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A dominant muscle giantess makes her two lovers cum gallons of milk and squirts! [FREE PAGES]

She lost her breath as her pussy basically exploded, almost squirting blood with her strong gushes!


Her body hopped! Both the bed and the entire room shook like in an earthquake!

The redhead’s cunt was encroached by another powerful, catastrophic orgasm!!


One second. Two seconds. Three seconds. Four seconds.

«Mmm….!» The brunette shut her eyes and came as those continuous streams splashed so hotly on her palm for five seconds, six seconds, seven, eight, nine…


Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen…


twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight…


Waves of spunk rippled in the puddles, no, the oceans around the bed.

The redhead ejaculated almost three-quarters of a gallon… a full gallon… a full gallon and some pints…


One minute and twenty seconds of uninterrupted squirting later… she fainted!

As soon as she saw her girl fall unconsciously, the brunette took her hand out of her pussy and grabbed the blonde’s hips with both hands.

‘It’s it’s just us, little one!’


The blonde looked terrified at the redhead’s unmoving, unconscious body. Did that brunette really make her faint… so fast!… just with her fingers?!


Her own pussy didn’t stop cumming for five minutes straight! SBLOOOOOORRRSSSHH!! The brunette’s immense body was continuously oiled by her love nectar.

‘You’re going to cum so much, oh, so much with this prick, my precious!’


The penis came and went, came and went… SBLOOORRSSH, SBLOOOOORRSSSH…!!

Her. Pussy. Didn’t. Stop!!

‘OOOOOORRRRHHHHH!!!’ Tears and yet more tears flowed down her face, and the brunette only smiled, all sadistic and powerful!

‘Time to fuck you for real, my bitch.’


‘My penis… barely stuck the full helmet in you, my sweet cunt!’


The blonde’s voice was thick, thick, thick! Extremely powerful and masculine, like hot ember in her ears!


Getting her waist ready, the brunette took one long, deep breath. That blonde was all hers.

«You’re going to cum so much… oh, so much!… you’re going to beg me to stop… and still I’m gonna be making you cum!»

She squeezed her blonde’s tits, which both lactated… SPLUUUUUUURRRRTTTTT!! …fat, thick loads of milk!


The brunette licked her lips. It was time to eat!


The penis sunk just a little inside her cunt, which nonetheless burst as if the beautiful, busty blonde it penetrated was entirely made of water.

The blonde convulsed and cried ceaselessly.


The electric discharges she suffered, quite frankly… would be enough to kill any normal human being, and knock-out a full-grown horse of a bull!


She felt multiple orgasms pilling over other multiple orgasms, and her pussy reacted with sweet oceanic explosions on the super-brunette’s body, squirting pints and pints of the thickest, hottest milk a woman could ever squirt.

The brunette’s prick vibrated at a hundred, a hundred and fifty pulsations every second… and she was about to teach that blonde’s cunt many more lessons in pleasure with her full power and length.

‘Let’s go, you cunt!’


‘Going deeeeeep…’


The brunette slid her full helmet in her, and the blonde thought she was about to die!

And just that tip of the dildo caused in her more orgasms —’AAAAARRRRRHHHHH!!!’— than if she were being gangbanged by five muscular bull-men for six hours straight!!

«My god!» The domme writhed. «I think I’m giving this bitch more orgasms than the supersoldier ever could! Oooow! My supersoldier fucking her! Oooh, ooooh….!!»

The blonde’s pussy expelled absolutely formidable amounts of spunk!

‘You’re gonna cum soo much, my girl, so much and so much!’