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‘A single nut from this guy… one lone wad from his prick…’


‘It’s bigger than the entire load of fifty men.’

The woman’s heart stopped for a second.

‘Is it bigger… than fifty bursts?’

‘Not just ‘bursts.’ If you put fifty men together and collect all the spunk they can produce —all of it!—, that would still be only a single wad from our male.’

Another soldier intervened:

‘I don’t think it’s fifty men, dude. I think it’s a hundred!’

‘Between fifty and a hundred, for sure.’

‘And the man doesn’t nut just once, of course.’

She gulped again, very nervously.

‘H-he doesn’t?’

‘No. He nuts… he cums…’

Another soldier completed:

‘The guy nuts eighty, ninety, even a hundred times.’

The reporter’s legs began to weaken.

‘Im… possible…’

‘Nope. Quite possible. He nuts so much that he can spend five, ten, sometimes fifteen minutes just… cumming loads. The man is a machine for sex and breeding. Nothing else on nature can compare to him.’

The woman felt a tremor over all her body. «What woman could possibly take so much spunk??»

She tried to imagine the grotesque bulk that left that human bull’s sack, but soon the soldiers painted the situation more vividly to her:

‘The guy’s literally capable of filling up a whole bathtub… with spunk.’

‘Two bathtubs. He is able to easily fill up two whole bathtubs… even a mid-sized swimming pool… will one full ejaculate.’

‘God… g-god…!’

The reporter’s heartbeat so quickly that all her body was shaking. Though they witnessed her affliction, the soldiers too felt a bit of sadistic pleasure in her despair.

‘His spunk is… indescribably thick. Seriously… a quarter gallon of his spunk weights twenty pounds!’

‘My… my god…!’

While the reporter shivered and scratched her neck compulsively, the soldier narrated many other unbelievable feats of that sexual god:

‘He doesn’t even need to fuck a woman more than once for her to get pregnant several times across her life.’

‘But… what do you mean??’

And the soldier looked to the general, as if asking the old man for permission to share that sensible information.

‘Say it, soldier. The lady knows very well what she’s dealing with.’

‘Alright.’ And she stared coldly to the shivering blonde in heat. ‘During the first years of his harem… when he was much younger… there were several women who, after giving birth, decided to leave the system. All cool, all natural. However, these same ladies, months later… many found out they were pregnant again.’

‘Of the supersoldier?’

‘Yes. Of the supersoldier.’

‘But did they sleep with…?’

‘That’s our point: no. They hadn’t slept with him again.’

The woman swallowed deeply, in complete shock.

‘The kids… they… were really his??’

‘Positive. The DNA tests left no doubts.’

‘Then… then how…??!’

‘Even that early on, our supersoldier already nutted such a thick… such a sticky cum… that it infiltrated the deepest canals of a woman… literally bathed their wombs in white seed, seeding them whole with kids.’

‘The spunk, however, was so thick…’ Another soldier carried on, ‘so dense and concentrated that… even months later… actually, even many years later, several vestiges of it were still found stuck on their ovaries, their womb, their uterine walls, and their whole cervixes.’

‘It’s very common, you know, when they give birth… that their children are delivered covered in spunk.’

‘My god!’

‘Exactly. The guy nuts so much that, even months later, when women give birth, the children are brought up bathed under the very spunk they were conceived by.’

‘And not even the delivery, well, is able to eliminate the spunk. Far from that. You see, ma’am: many of these women, once they began to ovulate, were knocked up again by this very same spunk!’

The woman’s legs began to falter, and she had to look for support on the chair.

‘That… t-that…!!’

The soldier proceeded:

‘Already on the first year of his harem… twenty-four women had left the program, you know. Of these twenty-four… nothing short of eighteen were pregnant again a few months later.’


‘Yes. That created so much trouble to the HR!’


‘These eighteen ladies, yep, they were as pregnant as if they had fucked the man all over again: three kids each… and that was back then. Soon after, the number would begin to rise.’

The woman’s head was already crumbling under so many absurd facts:

‘Wait, wait! How long can he… how long can a woman keep having his children like this??’

Many soldiers exchanged sad, sorrowed looks until one of them finally answered:

‘When the guy was eighteen… there was a woman in his harem, an extremely wealthy socialite, maybe even a billionaire, if I’m not mistaken… well, we told her everything we’ve just told you now.’


‘She found it curious… and naturally felt very turned on by that…’

‘Well, of course, she did!’

‘…then she actually decided to ‘test’ just how long… she could have the guy’s kids… without actually fucking him!’


‘She lived on his harem for two years… and left when he was twenty. Then she simply decided to keep having his kids years after year after…’

‘All the time??’

‘Well, for as long as she could.’

‘Without fucking?’

Many answered:


The reporter had to sit down. She couldn’t just listen to all of that and remain standing.

‘He… oh, fuck, can you explain that better?’

‘She left the harem when the guy was twenty. She never fucked him or even saw him again. When she left the harem, she’d had a total of nine kids —four on her first year, five on her second—, which she thought was a ‘reasonable score.’


‘But this woman wanted to have her own kids, you know, not just kids to be left to the army. She decided, then, to leave the harem and see… whether all those rumors were true… and if she could get lucky with our stallion’s seed.’ He lowered his head. ‘Well, she did get lucky. Really lucky!’

The reporter got closer to him, barely resisting the urge to ask:

‘How many kids??’

And the soldiers felt their already-low self-esteems sink even lower at every new word that was spoken:

‘Two months after giving birth to her five kids in the army, the woman discovered she was pregnant again.’


‘Three kids. Paternity test, positive.’


‘She birthed three extremely strong and healthy children, 3.3 pounds each, and then… one month and a half later… she discovered she was pregnant once more. This time… five kids.’

A fire brewed in between the woman’s legs. She could feel her pussy getting moist all over again.

‘Five kids…’

‘Perfectly healthy ones. Three and a half pounds each for this first lot.’

‘And… and then…’

‘Two months later… when the supersoldier was twenty-two… she was pregnant with four kids again.’

The reporter’s chin fell lower and lower and…

‘No… that… just… no!’

‘Listen, ma’am: four kids, all healthy. She gave birth to them without complications and then… then she…’

‘No. Don’t you tell me she…’

They stared fatally at her.

‘Two months later, when our soldier was twenty-three, she found out she was pregnant again… with more five kids.’

‘For the love of god!!’

‘Yep. The delivery was smooth and peaceful.’

‘My god! How many…?!’

‘That’s seventeen kids so far.’ The soldier laid his clutched fists over the computers’ panel. ‘After she left the harem, without having any other encounter with our soldier, this woman gave birth to seventeen kids of his.’

‘My… my god!!’

‘That’s right, my dear.’ The soldiers gave her almost sadistic looks, deeply enjoying her incredulity. ‘This man’s sperm is so potent… he’s literally able to knock up a lady five or six years after their her first conception.’

Another soldier added:

‘If only a single drop of sperm is stuck inside a woman, she gets pregnant all over again. Remember that this guy’s fertility…’

‘Is a hundred times an average man’s. Literally, if a single micro-drop goes into a woman… booom! Babies!’

‘God… god…!’

‘And that’s not actually all, you know.’

«Oh, for fuck’s sake!» The woman had to cross her legs and cough to hide her obvious, almost raging turn-on.

‘We’ve recently got news from this woman.’

‘Don’t you tell me… don’t you… tell me she’s…’

‘Yes. She’s pregnant again.’ And smiled. ‘Quadruplets.’ The reporter felt… her womb!… getting warmer, heavier, readier for… «breeding!!»