Updates and announcements

Indefinite hiatus

Hello, my beautiful! So, about this hiatus of mine… it’s gonna last a while.

Probably. I mean, I hope it doesn’t, but a lady can’t help when the whole GODDAMNED WORLD falls suddenly on her shoulders, right?

I’m really sorry for the lack of freebies and all, but you have no idea how much work I’ve been doing lately. A few key things that you may need to know:

  • Freelancing is my main form of income, and all my clients have come back HARD… with a fucking VENGEANCE!
  • I got about one hour of writing to do every day, and I’m using it all on my novel–The Doll.
  • There’s no estimate on when (or if) work will cool down. I hope by December things will be more chill, but no promises.
  • Until then, no freebies, no other updates, no nuthin. :,(
  • For the time being, “The Doll” will shift into a more “traditional publishing”–it’s going to be released when it’s ready, and then it will have all the marketing and fanfare it deserves–and that I can afford.
  • This means no chapter updates and freebies from the novel, just like my porn.
  • I’ve been planning on further professionalizing my whole business, including a visual overhaul of my website. Still, of course, due to everything happening to me, that’s also a long-term thing.

More updates and information are available for my Patrons.

I wish, I wish, I goddamn WISH I could be working for you again, giving out freebies galore and, who knows, heck, even writing new porn again.

However, hey, that’s life. ❤

Just be sure that I *am* still thinking about you, and I *am* still intended on coming back whenever possible.

It’s just that, for the time being, *welp*, I gotta CHASE THAT BAG!! 😉

Wish me luck. And remember, if times are ever rough, and y’all need some great little stories to keep you warm, you can always read my greatest inspirations:




Enjoy. 😉