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A dominant muscle Amazon takes charge in these FREE PAGES of my newest erotica short: “Military Muscle Domme!”

The man measured impressive 10.5 inches… and was ungodly thick! So thick he could allow himself a hint of pride:

‘So, my girl? Admit it: this dick can give your man a good run for his money, can’t it?’

PAAAAF! She gave his cheek one hell of a slap.

‘AAAARRHH, whore!! What’s that fo…??!’

But she put her fingers on his lips, giving him an ultimatum:

‘Make noise just one more time, you puny little man…’

‘Mmmmfph… mmmm…!!’

‘…and I’ll stop jerking you off.’

‘Ooow… oow, oow, ooow…!!’

Without control of his own movements, that massive 6ft-tall male began to swirl his hips!

Tchack-tchuck-thackk-tchuck-tchuck-thcuk…!! The motions of the woman’s hand on his penis were… merciless.

‘Oooohee… oooorrrheee….!!’ The male contorted his face and lips to try and endure that touch!

The woman masturbated him with such intensity…

‘Ooow, whore… oooow….!!’

…it was almost animalistic! The male found it too hard to keep it together.

‘Ooow…. mmmmmmm…. aaaaaheeem….!!’

The muscular brunette smiled, feeling the man squeeze her boobs, her abs, and fumble all the muscles on her back.

‘Oow, oow, oow.’ She bragged. ‘You like my body, don’t you, huh? Huh?’

‘Ooow… oow, whore!’

”Ouch! Ouchie!’ You cum just like a little girl, didn’t you know?’

Aaaaiiimm… aaaim, whore!!’

‘Uuuuiiimm!’ She teasingly mocked him. ‘Yeah, just like that, my little slut. Come on!’ Slaaap! She slapped the man’s ass. ‘Cum for me, come, just like a little whore.’


Slaaaap! Extremely hard, she hit the ass and thighs of that male, feeling how his dick hardened and throbbed at each and every blow.

The man’s legs began to shake and his hips to swirl more audaciously still. The woman smiled more and more when seeing the man so completely lost in the pleasure of her hands!

With her thick lips, she kissed and sucked his neck, making him groan again:



‘Oow, ma’am… oow, mommy….!!’

She smiled. That little man-bitch loved a good domme!

‘Feel how I squeeze you hard, my puppy!’

‘Ooow…. aaaiimm…!!’

She slid a hand over the man’s buttocks, fumbling thirstily over that extremely hard and muscular ass.

‘Ooow, ooow. What a tasty hard ass, my man.’ She spoke on his ears, giving his neck one long lick.


Grabbing his thick buttocks firmly, she commanded:

‘Twerk for me, boy.’

Ooooorhhh…!!’ She squeezed and pulled the man’s balls. ‘OOOORRHHHH!!!!’

His dick throbbed and rumbled, and the man’s hips swirled uncontrollably again.

‘Twerk all nice and hot for your lady… now. Come!’

‘Oooow… oow, ma’am… ooow!! OOOWW!!!’

‘Dance for me, little whore! Dance!’

With all his body, like a big, shameless fruit, the tall and muscular soldier began to move his hips for his woman.

‘Uuuh, how cute! What a cute, tasty piece of ass you are!’


Her movements on that man’s dick… just!… didn’t!… stop!!

She jerked him off six, seven times a second, making the prick’s engorged head vomit an impressive load of precum.

«Wow, that is hot! Mmm! This soldier boy here’s got some petty big balls!» And she touched them with a few fingers. «And hard! Uuuh! This one’s here gonna be a pleasant surprise.»

Aaaaaiimm!! Ooooohh!!!’

She squeezed his buttocks, setting them apart with her strong motions.

‘Nice bitch!’ She teased him. ‘Com’ere, come… so I can fuck your pussy hard!’