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A giant Alpha male crushes his mare-like fitness woman with his 24-inch monster cock, cracking boulders and drilling through walls with his peerless virility! [FREE PAGES]

The wood of the table began cracking as the monster pressed his thighs against it. He slammed his bimbo’s body on the table, then picked her up again, and repeated this process several times, adding a new dimension of pleasure as he changed the angles of his seventeen-incher constantly.

The woman creamed his crotch with a veritable ocean of nectar, her womb being stretched to animalistic proportions while her whole body too was reconfigured by the savage pounding of that beast. Eventually, the table broke in one loud, splitting noise.

The titan pulled her into his chest, now pounding her in earnest while standing. The hoses of squirt splashed on the ground like the heaviest of rainfalls. The woman was screaming profanities while trying to keep her mind intact –a too-dificult, almost impossible task, given that the stud was fucking her very soul out of her body.

“Fucking drill me with his mare-ripping, bull-killing horse cock!! Fucking stud, this feels so good!! Oooohh!!! Drill me until you’re fucking my throat with this giant member! Tear me in half, liquify my whole body, I don’t care!! Just give me all this god cock!! Make me feel like I’m being wrecked by fifty fucking bulls, you fucking gorgeous stud!!”

Ooh!!” Stimulated by her words, the man puffed hot steam on her back. He was actually producing an aura of steam and smoke all over his body. His temperatures had risen to the point that any other person would be cooked alive. He was literally burning like a mighty stallion in the middle of a race, and still all of that was just a warm-up to him.

“Fucking bitch!!” With matchless intensity, she crushed her against a wall and… pounded away!

His thrusts became so quick his hips started to blur in the air. The stone of the wall cracked, then turned to dust, with his pinneaple-sized testicles banging against it like two demolition balls. Piles of rubble grew between his feet, and the woman slowly felt herself sinking into the wall.

The entire room was cracking and rumbling with that bison’s vigorous fucking. With multiple orgasmic sensations in her crotch, he felt her soul split from her body and her mind fall into unconsciousness.

When she opened her eyes, feeling that bull’s breath in her neck, she realized they had moved to a different spot in the room, though her condition remained pretty much the same: being fucked senseless by a horse-like demigod.

The beast was pounding nineteen inches of his rod in her, extracting about a pint of girl-juices from her body every time he quickly –almost in the speed of light!—pulled his prick out of her to thrust it all up again.

At that point, god knows how fast he was pounding her! Might have been countless times in a single second, for all she knew!

“God…!! God…!!!” She felt her consciousness vanish again as her body sank into the new spot on the wall. She could feel the stone cracking and her back drilling the stone. “Gaaaaawd…!!!” She screamed and creamed a few gallons of juices before passing out and waking up one more time a few minutes later.

The monster pounded her even more savagely, more senselessly as she saw four large holes on the walls, marking all the places where she had been fucked. “You’re going… aaahh!!!” She tried to speak, but that was a pretty task to achieve once you’re being fucked into oblivion. “You’re going to destroy this cathedral with your pounding, father!! Aahh!!! AAAAHH!!!!