[NSFW/+18!] The King of America and the Goddesses of Brazil – Part 2

Her mind wandered a bit more, however, on the sexual feats of her own past. «Fuck. I guess I am sick.» Or maybe just too powerful for her own sake: once the boy-killer reached the age of eight, she began to ritualistically consume about twenty pieces of a meat a day, every day, without fail. «My palaces were an endless revolving door of dicks. Hell! A new batch of studs arrived even before the semen of the last batch cooled off! It was insane, and those were, like, literally my beginner years!» Once she was ten-years-old, she liked to say, things “got serious.” Quantity and quality of meat walked hand in hand. «There wasn’t a day where my mouth, ass, and pussy didn’t feel forty different kinds of dick. By the age of twelve, I was fucking fifty guys a day, until I got to such power that I literally couldn’t touch a man’s penis without making him explode with cum and orgasms all the time.» The multiple orgasms that men generally associated to women, she gave men—and then some!

By the time she was eighteen, she had mastered the art of consuming a hundred men every day, all the time, as well as the art of fucking for whole weeks uninterrupted. The men she devoured never believed the previous guys once they said, between their panted, desperate breaths, that “she’d been fucking us for five hours straight and she’s been only getting stronger!” Of course, the guys who said that heard the same thing from the guys that came before, and so on and so on, none of the them ever believing anything, of course, until their cocks met the fury of that woman’s untiring vagina.

Eating that stallion monster cock like it was nothing, Imelda felt the semen very close to the doorway of her anus. All that was left were a few inches for the stud to fully, totally conquer her body—if not her spirit, sweeping her off her feet like only her very first few studs ever managed to do. «Again, when I was too inexperienced, too young and clueless of my sex.» Still, after the very first she had had sex—a mere eight-year-old, 6-feet-tall behemoth of a fully grown woman (at least physically)—she still managed to last eight hours without a break, fucking her five powerful studs over and over and over until they were all—all!—begging for her to stop. «I was a fucking mess, but absolutely bloody victorious.» As the waves of semen kept pushing deeper into her guts, she kept travelling deeper into her past, finding more amusement in her endless conquest than in that novel stallion: «mm. I guess his dick has reached full power.» The density of the semen kept piling up, but it seemed unable to gain ground as fast as before. «Maybe if I relax my guts he can make his way to the end, but that’d be cheating.» With the muscles of her arms bulging, the veins booming and sprawling all over her titanium physique, the woman raised her palms and power-slapped her stud’s buttocks, making the guy open his mouth and make a terrible face, almost as if he was going to puke his guts out through his mouth. «Come on, beast boy! You can cum your loader harder than that!»

The bull’s balls were throbbing right on the woman’s abs, their power enough to make them jump and jolt over her body. With her hands firm and warm, the woman power-punched both his testicles and his glutes, making the giant teenager neighed just like a fucking horse, and two more men collapsed on the ground, ejaculating madly while only six remained. “You are a fucking monster.” Leonardo, of all man, tried not to stutter as he confronted the woman with the painful, obvious reality. “You are not… human!”

«Oh, baby,» the woman chuckled (and gagged on the semen) as she made her palms sink on the man’s iron buttocks, his muscles barely enough to contain the atomic power of her slaps, «to your agony and despair, I’m glad to announce that I am, indeed, fully human. I’m just… next level. Maybe the next step in humanity’s evolution, with a blood so bloody good all of humanity put together can barely amount to a few veins of my perfected physique.» With her slaps slowing down, the iron woman thought about the only woman who could possibly measure up to her in grace, power, and sexual splendor. «Only her—her!—is worthy of calling herself my superior!»

The woman. The monster. The goddess. The Queen. Only that mighty woman, who taught her to become a true demigoddess of sex and cock-destruction, was indeed of a finer breed than even herself. «Cursed majesty! How the fuck can you be so bloody perfect?!»

As the stallion came, Imelda searched her past for signs of her superior breeding power, finding them all, however, very much lacking when compared to her Queen. «When we first met, I was a truly arrogant eighteen-year-old. I had just finished my birthday party when she showed up in my castle, totally dry and fresh off cum or sweat—unlike myself.» Sucking and pumping, she felt her body a little cooler, almost as if she was literally travelling to the past, leaving that teenager and those pitiful men behind her. «For my birthday party, I made myself the challenge of fucking as many men as I could in under 24 hours. From midnight to midnight, I fucked over 1,238 men, very few of which actually lasted any longer than half a minute at a time. It was only when the last man fell… that she appeared!» Imelda could still remember, with great fear and tribulation, the bang of her mansion’s doors as the rival barged in without announcement, facing the haughty teenager almost as if they had known each other their whole lives. «She was hateful, and she was my god! Never before had I felt so many disparate emotions for a single person, like… ever!» She was the most beautiful, inhumane goddess in the world, and she was the most despicable devil in the deepest canyons of hell—and, judging by the way she fucked, the latter definitely wasn’t a stretch. «She fucking humiliated me!»

As the Queen stood before her, both women looking at one another as if they needed to say not a single word to communicate clearly and fluently, the young teenager sneered, the twenty-four hours of relentless fucking barely taking any effect on her body. “I see you had your fun.” Were the first words the majesty ever said to her, uttered while slowly—oh, so slowly!—undoing her ropes. “Now let’s see how I measure up.”

The teenager sneered again and laughed, but the sight of the terrifying woman made it very clear that, if anyone could ever challenge her… it was her! “What are you going to do? Fuck this pile I have already fucked?” The younger Imelda stood up atop her ten-feet-tall pile of beaten, defeated men, their bodies so battered and ruined it looked like a herd of elephants had stomped all over them. From her tight, perfect pussy oozed an apparently-endless amount of jizz, which only added to the insane layers of thick cum slowly cooling off all over the beaten, brazen bodies. “If you are one to have used up men, you’re already beaten by m-”


Just that. One word. “Shut.” Not even “shut up” or “shut it,” just… “shut.” As the gigantic woman spoke, whom Imelda could see from afar was much taller, much larger, much harder and more powerful than she could ever hope to be, the haughty teenager obeyed, her lips sealed together almost as if an invisible forced has sewed them with an invisible, hot needle.

“Y-y-yes, ma’am.” Even to this day, when she consumed the endless gallons of sweet jizz from her eighteen-year-old horse-cocked teenager, Imelda couldn’t understand what force had led her to utter those docile, passive words to the complete stranger—or rather, yes, she could understand it very well; she just couldn’t accept it.

As the titan royalty undid layer after layer of her fancy, expensive robes, massive tanks and buses rolled over on the outside of Imelda’s mansion. From these vehicles, heavy and mighty, she could hear thunderous steps making the earth literally tremble all around her. “I’ve got my entourage.” The Queen announced, looking rather pitifully to the pile of hundreds of men Imelda stood over. “Jesus, girl, you have no self-respect? Look at these pathetic boys you just fucked.” The way she giggled, it was like Imelda was some little girl with barely any boobs or butt to her body. “Damn it, you girl! It’s like you barely lost your virginity! The stud’s a see in your mountain of flesh and cum, atop of which you so arrogantly stand, thinking yourself such a great bitch, such an awesome cock-conqueror… oh, ha, ha, ha!” She gave the most arrogant, blood-boiling laughter the woman had ever heard! Meanwhile, as the Queen spoke, the earthquake just got stronger, with the silhouettes and the shadows of her studs appearing on the cum-ridden windows of Imelda’s palace. “How big are they? Eight inches, nine inches?” The Queen walked from side to side, eyeing the pile of semen-smeared men while she undid, artful and graceful, layer after layer of the expensive robes she wore with such unmatched, imperial elegance—a true Queen, indeed, both in physique as in manners. “I can see a twelve-incher from here, oh, I can.” Again, the hateful bitch laughed: “you poor, poor cunt! You’re still virgin! Oh, my pure, pure virgin baby girl! And to think that you’ve spend the past twelve years fucking a bunch of eunuchs. Oh, no, no, no. Tonight, my girl,” the Queen undid the final layer of her ropes, turning to Imelda in all her glorious muscular, “I teach you how to fuck.”

As the final layer of her clothes flowed into the ground, the doors, windows, and walls of the mansion were shattered by what could only be described by a barbarian invasion of muscle-bound giants. «That was the first time… I got a glimpse of real men!» Not entirely true, for sure, but that was indeed the first time Imelda saw so many of those hyper-gigantic men she once thought the rarest of the rare amongst humans: nude, naked, bronze-skinned and dark-haired gorgeous studs who were more horses than men—at least when size was considered—and whose genitals sported such power and virility the temperature within the room went from “hot” to “fucking scalding” in a heartbeat. The smallest of the men were ten inches long with their completely soft members; the biggest of them… «fuck. Fuck! Fuck!!» Imelda began to squirt again, though not with the teenager she was still eating; the memory of those super stallion, as well as the feelings of her innocence, all struck her pussy with the fires of teenage sexual awakening again. «Fuck me god! Those were true, beautiful Bulls!»

The most prized men in the Queen’s harem: the Bulls! The hyper-sexualized, genetically-superior studs whom she was meant to breed and overbreed until the entire Earth was reshaped by their perfect, big-dicked genes. The most indescribable males in all of humanity: Bulls! And they were gathering in Imelda’s palace by the dozens, their size great enough to make her previously-gigantic room look crowded with just a few tens of them. “First, my beautiful,” said the Queen as her rope was still descending, “you’ll need a bigger place. My palace will be a nice abode for our lovemaking once tonight’s deed is done. Then…” Her eyes and Imelda’s were locked, “I’ll teach you the power of my pussy… myself.”

The robe was undone, and Imelda collapsed that very instant. In the Queen’s quarters, consuming the full twenty-five inches of teenage bull dick—the guy had gained an extra inch after all the flood of power thanks to Imelda’s sucking—the men tried to make sense of their dominatrix’s actions, seeing her panting and squirming, finally experiencing orgasms of a woman in heat. They wondered how long… just how long could a single woman torture a man’s cock so hard, never wanting to admit what they knew deep inside: that Imelda could do that shit forever!

The woman was orgasming madly not for the stud, though, but for the memory of the first time she had ever seen the Queen naked. It was a glorious form no human eye was meant to behold, and even the super-sized Imelda, with all her perfect genes, collapsed form her mountain of stud, rolling and banging and kicking down into the ground, until she stopped at the very feet of the uber-muscular beast now standing before her—a woman so unbelievably virile her muscles had muscles with more muscles on top of each other, and so bloody fertile that her gigantic, planet-sized tits were squirting hot, fat thick milk at her every slightest breath. “Wake up, you inexperienced cheap whore.” The Queen gave Imelda the slightest, friendliest of “kicks”—no, not a kick, to be honest, but a mere grazing of her skin with her thumb—yet still Imelda’s 1,200-pound body was hurdled into the mass of men behind her, almost getting stuck in their cum like a fly on a spider’s web while the Queen’s gigantic Bull rubbed shoulders on the crowded room. “You fucked, let’s see…” With her perfect, almost supernaturally-attuned intellect, the Queen counted the total number of men Imelda had consumed, “ah, I see. One thousand, two-hundred and eighty three men in twenty-four hours.” The Queen turned around, and all the Bulls in the place… they immediately… their cocks… they just!!… “Let’s see by how big a margin a beat you.”

Imelda was crying and screaming and orgasming gallons through her pussy as she saw the hyper-virile walls of muscles that was her Queen’s back, culminating down on the most massive, perfect pair of glutes the Universe could ever bestow a living creature. «And her legs!! Oh, god, her fucking legs!!» Outrageously well-endowed legs like Chun-Li’s would look like straws compared to those bulging, rippling, throbbing pillars of power, muscles, and veins that were the Queen’s legs. With the smallest, thinnest of her leg muscular fibers, that Queen already outdid the legs of any woman in all of human existence—even the fictional ones, whereas the Queen was entirely, totally, completely, and unbearably… real! “BY THE FUCKING G-!!!” Imelda was screaming, but that was barely the beginning of her nerve-frying orgasms.

There were the cocks. The massive appendages of the super stallions, all

so imposing when soft, now truly earth-shattering when rigid: *BOOOOOOOM!!!* As the cocks sprouted into fullest hardness, the earth trembled, the castle shook, and the walls, floor, and ceiling where all cracked. *BOOOOOOM!!!* Imelda had never seen those many cocks grew so unbelievably hard so fast and so synchronized; in less than a third of a second, the beastly womb-destroyers went from limb arm-like appendages to true pillars of virility smacking their giant studs on the abs… and sometimes on the pecs. «What-what-what…?!!» Imelda’s mind was frying as she witnessed, for the very first time in her life, cocks so fucking huge that they smacked their men straight in the pecs—and, for some of then, almost right on the fucking chin! «WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING HERE?!!»

The Queen was not one for long introductions, though. As soon as the massive megalondontic dong hit the chests of her supermen, the Queen proceeded to fuck through them one by one, performing the most shocking act of carnality any woman could do to any other living creature. To any inexperienced gaze, what the Queen did to those men might have truly looked like a massacre, with many of them literally being led to a bleeding state by the superwoman’s voracious, cock-breaking fucking, but that was simply all that the Queen could do, her power being such that, even if she wanted to, she could never fuck her men any weaker than that. “Do you see, you stupid child, why our men need to be so big, so genetically and biologically superior?” She shouted, like an absolute boss, while riding seven massive super-sized cocks—three in her pussy, four in her anus—and jerking off twenty-four other gigantic, indescribably-enormous penises—five in each hand, then seven crammed between her bulging arms. “Fuck me, that’s how I like it! Superbeings like us literally can’t have any men smaller! They gotta be studs or they gonna be bad! You’ve been spoiling yourself rotten with these petty pencil dicks you fucked!” Powerfully, with her gaze alone, the Queen instructed her unspoken commands to the surrounding Bulls. “My boys will have to teach a good lesson… once we’re done! For now, my little nun… watch and learn!” She smacked her lips as her dozens of men collapsed, rolling down unconscious on the growing pile of quasi-dead, squirming bodies she was building, and other twenty, twenty-five studs came in to replace their fallen comrades. They had long waited for a chance—any chance—to beat and discipline the unruly majesty, but for years and years on end they were just left with disappointment, humiliation, and defeat. “I want all my holes destroyed. Let’s see how well you fare this time, stallions!” She snapped her fingers, and then Imelda saw her inhuman body be even more inhumanly filled by more cocks than even a literal mare could take. The Queen was overstretched, over-fecundated, over-fucked by ten massive donkey dicks on her anus, twelve gigantic horse cocks on her cunt, about fifty-to-seventy enormous penises all over her body, and well over twenty super-sized womb-destroying member in her mouth.

“Begin!” One of the men roared, and the hundred-plus super studs began to pound the cock-filled bitch in earnest.

Imelda’s castle had collapsed within about five seconds of that giant ball of cock and muscles thrusting inside the Queen’s every hole. The majesty even had a name for it—“engine of cunt destruction”—and it was one of the several tactics her gigantic super bulls developed to try and discipline the Queen a little.

They all failed miserably in the end. “No…!!!” The final of those beast men kept thrusting and thrusting and thrusting inside the Queen’s mouth, seeing his weaker comrades one by one fall around himself. “No… it can’t… it can’t be like that!” The giant mega stud thrust himself with deeper and more desperate force inside the woman’s mouth, making even her enormous, well-develop torso bulge with the leg-thick length and girth of his equine genitalia, but all that he drilled from the beastly woman were sensual gaggles, gurgles, and chuckles. His prick was unloading like a fountain, and Imelda could never swear that a single man could produce so much semen. «It’s been only ten minutes since she’s been fucking these hundred horses, but this one single man has already produced more cum…!!» She looked, absolutely staggered, to the massive pile of her own men behind her—a pile which the Queen now dwarfed with her much superior virility. «All of my men… all of them!…» Imelda was flustered with profound shame, «in twenty-four hours of sex they amounted to nothing but a single load of this single human throat-fucking this… this…!!» She still didn’t know what to call the female stranger back then, you see. «This god!»

The lone men remained atop the pile of defeated Bulls fucking the throat of the giantess with all his gusto until his legs began to buckle and his muscular fibers to nearly snap. With stars in her eyes, Imelda witnessed the power of a Bull pushed to the very limits of his being; an entire muscular mountain depleted of force, completely red with scorching blood and wrapped with bulging, throbbing veins themselves as thick as arms! It was godly, it was heavenly, and it couldn’t last for much long: the semen of the stud exploded from the woman’s mouth and nostrils at every thrust, minutes and minutes on end until the Bull began to roar at deeper tones, his roars becoming longer and longer until they finally started to grow weak, and so on and so on until their weakness transitioned to absolute exhaustion, and the mighty Bull began to die in earnest.

As his titanic body fell backwards, the Queen immediately stood up and grabbed him, swallowing the unimaginable loads of cum so that she could then kiss the stallion on his torso, like a mother putting her son to sleep. “Shh, shh.” She smiled, and then her lips met his. “This was an awesome fuck.” Rivers of jizz flowed down from the 12-feet-high pile, forming a gigantic lake in which Imelda bathed and fecundated herself. “Now, my gorgeous stallion… go to sleep.” The Queen did a single squeeze on the man’s right testicle, and his gigantic body seized up in a painful freezing, his eyes bulging and his jaw dropping before he fell completely asleep and unconscious—that 5-second squeeze putting him down like a hurt animal who’s just been euthanized.

The Queen stood stop her superior pile of stud, looking down upon the poor Imelda, who did her best to keep her consciousness intact. Without a word to the “rival”—if you could even deign calling Imelda such thing—she turned to next batch of 150 super studs who were climbing up the pile, making them halt and waiver before pointing a finger at them, curling said finger, and spreading her arms in a glorious display of muscles. “Alright, y’all. Next!”

She proceeded to destroy those men for the next fifteen minutes. The Queen always enjoyed to let her men have their way with her at first, especially considering that she was “lazy” and didn’t like doing much of the fucking at first. If anything, that was one of the royal’s first lessons to her now-obedient pupil: “if you’re a woman who respect yourself, you wouldn’t even begin to think about fucking a dude’s dick before your pussy was sufficiently warmed up and lubricated with a few millions of gallons of sperm. Let the studs try you out at first, having their way with your every hole, unloading their mightiest loads until their bodies naturally (and inevitably) collapse in exhaustion. Once you start feeling something—anything! Even just a little spark in the cooch—then you can start trying out their cocks in earnest.” Every time Imelda blinked, hundreds upon hundreds of men were raining down like droplets on a rainforest storm, with the Queen making 8-feet, 9-feet-tall muscle behemoths faint with a single squeeze and pump of their cocks, all while thirty, forty, sometimes fifty stallion gang banged her in the nether holes, ejaculating as much combined cum as three Niagara Falls.

With her mansion now destroyed, a crater was formed. An area of the entire state of New York was destroyed as the Queen proceeded to fuck—or rather, be fucked—by her most prized stallion in the first four hours of that exhibitionism, with only a handful of super studs lasting longer than fifteen minutes in her cooch, and the record-holder (at that point) going only as far as “twenty-two minutes, fifteen seconds, and a thousand, eight-hundred and seventy-two fractions of a second.” She grappled her men by the cheeks, prompting in him a look of utter horror (you see, he thought, quite foolishly, that he would be the one to dominate the woman, ha, ha!), and gave him a motherly kiss before twist-squeezing his dick inside her own cunt so bloody hard that…

“OOOOOOOOO-UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHH…!!!!!!” The scream. Goddamn, the scream! It was a roar, but it was anything but masculine: it was the ultimate roar of defeat. «Like Kronos being slain by Zeus. The fall of a titan.» Imelda, then much more “used” to the Queen’s performance, licked her lips and bit them with both desire and ambition, coveting that power which seemed so divine and superhuman to her. «She’s… she’s…!!» As she saw the 9-feet-tall body of the giant collapse into the ocean of cum, she had a revelation: «she’s just murdered this man’s masculinity!»

Like the allied invasion of Normandy, an endless sea of places crossed the skies, and from those mighty, gigantic jumbo jets thousands upon thousands of superhuman soldier jumped, splashing on the jizz and making their ways valiantly to the enemy—the Queen. “Alright, then!” The woman stood up, her pile of men now measuring up to 45-feet-high. She stretched her muscles and playfully danced on the pile, beating her own gigantic breasts like a silverback inviting his rivals to a fight. “Time to fuck!”

She proceeded to destroy over a hundred and thirty thousand males in the proceeded twenty hours. By the time she was finished, her pile of men had grown into a literal mountain: 134,587 massively muscular Bulls completely collapsed into a mountain as high as 872 feet, their bodies almost unseen under the much superior coating of semen, which then surpassed about eighty-three trillion gallons of semen.

By the time the woman was done, Imelda saw her holding the last man—a 13-feet-tall, 35-inch-long horse cock yielder—upside down by a single leg, giving his ass playful slaps and kissing his upside-down balls before casting him aside—his penis still ejaculating hundreds of gallons of seed as he swirled down the mountain of muscles and cum. “That’s twenty-four hours, I guess.” With her fists on her hips, the glorious goddess turned to her new slave. “You see, little one, what true power really looks like?” With a single, mighty flex, the Queen expelled all the cum, all the semen, and all the sweat of the other males from her body, and the shockwave left behind a skin as smooth as a baby’s—with, of course, muscles as hard as the core of a metallic planet. “Now, time for you to experience it!” The Queen stepped down towards her pussy, who in turn pissed and ejaculated in utter fear and arousal. “Nah, nah, no turning back now. I’m gonna fuck you like no human being has ever been fucked before.”

Once the Queen got to spitting distance, Imelda realized that the woman hadn’t broken a single bead of sweat herself. “What the f-??!!” As she was grabbed by her legs and pussy-pounded away at the speed of light, Imelda could barely complete her question once the Queen started to give her a crash course in fucking.

Gulping and gargling on the semen of her amazing stallion, Imelda reflected on her ultimate humiliation—an event so traumatic that it made her a little pitying, if not respectful, of the men she now humiliated. «She banged for five days straight.» Back then, tsc!, that was all that Imelda could take. «And she took it so bloody easy!»

She had banged the arrogant teenager until Imelda was forced to relent and beg for her to stop. Even fainting or passing out weren’t a option for the teen; with her superhuman fingers, the Queen could literally jolt life back into the squirming, screaming, squirting teenager, and then keep alive and sane for as long as her pussy could take her pounding without literally catching fire. “I GIVE UP!!! PLEASE!!!” The arrogant teenager begged for the first time in her life: “PLEASE, STOP!!! I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!!”

And just like that, *plim!*, the Queen pressed a few spots in the woman’s pussy and then, *plim-plim!*, Imelda fell asleep like a baby, waking up on the Queen’s arms only many weeks later. “That was some awesome resilience you just displayed.” The Queen kissed her, treating her like her baby. “Now… let me teach you to be more like me.” Thus began Imelda’s teaching—one which she didn’t know if it was a blessing, or Hell’s most painful, unyielding curse.

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The breeding begins! Our 9-foot-tall, 10,000-pound, 60-inch-long Futa empress overbreeds her sweet-ass blonde with countless gallons of CUM!

At that moment, I knew I was fecundated. More than just bred, I was inseminated like a fucking stallion had just shot its load with its penis fully inserted into my body; gallons and gallons of hot, juicy seed breeding every inch of my insides, yet such animalistic virility could barely begin to compare to what that seed—that very human seed—was actually doing with me.

For starters, her sperm cells were clearly cut from a different cloth than the usual human sperm cells. A male sperm, you know, is a stupid little thing—just like men themselves, to be very blunt: it’s got a big, hard head, a long, skinny tail, and all it knows to do is chase the eggs, which it penetrates and inseminates. That’s it. There’s literally nothing more to the human sperm: just a stupid, single-purpose cell that either fecundates an egg or drifts mindlessly in the womb until it dies and fizzles out. Even the mightiest of studs doesn’t go any more complex than that. If anything, the sperm unifies all men, regardless of their sexual status: the world’s biggest cunt-stretching, womb-breeding conqueror is at the same level as the stupidest, most shameful of incels; they both got stupid little sperms, and they both inseminate a woman with more or less the same breeding power. Muscles, status, or fame do nothing to change that raw, cold biological fact. Men have the simplest eggs of all—and that’s where they differ brutally from that divine African stud.

“God!!!” My mouth hanged open as my womb audibly boomed with the explosions of energy inside. My crotch moved as if I had a nest of snakes within. If not for my raging orgasms, culminating at times in excruciating, incontinent squirts, it would have seemed like a very gruesome thing, but nothing else could be expected from a sperm that was not only genetically, but also biologically superior. «By the gods!! What is the power of this woman?!»

Her sperms looked like on steroids—and yes, I could vividly picture every single one of them in my mind. It was utter, absolute madness! On the surface, the basic shape of the sperm was the same: big head, long tail, you know the drill. The scale, however, was absolutely massive! The smallest of her quintillions of sperm cells was still three times largest the biggest “usual” sperm cell around, and the average was easily five times bigger. Her more massive sperm cells, when compared to a regular one, would look like fucking tanks next to a bicycle. There were sperms literally thirty times as big, and so powerful I could literally feel the waving of their tails inside me.

And what waving it was! I had no doubt that, if that semen could be hooked to a machine of sorts, it would literally power an entire village. Her sperm moved with such intensity and power you could literally see their action through my skin, as shown by the wobbly, squirming bulge on my belly.

“Steady, my mare.” The goddess even clicked her tongue, like I was some sort of animal under her command. “You’re losing balance.” She pointed to the floor with her free hand, her dick held tightly by the other while unloading whole swimming pools of semen. “There’s already a whole foot of my seed on this entire floor. If you fall on it, your body will be eaten by my sperm, and I don’t want to rescue you from those bastards before I fuck your dearest friend.”

Her words awakened me to the fact that, yeah, a whole pool of her semen was covering the entire room. “Holy fucking…!!!” My jaw hanged low and my throat throbbed with power. I was getting another massive set of multiple orgasms—each the biggest, most intense and electrifying I had ever felt. «FUUUUUCK!!!» My belly bulged and rumbled, with my womb being twisted by the ever-frenzied semen. At the end of the powerful electrical avalanche, I was raining sweat on the steamy semen, panting like I had just completed another Iron Man trial. “Fuck, fuck, fuck… Jesus!!” Sometimes my eyes burned with all the sweat covering them. It was just the beginning of all the challenges, however, my body would have to overcome near that goddess.

Her sperm cells weren’t just huge and powerful, mind you. They were also a lot more… uh, how do I put it? Muscular? Literally, they were like little toads with overdeveloped muscles: their heads were like small, flexed biceps, and their tails were really like the most shredded arm you’d ever seen on a person. They were more like little, super fit sharks dotted with their own little brains, moving with thought and purpose inside me, not just chasing mindlessly a single goal due to their instincts. It might sound contradictory with what was happening to me—with my womb being literally battered by that fist-sized pellet of cum—but it really made sense when you thought about it.

Each sperm cell was a thousand times more powerful than a regular human one. Not only that, but the density of her cum was also unparalleled: a single milliliter of human cum might contain a few hundreds of billions of sperm cells, maybe more for the biggest studs, but hers easily surpassed the hundreds of quintillions of hyper-muscular spermatozoids. That’s why her semen looked, tasted, and felt not only thicker than fresh cement or molten metal (and definitely felt just as hot), but also why it literally looked alive, with the mountains and waves constantly moving about the place, congregating around our bodies like flesh-consuming B-movie monsters. Piles of it were actually surrounding my poor Veronica, who was already covered from head to toes in the semen bath from that monster cock.

“H-Heather…!!!” As she reached out to me from under the pile of sperm, her arm breaking through the white mass while dripping with pints of the hot stuff, she suddenly stood quiet, then shook like she was about to explode. Then, a massive scream burst through her mouth, so strong it literally made a hole on the mounds of sperm covering her face.

The giantess smiled while squeezing her prick harder, giving her hyperactive balls literal punches to try and tame then. “You’re being fecundated.” The way she licked her lips… god, how horny her cockiness made me! I could cum just by looking at that gorgeous, arrogant face, the face of a woman who could outbreed all the bulls and stallions on Earth and shape the genetic makeup of the entire Universe with her smoldering seed. “Right now, my seed is penetrating you. Do you feel it, my golden-haired mare, the column of spunk sliding up your powerful twat?”

She screamed. Her eyes nearly popped out. Hell yeah, she felt it, but the goddess wasn’t content on just seeing her writhe on her knees with all that virile fecundation. “Grr!!” Her muscles roared again, and a more massive inflow of spunk exploded from her prick. She seemed quite frustrated with her own penis. “Fuck.” Other guttural sounds burst from her breast along with this curse. “Quiet now, you unyielding monster!” She literally punched her own dick into submission, but the beast was mad with cum, spurting wave after wave of horse seed. “Damn it. Guess it can’t be helped.” Turning away the dick with her left hand, the goddess grabbed Veronica by the hair with her right hand and pulled her up. “Heather.” All the while, she turned to me, her immense thighs growing thicker and harder. “Are you paying attention?”

The tears were almost squirting out of my eyes, and my body was harder than stone with all the cramps that attacked my muscles; my belly was bulging and my womb was drawn in excruciating detail on my skin, being devoured alive by her powerful glob of semen, but despite all of this, yes, hell yeah, I was paying attention. “Mm-mm!!” Quite pathetically, squirming like a mad bitch, I nodded to my goddess, who then turned Veronica’s body to me.

“Good. Watch her. What’s happening to her is the same thing that’s happening to you, albeit on a much bigger scale, given that she took much more of my seed.” Veronica’s monstrous tits were lactating without a pause, so much so that many threads splashed on my body. «Fuck!» I thought. Her milk was insanely thick and gooey! “Look at what happens to a woman,” she licked her lips, “when my seed claims her womb.”

Following Veronica’s legs all the way down to the pool of spunk, I saw at least three giant trails of semen: two flowing along her inner thighs, and one bigger, thicker trail between her legs, almost like a third leg made entirely of spunk. The three streams penetrated her pussy and enlarged it until I was sure one could plop an American football inside the poor bitch. The semen was flowing upwards in her vagina, and I could see the movement clearly through the monstrous bulge of her belly.

“GOD!!!” She raised her eyes to the ceiling, barely noticing the pain of being suspended in the air only by the hair. Her pose, indeed, was quite hilarious, coming to think of it: her arms and legs all spread out like a starfish, her gorgeous muscles insanely ripped as they suffered from a fate even more intense than my own.

I gulped and quivered upon seeing that scene. My friend’s belly grew larger by the second. “God… by the gods!!” The semen around her moved in a frantic chase; the sperm smelled pussy, and, like a monster, it piled up around her legs, climbing her thighs like a slug, just so it could penetrate yet more inches of her over-stuffed vagina.

Jets of squirt exploded madly from her hole, and yet more powerful jets of milk were expunged from her tits, but, oh, that wasn’t nearly all she had to give. Her agony, if anything, was only beginning. “BY THE GODS, THAT’S SOOOO MUUUUCH POWEEEEER!!!” She screamed to the heavens, and I could see shockwaves bursting from her throat. Her cunt gushed inhuman amounts of pussy juice, creating a gooey crater on the semen pool beneath her, and her tits inflated monstrously with the absurd amount of milk they could barely expel every single second. The bulge of her belly, however, was the most noticeable part in all her agony. «Jesus!» I bit my lips as I saw the incredible mass of sperm make its wat towards her cervix. Huge columns of spunk now covered her legs entirely. She was being covered by the jizz from the waist down like a larva in a cocoon—and this provoked arrogant chuckles from our breeding goddess.

Still, it was impossible not to enjoy that sight: once inside her body, the semen lost all sense of hurry, preferring instead to make her cum than to fecundate her outright. The gooey mass piled up inside her vagina like a growing, sturdy load, making her belly bulge insanely until it was greater than a nine-month pregnancy of quadruplets.

The goddess took immense enjoyment from this sight. “How do you like your new look, huh, you tasty-ass, gorgeous whore!” She released her cock, and the monster slapped sideways on my friend’s waist. With her left hand, the goddess also slapped her other side, making humongous amounts of virile sperm jizz out through her cunt. Upon impact on the floor, the jizz released even bigger, denser clouds of steam, following with a dreadful roar that really, really made it sound like the cells were angry for being denied entry to Veronica’s femininity. “Shut up, spunk!” The goddess literally spoke to the mass of white! “Do not forget who you truly serve!”

As she released her cock, the monstrous, virile beast unleashed yet more uncountable gallons of seed all around us, portions of it splashing on my body, and yet more globs sliding over my body towards my pussy. I grabbed these moving, throbbing pellets of seed with my hands, lifting them up to my face while gawking at their immense weight. “Fuck! Your jizz… it’s so heavy!”

The goddess grunted. “Ain’t nearly as heavy as it’s gonna get. You’re quite something, you know, you two mares.” She seemed to reflect deeply and sincerely about something, trying to tame her dick again with her left hand. “I never once lost control like this. This is literally the first time I have an incontinent ejaculation. I wish I could split you both with my arms, you see, for what you’ve done!” A murderous glare graced her eyes. “Never, in my whole life, have I ever imagined anyone would make me lose control. Your goddess is bleeding, you see—she’s bleeding gallons of cum!” She pointed to her raging, orgasming cock. “This is the only time you’ll ever see me so weak.”



To my French-speaking friends all over the world: vous pouvez désormais lire mon blog en français!

La bite française était l’un des meilleurs que je n’aie jamais eus ! Je n’ai fréquenté que deux Français de toute ma vie – les deux gars, au fait – mais l’un d’eux avait la MEILLEURE BITE EUROPÉENNE de ma vie ! À l’époque, je ne savais pas honnêtement que vous, les Euro-Caucasiens, pouviez avoir des dotations aussi belles, viriles et massives que cette magnifique qui m’avait baisé, mais vous m’avez certainement appris un sacré – euh, disons – interculturel leçon !

Grâce à cette expérience, j’imagine encore aujourd’hui que les Français sont, comme les chevaux pendus de l’Europe. Je n’ai pas pensé aux Françaises, alors j’aimerais bien en essayer une un jour.

Bref… tu peux lire mon blog maintenant en français, tu sais. https://gigipotemkinfrancais.wordpress.com/

C’est un travail humble et simple, réalisé avec le meilleur de mes ressources, mais je m’engage à continuer de vous fournir les meilleures versions possibles en temps opportun ! J’espère que je pourrai continuer à grandir et à vous fournir non seulement mieux, mais aussi plus d’œuvres de charbon scandaleux et de sensualité brûlante ! Voici encore des centaines de livres pornographiques dans le futur ! Maintenant, mes chéris, revenons à jouir!


Good news to my German fans: Sie können jetzt meinen Blog auf Deutsch lesen!

Ich meine … wow, Leute! Danke! Ich danke dir sehr! Ich wusste, dass mein Schreiben Potenzial in anderen Märkten als den USA hat, aber Sie Deutschen haben mich wirklich überrascht!

Mein Wachstum in Deutschland (und den deutschsprachigen Gemeinden) war in letzter Zeit ziemlich erstaunlich. Daher bin ich bereit, den nächsten Schritt zu tun und meine kostenlosen Bücher und kostenlosen Vorschauen jetzt auch auf Deutsch zu veröffentlichen!

Von nun an können Sie kostenlos Seiten meiner Neuerscheinungen (und sogar VOLLBÜCHER) lesen unter: https://gigipotemkindeutsch.wordpress.com/

Ich werde weiterhin auf Ihr Feedback achten und neue Märkte und Sprachen unterstützen, wann immer dies möglich ist. Das Wachstum meines Erotik-Königreichs war dank dir geradezu erstaunlich und ich bin voller Glück, Dankbarkeit und Freude, indem ich dir so viel Liebe, Spaß und Sex bringe!

Auf weitere 500 Bücher mit Schweiß, Muskeln und unzähligen Ladungen Sperma! Vielen Dank an alle! Nun zurück zu den Orgasmen!


My Christmas message to y’all beautiful mares and stallions (plus a little surprise if you click the image)

My beloved mares and stallions, my beautiful and potent children, thank you so much for making 2020 such a special year for me!

I hope that, with my writings, I too have brought a little more warmth and love to your hearts.

And your loins.

I know I share very little information with you other than my newest releases, but that’s really not out of malice or even shyness.

It’s just that I’m 100% focused on improving my craft and bringing you works that no only SLAP, but STICK with you just like the semen of my super stallions stick to the wombs of their lovers.

Besides, that seems to be what y’all really want, judging by the analytics of my company: no small talk, no chit chat, not even a lovely dinner time; just ACTION!

You want ’em books, and you want them HARD, so I focus all of my energies on satisfying your urges.

Don’t worry: both in writing and in real life, I’m a tireless, dedicated whore. Servicing your cocks and pussies is nothing but the greatest honor in my life, and I hope I can continue bringing you to higher and higher levels of pleasure in this 2021 (and more years) to come!

Enjoy the festivities, my divine, and stick around to see what other surprises I have in store this year’s end!

MerryXmas to you all. Now go out and gorge yourselves on plentiful banquets, on the massive, hard bosoms of your vixens, and titanic balls & dicks of your studs! 💋💋


[NEW BUNDLE OUT!] A super muscular teenage goddess is humbled by her foxy fitness warrior!

Hey, there, my luvs! I’m not, like, super confortable sharing free pages of this bundle, as I’ve shared already so many of them with my previous book samples. I don’t know, I think I’ve been being a little too generous for my own good. 😀 You can look for a few new pages once a bigger bundle comes out (with six or seven books on it, if not more!).

I’m leaving basically only the product description here. This post is more about notifying your about my new release. 🙂 That said, I hope that those who didn’t buy my previous books really enjoy this release! Kisses, my luvs!

Diane, known among humans as the superheroine Wondrous Woman, is the second strongest of all Amazons, and the next in line for the crown of Themyscira. The power and muscles of this prodigy woman are legendary even among the most battle-hardened warriors: daughter of Zeus and an Amazon warrior, she is a superhuman giantess with eight hundred pounds of iron-hard muscles perfectly distributed along her eight feet of height.

Her insane musculature would be scary if her form wasn’t so arousing: an hourglass figure of thick thighs, massive hips, giant butt, bulging abs, powerful and well-developed arms, wide shoulders, godly face, and lush breasts always full of m**k, she is the epitome of femininity in the body of an over-developed warrior giantess. More than a Muse of Snu Snu,* this godly youth is very definition of a potent, dominant muscle woman.

Only one woman is more powerful (and bigger, harder, sexier, hotter…) than her: the Queen of the Amazons herself. As she prepares to finally challenge the Matriarch of Themyscira to a duel, Diane revisits an old mentor—the third most powerful Amazon, and one of the world’s strongest warriors: the Head Instructress of Themyscira—an inadvertently kindles a flame they always felt for each other.

The older, more experienced teacher will teach this young, but haughty Amazon how to truly please a lady—or, in order words, this massive, muscular MILF will teach her apprentice how to f**k! How to truly, really F**K, bringing the queen to massive, unbridled orgasms when the two finally clash!

This is the tale of Diane’s growth from a sex prodigy into a true Goddess of Sex—starting in the hands, tongue, and whole body of her powerful, muscular mentor.


A dominant muscle goddess begins her conquest!

Vanessa looked at me with mixed feelings, not knowing how to react to my audacity.

‘You’re, mm… you’re alright?’

Nope, I wasn’t… and, at the same time, I felt in paradise!

‘I… your boobs…’ I coughed. ‘They’re dirty.’

I squeezed those meat monstruosities with the tip of my fingers, cleaning up the slices of spunk that were glued to their perfect, shapely surface.

‘Mmm… yours too, you know.’ Vanessa spoke, with her deep voice echoing in my delicate ears.

‘Huh… huh??’

I then felt her powerful hands grasping for my mighty breasts, which were only a little less rigid than hers.

«Of course they’re not as hard,» I thought, feeling her hands sinking in my mountains. «Look at hers! It’s pure muscle!»

Vanessa slid her fingers into my bra, lifting it up little by little.

‘You need to take it off, beautiful.’ She said, with her thick lips trembling and dangling foolishly. ‘So we can… you know… get the cleaned.’

I looked deep into her pitch-black eyes, at no point refraining from touching her gigantic tits.

‘You just wanna feel my boobs… you horny bitch.’

‘Yes.’ And she squeezed them shamelessly. ‘That too.’


I had no doubt that, if she wanted to, she could rip my breasts off my chest with those two huge arms of hers.

How amazing her biceps were! They had so much fiber, so much power, so many veins running along with their armor-like texture.

‘Slut. What gorgeous tits these ones you’ve got!’

Showing herself off for me, he grabbed the middle of my bra and… craaassh!! Tore it off!


My massive breasts dangled freely, bouncing jovially like the two heavy ballons of meat and fat that they were.

Juuuug, juuuuug, juuuuug!! I heard the juicy liquids juggling inside them. Those bombs were filled with milk. She was so lush!

‘Impressive.’ Vanessa consumed me with her eyes, laying back on the wall inside that cave, with her sculptural body turned to me.

‘Impressive is you, with all those muscles.’

My friend rose an arm and flexed it for me. Croooorrcckk!! I could hear her biceps hardening and growing to an impressive bulk, bigger than the arms of many professional bodybuilders.

It’s as if the statue of some Amazon goddess was gaining life right in front of me!

‘You like my strength?’


And he flexed her biceps even harder. «Holy fucking shit!!» I heard its noise, like a very thick rope being tightened.

That arm alone could tear me in half with ease.

I bobbled by head up and down, hypnotized by her strength.

‘I just… like, really love your muscles. ‘

And Vanessa, giving me a smile, did something that made my heart stop!


Crooooaarrcckk!! She flexed her abs, hardening her eight unbelievable muscles to me!

‘Aaaahee…!!’ I melted, feeling less and less blood in my legs.

My sight darkened and my tongue stuck out of my mouth.

‘What are you… aaahee…’ Camila looked at us, with her mind slowly sinking in an ocean of doubts. ‘What are you… doing? Aaahee, uuhee…!!’

Frankly, I wasn’t paying attention. I didn’t even care for the ocean of spunk outside the cave.

The world was ending, yet all I had eyes for was that dark-skinned monument of muscles who so seductively teased me with her dang hard body.

‘You like a hard woman like me, don’t you, slut?’


Monster Stud: A giant and virile muscle beast goes all the way through!

“Fuck me, you arrogant… beast!” I replied, insulted by how little I intimidated that giant. Everything he did and said, however, displayed how much superior he was to me in every way imaginable: his confidence was straight from the heavens; his body, straight from hell! He was the combination of the best worlds in one massive, giant organism that oozed sex and virility, and my body couldn’t stop worshiping it with quivers and squeals and orgasmic yelps as he laid me to the middle of a plain, dozens of yards away from the mansion, and carefully laid me on the ground, having me stand before his body as I looked up and felt dwarfed by his magnificent being.

The moon shone brightly that night. The monster caressed my cheek like I was his little child and smiled, surely seeing me like a small plaything in his hands. “On your knees.” My body immediately obeyed: *booom!* There was a quick, small trembling of the earth as my body fell before that beast’s aroused genitalia, whose sight alone was enough to trigger the most powerful and explosive orgasms within me. “Fuck!!” I blurted out. “Holy, fuck!!”

There it was: the fully aroused cock of that horse-stud, with his two massive balls dangling like the powerful beasts of sex they were. That abundance of hard meat was maybe too much for my body to take; orgasms quickly and powerful took over me, with my tits hosing his legs with generous loads of milk and my cunt creaming the soil so hard a large puddle was formed within seconds. “Fuck me!! My eyes are fucking burning by just seeing your… aahh!… cock!!” My body fell lowed on the ground and my forehead almost touched the soil at some points due tot the strength of electrical waves that coursed though me.

“I know.” The beast grabbed his cock with one hand. “You’re having this baby inside you now. Lift up your head and look at me, baby. I’m gonna fuck your throat and nut directly inside your stomach.” Those words alone were enough to extract more pints from my cooch. I was whimpering and panting as I raised my head and looked at his body, captured again by his gargantuan, almighty cock. «Fuck!!» My head was swirling. «This fucking beast is… is…!!»

I recollected the number he had said earlier: forty-inches long! His erect pussy-beater was forty-fucking-inches long! The number alone triggered more orgasms in my cunt, and the splashing noises between my legs were, for a while, the only noises hear in that calm night.

I raised my hands to the powerful genitalia and squeezed its mast, feeling the absolute power that coursed through the many, engorged veins of its 40-inch-length. “Daddy…!!” I came again as I realized my fingers didn’t’ even get close to touching on the other side. That monster was probably five inches wide –more width than many men had in girth! “Fuck!!” I was creaming myself hard, feeling all the ooze flow down from the cock into my hands from the blowjob I had given in it earlier. I jerked and pumped that beast instinctively, as if there was no other appropriate reaction to give when touching it, but my hands eventually realized anything I could do was useless: there was no way I could give that beast any pleasure! He was a god! I… only a mere human! “Fuck!” My hands slid down from the mast into the… god-forsaken balls!… of that massive bull!! “Holy shit!!” They were bigger! I don’t know how, but they had managed to grow bigger during just that very brief walk! They were so huge and heavy a single one of them completely dwarfed my hand. I tried to cup one of them with both my palms, and still they felt gigantic. I tried to lift them, by the power of my thick arms was did nothing to even make those bastards bulge. “Fucking shit! They’re throbbing!”


New book, y’all! A muscle stud unloading gallons on his sexy fit bitches!! :D

It was raining jizz.

The blonde’s head swirled, seeing stars all around. The world appeared to unravel around her, yet she remained firm, still in one piece, ready to be wrecked in half by that womanizing super male’s dong.

That man was from another planet.

«My god… aaahee, aaahee!!» All the time, she squirted. «W-w-what a… god!!»

The man rubbed his cock against her cunt, ejaculating constant streams. Bloooorrsssh, bloooorrssh, bloooorrsshh…!!

The woman let go powerful cries of ecstasy:

‘Aaaaheem…!!!’ She was like that, screaming her heart out for over an hour and a half! ‘Aaaaheerr…!!’

Such was the man’s power; the purest strength of a male who had literally spent the previous hour cumming without a pause.

‘Mmmrrmmph!!’ He released steam through his nostrils. ‘Fucking whooore!! Sluuuut!!’

‘OOOHH!!!’ She panted and screamed, feeling the volleys he came in her cunt.

That man’s spunk was thicker than fresh cement; a cream so pasty she could grab it with a hand and play with it like putty.

The young stud came gallons in just one second, filling her pussy to the brim.

«M-m-my… oooohh!!» She jiggled, realizing she had been fecundated many times over by that point.

The monster hadn’t even touched his prick on her pussy, yet still she felt filled with over a gallon of spunk!

‘Aaaaheee!!!’ She writhed, feeling her womb colonized by that hot, warm milk.

‘Uuuurrrhhhh!!!’ The man roared, ready to pierce her.

The prick’s gigantic head pressed against her labia. The poor soul screamed:


The prick came, came, and came, and the spunk spilled out of her pussy and back into the male’s body, painting him from hips to pecs.

She felt literally dozens of gallons being unloaded in her cunt in a single second, stretching her inner walls, rearranging her organs, and bursting in ferocious jets, covering up the giant’s whole body.


That superman’s muscles soon were hidden under the insanely thick jizz he unendingly came.

The guy had been coming for over an hour just with her —not to mention her brunette friend, still lying unconscious by the side, floating on the sperm lake—, yet still, even after cumming the same load as two hundred thousand men, he didn’t break sweat!

‘Uuuurrhhh!!!’ The male roared, and his prick conquered that pussy with more rivers of spunk: BLOOOOOOOOORRSSSSSHHHH…!!!

The spunk explosion was so tremendous that it covered the girl fully, thick broths painting her white from her massive tits down to her wide hips.


He squeezed her tighs harder and harder, finally starting to feel pleasure while eating that little mare.

She, by her part, was joyful for giving so much pleasure to such a man:

Aaahee, aaahee, aaaah, god!!!’

The man had barely penetrated her, but already unloaded more seed in her womb than five hundred males at once!

‘Uuuurrhh, uuuuurrhh!!!’ He grabbed her by the hair. ‘Whore! I’m going balls deep!’

Her heart stopped.

‘Aaahee, noooo!!’ The guy was seventeen inches long, for Pete’s sake! ‘Noooooo…!!’

He silenced her with a kiss… and started his penetration.