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‘Mmmmmm!! Ooohmmmm!!’ Both girls moaned, devouring each other with their voracious mouths and tongues.

The busty blond reporter transferred as much as she could of the lubes back to her muscle brunette’s mouth, which drank it gladly!

Bluurp, gluuuub, bllaarrhh….! «Whore… oow, fuuck!!» The muscular, fitness brunette rolled her eyes as the curvy, supermodel blonde masterfully kissed her.

When the kiss was finally broken, after three minutes of intense rub-n-love, the blonde gave her a tremendously luxurious look, with a long and dense thread of lubes linking both lover’s lips.

With great strength and authority, the big, busty blonde held her friend’s hair firmly, and her eyes widened as she beheld that beautiful face… that outrageously gorgeous Nordic goddess face, aargh!!… so damn close to hers!

‘What do you…?’



The brunette felt a fire burn on her breast and… her hands!… grabbed the blonde’s waist, who sighed loudly!

Puum! Her breasts would soon burst if they were squeezed any harder. Both women looked to their own bosoms and smiled, very proud of the obscene dimensions they possessed.

‘Who do you think you’re talking to?’

But the blonde didn’t shy away this time. She tightened her grip on her friend’s hair and… pulled it stronger!


The brunette didn’t let the offense go unnoticed, though: she too grabbed the blonde’s hair and pulled it mightily.


The blonde’s body ceded more easily backward. There was no way, after all, for that super-busty, slim bimbo blonde to defeat a Spartan goddess of pure muscle and sheer strength.

‘Fucking whore! Submit to me, you weakling blonde!’



The blonde responded by rising up again and smiling defiantly at her brunette:

‘That’s what you dig, isn’t it? Dominating little girls like me?’

‘Look at my body, whore!’


The brunette gave her a fatal hug with her arms around her waist.

‘Feel my big body, you tasty slut.’

‘Ooow… ooow…’

‘I was born to dominate!’

‘Oow… maybe… but I… I…’ She stared back at her deeply. ‘I too got my tricks!’


Then… with her long and firm fingers… the blonde penetrated her!


Chapter I

A Busty Blonde’s gains the Upper Hand

The brunette’s whole body shivered as the blonde, with great power, slid her fingers easily inside her.

Slerpt, sliprt… Further droplets of lubes fell on the floor as the blonde looked for the correct spots to press inside her lover.

‘My dark-skinned bitch!’


The brunette could barely believe how wobbly her body was when the blonde, caressing the ultra-sensible spots inside her cunt, pulled her hair back and… dominated her… using her superior height!

The gal’s incredible breasts rubbed against the brunette’s neck, who felt all her female heat.

The blonde, then, released the brunette’s hairs and flexed an arm, making once again her ripped biceps surge.

‘I’m strong, ya know.’

‘Whore. You’re nothing but a cheap whore.’ Her fingers began to masturbate her… really intensely!