isn’t he?’


‘And he… managed to defeat over three thousand other men… by himself?’

The soldiers simply nodded and said in unison:


The reporter felt her breasts harden, further stretching  the shirt around her cleavage.

Every piece of clothing she wore ended up with an ample cleavage, actually, regardless of how conservative or ‘priestly’ she chose to dress. It was impossible to be any other way, for her breasts not only were gigantic but also extraordinarily shapely and hardy.

Sometimes, it could be incredibly embarrassing to interview anyone with those two titanic balls dangling from her chest —especially if her subject happened to be a man.

That bombshell of a Nordic valkyrie quite simply had the world’s most stupendous titties.

As the car approached the main building, she saw how the whole place was designed like a luxury resort rather than a scientific or military place.

Vast lakes embellished the environment, surrounded by ample complexes of fancy-looking buildings and many pools and recreational areas.

Five-star resorts, indeed, could barely compare to that place. She was jaw-dropped.

«7.6-feet tall. 480 pounds.’» She read the data on her tablet, still refusing to believe it.

7.6-feet tall. 480 pounds of pure muscle… literally: the body fat index of that guy was inferior to 1%. And his age…

«My god…» She bit her lips and crossed her long, thick, sculptural legs.

7.6ft-tall, 480lbs of muscle mass, over 128 missions fought and won with his bare fists… and all of that… only by the age of!… «24 years old!»