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In her womb… she could feel an insane egg production!! Her ovaries were churning out eggs and more eggs for her to offer to that god of sex, that irresistible stallion…

«Six years… six years and his sperm remains alive!!»

Squiiiisshhs-squiiiiisshhh… Her pussy, her tits, her whole body exploded as she pictured the incredible, almost mythical potency of that ultra-virile supersoldier.

«Three thousand kids… from hundreds of women!!» The man copulated with hundreds of women… and they kept having his kids… even a decade later!!


Squiish-squiiish-squiiiish-squiiiish… SBLOOOORSSHHH!!! Her pussy was a frequent explosion of orgasmic jets, without her even needing to touch herself.

She simply looked at her absurdly gorgeous reflection in the mirror and imagined that giant approaching her from behind, the supersoldier hugging her tight by the waist, and inserting his dick…


…his horse-sized humungous prick on her, making her grow his 30,000+ offspring pool!


And the guy was only…


SBLOOOOORSSSHHHH!!! She came right there, just at this thought.


SQUIIIISSH-SQUIIIIISSH-SQUIIIIISSHH…. Her orgasm lasted for over two minutes, with her body…


BUM! BOOOM! CRAAASHHH!! It was indescribable, what happened to her during those two frenzied minutes.

Outside the bathroom, the soldiers clustered, a little bit worried, but also very curious, asking:

‘Ma’am, you’re… you’re okay??’

But many laughed, knowing full well that she was way better than okay; that she was indeed…

«HEAVEN!!» Her head swirled. «I’M IN FUCKING HEAVEN, DAAAMN IIIT!!!!»

Her body contorted uncontrollably while her pussy blasted jets and more jets of pleasure nectars.

Her orgasm lasted for two whole minutes, after which she supported her body over the sink, waiting for the bursts of pleasure to subside.

Her shirt was ruined and her pants were totally drenched by the copious orgasm juices.

Looking at the mirror, she saw her beautiful, long hairs all messed up, yet her face seemed livelier than ever.

‘Fuck… fuck… holy fucking shiiiit!’

That young man… simply thinking about him gave her pussy warm tingles!

‘Ooow… oooow….!!’

That young stud… that holy supersoldier!… was just too much of a man for any woman to resist,

She felt the uncontrollable urge to tear her clothes in front of the supermale and let him… fuck!… fill her body with kids and make her more ‘woman’ than any woman in the whole world.

That was her wish… and she couldn’t wish for anything else… after all she’d heard.

«All that’s missing is him being rich!» She thought, laughing shortly after.

Indeed, maybe that was the only ‘negative’ about that superman: not having any money, or at least not a lot of it.

After all, the army’s rewards shouldn’t amount to much, given all the costs that guy incurred.

«Oh!» The reporter slowly recomposed herself. «I haven’t asked them yet.» Her journalistic duties finally returned to the center of her attention. «How does the army pay for all of this?»

She also wondered how exactly she’d be able to face the soldiers again at that pitiful state: her shirt completely ripped and her whole body smelling like…


She even felt a bit threatened: a beautiful and hot female like her, smelling like cum and sex, with her womb making so much heat and fresh eggs its scent could be felt miles away… in the middle of a gang of sexually frustrated jocks, who didn’t have a fraction of action that hypersexual, lady-blasting, pussy-splitting 24-year-old supersoldier had on a daily basis. Still, she made her best effort —every embarrassment and humiliation, after all, was worth to unveil all the secrets of such a bizarre… and wildly sexy arrangement!