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A fitness blonde power-fucks her brunette giantess until she squirts herself dry! [FREE PAGES]

As orgasm begets orgasm, the blonde’s tits exploded with more and more milk over the brunette’s body, whose dark skin was now wholly covered by a white, viscous layer of that mammalian semen.

The blonde never stopped surprising her, however.

‘Oooohhh, ooooorrhhh…. come here, you!’


Grabbing the brunette by the legs, she pulled her hips over her own, lifting her heavy, spectacular and muscular rear, and leaving her vagina pointing up to her bellybutton.

‘What… aaaahhh…. what are you… uuuiii, my Goooddd!!’

The blonde leaned forward, aiming her left nipple straight at her gaping cunt!

With an almost sadistic smile, the blonde cheered:

‘Wanna feel my milk in your pussy?’


‘Then take it. Take it!!’


The brunette literally squirmed and screamed once the blonde squeezed her tit and… VUUUUUURRRSSSHHHH!! …a frightening load of milk penetrated her straight up to the cervix!

The blonde squeezed and squeezed the tits nonstop, making sure her milk stock would never end for that mare!

‘Oh, my goddess!!! Heraa!!! Heraaaa!!!!’

The brunette begged while she felt… jets and more jets of milk…


…pushing her cervix back and swimming quickly up to her womb!



The brunette’s pussy exploded again: SQUIIIIISSSHHH!!!!


The blonde felt the liquids paint her breast, leaving her feeling hotter and hornier!

‘Aaaaheee!! AAAAHEEEEE!!!’

‘OH, DIOS!! OOOOOOHHH…..!!!’ The brunette screamed in foreign languages as that milk fucked her straight in the pussy! ‘OOOOOORRRGHHH!!!!’

Finally, the thick, scorching broth hit the back of her womb!


Her pussy blasted hot, heavy loads of lubes. The brunette was in a frenzy!

The blonde felt a touch over her own hands, as if some kind of spirit were guiding her on that Olympic sex marathon.

«Put your trust in me, love, and you’ll make her cum in one night more than she ever came in her whole life.» And smiled. She felt the warmth from her aura; her head, in a trance, seemed out of reality.