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Three muscle Amazons ravish each other’s souls in the most INSANE LESBIAN BUNDLE ever published! [13 BOOKS! / Read a bit for FREE]

The redhead had finally awakened from the incredible orgasms the blonde had given her in the bathroom, hours before.

Actually, she would have had slept for much longer, in normal conditions, but those noises coming from the kitchen…


…and, above all, the smell!…

«My god! This smell is like a million wild animals, like… males in heat… all cumming!»

Her trembling hands looked for large containers in the pantry while the blonde lactated so strong she could hear the shock waves bursting from her spectacular tits.



‘I’m going!!’

The redhead had barely recovered, and yet she was already immersed in another sexual adventure!

Holding two gallon-sized vase, she came back to doctor Olivia.

Her hyper muscular bodies met, kindling an intense, reciprocal attraction.

‘My hottie…’ PAAAHH!! ‘Oooww!!’

The brunette gave her enormous, hard ass one of the most powerful slaps ever.

‘Y’er naughty bitch, come!’ She commanded. ‘Put those vases on her thighs and…’




With her trembling hands, the redhead couldn’t even comprehend the volume… of milk!…

«Oh, my goodness… Jesus fucking Christ!!»

BLOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRSSSSHHHH!!! …that was ejaculated from those tits!!

The milk splattered all over the wall before the girls, raining in heavy, obscene waterfalls on the floor, where it formed a formidable pool around their feet.

The kitchen was so absurdly hot that it seemed like a sauna.

The brunette tried to endure that plight while her legs… BUUUUM-BUUUM-BUUUUMM!!…


…were attacked by orgasm after orgasm, powerful multiple bursts at once!

‘Jesus Christ, reddie, hurry up!’

‘Yes, yes!’

The redhead acted swiftly, grabbing the full vases over the blonde’s thighs and putting them on the table.


The weight…! The weight left her totally speechless!

Those vases were so heavy they seemed filled with stones!



The blonde’s tits burst with the redhead right in front of them!


BUUM-BUUUUUM-BLOOOUUURRSSSHH!!! Her body was blasted by the jets and pushed back to the table, falling heavily on the floor. Somehow, miraculously, she had the reflexes required to put the milk vases on the table before collapsing!

‘Get up, fuuuuckkkaaaarrhhh!!‘ The brunette came and came and came an orgasm worthy of gods! ‘Aaaaaaheemm…. aaarrrhhh!!!

‘Oh, my god!’ The redhead looked down, feeling the immensely hot broth around her hips, as if she was bathing on a hot spring.

She was literally swimming in a milk lake!

‘Oh, my…. oooh!!‘ She stood up at once. ‘Right away!’

More carefully, she took the vase from the blonde’s other thigh.

«Jesus fucking…! Heavy! Oh! It’ so heavy, heavy, heavy…»


The blonde roared, her body trembled, and her breasts… bbrruuuuuuuum……!!!! Milky bursts the likes of which were never seen burst from those magnificent super glands!

‘Hold… ooooorrhh!!!’ The brunette tried to speak while also suffering from the most powerful orgasms. ‘Hold a… aaarrrhh!!!’

The redhead quickly understood the command, regardless:

‘I hold one vase, you the other.’ She nodded. ‘Alright, my beautiful?’


The brunette’ orgasms were always a wonderful thing to witness:


Her pussy burst with the beautiful, delicate juices of pure female pleasure.

‘My god…!!’ The redhead’s eyes glittered. The brunette’s body was absurdly ripped!


Her pussy… spliiiiiirrttt!!

‘Oooorrhh!!’ The redhead came just by seeing her brunette come. The attraction she felt for that perfect piece of female meat was indescribable!

But she couldn’t forget, of course, the main event of the night.

«How many vases has she lactated yet??» She wondered, while the blonde kept copiously filling up those containers on her thighs.

‘OOOOOOAARRRRRHH!!!!’ Her face twitched ferociously. ‘AAAAAARRHH!!!’


Forty ounces… fifty ounces…

«My god! Such weight!» The redhead was floored, feeling the vases heavier and heavier and heavier and… «so!… goddamned!… heavy!! Fuck!!»


The burts from those tits could strike envy at a whole herd of super-powered mares!!


One vase: sixty ounces… seventy… eighty… eighty-five…

‘My god!!’

The other vase: seventy ounces… eighty ounces… a hundred… a hundred and ten…

‘My god…!!’

Olivia’s eyes swirled inside her skull while she tried to sustain that enormous orgasm for as long as possible.

‘When you’re d-done….’ She told the redhead, with a slight smile on her face. ‘Look for more vases! More vases, more vases, more and more and more, forever!!’


The redhead felt tickles in her own pussy. Her breasts, like the brunette’s… drooled with milk!

«I’m getting lush just by seeing this mare cum!» She licked her lips, with an almost irresistible urge to grab those vases and drink them all.


BLUUUUUUUUURRSSSSHHHH!!!! Both vases overflowed!

A full gallon each, both completely filled up in under a minute!!

‘Oooh, Gooodd!!’

The weight! The motherfucking weight!! Each vase easily weighed…

«Sixty pounds!!» The redhead’s biceps were extremely hard and ripped with her arms holding those vases. «My god, so much milk!!!»

Once again, however…



She had put herself in the way of another of those atomic jets from the blonde’s!

The brunette, trying to get a hold of herself, laughed as the redhead’s hyper muscular body almost fell back in the ocean of milk.

‘More vases, bitches, moooaarhh…. aaaaheemm!!’ Another chain of multiple orgasms ran over her body. ‘Aaahee… aaaahh!!

Her pussy blew up!


The redhead soon returned with more vases. The rhythm of those ejaculations and lactations was maddening!

«Oh, god!! Oh, my goodness…!!»

A hundred ounces, each vase. In half a minute, they were completely full of milk!


‘Yes, ma’am!’

Two vases. A gallon and a quarter each. In two minutes…

‘Fucking Christ!!!’

Full! Completely full. Each 170oz-vase ended up weighing over eighty pounds!

The milk the blonde produced could feed an entire city!

The redhead’s body came and went from the pantries, now grabbing cups and bottles and any container, for that matter, that could hold those grotesque amounts of liquids

BLOOOOOOORSSSHHH!!!!!! The blonde’s tits, at one point, shattered a glass cup on the table.

‘For the love of god…. stooopp!!!‘ The redhead’s chin shivered with fear. It was simply impossible to know when —or if!— those intense bursts would ever end.

Blooock! Bluuum! Two new vases were placed on the woman’s thighs.

The aim of those tits became increasingly more erratic as the atomic strength of their burst pushed the breasts higher and higher.

‘OOOOOOOORRRHHHH!!!’ A tremendous blast. BLOOOOOORRSSSHH!!! And another, and another, and another blast sending milk all over the place: BLOOOOOORSSSH-SSSSSSPLAAAASSSHH!!

‘Oh, G-g… gooodd!!‘ The redhead turned her face, trying —unsuccessfully— to avoid the blasts.

The brunette, in the meantime, was in paradise:

Oooooaaahh….!!’ Her eyes rolled inside the sockets. ‘Ooo-heeee!!!’

Her legs shivered and… spluuurrrsshh!!! Thick, heavy bursts of dense female liquids blasted from her cunt.

The kitchen was a jungle. Not even a hundred stallions nutting at the same time would make a mess that big!

«I am… oh, my god, I am…!» The redhead thought, seeing how the brunette’s muscles twitched and contorted under so many orgasms, and feeling her own tits leak copiously.

Those were dozens of droplets for every second; her tits were swelling, inflating and hardening with the milk which was produced at a maddening pace.

Meanwhile, the blonde roared:

OOOOOOAAARRHHH!!!’ Her legs burst with lubes: bluuuuurrssshh!! Spluuuuurrrsshh!! Her breasts… BLOOOOOOORRSSSHH!!! BLOOOOOOOORRSSSSHH!!!

«My…!» The redhead had to hold on to the chair so she didn’t collapse, attacked by a…


…sudden and overwhelming burst of power in her pussy!

«Oh, my god!!» She thought, sticking her tongue out. «Am I really… gonna cum??»

The blonde’s breasts kept bursting: BLOOOOOORRSSH, BLOOOORRSSSH, BLOOOOORRSSHH!!!

Left vase: 70oz… 80oz… 90oz… overflowing!

Aaaarrhh!!!’ The redhead felt the incredibly thick liquids burn her fingers. ‘Uuuheee!!!’

The blonde writhed, roared and came! ‘AAAARRRHHHHHH!!!!!’

Right vase: 80oz… 95oz… bluuuuurrssshhh!!! Overflowing!

‘MY GOD!!’


And the brunette, unraveling even further:

‘OOOOHH, OOOOOOHH…..!!!’ Her eyes rolling, sinking…! ‘OOOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!’

«My… oh, m-my…!!» The redhead put the vases on the table. Fifty pounds each! «That’s a hell of a workout for my biceps!»

More containers were brought in; big cups this time, and she prayed so that they didn’t shatter with the strength of the titanic blasts from that busty blonde.


‘My…. oooaaarrhhh!!!’ The woman writhed. ‘I can’t…. oooooohhh!!!… take it anymore!!’

‘Nah! Hold it, bitch, hold it!’

The brunette’s pussy exploded in a hasty sequence of dozens of shots per second!


Her body was convulsing. The blonde soon followed:

AAARRRHH!!!’ She aimed her tits up and… ‘AAAAAAARRRHH!!!’

SBLOOOOOOOORRSSHHH!!!! Enormous jets blasted from both breasts, hitting the wall and the ceiling!

‘AAAARRHHH!!!!’ The blonde rolled her eyes and screamed. She had reached a peak of extreme fertility!

‘Oh, my… oh, my Gooooddd!!’

Thick, scorching fountain jets burst from her tits!

Just the liquids dripping from the ceiling would be enough to fill up entire vases —so much so that the redhead gave up from the task of bringing new ones, realizing how futile it was.

«This blonde bitch’s so fertile that every vase I bring gets full in, like, twenty seconds!» The brunette noted, nodding calmly. «That one’s gonna be… one of our man’s favorites!!»

The pussy leaked a river of female spunk while the tits kept shooting and destroying everything in the way of their jets.

‘DRIIIIIIINK IT!!!!’ The blonde screamed. ‘DRINK MY TITS!!!!’



The blonde grabbed the two women by the hairs and pulled their faces to her breasts. Looking straight into their eyes with a furious expression, she repeated:

‘Drink both… oooohh… my tits! Aaaarrhh!!!

Her breasts flexed like muscles and sprayed…


 …endless milk all over their faces!

‘Drink ’em!!! The blonde shouted. ‘Drink my tits, you bitches!’

‘Ooow, you’re…!’

PAAAAAFFF!! The blonde threw a powerful slap at the redhead, shutting her up completely.

The muscles of her arms were extremely ripped and bloated; thick, shredded, with veins sprawling all over her tight, athletic body.

The brunette, meanwhile, was a sight of paradise: muscles atop muscles on her thick hourglass-shaped physique, each of them rippling magnificently at every slightest motion.

The redhead also felt her muscles writhing and her abs hardening noisily, like metal bars being twisted.


‘Obey her, bitch!’


The brunette got closer to the blonde.

‘Obey her, reddie! She’s the Alpha here!’


The blonde’s tits never stopped bursting: BLOOOOORRSSSHHH!!! BLLOOOOOORRSSHH!! BLOOOOORRSSHH!!

«They’re scary!» The redhead was awestruck

‘Don’t be afraid!’ The brunette kept saying. ‘Like this, look!’


The brunette lowered her face down to the woman’s right tit and ate it up!

‘MMMMM!!!’ Her body immediately shivered! BLUUUUUURRMM!!!

The redhead’s eyes immediately widened. The brunette’s throat inflated and contracted as the liters and liters and liters of milk were sent straight down to her belly.

She was trying to swallow —and chew them!— as fast as possible!


The redhead gave one step back.

‘Oh, my…!!’

SPLIIIIIIIIIRRRSSHHH!!! Vast and thick streams of milk burst through the brunette’s nose! SPLOOOOORRSSSHH!!!


The blonde’s heavy chest was covered by the milk spraying from Olivia’s nose. Still, the mighty brunette kept suckling, kept swallowing!

‘MMMM, MMMMMRRMMM!!!’ She writhed while her stomach… oooh!’ My… my…!!’

The brunette’s belly swole as she gulped gallons and gallons of milk.

All her organs were literally being crushed. The load of milk she carried on her belly surpassed the limits of the human anatomy!


The brunette contorted her face and squinted her eyes so that the milk didn’t pour through them. Her nose kept ejaculating milk and the blonde kept lactating at will…


‘Oh…!’ The redhead felt her legs weaken. The brunette’s stomach kept swelling and swelling until…

…it looked five months into pregnancy!

‘MMMMM!!!’ She writhed with her mouth glued to the tit. ‘MMMMMMMM!!!’

At one point, the blonde looked to the redhead with fury burning in her face.

«Why aren’t you suckling?» She asked without a word, to which the redhead replied by giving shaky steps towards her.

She held her left tit and squeezed it. BLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRSSSSSHHHH!!!

‘My god, girl!!

An enormous jet, as thick as her pinky, blasted from that tit up to the wall!

BLOOOOOOORRRSSSSHHH………!!!!! The surface was covered by a thick, foamy layer of milk.

Three seconds… four seconds… five seconds… six seconds…

«God! God, god… god!!»

Her fingers felt the immense resistance from that superpotent tit. Even after dozens —literally dozens!— of gallons, they remained as hard and heavy as if they hadn’t burst a single ounce of those juices!



Ten seconds… eleven seconds…

The tit kept bursting: BLOOOOORRSSSH…..!!!!

Fifteen seconds… sixteen seconds…


Twenty-one seconds… twenty-two seconds…

«Ow, my god… oow… my… Goodd!!»

Twenty-seven seconds… twenty-eight… the blonde’s cries became so much crazier.


The redhead looked to one side and shivered.

‘O… O… Olivia!!’

The brunette’s belly was extremely swollen, as if she carried a bunch of seven-month-old babies.

‘BLOOOOAARRRH, BLOOOOORRSSSH!!!’ The milk burst from her mouth… and ebbed too from her eyes!

Her pussy, in the meantime…

‘MMMMMMMMRRRR!!!!’ …burst undendingly!

«Suck these tits dry, reddie!!!» She wanted to shout. «You’ve gotta know… how it feels!!»

Finally, then… she caved in!


BUUUUMMM!!! The brunette’s body collapsed on the floor, fat and heavy with all the gallons of milk on her belly.

BRRRUUUUUMM!!! The bathroom quaked and the blonde’s recently-released tit exploded again!


‘Jesus Christ, you freak!!’


Jets and more jets blasted on the floor, making milk splatter all over the kitchen.

‘Oooohh!! Oooooohhh!!’

The redhead felt her body being covered by the droplets falling copiously from the ceiling —literally a milky rainfall inside that bathroom! It was absolutely insane!

Olivia, on the floor, writhed and squirmed like an animal.

Oaaarrghhh…!!!!’ She opened her mouth and… ‘BLOOOOOOOAAAAARRGHHHHHHH!!!!’

An ocean of milk was vomited out!


BLOOOOOOOOORRSSSHHHH……!!!!’ The vomit lasted five seconds, six seconds…

‘My god!!’

‘BLOOOOOOOAARRRSSSHHHH!!!!’ Twelve seconds later, Olivia paused for a while…

…and then puked all over again!



It wasn’t just through the mouth that the milk came out: her pussy also ‘squirted’ a dense, creamy white broth —all the milk she had drunk now leaked out of her like a piss of chantilly!

‘My… my…!’


Olivia ejaculated pints and pints of milk through her mouth, nose, eyes and cunt. The redhead felt an urge to run away, and escape that plightful fate.

Strong fingers, however, grabbed her by the hairs and pulled her back to the fight!


The blonde locked her in a tight hug!

‘Where d’ya think you’re going, bitch?’


The redhead’s face was hit in full by a thick jet of milk bursting from the right breast of that massive woman. BLUUUUUMM!!!

Ooooh…!! Aaaaaaheeee!!!” The redhead felt the jet like a punch… no: like a sequence of punches straight in her face: BUUM! BUUUM!! BUUUM!!


Her skin was almost being peeled off by the absurdly strong torrents of milk.

The blonde pulled her head, forcing her mouth against her tit.


GLOOOUUMMPP!! The mere pressure of the lips against that tit was enough to extract more and more liquids from it!

‘Drink it all, baby, or mommy spanks ya again!!’


The redhead’s eyes rolled. ‘OHUUUUMMMM!!!!’ She felt gallons and gallons and gallons of milk flowing down her throat!

A coarse noise, like a rocket engine, roared inside the super blonde’s tits. Bbbbrrrrrruuummm……..!!!

Even though that tit blasted milk and more milk and more milk in the redhead’s mouth…

«My god!! Creamy! So fucking creamy!!»

…it still didn’t feel like a tenth of her real strength!

The other tit, meanwhile, blasted liberally.

AAARHHH!!!’ The blonde rolled her eyes and came… ‘AAAARRRGHHHH….!!!’



BLUUUUUUUUUURRSSSSHHHHH!!!! The redhead felt on her mouth loads much bigger than what she was capable of swallowing! Many jets penetrated her pharynx and flowed up to her nostrils!

«Oh, my god… nooo…!!»

SPLIIIIIIRRRSSSHHH!!! She sneezed milk, painting the blonde’s body white with her nasal sprays!

«Oh, my god… my… oooohh!!!» The blonde’s eyes nearly popped out of her skull, so intense was the pleasure she experienced!!

‘OOOHUUUMMMMMM….!!!!’ The redhead swallowed gallon after gallon after gallon after gallon of milk, feeling her stomach grow, her belly swell, and the liquid invade even her guts with lakes and rivers and oceans of that thick paste that never stopped flowing!

«My god!! My god, my god, my god!!»

By her side, squirming on the floor…


…the brunette still vomited milk!


The redhead’s eyes cried tears of despair, seeing the destiny that awaited her.

«My Gooooodd, aaaahh!! Aaaaahhhh!!!!» She felt the lactations getting truly dangerous!

‘MMMMMMMM!!! MMMRRRMMMM!!!!’ A whole liter burst from those two tits in mere three seconds!!

«Gooooddd!!!!»  The redhead felt her throat invaded by something like a gigantic penis, stretching all the inner walls of her body and resting heavily on her stomach.

«God!! Oh, my… my…!!»

On the floor, Olivia’s situation wasn’t any better: she had been vomiting out milk for over four minutes straight, and still didn’t seem anywhere close to the end!

She laid her hands around her belly, hugging herself, and squeezed it!

‘Ooohh…!! Oooohh…!!’ She opened her mouth and… ‘BLOOOOOAAAARRRSSSHHH!!!‘ …puked more and more gallons out!

The redhead’s eyes widened as she saw the brunette vomiting that absurdly thick and pasty broth: BLOOOOOOOORRRSSSSHHHH!!!!!


Smiling with pure malice, the blonde raised both her two hands up to the tit the redhead was sucking.

‘Want it a little stronger, maybe? Here we go!’


With both hands on the tit, she squeezed it! BLUUUUUUUUUURRRSSSSHHH…..!!!

The broth invaded the redhead’s throat in such gigantic loads that she… «oooh…!!»

Her nostrils stretched. BLUUUUUUURRSSSHHH!!!! The milk exploded from her nose and sprayed all over the blonde, who laughed:

‘Yes, yes, YEEEESSS!!

She loved feeling like a goddess of fertility!

The redhead agonized, feeling her stomach fuller, heavier at every load of milk, with her mucous insides enlarging to accommodate those grotesque volumes of fluids.

MMMMMMRRRR…!!!’ She writhed, feeling that extremely thick, potent, scalding broth dominate every inch of her esophagus.

Bigger and more powerful loads were expelled through her nose: BLOOOOORRSSSHHH!!! SPLIIIIIIIRRSSSHHH!!

Aaaahee!!’ The blonde lifted her head and let herself be bathed on that broth while her freed tit still burst extreme loads.

The milk blasted against the wall with loud cracks. When it fell over the floor… VUUUUSSHH!! VUUUUUUSSSHH!! It raised waves on the ocean of milk beneath!

That was just too much milk —yet so much more was still about to come!

«Oooh, my god!! When will this cow…?» The redhead felt a tremendous squeeze in her throat. Loads of milk were so heavy that she felt crushed from inside out. «When will this bitch stop cumming??»

Her stomach swole and swole and swole some more, up until her six-pack had been replaced by a hard, seven-months-old-pregnant belly.

‘OOOOHMMMRRR!!!’ Tears rolled down her cheeks. She had over forty pounds of milk stuffed in her stomach!

BLUUUUUUURRRRSSHHH!! Forty-two pounds! BLOOOOORRSSSHH!! Forty-three pounds!

«Oh, my god!!» She cried, and the milk kept coming, kept filling her, so strong and heavy that… «oooohh!!»

…it began to seethe into her intestines!

AAAAHEEEMMM!!!!’ She let go of that tit and screamed, feeling just how…


‘NOOOOO!! NOOO…..!!!’

The blonde held her firmly by the waist and head, pulling her back to her enormous tit.

«My god!! Strength!! Just how much strength!!»

BLOOOOORRSSSH, BLOOOOOORRSSSSHH, BLOOOOOORRSSSHHH!!! Her belly was now as large as a nine-month-old pregnant woman.


Doctor Olivia, by her side, watched as she was filled with the world’s heaviest, tastiest milk.

‘How beautiful!’ She managed to say after burping out many and many more loads of milk. ‘She looks like a beautiful momma!’


The milk was so heavy the redhead felt the walls of her stomach rupture! Tears and more tears rained down from her eyes as she tried, unsuccessfully, to escape from the mighty body of that Nordic whore.


The mare’s tits just didn’t stop squirting! BLOOOORRRSSSH…!!!!

OOOOORRHUUUUUMM!!!’ The redhead’s body squirmed fevereshly while she was invaded by another half-a-gallon at once, in a single burst from the tit.

Flexing an arm, the powerful blonde laughed at her redhead’s suffering!

HA, HA, HA, HA, HAHAHAHA!!!’ She flexed all the muscles of her body. ‘YOU’RE GONNA DROWN ON MY MILK, BITCH!!’


Once again, the Nordic cow held a tit with one hand… and squeezed it! The broth left at volcanic speed and strength! BLUUUUUUSSSHHH!!!!!!!

There was no place left to store all that load: judging by the size and hardness of her belly, she was about to give birth to five-pound quintuplets!

Ggoooodd… oh… myyyyy….!!”

The milk began to burst copiously through her nostrils: BLOOOOORSSSSHHH!!!


BLOOOOOOOOORRSSSSHHHH!!! The blonde felt… an absurdly potent heat… run through her mammalian glands and inflate her breasts even further.

‘Oow, ooow, ooooww! Look at me, my mare!’


SLAAAAP!!! She gave her legs a strong slap, forcing her to look at the redhead straight in the eyes.

Jets of milk burst through her nose, however, covering all that angelic face with milk: BUUUURSSHH!!!!

Not that the blonde cared. She was already becoming a goddess of fertility… and loving every second of the process!

‘Look at this ocean… ooow!… look at the ocean of milk mommy’s making, look, look, look!!’


The tits shivered! It didn’t matter how many liters she ejaculated, it didn’t matter how many bodies were bloated by the obscene loads they produced… bbbrrruuuuuummm!!!…. bbbbrrrrruuuuuummmm!!!….

Those tits simply never stopped producing milk! Never! Not for a second!

‘Oooohhhhrrr…..!!’ Completely relaxed and cocky, the blond bombshell stretched, making her tits burst with even more copious gallons and gallons and gallons and gallons of milk on the wall and the redhead’s mouth!! SPLAAAAASSSHHH!!!


The redhead’s pussy contracted, enraptured by the flavor, the thickness, the texture of those milky broths running down her body.

SPLAAAASSSHH!!! The milk hitting the walls formed waves on the floor!


She struggled to keep standing. All her energies seemed consumed by the numerous orgasms she suffered!

OOOOORRHHH!!!!’ Her eyes rolled, getting wet and turning white. ‘OOOOORRHUUUUMM!!!’

In moments, she was crying milk!

BLOOOOORRPPP!!! The blonde felt her tits practically exploding under the immense pressure of those mammalian glands.

It was literally possible to see the waves of liquids throbbing inside those giant meat masses.


The tits throbbed like two massive hearts. BLOOOORRSSSHH!!! SPLOOORRSSHHH!!!

With a hand on her left tit, the redhead writhed even more, feeling loads and loads, gallons after gallons of that milk dominating her throat, her stomach, her guts, all of her body!


Just one tit, no more than a single tit, churned out over a forty ounces of milk in ten seconds!

The tits grew, inflated and hardened! One could hear the sound of skin creaking and being torn apart by the internal pressure of those globes: CRAANKK!! CRAAAANCK!!


But the blonde was still preparing for the grand finale. Looking possessively to the redhead with an expression of pure malice and horniness, she said:

‘You’re going to vomit out all my milk now!’

BLOOOAARRHH!!!’ The milk already burst from the nostrils and the sides of the poor girl’s mouth every time she tried to breathe!

The blonde, however, not one bit moved by that plight, cupped her left tit with one hand and… squeezed it harder!

OOOOAAAARRRHHH!!!’ She roared, and her redhead friend cried:


She cried and cried and cried, drowning in white tears as soon as she felt….!! BOOOM!!

…the walls rumble! All her body engorge from inside out… as the gallons and more gallons of milk invaded her!

SPLOOOOOOOORRSSSSSHHH!!! The freed tit, meanwhile, squirted heavier and bulkier loads with unimaginable power.

Doctor Olivia, on the floor, slowly recovering, watched as the long, thick jets blasted from the blonde’s tits. «Fuck!» She marveled. «Was that what I’ve just swallowed?!»

As for the redhead, she felt an urgent agony in her own stomach. ‘UUUUMMAARRHH!!!!!’

The milk was so dense it leaked continuously to her small intestine, then her colom, finally reaching… ‘OOOOORRRRHHHHH!!!!’

…her rectum!

BLOOOORRSSSH…..!!! It all began with tiny leaks, which grew in size, strength, and thickness until…


…the milk burst from her ass! BLOOORRSSHH!!!

Not only that, but her the nostrils too stretched. SPLIIIIIIIIIIRRRSSSSSSHHHHH!!!! Powerful jets suddenly burst through them!

‘Yeah, bitch, yeah, yeah!!’ Shouted the blonde. ‘CUM ON YOUR COW’S TITS!!’


BLUUUUUUUUUUUUURRSSSSHHHHH!!! BLUUUUUUUUURRRSSSHHH!!! The milk left the girl’s ass in potent intermittent jets as her anus remained tight and hard.

Eventually, out of pure exhaustion, she relaxed her anus and… let the broth flow!… in one long, uninterrupted stream!


Her body heat up again, losing yet further sensitiveness from her muscles.

«Oooh, my… my god… what a freak of nature!!»

That super blonde was the world’s most potent woman! Not even Karina, the super soldier’s favorite, could lactate so many gallons of milk!


The broth blasted from her anus much stronger than it did from her nostrils. Once again, the redhead felt her consciousness wane.


An immense numbness took over her body and made her… faint! BLOOOOORRSSSHH!!! The blonde could no longer hold her, for the woman was surreally heavy!

That redhead originally weighed close to 200 pounds —mostly muscle—, but now she had another hundred pounds of the world densest, hottest, creamiest milk in her body.

She simply could no longer hold it all in: BUUUUMM!! She loudly collapsed on the floor, ready to expel all the gallons the blonde had lactated in her.

‘That’ll be interesting!’ Doctor Olivia licked her lips, excited to witness that obscene spectacle.

As soon as she fell on the floor, the redhead opened her mouth and… and!…

Puked it all out!

‘Oh, god…!’ The brunette had to cover her face to protect herself from the splashes.

They were almost ten feet apart from one another, yet the redhead’s milky pukes were so strong that… that…

BLOOOOOOOOORRRSSSHHH!!!! …they splashed on her muscular body!

‘Oooh, my god!!’

The redhead squirmed electrically, suffering countless spasms as the gallons and gallons and yet more gallons of that milk burst through both her mouth and nose.




Slowly, the redhead’s belly de-inflated and her body started going back to its normal size. The obscene volumes of milk, in the meantime, only made the already immense puddle on the floor grow larger.

But the blonde, still sat on the chair, wasn’t done. In fact, she got ready to ejaculate even bulkier loads through her tits!

‘You’re all too weak! Ooooorrrghhhhh!!!‘ She squeezed both massive tits, and a real motherly floor burst through her nipples. ‘OOOORRRGHHHH!!!

Frankly, it was a mystery where all this milk came from! ‘OOOORRRGHHHHH!!!’

Two jets flew past the table in front of her and hit the wall —and so did the jets after those… and the jets after those… and all the jets and more jets that followed, all unloading gallons of milk in the place.


The blonde burst like a fountain as the redhead, even after half a minute, kept puking all the milk out of her stomach.

«Ooooh, Gooooddd!!» She prayed. «I’m gonna… I’m gonna… I’m going to die!!»

BLOOOOOOOORRSSSHHH!!! The room was so hot that the steam, like in a sauna, nearly obscured the bodies of all three girls.

On the chair, the mega blonde prepared for another voracious round of multiple orgasms.


Her pussy twitched, hardened and vibrated, then… spliiiiiiiirrssshhh!!! Its first squirts were tiny, shy, but soon followed by gradually stronger jets and bursts.


The kitchen quaked for a second, as if a formidable earthquake was shattering the very foundations of the building, and then the real… and loudest, most tremendous loads of milk…!!


…burst from those gigantic tits: BLUUUUUUUUURRRGHHHHHHHH!!!!

‘MY GOD, GIRL!!’ Doctor Olivia had to cover her face so she was not suffocated under the immense load!

The blonde stuck her tongue out and screamed, convulsed, writhed just like an animal. ‘OOOOOOOAAAAARRGHHHHH!!!’Meanwhile, the worn-out redhead vomited more and more milk through her mouth, not to speak of the loads that still blasted from her anus.