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[FREE PAGES] A muscle Amazon fitness babe CRUSHES her cocky officer in my newest erotica: “Disciplinarian Muscle Brunette”

They kissed. The hot muscular babe pierced that male’s neck with her tongue, sucking him so hard she made him cough and lose his breath.

‘Oh, my god! Poor little boy!’ She broke the kiss, letting the man finally breathe.

‘My god! Your tongue….!’

She then stuck all her tongue out… to her man’s dismay.

‘Fuck’s sake!’

That tongue was longer than many penises!

‘I’ve been blessed in every possible way.’ She kept showing off her fantastic member, just like a well-endowed guy proudly displaying his prick.

‘What… what a tongue, damn it!’

‘Wanna guess how long it is?’

‘I… I-I…’

The woman answered:

‘Six inches.’

‘Fucking sh-!’

She held his chin strongly, shutting him up.

‘Watch out for the tongue, my boy.’

‘Ooow… aaahim…

‘Uuuh… my sweet little hot stud son! Uuuh!‘ She squeezed her massive, hard tits in between her arms, making those melons bloat to even more obscene proportions. ‘Would you like to suck your momma? Take my milk now?’

‘My god… you… oh, you…!’

She pressed on it inside her man’s mouth.

‘Come, drink. Suck my tits.’


While he splurged and gorged on those unbelievably hard tits, the muscular Amazon held his dick with a hand and returned to masturbating him.

Sleeprt, schleeeprt, schluurpt… her fingers made gooey, bubbly sounds while they pumped that prick with so much spunk flowing in between them.

‘You milk’s sooo hot, my male.’

‘Ooow…. mmmmmrr…!’

‘You literally cum like ten guys. I like you. Oow, oow…’

She then leaned her head to his face and, like a bitch claiming her territory, gave him another thirsty, hungry lick.

The male let go of her tits and looked deep into her eyes:

‘Why… oh, w-why…??’

She kept jerking him off casually, as if the motions were second nature to her.

‘Only one man in this world can own me: the supersoldier.’


‘All other men… oow, oow, my stud… look at me! Just feel my hands on your sweet, thick cock!’

‘God fucking damn it!!’

She held his balls and began to masturbate them with just one hand, abler than any professional.

The man went back to contorting his whole body, losing control.

Like a very loving bitch, she returned to sucking and licking all his body while exploring his bountiful hard muscles with her other hand.

She kissed him and flexed her own powerful muscles over his body:

‘Big strong man you are!’


‘You must be very used to giving the orders in the bed, aren’t you?’

‘Aaaiim…. aaahim…’

‘But I know what you want for real.’

‘Aaaim, mommy…!’

‘I know who you truly are!’


He could barely believe it, but his penis, completely hard… was readying itself to shoot yet again!

Sleeeerpt! The woman licked and sucked his neck filled with love and lust.

‘Fucking hell!’

On her ears, she kept talking with the purring voice of a cat in heat:

‘You want an Alpha woman… muscular… powerful like me bossing you around on the bed…’

‘Oow, mommeeee! Ooow!’

‘Shut the fuck up.’

‘Oow, yes… yes, ma’am.’ ‘You’re going to cum again… and you won’t make a sound.’