My Christmas message to y’all beautiful mares and stallions (plus a little surprise if you click the image)

My beloved mares and stallions, my beautiful and potent children, thank you so much for making 2020 such a special year for me!

I hope that, with my writings, I too have brought a little more warmth and love to your hearts.

And your loins.

I know I share very little information with you other than my newest releases, but that’s really not out of malice or even shyness.

It’s just that I’m 100% focused on improving my craft and bringing you works that no only SLAP, but STICK with you just like the semen of my super stallions stick to the wombs of their lovers.

Besides, that seems to be what y’all really want, judging by the analytics of my company: no small talk, no chit chat, not even a lovely dinner time; just ACTION!

You want ’em books, and you want them HARD, so I focus all of my energies on satisfying your urges.

Don’t worry: both in writing and in real life, I’m a tireless, dedicated whore. Servicing your cocks and pussies is nothing but the greatest honor in my life, and I hope I can continue bringing you to higher and higher levels of pleasure in this 2021 (and more years) to come!

Enjoy the festivities, my divine, and stick around to see what other surprises I have in store this year’s end!

MerryXmas to you all. Now go out and gorge yourselves on plentiful banquets, on the massive, hard bosoms of your vixens, and titanic balls & dicks of your studs! ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹