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The door suddenly… blaaaam! It sprang open, and through it, the soldiers saw a divine —or demonic!— body coming in.

‘Hey, guys! How ya doing?’

‘O-o… Olivia!’

It was almost a joke, the way the doctor presented herself before them.

She wore only her pants and her unbuttoned white coat, allowing the soldier to see the powerful muscles of her torso and the middle of the two hard, massive tits.

Her six abdominal muscles were an aggressive sight to most of those men, many of whom didn’t even have a body nearly as fit as hers.

The dashing brunette smiled, knowing full well the effect she had over all those frustrated men.

Over her right shoulder, she carried another absolutely fantastic woman!

‘Brought you a little gift.’

The men watched in awe as she walked to an empty chair in the middle of the room, carrying over her shoulders an incredibly tall and curvy blonde.

The reporter! The beautiful busty, big-assed, long-legged Nordic reporter that had interviewed those soldiers just a while ago!

‘You… you two…!’

The brunette answered with a wide smile and a smacking of her lips:

‘We fucked so hard my girl here couldn’t handle it: she passed out, poor little one, but don’t ya worry: she’s waking up in a hitch.’

‘You… and you…’

The woman twirled her hips in a very show-offy manner, revealing to all her extraordinarily big and hard ass over legs so thick it was almost tearing off her pants.

‘I’m very well, thank you.’

‘B-but… but you…’

‘Ay, loves, quiet, quiet, please!’

And the soldiers couldn’t do anything but to watch that big woman carry her blonde like a very manly lumberjack with his tree trunk over the shoulders.

With a handful of movements, very graciously, the brunette sat the unconscious blonde down on the chair, and then casually sat down herself on a nearby chair, observing those men as if nothing had happened.

‘So, boys. Tell me what’s new!’

The men coughed and tried to hide their boners, turning around to avoid the sight of that woman.

‘We… mmm…’ One soldier eventually decided to speak. ‘We’ve been talking.’

‘Oh, I know that. Judging by your hard dicks, I think you were talking…’ And she smiled, ‘about us. About how we fucked so wildly on that bathroom, huh?’

The general took over the conversation:

‘Doctor Olivia, please, try to keep the decorum.’

‘More decorum than this, general? We’re in the land of sex! I believe we can talk freely about fucking, can’t we?’

Many soldiers muttered and protested silently.

Poor boys! Though there were 1,354 women inside that complex —1,354 of the hottest women on the planet—, they rarely got a piece of any of them.

They were a bunch of sexually frustrated servants; no more than eunuchs taking care of the most fabulous harem in all of human history.

The harem of their 24-year-old, 7.6ft-tall, 550lbs supersoldier, whose body was an absolute wall of virility, masculinity, and perfectly sculpted muscle!

That was the reality of those poor guys! The doctor should better understand and respect their pain…

But nah! She was the kind of woman who, when she sees an open wound, throws salt over it and rubs her thumb just for fun!

‘My beautiful woman has fainted.’ She looked to the blond reporter, completely beat-down over the chain, purring sweetly, hastily and clumsily dressed up. ‘You need to send someone to clean the bathroom, by the way.’

‘That, mmm, will be arranged.’

‘Oh, how good.’ She smiled. ‘I wrecked this little pussy…  as I do with all the beautiful nymphs I find on my way!’

‘Doctor Olivia,’ the general once again interrupted her, ‘don’t you have better things to do? Taking care of our supersoldier’s wives, for instance, and look after their babies?’

The massive woman rose from the chair, making some soldiers gulp with intimidation.

‘You’re right, general, I do. Both their babies…’ And she touched her own belly, ‘as well as mine.’

The tits got a little more exposed, making some soldiers…

Crrreeeeck….!! Their immensely hard penises made a coarse noise against the fabric of their uniforms. Witnessing their affliction and despair, the doctor laughed.

‘Five children.’ She caressed her chiseled belly very passionately. ‘Only a month in —too soon to know the sexes.’ Smiling diabolically, she turned around to all the soldiers, showing off her sculptural body. ‘Your superboy is… by far… the world’s most potent male! Wow, what a bull! Not even a wild animal can be so fucking fertile and virile like he is!’


‘Thirty thousand kids!’ She licked her lips. ‘Thirty thousand children at the age of twenty-four! Not even literal bulls can be so potent! And thirty thousand perfect children! To this day, even with all of them growing in numerous homes, none has ever got ill… ever! Even the bastard kids he had in the Middle East are strong and healthy and extraordinarily potent!! This man’s nothing less than a god, and he’s breeding an entire new race of superhumans… with the help of all our cooches!’

A soldier muttered his grievances:

‘There’s no need to rub it!’

Everybody went mute, however, once the ripped brunette looked down at them.

‘Must be hellish, mustn’t it, living like eunuchs in a paradise? 1,300 fresh pussies, and you can rarely…’


‘…take a bite of them!’

The general got up. That was too much insolence, even for her.