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Two giant Greek gods ram their huge, 20in+ tools in dozens of squirting women in their harem! [FREE filthy PAGES!]

Her pussy squirted for twenty-five unbroken seconds! The puddle of nectar grew so quick it reached the hips of both other nymphs on the floor.

Aaaaai, aaaaii, aaaaaiimm!!’

Pargasus fucked them deep, and they didn’t ‘squirt’ as much as they blasted jets of lubes!


On his waist, Pargasus was splashed with the hottest lubes a woman could squirt.

His dick wasn’t even two inches deep into that girl, yet the waves of pleasure were strong enough too make tears run down her face in long, unbroken rivers.

Oooorrhh!!’ Came the hoe in his dick.

Aaaaaiii!!’ Came the bitch in his right hand.

Aaaaii, aaaaiii!!’ Came the female in his left hand.

Despite all this pleasure, Pargasus wasn’t even close to being the most powerful being in that room.

Some feet in front of him, on the vast bed in the middle of that chamber, Zeus guided his five whores through a 20-minute-long, uninterrupted collective orgasm.


Their screams were so repetitive they were almost cliché, as were their multiple squirts.

Drip, drip, sdrooossh… Lubes rained from Zeus’s body. Though the women unloaded gallons on him, the mega-god felt bored, as if he had gone into an autopilot of orgasms.

Oooh, Zeeeus!! Zeeeus!!’ The nymph closest to his head, twerking on his abs, leaned down to kiss his large, ultra-masculine face. ‘Ooooh, Zeeeus… oooorhh…!!!’

The incredible bull flexed his abs and squeezed the woman’s clit with his muscles, sending her to heaven and back.

The little whore screamed and ejaculated so strong she soaked the god’s beard.

‘Look at the mess you’re doing, sluts!’

That woman’s pussy blasted out of control, yet that didn’t prevent her from leaning down and kissing that god’s immense mouth.

The male was a giant: 1,200 pounds of muscle distributed along with a towering height of 8.4 feet!

His lips were so wide, thick and muscular he could suck any of those girl’s heads like a lollipop!

«Zeus!! Oooh, by the love of… the Gooods!!»

The man’s tongue was over twelve inches long!

«Sit down, whore!» The supermale thought. «Feel my tongue stimulating your mouth like a pussy!»

He slid his tongue very deep into her throat, making her feel, in fact, as if she had a giant dick crammed through her mouth.

«Ooh…. ooh, Olympus!!»

Her pussy squirted a small cup of lubes in one go, and her giant breasts… blooorshh!!

‘Aaahh, nice!’ Zeus opened his mouth and welcomed the jets of milk in his tongue.

A similar scene happened with all other four women. The nymph right behind that one, for instance, also riding his abs, forced her cunt against his muscles, wishing for some deep, sweet penetration!


Her orgasm wasn’t a tenth… no, a twentieth of what the god could make her feel, yet it already was the deepest, most intense, nerve-wrecking orgasm she had ever felt with any other male.

As for the woman riding his biceps, she sank her pussy even deeper on that powerful muscle, and her squirting blasts turned quicker than a machine gun’s.

Her body was shaken. Her face went in and out of a coma lasting one second every time, as if she constantly thread the line between sanity and death.


The god roared, feeling in his right hand another woman freeze as his fingers squeezed her clit and several erogenous spots along with it.

Every sensible spot he pressed in her body was like two or three sets of multiple orgasms unraveling her at every second.

Her pussy exploded in gallons and gallons and gallons…


‘Well, well.’ Zeus felt the buckets the woman constantly squirted in his hand.


Her tits also blew up. The woman had become a living hydrant of lubes.

‘Cum, cum, cum, bitch.’ He told the whore crammed in his prick, moving the endowment one inch up, one inch down, knocking her unconscious with so much pleasure!

Her pussy came madly once every second, her body vibrating and throbbing with all those indescribable orgasms.

The uber-god, after all, had nine inches of prick crammed inside her; nine inches of numerous fat arteries throbbing like several different hearts on the thirty-four erogenous spots of that cunt.

Aaaaaaiii!! Aaaaarrhh…!!’Uuuurrhh…!’ Zeus, getting bored again, looked at Pargasus and saw the youngster reducing three women to piles of multiple orgasms with minimum effort. ‘Time to spice this up a bit, I guess.’