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The blond reporter looked down, seeing her lush, fair-skinned meat mountains covering the dark skin of the brunette’s mega-bosom in milk.

The brunette doctor began to breathe hastily, her heart beating strong as her lips quivered in desire to snatch those enormous tits.

‘Your hands… oow… your hands!’

Spliiish! From the blonde’s breasts, more white jets of milk gushed.

‘How lush. How lush you are!’

The brunette squeezed the friend’s belly with her hands, making the blonde feel waves of pleasure dominating her entire waist.

‘Oh, my god! What are you… aahhh!… doing??’

The brunette simply squeezed her belly harder and harder, making her feel her entire womb burst in heat and tension.

Her ovaries were throbbing. She could feel her gonads madly producing eggs and yet more eggs, filling her womb up!

The brunette gave her an amazed look.

‘You’re so fertile!’


‘Are you feeling this heat, my angel? This incredible heat in your womb?’

‘Oh, my god! What are you… dooooing?’

‘Nothing.’ She smiled. ‘It’s just you who’s in heat. All nice and ready for me… yuum!…’ She smacked her lips, ‘inseminated!’


‘You wanna have babies, don’t you?’

Overtaken by joy, the blonde closed her eyes and confessed:

‘Many! I wanna have so many kids!’

‘Do you want to be bred… by my male?’

‘Oooowww! Oh, my god!’

Ooow, oow!” The brunette mocked. ‘I’m the god here, my pretty little bitch.’


‘Oh, what a body. What gorgeous breasts, waist, and…. ass!’


The brunette lowered her hands down to the woman’s hips, grabbing strongly both sides of her buttocks.

He was hard and firm everywhere. «Such a ripe blonde… ready for consumption!»

And looked up, licking her lips so full of desire.

The white tits dangled loudly and lusciously, full of milk for her mouth. The white nectar dripped constantly over her even harder breasts.

The brunette then flexed her muscles and…


…made the blonde writhe as she fell with her mouth on her tits, giving each a ferocious slurp.

Muscle Woman Domination: Shredded Ebony VS. Fiery Blonde

Squiiish! The milk gushed strongly on the brunette’s mouth. Licking her lips, she painted all her mouth white with her tongue so drenched in hot, sweet milk.

The blonde looked down, seeing her friend’s incredibly thick and juicy lips so close to her breasts.

The brunette stared defiantly back at her, her hands powerfully squeezing her waist.

«My god!» The blonde thought. «How can a single woman… have so much power??»

The brunette dominated her massive breasts more powerfully than a horny Alpha male. It was impressive how strongly and hungrily she licked and sucked her.

‘Amazing milk, this one you make, my little cow.’

‘Oooooww!! Ooow, my god!!’

The brunette looked at her with a tigress’s eyes.

‘You white girls are the best thing in the world, you know.’

‘Oow… oooww…’

The brunette pressed against her waist with equal strength, ran her tongue and gave long, voracious lickings all over her massive jugs.

‘White meat… sweet, tasty blood! Ooh, blondie, you…’ And winked, ‘are spectacular!’


With her hands on her waist, the brunette doctor began to lift her shirts, fondling powerfully her body. She twitched and writhed, feeling her meat burn under the incredible pressure of her touch.