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The brunette doctor gave her blond friend a sadistic look, taking the finger off the pussy.

‘Want my cunt?’

‘Ooh… ooow, my god…’

‘Quick answer, blondie: want my cunt or not?’

She looked at that flaming pussy, still partially covered by the black panties.

‘I do.’

‘Really? Do you want… all of this?’

Then that massive muscular brunette threw a spectacle for her: she turned around, stealing her friend’s breath when showing her fantastic rear.

‘Ooh, god…!’

The brunette, then, pulling her panties with one finger on each side, began to lower it very slowly, leaning down little by little with her ass turned to the blonde.

‘Oh, my… oow, hot!’ She both smiled and tried to hide her face. ‘You’re so… oow!

The brunette bent down even lower, sliding the panties down to her feet.

Her pussy, absurdly hard and compressed, appeared from below her ass cheeks. She was such an absurdly muscular woman, however, that her asshole remained hidden in between so many pounds of glutes.

Her cunt was the tightest, most beautiful thing the blonde had ever laid her eyes on! Though her own pink pussy already was a triumph, all tight and perky, she was now all open, wet, even baggy, like a blossomed rose, while the brunette’s, despite all its obvious arousal, remained as rock-hard and tight as two iron bars welded together.

While the blonde admired that sculptural gland, the bathroom doors once again…

Blaaam! …burst open!

The blonde couldn’t believe what she saw on the other side!

‘Oh, god!’

Goddess, indeed, would have been the most appropriate term.

‘Well, well. Am I interrupting something?’

In the hallway, an Amazon beauty no shorter than 6ft-tall watched over the scene.

Chapter I

Fire Hair VS. Dark Muscle

The brunette stood up and threw her panties to the side, putting her hands on her hips.

‘You are, actually.’ She smiled. ‘I’m making love to this blonde bitch right here.’

Both women, staring down at one another, tried to hide their naughty smiles.

The woman in the hallway was a tall redhead wearing glasses and a whole business attire. Her massive body didn’t leave any doubts that she too hit the gym hard, being as ripped —if not more!— than the brunette herself.

The blonde could see her extraordinarily long and toned legs. Her boobs were not only massive but also hard as iron, exerting tremendous pressure on her clothes.

The redhead adjusted her glasses, opening up discreetly part of her blouse.

‘May I join in?’

The blonde’s heart did a somersault. They were a few seconds away from a threesome!

The brunette, however, swiftly replied:

‘She’s mine for the evening.’

‘Oh, I know.’ Casually, the brunette smiled. ‘Are you ‘heating her up’ for our man, by any chance?’

‘Yes.’ She bit her lower lip. ‘Exactly.’

‘If that’s the case, you can leave the task to me.’ And, assuming a fighting stance, she gave a quick, naughty look to the blonde, who recoiled in heat. ‘I’m much better at this task than you are.’

‘Oooh, really?’

‘Of course.’ She winked. ‘I’ll do to her ten times what you’re capable of.’

The blonde’s heart was beating so strong it was possible to hear it from afar.

The brunette then stepped closer to the redhead, who put her hands on her hips and stared back at the shorter woman with an extremely powerful and authoritarian manner.

The brunette stopped, her naked breasts rubbing against the redhead’s, who nonetheless just raised an eyebrow and replied:

‘What? You really think you can intimidate me?’

The brunette replied:

‘You know I’m much better than you are. In bed…’ She touched her arms! ‘…last time we met…’


Slaaap! Without the sligthest discretion, the brunette gave the redhead a powerful slap in the ass, who couldn’t resist but to break character, smile and hold back her laughter.

‘…you fainted for hours, bitch!’

‘Oh, yes. I must admit: you do have wonderful fingers.’

‘Ain’t just my fingers, baby: you came with all my body on you!’

‘I’m much stronger now, for your information… little one. Ahheee!!’

The brunette held the redhead by the waist and… booom! Pressed her body against the wall!