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A blonde muscle babe shows her brunette giantess who’s boss! [FREE PAGES, babies!]

A Session of Passion

Splooorsghh!! The brunette’s fingers got out of the redhead’s cunt. Spliiiishh!! One final squirt burst from her, totaling almost fourteen minutes of unbroken orgasms.

The brunette now only had eyes for her blonde.

Their enormous lips touched and their powerful bodies rubbed against each other.

They were both nearly naked, with just their panties still crammed in between the many sulks and valleys of their gorgeous, muscular thighs.

‘Mmmmmm… oooohh….!!’

As the brunette got on her feet, the blonde pushed against her body. She was taller and knew how to use this advantage to her favor.

They didn’t speak; they just kissed —and their kissing was so fierce it almost became a wrestling match.

‘Ooooh…. ooooaahh….!!’

The brunette was so needy of orgasms she literally didn’t have to will to fight back against that daring blonde.

She let herself be dominated, rather, so she could finally have someone —something!— make her cum!

‘Oh, my god… I wanna feel… oooww!!’

Buuum! The blonde pressed her body against the wall.

Their tits rubbed against each other. Brrum-bruum-blooom-bluump…!! It was flesh over flesh, a constant friction of two gigantic globes brimming, almost bursting with milk.

The blonde…

‘My god!’

…didn’t waste a second before lowering her fingers on the brunette’s cunt and… penetrating her!…’


The big woman jiggled and squatted a little, behaving —for once in her life!— like a submissive damsel!

The blonde smiled. She had three fingers inside the brunette’s cunt, fondling it so damn hard…

‘Ohh!! Oooh, my Goooodd!!!’

It was impossible…! Almost unbelievable…!!

…that in less than a second, the blonde had found three erogenous spots inside her cunt!

«How the fuck did she learn that so quick??»

The brunette squeezed her lover’s body, who felt a sharp pain in her spine.

Despite the superior strength of her Latina mare, the Nordic blonde teased her further:

‘Here are your pleasure points, aren’t they?’

‘Aaaaiiim…. oow, you whore….!’

‘Here… and here…’


She teased them one by one, giving her a growing sense of… agony!

‘Ooow! Oow, oow, ooow….!!’

‘Mmm, horny! So horny, aren’t we, big girl?’

‘God! Just fuck me already! Aaaaheee!!!’

‘Mmmm! Aaaahh!!’

The brunette forced the blonde’s body back, but the blonde stood her ground, fighting against that heavy mare’s body.

«Aaahee!» She felt her arm hurt as she hugged the brunette’s waist, feeling her vast, much more formidable muscles. «By god! I really need to go back to the gym!» That brunette was a real horse in terms of muscle and power —yet the blonde couldn’t surrender so easily. Not anymore!