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A true waterfall of lubes fell all over the floor. Its growing puddle was beginning to moisten both women’s feet.

‘Fucking shit, blondiiiee!! Aaaahhh!!’

Without resistance, the brunette unzipped her own pants and tried to reach her pussy with her freed hand.

Her muscles hardened, dancing sensuously all along with her impeccable physique. Without halting the massacre on that pussy for a second, she felt incredibly powerful, reducing her sexual partner to a puddle of feverish orgasms and writhing exclamations.


BLUM-PTUM-BLUUUM! Something terrible then happened!

‘Oh, fuck!’ The brunette exclaimed.

As she took her arm off her friend’s waist to masturbate herself, she’d forgotten that the blonde had no longer any strength left on her legs, prompting her to…

BUUUM! Like a boneless meat sex doll, the busty blonde fell down on the floor. The brunette’s fingers quickly and desperately popped out of her vulva…


…which did not prevent her, however… from keeping coming and screaming and squirting!

‘Oooohhh…. ooooaaarrrrhhh!!!’

She moaned, she shivered, and… squiiiiish!… squirted hard every two or three seconds!

Bum-bum-bumbum-buuuum-bum…! The pleasure waves didn’t stop for a second! Bum-bum-buuum…! Like the beating of drums, they kept bursting all over the body of the mega-blonde, which dripped from the nipples and the pussy labia while babbling in a frenzied jest:

‘Oooorrrhhh… blooorrhh…!!’

Squiiiishhh… squiiiiiishhhh!!… The brunette, smiling confidently, counted six more ejaculations after her partner had fallen on the floor.

She had her legs all spread and her pants drenched in her own cum, with her back on the wall and a lost look in her face, with her head swirling on all directions.

The muscular doctor laughed, gazing at her busty, big-assed Nordic goddess as she slowly closed her eyes to rest.

The Mighty Fingers of a Massive Muscle Brunette

‘Was it good, all this cum?’ The brunette doctor bragged, and the blonde reporter gave no answer.

She remained down there, on the floor, at the feet of her mighty brunette, suffering spasms of post-orgasmic bliss.

Feeling the abundant liquids of female nectar on her feet, the brunette looked down to the floor.

‘My girl!’ She marveled. ‘I think you just came, like, twenty ounces!’

The blonde looked at her with her chin lowered and her eyes profoundly lost.

‘Yooooou…!’ She uttered. ‘Yoooo-aaarr….!’

Craaaack! The muscles of that brunette’s ungodly huge and thick legs rumbled as she slowly squatted down on the floor, leaning towards the blonde to ask, with subtle sensuality:

‘Were they good, all the orgasms I just gave you?’

The blonde answered with desperate touches on her partner’s arms.

Her hands fumbled that woman’s massive, ripped biceps. The brunette then flexed them, making them harden, and extracting long, lustful sighs from her friend.

‘They’re beautiful, aren’t they? These two mountains I’ve got on my arms?’


‘You like strength, don’t you, girl?’ And then she flaunted one of her guns, extremely hard and ripped, much thicker than many men’s biceps. ‘You like power, you like ripped muscles, don’t ya?’

‘Aaahuu-eee…. oooww…’

‘I know what ya like.’ Slaaap! And gave her cheek a slight, but still considerable slap. ‘Slut. I’m gonna have so much fun with your body.’

‘Ooow… aaahee…..’

The blonde ran her hands over those arms up until the brunette’s wide, muscular shoulders, pulling her slowly towards her face.

‘Oh, I see.’ The dark-haired vixen smiled. ‘You want some good loving, don’t ya?’ The blonde’s eyes then shone, full of heat. ‘Alright, my blondie. Com’ere so momma can love you good.’ With her powerful hands, the brunette touched the reporter’s shoulders… and crushed them!