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Read the first few pages of my MUSCLE HAREM erotica: “Rumors of a Super Soldier!”

‘It’s all for your own sake, you hear me, my bitch, busty Barbie!’ She squeezed her blond friend’s breasts and fondled her chiseled abs. ‘It’s all to get your body nice and ready… for my man, okay?’ She smiled. ‘You haven’t experienced anything yet! Aaah! You’re going to learn what an orgasm really is… uuuuiii!… when my man finally gets inside you… so sweet and deep! Ooow…. oooww!!’

Once finished with her masterful domination, the muscle brunette found it good to rise up and… estimate the damages around the place.

Right there, where they were, in the middle of the bathroom, right in between the blonde’s legs, there were over twenty ounces of female spunk, which still couldn’t compare to…

‘Goddamn it!’

…the half-gallon of nectar she herself had ejaculated close to the sink.

Another quarter gallon was near one corner of the bathroom, close to the sinks and its mirrors, mixed with several other ounces of piss.

All and all, those two big mare-ladies had ejaculated and pissed close to three-quarters of females juices. Not bad, not bad at all.

‘I’ve done so much worse.’ The brunette snapped her fingers, getting closer to the sink and the mirrors to watch her own body. ‘When I’m with five or six other girls…. oooh…. that orgy, that one time, when I dealt with twelve women at once… yuuumm!!’

She flexed. Her sculptural body, carved out of mahogany, shone with all her muscles perfectly contracted, impeccably ripped and shredded in from of the mirror.

Her pussy dripped with the thick, fat jets of her own nectar. She still had a lot of energy to release, but she knew it could only be released…

‘Wow, how hot I am! Oooww!!’ And she spoke to her own reflection —or rather, her reflexion spoke to her. ‘Let’s fuck, shall we? Finish what we started, huh? Huh?’

Her absurdly muscular reflection seemed to answer with a blink of an eye and several flexings of her muscles.

The brunette lowered her fingers down to her pussy and, flexing her super-powerful muscles in front of the mirror…

‘Oooow… oooohh… ooowww!!’

She supported herself on the sink. The pleasure of her manly, absurdly warm touch…


Drop-drop… sbloorshh! She felt the liquids stocked inside her cunt fall heavy and bountiful on the floor, some even over her feet.

Blam-blam! She spread her legs and, looking straight at herself in the mirror…


… she sank her fingers deep inside her pussy. With unparalleled aggressivity, she began to masturbate. The pleasure that flowed through all her muscles was unrivaled.


Regardless of how many men or girls she fucked, she could never feel as much pleasure as when… fucking her own self!

It was as if she and only she, of all the hot bitches in the world, could give herself this same kind of uber-intense, ultra-masculine pleasure.

‘Fuuuuck…. ooow, ooow, ooooowww…..!!’ She smiled at her reflection, giving it an air kiss. ‘How hot I am… ooow!!’

She spread her legs even wider. Her fingering didn’t just look like mere fingering, but an aggression against her own cunt! As if, in a matter of seconds…


…she was going to draw blood from it!

With her body now getting hard and her fist pounding her own cunt at the speed of forty of fifty pulsations every single second, her fingers deep inside her cooch and all her erogenous spots being expertly massacred, the brunette stared longingly at her reflection and… and…

She flexed! One of her biceps contracted with matchless power, followed by her six ultra-shredded abs muscles, with two new ones growing just below the lowest pair, right above her pussy.


The brunette flexed her pecs and made both of her gigantic, titanic, obscene tits hop!

Sssqquiiiiisshh!! Milk as thick as chantilly burst from her nipples, falling heavily inside the kitchen.

‘Goddess! Goddess… GODDEEEEESSSSS!!!!’

Behind her, feeling a breath right over her nape, the brunette noticed the presence of a spirit drawing closer and… helping her masturbate!


Her guardian goddess was there, taking her by her back, holding her hands, fondling her muscles, and guiding her towards an earth-shattering orgasm!

«You’re so beautiful, my daughter!»


The brunette could swear the spirit spoke directly to her. «Come! I wanna come… stronger than any man.»