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3-BOOK PROMO with squirting, gushing, moaning, writhing LESBIAN GIANTESSES! Woo-hoo!! :D

Vuush! The brunette undid her shirt! She took it from her body and threw it on the floor, revealing to the blonde her sculptural, massive, rock-hard torso!

‘Oh, my… goddess!’ She lost her breath. ‘What a fucking statue!’

‘Yep. That you’re right: I’m a fucking goddess.’

And the brunette flexed her abs. Buuunk! The eight muscles on her abs became plainly visible. The brunette was completely hard, and now she seemed literally carved out mahogany; a living statue, an arrogant monument of female beauty and strength showing off to her friend.

‘I’m feeling so pumped, you know, after this workout.’


The brunette lifted her right arm and… slowly… enjoying every inch of the motion… crrraaaacckk!!… she calmly flexed it.

Crrrraaaaanck! The blonde gulped several times as the gigantic arm hardened and the biceps inflated into a tremendous mountain of profoundly erotic power!

Each vein, each throbbing artery and rippling fiber was a thing of wonder.

The brunette moved one leg ahead to better support herself, as if the weight of that biceps alone was too much for her body to bear.

‘Look at this gun!’ She bragged, to which her friend simply replied:

‘Mmph! Cocky bitch.’

The brunette raised the other arm.


The blonde felt a sting between her legs.

‘My god.. oh, my… goddess!’

Her pussy already dripped with desire just by seeing that sculptural body.

Craaaaanck! The biceps hardened, making a loud noise, highlighting all the veins and fat arteries that carried the gallons of scorching blood through that massive mare’s body.

‘Tell me if I ain’t a monument, blondie!’

‘Oow… oow, you cocky bitch!’

‘A woman can be cocky if she looks like me.’

Bruuunk! She flexed her abs stronger still, making…

‘Mmmm… uuhee!’ …the blonde breathed even faster.

The eight abdominal muscles were almost shining, as if there was a layer of oil over her whole frame.

‘And these babies too, look!’

She cupped her breasts from below and lifted them, making a visible effort to hold them.

The movement of those two balls made such a loud noise it felt like all her muscles were hardening at the same time: bluuuump, bluuump…!!

The blonde had to cross her legs, squeezing her bloated, turgid wet pussy.

‘You… how come you look so much more ripped??’

The brunette released the boobs, which bounced on her chest.

‘I’ve just come back from my workout.’


‘I’ve pumped iron for over two hours, hottie. Just exercises of strength and… muscle tone…’ She flexed more muscles on the sides of her body, showing off her dazzling obliques, ‘all for you, my beautiful, as I know you melt on a hot, hard muscular body like mine.’ And looked at her in a predatorial manner. ‘A masculine body ready to devour you.’

The coughed up nervously.

‘You’re impressive, I must admit.’

The brunette too delighted herself on her partner’s tall, shredded body, like a busty, big-assed Barbie doll —if Barbie had the muscles of four Kens! ‘And you’re even more so, princess.’

‘Strong! Jesus, so fucking strong! Your muscles…!’

‘Let me show you just how strong they are!’

The brunette began flexing the fantastic muscles of her back while the blonde ran her palms thirstily over them.

Her breasts…! Those two monstrous pairs of milk-making machines rubbed and squeezed immensely against one another, provoking extreme pleasure on both women as it dawned on them… just how big!… they both were!

One of the brunette’s legs penetrated the blonde’s thighs, who spread them wider.

‘My god! Your fucking leg!’

‘I’m all muscle, blondie!’


The brunette’s thighs were so gigantic there was almost no space left on the sofa for her legs.

As soon as she fit a thigh in the middle of her partner’s legs, the brunette’s muscles immediately squeezed her bloated cunt!


The brunette stared deeply within her eyes, preparing for…

‘Second round, blondie.’

‘Oow, no… oow, what the… oow!’

‘Just you feel me, my beauty!’


Her thigh began to move.


‘Just you feel what these big legs of mine gonna do to ya pussy.’

‘Ooow… oooww…!!’

Dominating her body with kisses and tight squeezes, the brunette rubbed her thigh up and down on her lover’s cunt, which kept lubing itself up ever since the last orgasm…

‘Ooh, my god! Oow… my… Gooood!’

…had ended! «Oooohh!!» The blonde couldn’t believe that fantasy was becoming a reality! «This caramel-skinned bitch… oow!… she’s making me cum… in less than a minute… my Gooooood….!!»


The brunette squeezed that pussy with her knee, which literally vibrated!… all over her labia, striking the clit with special, explosive strength.

That powerful brunette had vibrators all over her body!

‘Fuck, I don’t believe… aahiim….’ The blonde thought out loud while the brunette devoured her. ‘I can’t believe I’mma cum agaaain…!!’

The brunette didn’t reply. Her tongue…! Jesus! Even her tongue vibrated all over the blonde’s neck!

‘What are you…?! Oooh! Aaaahhh!!’

The blonde’s long legs were again shaking and trembling, and the insides of her pussy filled up with an immense, almost unbearable pressure!

Bruuum! Buuuurr! Bruuumm…! That massive woman’s body humped hers like a male in heat.

Her tongue, meanwhile… sluuuurpt, sleeeprt, sleeeeerpt!… ran over the blonde’s breasts and neck, vibrating twenty times a second, just like a machine, setting fires and explosions on every sensible spot it touched.

The brunette was immensely focused in her pleasure. Her proficiency was scary!

‘Pleeeease… aaaheeem! Stop! That’s too muuuuch!’

The dark girl smiled. ‘You ain’t seen the half of me yet, blondie.’

The redhead made the entire bathroom quake with her howls of pleasure. Her womb was bursting with fumes! She felt numerous liquids filling up her cunt.


The brunette smiled, squeezing with greater strength, speed, and power those new pleasure points, paying special attention to her clit, where she made rough, circular motions with her thumb.

‘AAAHEEM……… AAAHH………!!!!’

The redhead took her fingers off the brunette’s pussy, finally throwing the towel.

‘What a pussy!’ The brunette thought, basking in her victory as she touched her agonizing redhead faster and faster and faster.

‘AAA…… AAA……….!!!!’

Her body was overtaken by tremors and shivers. Her pussy labia hardened around the mighty brunette’s fingers.

Without further ado, the first jets exploded:


‘Ooooheem!!’ The brunette twerked over her friend’s hips, almost cumming by feeling her immense orgasm!


SPLIIIIIIIIISSSHHH-SPLIIIIIIIIIIISSHHHH……!! The first cum jet was so strong it blasted all around her hips. Drip, drip, sblorsgh, drip… the droplets fell thick and hot on the floor.


‘AAAAHEEMM….!!!!!’ Her whole body shivered, and new waves soon followed…

SQUAAAAAAASSSHHHHHHH!!! … reinforcing that first, ultrapowerful orgasm.

‘God…!’ The brunette marveled. The redhead was ejaculating a continuous jet for over two seconds and a half, and soon would reach…

‘AAAHEEM….  AAAHH………..!!!!!…….. AAAHHHHHH!!!!!’

‘My god, girl!’

The redhead’s body was hard; she didn’t do much more than just turning her head to the ceiling, with her gaping mouth, and cumming wave after wave after wave of the same long thread of female spunk.

‘STOO……… PLE…. PLEASE…..!!’ She tried to beg. ‘STOOOOPPP!!

‘No way!’ And the brunette massacred her pussy with yet more vigor, changing the erogenous spots once again.

Her pinky finger, on the pussy labia, soon penetrated her to press an extra spot inside, which basically….!


SPLIIIISSHH………!!!!!  Her pussy stopped ejaculating. Judging by the way the woman trembled and her muscles hardened, something much bigger was approaching.

Brrrrruuuuuumm!!! The brunette’s fingers on her pussy vibrated like engines over those four erogenous spots simultaneously.

The tasty redhead came for over a minute straight… yet this was just the beginning of her real orgasm!

«That’s what I call a dang good warm-up!» The brunette smiled, penetrating her with greater strength and passion.

In a matter of minutes, she felt new, violent…


…grotesque orgasms…!!


…. shaking the very foundations of that hot redhead’s body.

The pussy contracted! A mere two seconds later…


‘God!!’ The brunette laughed. SBLOOOORRHH!!!

All at once, full buckets of cum burst out of the pussy. The brunette’s fingers kept working day and night inside that mushy, tasty piece of meat, which sprayed… and vomited…