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[NSFW/+18!] Seedmaker 5: Birthing of a Goddess

I didn’t plan on masturbating. To be honest, I never quite much liked touching myself: once I came of age, I had any dick and any muscle stud I wanted in the palm of my hand. Whenever I so desired, I could just call the hottest man on the planet and he would fuck me quinny to exhaustion—though, to be honest, it was always much more probable that he would be the one exhausted first.

“Fuck…!! Oooh, FUCK!!” My powerful grip cracked the ground. Mountains turned to dust as I ground my back against their slope. All around me, strong, sturdy rocks unraveled in a mess of pebbles and dust as my fingers ferociously beat my pussy into submission—only to be beaten back by own perfect organism.

Sex with my hunk had never prepared me for that. I was honestly astonished by what I could achieve—and now, for once, I was the one being scared shitless by such power. “FUCK!!” With planet-shaking bursts, my pussy unloaded oceans on the floor beneath me, cratering it with its meteoric power. Entire continents were still being destroyed around me; I was a mere human, yet that whole planet would be cracked by my power and flooded by my cum—and that wouldn’t still be enough! “Fuck, fuck, FUUUCK!!” I banged my hand against the mountain slope, further cracking it.

My kids jumped inside my bloated belly. Despite having a pregnant swell as big as a fucking minivan, my body was still ripped and bulging with gorgeous muscles. If anything, I was the ripped human being and creature in the universe! Even rhinos would struggle to match the power I had in a single leg, let alone in the rest of my goddess body. “Fuck yeah!!” I breathed fire through my nostrils. Literally: the flame escaped my nose while my fingers redoubled and re-redoubled and re-re-redoubled again the power of their fingering, beating and crashing and destroying that pussy, fighting to reach its exhaustion point and the endgame of all that masturbatory madness. “I’m a god!!” My muscles boomed and bulged whenever I realized my inhuman perfection. The gushes of orgasms increased noticeably, whole Niagaras exploding through my cunt. “I’m a… ooh!!” I licked my lips and rolled my eyes. “I’M A FUCKING GOD!!”

The mountain turned to dust behind me, and my body sank within it as my fingers drilled deeper and deeper inside my cunt. The body of my stud was nowhere to be seen. I had probably fucked myself through a whole continent at that point, and the stud would likely have been floating on the steamy, creamy oceans of my spunk.

The powerful labia shivered and trembled, bloated like enormous fruits of fertility. «Is that all that you can give me?!» They screamed at me inside my mind, their voice just like mine, but much more ferocious and insane.

Their timbre made me cum. I felt like a submissive female all over again in the arms of a much more massive, much more virile stud—and I myself was that stud. Fuck! «Do you have any idea how much we’re holding back?» My cunt spoke to me, building up a pile of unbelievable orgasms within my womb. «Cum!» They demanded, and my mind blanked up in a swirl of electricity. «Little harder now!» I collapsed, my back squirming madly on the ground. Pussy juice rained all over me. My juices were so strong and highly pressurized they exploded into tiny flames upon contact with the ground. Still, the blasts were only now starting to get hard! «You’re just as week as the man you fucked! You should be ashamed of yourself!» My labia tightened so hard on my fingers that I heard my bones nearly dislodged. The pile of pent-up orgasms started to slip through my womb, contaminating all my muscles and my nerves. «Harder. Harder!! Fuck us harder, you weak woman!»

“Jesus fucking… OOH!!” I cracked the ground with the repeated banging of my head and the powerful jolts of my entire, over-muscular body. My ripped cunt had just about lost all its patience with me: «you don’t deserve pity.» Then, it…!! «Take it! Take it all!»

The orgasms were unleashed in me, and the entire valley I was masturbating at the moment cracked, caved, and collapsed under the shockwaves of my destructive, apocalyptic orgasms. Explosions of cum and fire wrecked the ground between my legs for miles into the horizon, and the bustling dam of nectar from my cunt made it rain constantly and hard all over that continent—a storm of nectar as hot as lava and as thick as the thickest male semen!

For a moment, I wished I was dead. That pleasure was unlike anything I had experienced before—I had had fucked through mountains and whole planets with a giant hunk of muscles! I had taken a 60-inch-cock pounding on my pussy with the power of fracking machine for eight months uninterruptedly, yet only now was I experiencing through pleasure—a pleasure, I figured, only a woman as big and massive and hard and muscular such as I could give myself.

“OOOH… FUCK…!!!” I travelled through whole galaxies while feeling the cum invade my every nerve. “GOD!!!” As good as my stud had been… damn! Only I could properly fuck myself.

To the fearful shivering of my cunt, I lifted my head up, with my back laid on the ground and my legs spread open. Making the skies tremble, I laughed at that swollen cunt. “Nice orgasms!” I firmed my muscular fingers on its labia. “But I’m afraid you’ve be laxing.” With an aggressive swelling of my arms, chest, and shoulders, and penetrated myself deeper. “Mmm… this!… this is how you fuck!!”

My pussy screamed and blasted even stronger jest of nectar as I fucked it with my hands like they were two giant penises belonging to muscle gods of sex. You could barely see the movement of my arms as I penetrated myself so intensely and so hard and so deep that even my cervix was ravished by my fingers. Not only were the thrusts intense enough to crack the ground beneath my hips, but my ten fingers had the full mobility that was expected of a goddess’s limbs, and they insatiably masturbated… every! Fucking! Inch!! Of all my insides!

The explosions of cum appeared to warp time itself, each blast turning day into night, then night into day. There were moments when the rain of my own cum was so intense I could barely breathe under its torrential pouring, and other moments when my blasting was so hard and so voluminous I’d managed to drown myself under hundreds of feet of pussy cream. Under the nectar, I could hold my breath for hours on end; there was literally nothing I couldn’t achieve with that superhuman body, especially when I was giving myself so much pleasure and drilling from my insides so much cum!

It was then, in the middle of all these hellish orgasms, that an unexpected pain struck my core; I could feel it within my crotch, like the strike of a burning spear: *booom!!* I was already breathless because of all the orgasms, but that new, hard-hitting pang made me almost puke my lungs out. In a very different way than all the orgasms that came before, my guts began to churn, my belly bloating and booming harder and louder.

I was in labor!

“FUCK!!” Shouldn’t have been too much of a shock, though. I was already eight and a half months pregnant! I should have expected, indeed, that the intense pleasure and fucking would have coaxed the babies out of me much earlier, and the fact that I withstood my pregnancy until late in its eighth month, well, nothing was better proof of my superior constitution as a woman and a goddess of fertility.

My belly churned out monstrously, like every muscle in my being was being cramped to the point of rupture. Still, my fingers couldn’t relent in their torture of my cunt; I wasn’t the one to allow that pesky genitalia to declare victory over me! “You’re gonna cum…!!” I fucked it harder! “And cum!!” Harder and yet harder! “And cum… you fucking cunt!… you’ll be spewing gallons of squirt even while I giving birth, and you will cum so hard you will never, ever again dare to challenge me to a sexual battle!!” A licked my lips. My whole body was steaming with sweat and smoke! “You fucking cunt! Who the hell do you think I am?!”

But the labor was now in progress, with the intense movement of my bowels and the muscles in my vagina prepping up the delivery of the babies. With a loud burst, like a dam finally erupting, the placenta exploded inside of me, and a river of blood came gushing out through my cunt, which laughed at my efforts: «stupid woman! I can take your fingering for months, and you have now no more than a few minutes left!»

It was right! I hated to admit, but my fingering would have to be left for another day. I couldn’t even get enough privacy as, with impeccable timing, the black box of the aliens appeared besides me, in the blink of an eye! “You’re in labor,” the many voices of the aliens said through the box, barely disguising their worry and their shock. “What are you doing?!” The box turned to every direction. “The fuck happened here?”

I grabbed the floating monolith and dented its surface with my grip! *Crunk!!* I snarled and roared to those fucking intruders like a lioness madly defending her litter. “You stay the fuck away from me, ya fucking perverts!” I pushed the box away, and not even their technology could prevent them from crashing against the ocean of my cum and kicking into a nearby hill.

“Insolent huma-!”

“SHUT UP!!” I roared, and the very planet shook with my voice. “You stay the fuck away!!”

The box appeared to tremble in the air. Its once-perfect, pristine surface was now all bent and smeared by my blows. It moved indecisively, in sort of inconstant zigzags and ups and downs, like its masters were unsure about what to do to me. Never before have they been defied by anyone or anything so blatantly, and their fearful whispers were proof of the daunting effect I had on their souls: “what is she doing? How can she… so powerful? Never before any female… of any species…”

“It’s of no concern.” Said another voice in their midst. “She will be disciplined when she meets Omega.”

“But the labor…”

“She seems to know what she is doing.” The box hovered a bit closer to me. “Let’s see what this arrogant female can do.”

When then waterfall of blood stopped pouring (and blasting) out of my ripped, vascular cunt, I stuck my fingers in it and insisted on masturbating it wildly. “You fucking idiot! I will get back to you when all is said and done!” Swimming on my back towards any sturdy, stable surface, I felt the increasing bursts of pain in my stomach. The babies were coming! “Oh!! Ooh!! Is it wrong to… ooh!! To cum while my babies are coming out?? Mm!!” I bit and sucked my lips. “Fuck, this shit feels so hot!! My babies are going to be born amidst the orgasms of her mother!” More ferociously, I fingered my swollen, hard lips. “Oh, it’s gonna be so hot! They’d been born amidst the intense pleasure of a goddess, and their lives with be filled with all that: pleasure, jest, and power beyond anyone’s comprehension!!”

“Human, you are…!”

I pointed a finger to that box, my face exploding with fury. “One more word, you arrogant shits, and I will crush your box into a marble! I will fucking find your real bodies and beat you to a pulp with these… oooh!… godly fists!!” I raised my arms and flexed them, and my humongous biceps bloated insanely. I kissed and licked them before returning my attention to my hungry, orgasming cunt, all while looking for a good place in which to deliver my babies. “Fuck!! Damn!! There ain’t no surface left!!” All the mountains had been wrecked, and the only solid hill that remained there was destroyed by me pushing the black box against it. “Fine!!” I swan until my back found the submerged slope of a cracked-up boulder. “There’s no better place to deliver strong babies that in the hot, creamy squirts of her mother.” Everywhere—and I mean everywhere!—was flooded with my juices. My body stood floating on probably many hundreds of feet of thick, dense squirt (at least!), and the only thing that was missing was the hotter, even thicker broth of my man! “Fuck, I wish their daddy’s semen was here too! It’s probably on the other side of the planet, his biggest loads!” I looked at the box, and our minds appeared to be in sync for once.

“Do you… want us to procure your man’s semen?”

I smiled. “Please do. There are many lakes and rivers of his scalding broth around here, but the biggest loads—oh! The oceans and seas of his cum!—are on the other side of the planet. Please, use your technology to bring a few tanks to me. I want to birth my kids… OOOH!!” Intense pleasure, orgasms, and pain struck me as the first babies were fighting to get out. “I want to birth my babies in the seminal fluids of their godly parents! This is your goddess’s desire!!” I snapped my fingers at the box. “Now obey me and make haste!”

Just as instantly as it had appeared, the box disappeared, and I knew that it would come back with my wish just in time. The very first offspring, however, would have to content with only my squirting fluids. My pussy produced endless loads of those pleasure juices, and the violent contractions of its inner walls, coupled with the gargantuan streams of cum-nectar made the delivery a bliss. “A goddess births her own children!” I stuck my fingers on my pussy and stretched it out, drawing deep breaths and smiling widely to the heavens. “Come out, my darlings, and bless the universe with your virile presence!!”

With a push, the first baby came out. *BOOM!!* The entire planet again trembled as the blessed child slid immaculately through my pussy. The second one barely waited for its sibling to be out before it made its way through, blasting blood, pieces of my placenta, and pussy juices through my cunt all at once.

“GOD!!” My tits hardened. Gallons of milk were squirted through every pore. I was experiencing countless orgasms with the passage of my babies. In a way, that shit was twice as hot than even the hardest penetration their father subjected me to: more than a breeding machine, I was now literally a life-giving super mother! My powers were incomparable and unsurmountable in all of nature! Cumming like ten thousand mares, I still found within my mind enough agency to grab my babies as they were birthed; the intensity of my pussy contractions and the flow of my cum only became stronger with every being coming out! “OH, FUCK!!! JESUS… FUUUCK!!” I tried not to cum to hard while my babies were blasted under feet of my squirt pool. I grabbed them with each hand and pulled them up to my face.

Loads of creamy cunt nectar were dripping from every perfect being. Their bodies were massive like no human baby can truly be—the first ones being the lightest of the litter, and even then weighting well over eleven or twelve pounds each! They were beings of pure muscle and will; they didn’t cry or even fought back against all the madness that unfolded around them. They just moved calmly and took deep, rhythmic breaths, like their birth was a holy event they were prepared for since conception.

“Welcome to the world, my perfect children!” I leaned forward, adding pressure to my belly. The third, fourth, and fifth babies were coming in a row. Fuck! They were almost all coming out at once, stretching my cunt to levels only their father had managed to. “I’ll figure out your names later.” I moved the first child very close to my face. I sniffed them just like a wild animal. Their umbilical cord was a virile thing: it swung and dangled like a fucking iron chain, damn it! “There’s too many of you, after all.”

Gnarling my teeth, I bit the chord and tore it from my baby. *Crunch!!* Blood smeared my face as the first child was relieved from its chains. Laying its wide, muscular back on the ocean of pussy cream, I left it there, sweet and smooth and peaceful, swimming on his mother’s squirt while I bit the chord out of his sibling. “Now, you!” *Cruunch!* I spit part of the umbilical cord out, but chewed and swallowed the rest. The taste of my own insides was glorious! I made sure to eat and devour all other umbilical cords that followed, completely unashamed of the taste of a goddess.

I was a freaking wild beast! Just like powerful wild mommas eat the umbilical cords (and the placenta!) of their offspring, so was I doing the same. It felt like the only natural thing to do! Every time I swallowed that heavy, tasty meat, oh, my body surged with energy! Baby after baby stood floating on my squirt, like a liquid cradle, while I delivered their siblings. The birthing caused me no pain whatsoever; if anything, I was only now cumming like every woman was meant to cum: smearing the face of heavens with my cunt juices while delivering perfect, genetically superior life to this universe! “Come out, come out, my babies!! The universe needs your perfect existence!!”

Baby after baby burst from my channel! It was delirious, indeed, the number of offspring I was able to gestate for so long: the third, fourth, and fifth godly critters came all out almost at the same time, and my pussy, though hard and uber-muscular, was also endlessly flexible to allow for the easy outflow of babies. I lifted each wonderful offspring to my face and bit off their chords. Then, I kissed their pretty little cheeks and blessed them before laying them on the thick, steamy squirt. “Welcome to the world, my beautiful heirs.”

Eventually, it felt that the gestation wanted me to have pain; it wanted me to suffer, to struggle, for the biggest, heaviest babies, oh, they were left for last: a twenty-pound male burst through my canal, then a twenty-five-pound “little” girl, then a thirty-freaking-pound muscle bull of a boy, and so on! “Fuck!!” I laughed and came. “You guys mean business, huh?” Such was the size and weight of my powerful offspring: twenty pounds! Thirty pounds! The heaviest of them was a massive fifty-pound, incredibly muscular and shredded girl—obviously, the strongest of my offspring had to be a woman! I cradled her on my tits while kissing her forehead lovingly. “Look at the size of you!” I lifted her up, feeling the delicious straining of my muscles under her weight. “You’re a little bull of a girl!”

And a voracious one at that! As I moved her closer to my tits, she aggressively grabbed one of them and stuck it in her mouth. “Oooh!!” Again, I didn’t want to feel such emotions, but her suckling drew powerful orgasms out of my cunt, which propelled the next babies forward with ease. Her suction was almost as powerful as her hungry father’s when he was fucking me! In time, I felt the hands of my other babies touching my body. I looked at them, and the powerful bastards actually managed to open their eyes for a bit to eye me with hunger and possession. “You want some action, don’t you?” I took the smallest and led him to my other tit. “Come. Come drink your mother.”

As I moved him up, his sister roared! Milk burst from her nostrils and mouth as she grunted and literally punched the baby away, making him shiver and retract in fear. I scolded her: “you be kind to your siblings or I will starve you for months!” She looked at me! Her eyes were aggressively blue, and her face already contracted with fully-formed emotions—angry and daring ones! She squeezed my tits as to coax the milk out of it and, without laying her mouth on it, and literally sprayed the milk into her mouth, drinking it while smiling at me—that little bitch! I couldn’t help but to love her. “Ha, ha, ha! Yep! You’re my favorite!” I kissed her and prompted her to suckle on my tits properly. “Please, be kind to your siblings, Jasmine, especially the ones there aren’t as strong or bulky as you.” I fondled her immense body with my hand, feeling her muscles just as defined and developed as a teenage bodybuilder; it was literally like holding a newborn calf on my hands! “It’s the task of the strong to protect the not-so-strong.” I kissed her baby brother, who was by far the smallest of the litter—a mere twelve-pound little bull. As he latched to my tit, I had another orgasm, and the juices poured out of me with the other babies making their way through. “Mm, fuck! You’re a hungry one, aren’t you?” Though five times smaller than her sister, the baby sucked me almost as hard; he knew he was the runt of the litter and he had to compensate if he wanted to have a fighting chance in that pride of potent lions; with his ferocious suckling, milk burst through his nostrils and flooded the ground. Streams of my steamy broth bathed the babies beneath it, who were wise enough to open their little mouths and drink the life-giving juice.

“Mmrr!!” The act of birth gifted me with endless orgasms: three new babies popped out of my cunt, their umbilical cords so heavy they almost pulled me down into my own sea of squirt. “Come here, come here!” In order to care for them, however, I needed to plop my girl away from my tits—and the giant baby showed me she was taking none of that shit, wrapping her muscular arms around my tit and threatening to rip it apart if I so dared to deprive her of milk.

Smiling, I kissed her relentlessly. “My beautiful goddess, please be kind. You were endowed with muscles and power the likes of which they can never grasp!” I softened her grip kiss by kiss. She smiled and kissed me back, raising her arms to my face and fondling it. “You’re powerful! You’re beautiful! That’s why ya gotta be generous, my powerful mare!” I raised her to my face and shoulder, kissing her huge body and making it tickle. «Hot damn!» I couldn’t help but to be amazed—and even a little scared. «This bitch’s got a six-pack already! Fuck!»

Clearing my throat, I spoke to her in a tender, yet godly voice: “let me wean your siblings first. All of them. Oh, please, don’t you act like that.” I mercilessly assaulted her with kisses and snuggled. “I know you feel greedy, and you deserve to be as greedy as you want. You pack the muscle for such! However, as your mother, I want you to be good and responsible, and that’s why you’ve got to accept the responsibilities too of having such a superior body.” I kissed her again, and she kept still, serious, looking at me with those beautiful turquoise eyes. “My powerful she-stallion! Please, care for your siblings for me.” There were eight babies floating in the ocean, with many, many more to come. “Can you do this for me?” She looked to my ocean of juices, then back at me. “Can you take care of all of them while I birth more and wean them to make them strong and capable?” I kissed her again, with the milk squirted powerfully from my relieved tit. “Can you do this for me?” I kissed her yet again. “Can I trust you with this task, my favorite daughter?”

She smiled and nodded. I felt I would burst out with happiness—or maybe that was just the ungodly number of babies bursting out of my pussy, not to mention to billions of gallons of nectar blasting off each of my tits. “Goddess! You’re such a goddess!” I relentlessly battered her face with kisses, and she laughed out loud, each laugh sounding like a powerful roar. “You will be so much stronger, more virile than your mother when you grow up.” I looked at my freed tit, which was squirting milk wildly. “Please, take some more of your mother’s nectar. You deserve it. Oww!!” She latched on to the tit like a gorilla, and the veins popped in her body as she sucked me like a machine. “Jesus, you’re something!” I let her suckle on me for twenty seconds before fearing for the life of my other newborns, whose heavy umbilical chains hadn’t yet been cut. I knew, however, that just taking that monster woman out of the tit was out of the question. Therefore, I humbly requested her permission again: “my beautiful daughter… no: my goddess!” She looked at me, her throat still swelling monstrously as she literally emptied out gallons and gallons off my tits. “Can you let it go for now? Your siblings need you.”

She complied. The milk squirted and splashed all over her face. She enjoyed it—maybe a little too much—and cast to me a naughty look even the cockiest of men wouldn’t be able to muster. She was a superhuman genius I knew that, by the time she hit fifteen, oh, she would already be so much stronger and more powerful and more… everything!… than I myself could ever be! “No jealously between us, my powerful heir.” I slowly laid her down on the ocean. “I fully admit you’re superior to me. When you feel like it, you can demand my crown and I will hand it over to you peacefully.” She floated on the ocean, her smile telling she me loved every single one of my words. I winked at her. “Can I please request that you take care of your siblings for me, especially the little ones? They need the muscle of a strong woman such as yourself.”

With another nod, she turned around and swam to her sibling, grabbing each by the arms and legs and cradling them all in one big mound of my squirt, swimming around them like a shark circling its school of prey or herd dog taking care of his flock. Chuckling, I grabbed the freshest babies while birthing many more. “Now, you…” I tore and swallowed their umbilical cords, feeling my body pulsate with energy for every gulp of that powerful, mighty flesh. “You now!”

Baby after baby, my two massive tits were charged with the task of feeding them all! The endless supply of milk had finally found its match, with even the weakest of my offspring sucking as powerfully as their father once did. Many more burst through my cunt, aided by the potent outflow of squirt. “Mm, fuck!! Damn, I feel so filthy for cumming while giving birth to you! But, anyway, that might just be how I rolled: one orgasm after another, forever, no matter the reason!” Huge baby after huge baby exploded through my vagina, the later bunch of them no lighter then twenty-five pounds each.

After a few births, the alien black box returned with a welcome gift: with their quasi-magic technology, wave after wave of hot cream of the children’s daddy was brought to us. The unbelievably thick and heavy cum divided the ocean—half of it white, half of its transparent—and dense fumes of steam rose higher in the sky, the cum being so much hotter than my own juices. “Is that enou-?” The aliens were about to ask before they were astounded by my scene: “what is going on here??” Around my heavy body, fifteen babies swirled and swam in the pussy nectar—most of them husbanded by my powerful super girl, who swam in the broth with her mighty arms and powerful legs. “What…?!” The aliens, once merely impressed by my virility, were now absolutely dumbfounded. “How do you…?!”

I flexed one arm and made the biceps boom! Shockwaves thrashed the squirty waters, but my babies all seemed to love that emanation of power! “What do you think it is? That’s my power!!” I stuck my other hand on my pussy and pulled out yet another baby by the head. “Sixteen! There we go!” The big fucking bastard—forty pounds in total!—left the cunt with ease, barely making a sound. “Fuck! This is supposed to be the last, but I still feel… fuck!!” My belly boomed; there obviously were more babies inside it! “Weren’t they just sixteen??”

The box hovered unstably on the ocean, humming as it fearfully approached my bloated belly. “That’s what the scanner indicated. We were never wr-!” Out of nowhere, however, the box was pushed away and made to crash against my man’s semen.

“Oh, fuck!” I looked down, seeing the perpetrator of that crime. “Jasmine!”

The strong-as-fuck baby looked up to me and rolled over the ocean waves with laughter. Fuck, that bitch was muscular! She looked really like some raw primate, able to wrestle a chimpanzee into the ground and tear it up limb by limb! What an absolute monster my girl was! “Oh, you!”

The box rose up from the cream, its many voices more shocked than fearful: “what happened? Did this child… do this to us??”

I looked at the box and saw its lower surface completely bent and twisted by a human grip. The marks were much smaller than mine, yet the blow had been much more savage, typical of someone who’d barely learned to control their own strength. “Yep!” I smiled with pride, fondling my baby girl while feeding the children on my tits. “This little beast was responsible. Ouch!” I was shocked by my kid’s grip on my hips, her fists nearly tearing a piece of my ass while she looked at me so offended. “Oh, my god! You can understand me, child?” She nodded furiously, prompting me to lay one of the bigger babies from my tit back into the ocean. “Oh, come here, you. Hey, hey, stop that. I didn’t mean to offend you, my genius stud-woman!” I lifted her from the sea of squirt, again amazed by just how heavy she was. “You fucking animal of a baby! Being a ‘monster,’ from where I come from, can actually be a good thing, which is what I meant when I talked to you.” The baby listened to me attentively, her stellar-blue eyes now permanently open. “It means that you’re strong! That you’re powerful! That you’re much superior than any average human. In that regard, you are a freaking monster!!” I brought her to my face and blew air into her stomach, making her burst out loud with laughter. “You’re the strongest girl in the entire universe! Oh! I can barely wait until you come of age and start fucking your first men!” I looked at her, and she seemed to understand that talk even better than all the others: “how young will you be when you lose your virginity? Twelve?” We both smiled. “Ten?”

“Is this proper talk for your newborn?”

I brought the bull-baby to my tit, which it latched on with brutal fierceness. “Suck me. Dry me up.” My body rumbled with the power of her suction; you could hear the milk filling her up and sloshing inside her stomach. That beast was fucking wild!! “Suck your momma dry! Come on! Harder, baby girl!” I gave her a wink that only mighty Amazons such as myself would give their favorite daughters. “Show momma how strong you truly a-AAAHH!! Oh, fuck!!” The beast almost ripped my tit out! “Fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m sorry!! Oh, fuck!!” She looked up to me, laughing while she sucked me. “So strong!! You’re too goddamn strong, child, OOOUCH!!”

The box came in closer, keeping a safe distance from that child. “We’ve never seen a newborn so strong, nor so knowledgeable. Mm. All of your children, in fact, are unreasonably strong!”

“Is that a… ouch! Uuh, baby girl, calm down! Please!” I kissed her, feeling a tremendous burning pain not only on that tit, but all over my chest; it really felt like the monster girl was sucking my lungs out, fuck!! “I’m sorry! Jesus Christ, you’re barely ten minutes old and you’re already stronger than your momma!” I scooped her on her ripped, hard belly and lifted her up, kissing her tenderly on her forehead. The fact that she didn’t resist and instead let go of my tit without a trouble, made me the proudest and happiest woman in the universe. “Come here, my beautiful goddess! I submit to you!” I covered her face with little kisses. “I submit to your power and your iron will! You’re so much better than your momma, and you’ve still got so much to grow!” We both gave each other knowing looks, like we were long-time childhood friends. “My strong goddess! How proud you make momma just for existing!” I kissed her one more time, and she latched on to my face to kiss it back on the forehead, smiling and giggling as her siblings dispersed in the sea around us. “Can you look at your siblings again for me? I can’t do this alone.”

She smiled and nodded, and then I returned her to the ocean of squirt before feeding more of her siblings. The birthing process, however, was far from over. “How many more children do I have inside of me?” I smiled at the black box while more children still fought to leave my womb. “Jesus, hell!! Fuck! Okay, nevermind!” I pushed the box away. “I’m gonna find out… right… oooh… now!!”

One baby came out. A beautiful, twenty-pound boy. It immediately clang to my leg and climbed me, its eyes already open, its face brimming with curiosity. Another one came: a forty-pound baby girl! She and Jasmine hit it off immediately, and shared the responsibility of taking care of their siblings. “Oh, fuck!!” I came harder while giving birth to the next beautiful darlings. “Shit! Here comes number nineteen!” She was a thirty-five-pound baby girl, followed closely by a twenty-eight-pound baby boy. More and more children kept coming, with my bloated belly finally beginning to deflate.

“Impossible!” The voices of the black box were beyond astounded. “This is impossible!”

“Nothing’s impossible… uuurh!!” I pushed! “Fuck a woman like me!!” Babies number twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, and twenty-four blasted off almost at the same time, testing the flexibility and strength of my cunt. “Ooh, girl! What a band of savages, heh?”

The box flew closer to my belly, still afraid of the curious babies who, with their insanely strong arms and hands, tried to grab it at all times. “Are there still m-??”

“Of course there’s fucking more!!” I roared and pushed, pushed, PUSHED!! “Not just more, but bigger and stronger babies!!” Jasmine and I exchanged humorous looks, the little baby already as conscious not even as an adult, but as a full-fledged deity. “Afraid any of them might be bigger than you, baby girl? Oh!” She gave me such a look that my entire being shivered in fear. “Oh, fuck, you’re scary!” I winked. “Sorry for even suggesting this, my powerful Amazon. I hope you can forgive your mother and love your siblings all the same! Oh, fuck!!” Time for talk was over; the next batch was promising to be insanely hard. “Here they fucking come!!”

Amidst a torrent of squirt and blood, all other babies came out nearly at once; baby twenty-five: forty-six pounds, a beautiful and hyperactive boy! Baby twenty-six: a twelve-pound girl, frail but frenzied, immediately surrounded up by her stronger siblings and protected from all harm. Baby twenty-seven: also twenty-seven pounds in weight, very small for its weight and, therefore, looking like just one big lump of muscles (seriously: the little bastard was so dense he immediately sunk in my fluids once he was born; were not for his zealous sisters, he would have probably be a goner). “Watch out, you guys… ouch!!” A tremendous pressure grew in my hips, with babies twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty, thirty-one, and thirty-fucking-two finally bursting with an ocean of lube and steam. Upon the firing of the thirty-second child, I felt a relief that could be described as an “orgasm of a thousand angels during a cool spring breeze in Elysium!”

My elation was well beyond mortal understanding—as I was beyond mortals myself. My power and puissance allowed my body to experience a comparably bigger, more tremendous and destructive shock of cold and heat—a thermal shock so intense it would have literally paralyzed even Earth’s strongest male. It was like God Himself (or Herself) had breathed ice through my cunt and briefly frozen all my nerves, veins, and fluids. That elation alone was enough to trigger countless orgasms within my frozen mind, like subtler bursts of pleasure beneath a layer of sensorial permafrost—orgasms straight into my soul, if you will, like a heavenly big dick fucking my spirit straight.

It was all too sudden and all too quick, of course, and when I got back to my senses, oh!, I found myself a proud momma of thirty-two big, heavy, bulky, muscular, and virile children. I lifted the babies to my tits and let them splurge on my milk while a hot, heavy rain fell around us—it was the rain of my pussy juices. “Wow.” I looked around, a silly smile in my face. “What happened?” The aliens in the box were too disconcerted to answer me. “I see.” I put one and two together, cumming as I was suckled by those voracious beasts. “I must have exploded with squirt once these final babies came out.” I looked at Jasmine and her sister, who were by my side, looking up to me, as if expecting their next orders. «Fuck me, I gotta name them all!» I looked to Jasmine’s sister, and she squirmed with happiness upon seeing me. “Lioness.” Was the first word in my mind. “I’m gonna call you Lioness.” I scooped her by the belly and brough her to my tit, all while Jasmine seemed to grow impatient, even furious. “Please, dear Ja-Jas, take no offense in that. If you want, I can change your name to something more impressive, or even let you, of course, pick your own name—you’re the superior female here. Ooh!!” A few jets of squirt blasted from my pussy as Lioness latched on to my left tit, taking absolute possession of it with her muscular limbs. “Oh, look at you, little gorilla!” I left her to her own devices; with her strong, ripped body, she latched on fully to my tit, needing no support to suck it and drain it of milk. “Oh, god!” I scooped Jasmine up, but she appeared to refuse my touch. “Do you know why I named you Jasmine? Because she is one of my favorite characters in human fiction. You might not understand it now, but you will one day.” I smiled, seeing how my daughter patiently listened to me. “She’s one of the hottest, strongest women in the human mythology. Not exactly muscular, sadly, but a lady whose will I always admired.” I fondled her cheek, realizing how, with such a strong jaw, the baby could bite my hand off clean if she so chose to. “You’re named after this mighty heroine. Also, it’s a name I like.” I shrugged. “Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? Jas-min-ne! I gently bowed to her, taking the baby off my right tit to make room for her. “If not today, I hope you one day approve of my choices. All that I do is for your own well-being. Y’all make your momma so proud!”

Lioness squirmed on my left tit, and at points I felt she was about to bite it! “I love you all.” I kissed her forehead. “And I worship you both war women! You’re mares amongst eunuchs, titans amongst virgins, and there’s no need for jealously between you.” I placed my hand on Jasmine’s ripped belly, amazed by just how insanely muscular she was—like a naked ape. “Please, come, of Goddess of Baby Girls, and nourish your powerful body with your mother’s rich, thick milk.” She needed no more words to grab me by the wrist and actually climb my arm and shoulders to latch herself onto my right tit. I laughed. “Of course. You need no aid in helping yourself. Ooh!!”

The pleasure was just growing from having those two strong beasts servicing themselves so mightily with my milk. Their hands squeezed and squished my tits, much more powerfully and easily than my stud ever squished them! My muscles felt like jelly under those babies’ grips. It was slowly dawning on me, but eventually I realized I had given birth to literal superhuman beings—creatures closest to gods than to humans. Even wild stallions and or mighty hypos would be scared shitless of those two baby girls drying my tits with their potent, voracious mouths. The way they coaxed the milk out of my tits with their arms and legs, the way they touched me, the way they expertly knew where to push and where too squeeze… fuck! They had the anatomical knowledge of a surgeon hardwired into their brains!

With those two hungry beasts, I was left with thirty other babies squirming (and soon crying) for attention. The alien box came closer to me, however, now able to make itself useful: “do you need assistance?”

“Yes, please. I’ve got a whole tribe of beasts to feed.”

“We’re bringing the wet nurses. Your kids will be taken to…”



I looked to the box, my eyes brimming with the hellfire that was about to come through my lips: “you’re taking my babies nowhere. Nowhere! You hear me? What do you think you gonna do? Collect my milk and then feed them through the hands of strangers?” I hugged my two girls with my bulging muscles, wrapping my huge legs around a mass of babies around me. As if sensing their momma’s call, all other babies swam towards me. Within seconds, we looked like a giant blob of bulging, throbbing muscles—the strong momma goddess and her thirty-two offspring.

The box struggled to explain itself. “P-please, dear earthling, remember that this has always been an experiment and that you are subjected to…”

Their voices were shut. With her deadly grip, Jasmine grabbed the box by its lower edge and crushed its steel on her fingers. I could hear the metal bending effortlessly under the titanium grip of the god-child. Her eyes burned with a stare countless times scarier than anything I could ever muster. My fifty-pound baby girl was a real monster, and her destructive powers could end existence as we knew it. “My love! My beloved! Please!” I pleaded with her. “You’re too young and too beautiful—too heavenly and too perfect—to concern yourself with such lowly beings.” I looked to the box, making sure those damned aliens listened to me. “If you idiots don’t learn your place, have no doubt that my baby girl, as early as her newborn days, will exterminate your entire race with her fists.” I could hear nervous sweating and trembling knuckles on the other side of the box, with the unseen aliens still trying to wrap their minds around all that was unfolding.

I looked again to my baby girls, whose body was pulsating with rippling, bulging veins. “My love, can you let go of them for a bit? These useless beings are not worth your perfect touch.” I kissed her, and in my lips I felt the hellfire of her power. “Please, my adored baby, let them go. Your sister is suckling much more milk now thanks to your distractions.” Like magic, these words made her leave the box and go back to eating my tit raw. The two monster women were competitive as fuck! They eyed each other and smirked as their mouths power-sucked my tits like machines. A loud, roaring sound boomed as those two unheavenly creatures vacuumed the milk out of my tanks. To my shock and amazement, my sturdy breasts, once so perpetually full even under the hardest touch and strongest suckling of my man, were now shrinking in size! «No! No fuckin way!!» My jaw hanged low as I saw (very slowly, indeed, but still happening) my two mighty tits gradually decreasing in size as the two hungry demonesses emptied them out of all their content. My other babies squirmed on my body, never crying or whining, but indeed grunting in discontent, like a horde of Alpha wolves whose needs have been long uncared for.

“Bring tanks and the best maids you’ve got.” I spoke harshly to the box, which was now having problems levitating thanks to all the damage it had sustained. “I will need a hundred of your best slaves at all times to service me, as well as the strongest males to serve as caretakers of these strong wild beast babies.” I smiled. “I will pump a few oceans of milk every day until they’re satisfied. Fuck! It’s gonna be hurtful, but that’s the crux a mother must carry!”

“Y-you… it…” The alien black box could only shiver and mutter next to me. “It will be done, my goddess.”

I looked to my two favorite children—Jasmine and Lioness—and rejoiced on how much pain they brought my tits with their sucking alone. “I’m the world’s proudest momma!” And the happiest one too.

* * * * *

It wasn’t easy taking care of thirty-two children at once. That’s what I would say, of course, if I wasn’t a superpowered goddess who could achieved anything I wanted, any time I wanted, with barely a second of thought or a twinge of effort. I was a perfect human, a supreme organism, an absolute amongst absolutes, and my raising of my thirty-two big, potent, equally perfect children was as blissful as no motherhood can ever be for mere mortals—even Earth’s mightiest woman would look like a psycho mother compared to how perfectly I raised my children (and, of course, my children raised me).

First, there was the issue of the Beasts: Jasmine and Lioness, two of the strongest organisms ever given birth to in all of eternity. The aliens were repeatedly dumbfounded by the feats of power and virility of my two little girls, and even at the peak of my power when fucking their father, when I literally wrecked mountains and cracked whole continents apart with my hip-thrusting, dick-sucking, crotch-blasting action, were they so shocked as they were by just witnessing my two little girls… be!

“Holy…!!” Their coolness and impartiality had long been cast aside. “We’ve never seen any being so young behave in such a way.”

Truth be told, the Beasts were ravenous: all the time they demanded milk and attention, and all the time they got what they wished. Their desires could never be repelled, only negotiated around, and my relationship with those two super babies was more like that of business partners instead of a traditional, authoritarian, mother-to-offspring relationship. Every time they became a little too demanding, I kneeled before them and politely asked: “oh, sweet goddesses, please, you mother is so tired right now! Oh, my beautiful, stronger offspring, please, let your siblings suck momma’s breasts this time. Oh, my beautiful, perfect Jasmine, can you please look after your siblings while momma sleeps for a bit?” And all the time, with the most beautiful smiles a mother could ask for, they nodded and complied. “Thank you!” I was always teary-eyed when I saw then listening and obeying me so dutifully. “Thank you so much, my two goddesses.”

Not that they took easy on me when they got their way. Far from it: whenever they latched to my tits, those were the only moments in my entire life (safe from my first penetration by their father) when I met true, constant pain. “Oooh-ooh!!” The pain, however, was often followed by the most intense, yet weirdly low-key orgasms I’d ever felt. “Oh, yes, babies!!” I looked at them and kissed them, and they looked up to me knowingly, detecting my pleasure through my goosebumps-ridden skin. “Suck me. Suck me as hard as you can without, you know, killing or ripping my tits off!” That last part was always important to add, for each of those babies, with barely a second though, could tear my whole body apart with little more than five percent of their strength, and in time I knew that their power not only was vastly superior to my own, but they actually were what the aliens called “planet crackers!”

“‘Planet crackers?’” I mused at first, feeling the gallons of milk sloshing through my nipples. “What would that mean? Oh, wait, let me guess: these are babies who can crack planets at their full power?”

“When they grow up, yes.” The box hovered close to me, but never too close so that those two superhuman monsters could actually lay their hands on it. “Though, at this pace, they are probably going to be the earliest-blooming superhumans we’ve ever bred.”

“Good.” I smiled to my babies and sniffed their cheeks, making them giggle and laugh while they perfectly sucked my tits (and I mean perfectly, like: there wasn’t a single drop of milk dripping from their lips or through their nostrils, even when they sucked about a hundred gallons per second, with their bodies producing dense steam thanks to their superhuman digestion). “And that’s coming from the weakest of semens!” I looked up to the box, which moved back almost defensively. “Come, you Omega stud, it will be an honor absolutely destroying his dick and milking it for all its worth.”

There was a moment of silence before the box just disappeared—a silence broken only by the motor-like roar of my babies suckling. The aliens, who once had the upper hand at all times, were now at a loss of words or explanations for what was happening to me. They probably thought about saying something like “careful, woman, with what you wish for” or “you might be surprised with what’s in store” or something cheesy like that, but they didn’t. Instead, they contended with silence and a humiliating retreat into nothingness, leaving me with my uber children to lactate and cum and orgasm in the blissful heaven of motherhood.

Whenever the Beasts sucked me, they fucking sucked me! No matter the circumstances and no matter my negotiating skills, they always got the bulk of my tits at prime time: after their siblings had had a taste of me, rarely any of them staying over an hour with my tits (not for the lack of want, though), the God Girls demanded my entire bust to them, and I couldn’t help but to oblige. “You are two voracious monsters.” I kissed them. “I love that!” I kissed them and cradled them while they managed to empty my tits out at the end of every night. They could go on for days without sleeping, just sucking my breasts endlessly while I slept and smiled, forever blissed by their attention—it was an unfathomable honor to nourish those perfect girls, even though it often left my tits either dried up or bruised. At the end of ever session, my tits were literally half the volume they were when the suckling began. It generally took me a full hour for them to refill, and the refilling itself required so much energy that, when the tits were once again massive and hard, they exhaled hot steam through every pore, sometimes burning so hot I felt like I had two volcanoes on my chest.

In some of these moments, the Beasts looked at me with their hungry eyes. “What? Again?” I shook my massive knockers to those two all-knowing girls. “You want to empty your mother out again? Fine.” I offered them my arms, and the beasts leapt on my bust with their powerful, over-developed legs and arms. “Come and get it, you bastards!!” They attacked me like vicious animals, but such brutality was only expected between a goddess and her two perfect offspring.

Their siblings were often jealous, yes, but this too couldn’t be helped. What filled me with endless joy, however, was how well everyone ultimately got along with everyone else. Lioness and Jasmine, for once, were rarely selfish with their own kind; after a few understanding words, they were willing to renounce even my tits for a whole day to give their less-advantaged siblings a shot at my milk at its sweetest and creamiest. Even though I had about one thousand tanks of a million gallons each of perfectly-preserved milk ready at all times, nothing—even the most advanced of alien technologies—could replace the perfect sweetness and heavenly tenderness of my broth when it burst out straight from the source. Whenever opportunity rose, in fact, I always grabbed a huge bucket, filled it with my creamy chest-semen, and drank it like a maniac, drawing unimaginable orgasms out of me again and again and again just with its flavor. “Holy FUCK!! I never knew I could taste this good!!” Often times, in situations such as these, I added my squirts to my milk, creating a supreme, godly ambrosia that could only be described as the Purest Life-Bringing Juice of the Universe—or something just as lofty-sounding.

It was this divine broth that my Beasts accepted to furlough so that their siblings could grow strong and powerful. After just a few talks, indeed, they perfectly understood what their duties were in life: “no, my beautiful goddess,” I kissed each of them on the cheeks relentlessly, “do you undertand how important it is to take care of the weak? Take Jason, for instance.” I scooped my beautiful baby boy with and brought him to a tit, letting him suck while my strong Amazon girls looked at it intently, even licking the occasional drops and threads that flowed down on my muscles. “Jason is the runt of our litter.” I kissed him and kissed him and kissed and smothered the little bastard with endless love! “I love him and protect him and worship him just like I do you, no more, no less.” They accepted my words without a hint of either jealousy or offense. “However… look at him.” I grabbed his tiny arms and shook them in front of my babies. “He’s sooo thin! So thin!” I kissed him. “So weak!” I kissed him at every word. “He’s barely thirteen pounds, this beautiful baby.” His muscular body breathed hot and heavy on me. I giggled. “Of course, he’s a titan for mere humans, but for us he’s a pigmy.” I kissed him and fondled his beautiful hair. “My beautiful pygmy!” Then I looked at my children. “Lioness, you’re just a few weeks old, and you’re already sixty pounds of almost pure muscle. Jasmine,” I respectfully bowed to her, and the mighty baby calmly nodded, like some kind of feudal lady, “you’re just a few minutes older than your sister, yet you’re already eighty pounds. There’s little doubt on who’s the strongest, mightiest offspring of my litter.” I kissed them both, and the babies licked and sucked the milk that kept dripping on my body. “You’re goddesses. Titans. Little monsters of muscle and power, beings destined to inherit the fucking universe!” Their giggling made me smile. “You like when momma says profanities, don’t you?” I looked at them, and they eagerly waited me to say… “Fuck!” They giggled. “Fucking fuck this fucking bullshit!” They laughed. Their grip relaxed and they almost rolled out of my body. I scooped them with my arms as their little brothers suckled me even harder, laughing too at the bad words they had heard. “You obscene little shits. So young, already so fucking filthy. Anyway, it’s to be expected from perfect beings like us. Fuckers like us gods do not need to shy away from what mortals deem ‘bad manners.’” I flexed my muscles, feeling them swell and cradle my babies more comfortably. “*We’re* the fucking gods. *We* set the manners!” I looked to my girls again, bringing them to my face while their brothers sucked, sucked, and sucked! “You are strong. You’re kind. You’re everything.” I kissed them time and time again. “It’s the duty of the strong to protect the week.” I laid them on my breasts, and then there was barely any space left for those four babies. My girls looked at their brothers with a bit of anger, insulted by the fact that they were getting the milk that was rightfully theirs. “Are you angry that your brothers are sucking your momma? It’s fine. You have all the right to.” I brought their attention to me by caressing their strong cheeks. “You have all the right to smother them, if you want to. You’re goddesses. Goddesses need to follow no rules; quite the contrary, we write those rules! So if you want to murder your siblings and claim my tits just for yourself, you’re perfectly justified in doing do. Not even I am able to hold you back. However,” I fondled and kissed the weaker males on my tits, pressing my girls’ bodies against their much smaller ones, making them feel their heat and their frailty, “is that what you would like to do to such sweet, defenseless babies? Huh?” I caressed their cheeks. “Is it, huh?” They looked at me. They shook their heads. I smiled. “No. No, right, and you instinctively already feel that, don’t you? Yes, my babies, you do.” I covered them with kisses. “You do, because you’re good, kind, benevolent goddesses, and you hate the idea of doing harm to anyone. It’s understandable that you’re greedy, even choleric, angry, and what not, but you’ll rarely act upon your worst instincts, even though you can (and should) always go unpunished by them. You’re gods, after all, and gods can do anything. However… the strong…” They words briefly eluded me. I was tearing up upon smelling their sweet baby scent. Fuck, how I loved being a momma! “The strong protect the week. That’s what strength is all about: you’re shields behind which weaker people can protect themselves and flourish. You’re forces of growth, care, and security! That’s why you care for your siblings, why you allow them to drink the milk that is, by all accounts, rightfully yours. Like this…” I flexed my tits and squirted more gallons into the hungry babies. The deep, sloshing sounds of my creamy juice sure stirred up a lot of emotions; my girls were like little dragons just barely holding back their fire, struggling to not fucking rip and tear the strangers who dared sit atop their gold. “You will protect them—all of them—because you’re good, no, you’re perfect, and as perfect beings, well, this is your purpose:” I kissed them, “to protect,” I kissed them again, “to save,” I kissed them time and time again, “to care and love and nourish and uplift! You’re women! You’re the greatest beings in all of creation!” Their eyes shone upon these words. “Now go out there and have a look at your siblings for me, will ya? Momma’s gotta lotta mouths to feed!” And so they did, and the scenes that unfolded only made my mommy’s heart bigger and warmer.

Day after day, night after night, Lioness and Jasmine cared for their siblings with ferocious dedication, looking like two lionesses ruthlessly protecting their dearest cubs. Whenever any of my children showed any sight of distress, they went there and hugged them, their powerful, bulging muscles never failin

g to instantaneously soothe them. Every time they (finally) went to sleep, these two powered women husbanded them into big piles of muscular bodies and embraced as many as they could, sometimes holding seven or eight, even ten big bodies between their arms and legs, kissing their faces and cheeks and foreheads as to always say “hush, hush, little brother, your big sister is here.” And they cradled them so sweet and lovingly. “Nothing bad will ever happen when you sister is around!”

Those two ferocious beasts! They clearly shared a connection that only the mightiest, strongest people can share. Though competitive and relentless, they clearly loved each other above anything else, and with me they formed a Triad of Power that assured none of their other thirty siblings would ever suffer a single setback in the hands of a cold, uncaring universe. “With us, they will growth into the gods they were born to be.” I told them, and they tacitly agreed while helping me feed more and more babies.

Within a few weeks of their birth, they were rarely drinking me straight from the tits anymore. As lines of strong babies formed on my feet, they helped their siblings into my tits, then laid on my shoulders to help them feed. With their powerful arms and legs, they massaged my huge breasts so as to always allow a hot, steady flow of cream into their siblings’ mouths, and the cream was so much that the other kids usually just licked them off my body—when they were not feeding on the huge tanks, of course. “You two are angels, you know this?” I talked to my baby girls as they smiled and rested their heads on my shoulders, just squishing and massaging my tits so the endless milk never stopped flowing into their siblings. Often they slept for hours like this: lazily on my shoulders, milking me for all my worth as they snoozed and dreamed.

“T-they’re…” The tall, beautiful maids that surrounded us often feared to even look at us. After all, what could mortals do when so up-and-close to their gods?

“Please, Martha, come here.” I called her with my hands. “Come here, baby girl.” The big, beautiful woman came, and I brought her to my lips to kiss her. Lioness and Jasmine also instinctively fondled her (huge) breasts, as if to say that, if she wanted to feed their siblings too, she was more than welcomed to.

“P-please, my lady… I’m not…”

“Don’t be insecure next to your goddess.” I slid my tongue inside her, and the girl immediately squirted. “Don’t you know my love is infinite? You can do and say whatever you want next to me.” I sucked her face and fondled her tits, making her red with so much of the blood that was heating up inside of her.

“Oh, my goddess… my goddess!” She ended up crying on my arms, still too insecure to actually surrender to her desires. All good, all good: every human has their rhythm, and my job as a goddess was to find out this rhythm and respect it. As she cried and used my massive, muscular arm as a warm pillow, my head travelled to more distant thoughts.

 “Where is their father?” I looked to my faithful servant. “It’s been two weeks since I head last heard of him.”

Yes. The father. The blond, bulky stud. Two weeks after their kids’ birth, I heard he was finally starting to wake up from our savage, mountain-crushing sex, but that “he was still too weak to even move his fingers, huh?” I spoke to my fearful servant, who only slowly mustered the courage to look up to me and treat me like an equal. “I want to see him.” I licked my lips. “I want to see him badly!” I looked around, seeing dozens of uber-muscular bull-children roaming around with destructive power. “It is an insult that the father hasn’t yet seen his children. I want him to cherish this moment.” As I looked at her, I sensed something was amiss. “Is he strong enough already?” He vacillated. She was clearly hiding something! “Hey, babe.” I fondled her cheeks and played with her fat, gorgeous lips. “What are you hiding?”

A lonely tear left her eye. “Please, my goddess…”

I kissed her. “You know I’m not angry. I protect. I never hurt.” A sly smile was formed in her face. “What?” I smiled back. “What’s this smile, you dirty fox?”

She giggled. “Well, I don’t think your stud would say the same.”

I giggled with her. “True. But sex is an exception. If my partner wants to be hurt, oh, I hurt him.” I flexed my gorgeous muscles, and my entire body rippled with the bulging of that potent musculature. Following the stretching noises of my body, there were cracks and rumbles on the floor.

“Please, my lady, the floor… you can crack it with your power.”

“You stop calling me ‘my lady,’ okay?” I placed my hand on the back of her head. “Now come here and give me a kiss.”

She gave me a defiant look. “What…” She gulped. “What if I don’t want to kiss you?”

I raised an eyebrow, then left her head. “Then you don’t kiss me.” I turned to my babies. “They’re gonna get all my kisses instead!” I kissed each and every one of their beautiful heads. “You! Oh, and you! You all get kisses, my darlings.”

“Oh!” She whimpered. “I’m sorry! I want a kiss t-” Before she could finish, of course, I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her close, locking my lips on her and making her unload pints of creamy squirt on the ground. I gave her a few couple multiple orgasms before letting go of her and seeing her squirm and writhe on the ground, taking a whole five minutes to stop cumming.

Changing babies on my breasts, I kissed Jasmine and Lioness before asking again, more somberly. “Serious, though. What of the father?” I saw the poor woman still trembling on the ground. “Can you call him for me? It’s about time my love can once again walk on his own two feet.” I looked at her, sensing her hesitation. “What is it that you’re hiding from your goddess?”

“My goddess… I…” She hesitated for a few minutes before speaking: “your husband has been… he has been…”

“I love you.” She looked at me, totally startled. “Okay? I love you. Now speak to me like I’m your equal, damn it. Don’t hold your tongue, please.”

She gulped quickly before telling me the truth: “your husband, he… he’s been taken away by the…”

CRASH!! The stone divan I was laying upon cracked by the insane gripping of my fists. My babies too gripped my body with strength, drawing a few drops of blood as they felt my pure anger. I could sense the heartbeat of my maid picking up as some of the pebbles hit her body. My face was contorted in a furious, demonic look, and my nostrils were exhaling steam of pure, unbridled hatred. “I’m not angry at you!” I spoke without looking at her. “I’m furious at… them!! Those bloody aliens!!”

“M-my queen…”

“So you mean that those bastards took my man away without even consulting me?!” Unbeknownst to me, even Jasmine and Leonine looked away in pure anger, as if itching for a chance to murder that entire alien race. “Those fucking bastards!! How dare they take…”

“My queen, it’s not…”

“…my man without even consulting me?!” For a brief moment, I lost my shit: “I will murder. I will genocide their entire fucking kind and make even their women and children repay this offense with fucking bl-!!”

“He asked for this! He begged that they took him away!”

Like the snap of a nerve, my entire constitution changed. Even the babies on my tits stopped sucking due to the chilling elation they felt in their spines. Along with my girls, I looked at the maid, completely dumbfounded: “what… do you mean?”

“My… oh, my queen.” She took a deep breath. “Your man, he… he’d recovered about a week ago.”

Shock and disbelief stole my voice and even my breath for a few seconds. “What… why…?”

“He asked that no one talked to you about anything. He demanded to be taken away and… that he never see you again. The aliens, they… they just complied, you see. They really feared for his life if they did otherwise.”

“What…?” Every word from me now took an eternity to leave my lips. “But what do you mean by that, child? Was he ill? Oh, fuck! Did I crack his skull during our fucking?”

She lowered her head and spoke with a heavy tone. “I think… he threatened to… to…” I touched her chin, feeling the immense weight of the truth she was trying to reveal: “kill… himself…” Her voice cracked. “He threatened to kill himself if he’d ever saw you again.”

I was filled with such anguish that bordered on the disbelief. “I want to see him.”

“My queen…”

“I have…!!” Despite my urgency, always followed by a threatening rumbling of my muscles, my tone was mostly calm and reasonable. “I have to speak to him. He’s… he’s the father of my children, goddamn it! I need to speak to him! I want him!!” Despair almost broke me! If not for the gentle massage of my two baby girls… damn! I would have lost it right then and there. “Lead me to the aliens. Please. I need to talk to them and get this sorted out.”

The issue was much graver than I thought: it took a few days and a lot of back-n-forth with the aliens until they finally agreed to let me see my beautiful stud. “What you did to him… broke him.”

My eyes were filled with tears as my two beautiful girls suckled furiously on my tits. You could hear the gushing, rumbling noises, like giant engines, coming out or my breasts and their throats every single second! “W-why? I thought… I thought he loved everything I did to him.” My brain was on fire. If not for my babies, whose presence warmed me up like a big dog protecting a tiny kitten, I would have fallen into weak, submissive despair. Instead, a few lonely tears left my eyes, with me trying to remember what I did to him that was so wrong. “I thought… he could take it all. He came and came and… oh, he never stopped coming! Breeding me! I thought he loved… every second of it.”

The voices came somberly from the box: “he did. There’s no denying that what you did to his body was… a masterpiece of fucking. You’re by far the greatest female specimen we’d ever had. To be honest, we’re confident you will absolutely destroy Omega, and even…”

“I don’t care about this.” I dismissed those aliens with a simple gesture, walking from side to side like a very concerned lioness. The ground bent and caved under my feet; it was made of pure titanium. “Please, let me see him.”

“My e-earthling…”

“Please, I beg of you!” To their shock, I fell to my knees, and the ground caved loudly around my body, the rumble of bent metal echoing through the many miles of that sci-fi chamber. “Let me talk to him! Please, let me fix what I’ve broken!” My eyes were tearing, with my babies leaving my breasts and climbing up my torso to comfort me with cuddles and kisses.

The alien box hovered indecisively for a minute, the it mused: “oh, well… that is an uncommon sight.”

“Please. Please!”

The box drew closer. My babies gnarled and showed it their fangs, but I shooshed them into being quiet. “Why do you care so much for him? He’s not even a Stud with capital “S.” He’s merely an experimental sam-”

“If you know what’s good for you,” my eyes burned with the Wrath of Satan, “you will be quiet right now.”

They were. Still… “can you help us understand, please? He’s not a main breeder. What attachment is this that leads a woman as powerful as yourself to care for a man so low… well, a man who’s undeniably  lower than you?”

My fists were tightened, and so were my babies’, but I had to be diplomatic and hold back my irrational female beast for a moment. “I don’t think it’s something you can understand. Heck, it’s not even something any Earthly woman would get.” As I looked up to the box again, the glaze in my eyes promised that I was very close to exploding. “Just lead me to him, please.” The ground caved and bent deeper beneath me. An orb of power was forming around my body. My muscles trembled and roared, bulging and hardening as the anger and the anguish became just too intense inside my fibers. “Or else…”

There was a sigh coming from the box, then a silent agreement. That very day, I was finally left to the chambers of my honey, leaving my babies up to the care of my maids and the feeding through the massive milk tanks. “There’s enough milk here to feed them for a week.” I looked to the tanks—at least a thousand of them, with a hundred thousand gallons each—and then to my aggrieved babies. “I know!” I kneeled before them and hugged them; my powerful arms and giant body could embrace all thirty at once. “I dread having to leave you for just a second, but daddy needs some good mommy-loving.” I smiled at them. “Don’t you wanna know your daddy? Don’t you wanna daddy be happy and strong, huh?” Many nodded, many tilted their heads, trying to understand my words. Meanwhile, Jasmine and Lioness scouted the place, dressed in beautiful white garbs and fancy golden tiaras. “Your sisters, being the strong beasts that they are, are coming with mommy. Please, don’t be angry, my beloved.” I kissed and cuddled every single one of my puppies. “You’re strong, but your sisters are just goddesses. They’ll give mommy the support she needs. Please, understand that.” I pointed to the maids, who surrounded us. “Be kind to your friends while they help feed you and care for you.” I nodded and winked at them. The maids all raised their hands to the skirts of their dresses, then slid them by their shoulders to make the garments fall and reveal their sculptural bodies, as well as their full, lush, bouncing, naked, heavy breasts. The eyes of my babies were immediately attracted to the dozens of pairs of bouncing fat tits. They too were so luscious and motherly that nearly all dripped and oozed with milk. “It ain’t momma’s milk, but it’s still tits. Don’t worry.” I pointed to the massive, skyscraper-sized tanks. “You can always drink momma’s breast juice whenever you truly need nourishment.” I stood up and called Jasmine and Lioness to my arms. “Be kind to these women. Please try not to rip their tits apart, okay?” I winked at them, then became a little more serious. “I mean it. Learn to control your own strength if you want to be the good, kind-hearted gods you were meant to be.” I looked around, seeing that Lioness and Jasmine were still not with me. “My Beasts, were are y-” I spotted them. A kind smile graced my face. “Ah.” My babies were hugging their sibling and whispering their goodbyes. The women couldn’t stop being astonished by the babies’ size and strength. Even with their well-trained arms and muscular, Amazonian bodies, they could barely lift a single girl without trembling or straining their muscles. Their amazement also hid a little bit of jealousy; their compliments, even worships were never-ending:

“By the gods, look at you! You’re heavy as iron!” My babies arrogantly flexed in front of them, carrying in their faces those smug grims of ladiesmen who collect and stores every pair of panties from the hundreds of ladies they did slay. “Oh, you cocky princess!”

“By heavens, it’s like I’m holding a baby elephant! Fuck, I wish…”

I approached these women, seeing them freeze and stiffen before me. I spread my arms wide. How easy would it be to crush a dozen of those ladies in a single feel swoop. “Who of you wish you could be me?”

Many gulped, some looked down, but a few stepped forward and spoke with amazement glistening in their eyes: “I-I do. I wish I could be you. So perfect. So big. So…” Her throat dried out. “P-powerful.”

I approached that woman and scooped her up by the neck and the cunt. She wore no panties, but even if she did they would have been easily torn by my powerful fingers as they penetrated her cunt and drilled countless orgasms from her being. The room was filled by the sound of my gulps and dry throats being cleaned before the loud noise of her orgasms was everything that could be heard. A puddle of girl-cum formed around my feet, with the acolyte’s body and soul soon splitting as her orgasms reached beyond-insanity levels.

I laid my fat, heavy lips on her throat and sucked it to give her another brutal horde of orgasms. Her squirting became a hosing, and even the other maids were shocked by what they saw. “Maybe I can help your bodies grow firmer and stronger with a little bit of my power.” My muscles roared, each of my arms literally as thick as their full bodies! “Like that stud did to me: I will transfer my power to you, and turn you into roaring beasts of sex and muscle like myself.” I slid my fingers out of that pussy, and the chilling elation that overtook my maid was enough to have her screaming, panting, and then crying out in both ecstasy and longing:

“No-ooh!! M-my goddess, n-noo-ooh!!”

I locked a kiss in my mouth, lifting her up and giving her a very long, firm, tight hug. Our bodies stayed connected for ten minutes until her heat descended to more manageable levels. I put her on the floor, but she still had to kneel and take long, gasping breaths to pierce together every fragment of her shattered, orgasm-ridden mind again. «What the hell…?!!» She didn’t understand her emotions. No lesser being like her could: a mortal, when blessed by a goddess, reaches levels of sensation and experience far beyond the abilities of her brain to comprehend. «My god…!!» All the time she still came. Her pussy squirted tiny juices on the ground, with her body collapsing on all fours, every second getting too close from absolutely losing control.

“Keep an eye on her. She’s gonna be coming and squirting for five hours before she truly goes back to normal.” Turning my muscular back to those women, I snapped my fingers to my Beasts, who immediately leapt on my shoulders and sat on it. “Only now have I realized,” I looked back to the maids, all fifty-eight of them, “we never had an orgy.” I smiled. “Don’t you worry. Once I’m done filling my babies with milk, I will fill your bodies will orgasms.”

I didn’t count how many of them came after I said those words. All I heard was a plethora of messy, squirting orgasms, with dozens of threads splashing on the floor between many pairs of now-wet, quivering legs. Six women fell to their knees, and many of them just cried out in agony for holding back their orgasms. The maid I had just fingered, however, raised her head to me and cried out, her lips still trembling and her tongue lolling out: “we wait for you eagerly, m-my queen! Maybe o-our many bodies… will hopefully prove a challenge to you.”

I just laughed, nonetheless admiring the spirit of those wonderful acolytes. Kissing both of my giant babies, I looked forward and marched into my spaceship. “Come on, baby girls. Let’s see daddy!”

* * * * *

The darkness of that chamber unnerved me and my children. The powerful beasts clung strongly to my body, squinting their eyes and gnarling defensively, as if sensing a dread, terrifying aura in that sad, sorrow place.

“Has he been fucking?” I asked, keeping up a big smile regardless of the circumstances. “Getting his massive dong wet? Oh, I see what happens to those big bull balls when they don’t unload frequently. It’s possible for them to even explode if he doesn’t shoot his gallons every second, milked by very expert hands, mouths, cunts or tits.”

The alien box followed us until the big, dark door in the middle of the endless hallway. It kept its distance from my babies, wisely. “He hasn’t had sex since you.”

My ears twitched. Fuck! No sex for weeks? For a guy like him?? “Dear gods…” Immediately my body grew hot and weary. I knew it wouldn’t be easy. “My boy…” I felt like falling to my knees and crying, but my babies—my two massive, beautiful beastly babies—gave me all the power any mother could ask for. “Is this his door?”

“Huh.” The box distanced itself. “We have to warn you…”

“I know. I know.”

“He’s in really bad shape. We’ve been considering ‘retiring’ him if he couldn’t…” The aliens immediately shut up as I turned to them and burned them with my glazing stare.

“I do not know what you mean by ‘retiring’ him, but I’m gonna assume the worst and warn you one last time: you lay a finger on my man, I will exterminate your entire race.” I stepped forward. The ground sank under my foot. “Are we understood?”


I stepped forward again. *Bruuum!!* The noise of the metal floor being bent reverberated across the hallways. “Say it again, slowly, so that I’m sure that you really get it.”

The box leaned forward in relation to its vertical axis—a “bow” of sorts. “Yes, we get it, ma’am.”

I turned my back to them. “Come if you’re asked for. Otherwise, please, don’t be so stupid as to interrupt us, okay?”


“Now… shoo!” I waved my hand at it, and the box was once again disappeared. I looked at Jasmine, then at Lioness, and both babies hugged my wide, muscular neck, kissing me and rubbing their cheeks before I stepped forth beyond the portal. “Let’s meet daddy.”

I entered. The room was all but darkness—all except, of course, for a giant mass of meat at the end of it, curled up in a fetal position over a divan of sorts, or a really huge, comfy bed. The back and shoulders moved as if the creature was breathing very slowly, careful at drawing each and every breath.

My entrance was announced by the heavy sounds of my feet sinking on the floor. The entire place rumbled with my very breath. At that moment, simply by existing, I had become the literal goddess of that room—the Alpha and Omega of that gloomy, tiny universe.

Lioness and Jasmine tightened their hug on my neck, looking at the giant wall of muscles that was their father. We shared silent looks and worried, insecure smiles, knowing very well that we should be very careful with our words—if we said anything at all.

Five minutes passed in absolute silence. Then, with a very feminine voice, I called out for my hunk: “baby. My love.” I stood silent. The beast became even more stiff, like a creature trying to hide from a predator’s gaze.

I didn’t know what was right or wrong. One wrong word could derail everything. Therefore, I chose the only sensible option—action instead of words—and approached the giant with step after careful step, making the entire room rumble. My immense tits, which would be bouncy and jolly if they weren’t just as hard as muscles and full as tanks, squirted milk on the ground every time, much to my babies’ content: they eyed those massive tits constantly, but refused to drink from their squirting content. They knew what was most important and wouldn’t relax until all was well once again.

“Please.” From the huge mass of meat and muscles came a grave, but breaking voice. “A-away… g-get away.”

I stopped. My babies climbed a little higher on my neck, laying with their full bodies on my wide, powerful shoulders. “My god.” I worshiped him. “My stud. Please. Your woman is here to help you.”

Again, absolute silence—well, only as ‘absolute’ as it could be with the powerful, heavy breaths of that giant stud. Looking at his ridiculously massive and muscular leg, I bit my lips. He was every bit as appetizing a male as he’d been in our first day of savage fucking—if not more so! I spread my legs and let my pussy drip on the ground, many viscous threads falling from my aroused and swollen cunt. “Wow.” I told him. “You’re one sight to behold.”

I don’t know exactly how he took those words, but I sensed—thanks to my feminine, loving tone—that he knew they were nothing but worshiping and admiring. Even then, he only curled himself harder into a ball of muscles and grunted: “go away.”

I rolled my eyes and smiled, looking at my beautiful babies, all of us a little more relaxed. Then, causing powerful rumbles to echo across the room, I slowly bent my knees and laid my powerful buttocks on the ground, crossing my legs and feeling the titanium floor sink a little as I sat on it. With equally careful motions, I brought my huge babies to my tits, and their long-held desire could finally be satiated as they loudly, almost savagely attacked the stone-hard lactating breasts with their hands and mouths. “Uurh!!” I grunted, feeling the burning pain immediately take over my entire upper torso. «Godddamn, you two!» I tried very hard not to giggle. «You fucking little wild animals. Jesus!!» I kissed both of them. «It’s like I’m feeding two hungry hypos, holy fuck!»

The room was filled with so many deep, powerful sounds that an outsider would think there were hundreds of bodies practicing some sort of slow-burning, but very intense tantric orgy: the powerful suctions on my tits created *pops* and *booms* that made every metal surface tremble immediately, all the time; the squishing of my milk through my thumb-thick nipples was like liquid trains travelling at high speeds through a very tight, long canal, and the inhumane density of that liquid meant that its passage, albeit quick, almost at sound speeds, was like an AK-47 shooting bullets each as heavy as a entire tanks. If I were any normal creature, no matter how strong or fearsome, that intensity would have immediately made my tits explode and tore the upper half on my body in a big, bulky mess. Thank the gods I was an incarnate goddess at that point, able to perform with my body feats that would be unbelievable even for the most creative of myth-makers.

I kissed and tended for my babies, who sucked me dry like a machine. Their arms expertly embraced my knockers, pumping the milk in quantities even more extreme than the usual. «Fuck! They will be such beasts when they grow up!» Not the slightest movement or a single inch of their bodies was wasted; everything was planned and instinctively designed to be as powerful and intense as possible: milk! They would suck that milk and digest it like the perfect biological machines that they were! The way they pumped me, the way they sucked me… fuck!! «Hell!! They’re giving me orgasms!!» I blushed, and in silence I shed a few lonely tears of ecstasy. «Jesus fucking Christ, I’m cumming with my kids sucking my tits!!»

Not a surprise, of course: they always made me cum. It was impossible for them not to, indeed, especially when they have a mother who’s so sensible and whose massive body is basically one huge pile of muscles and hyper-sensitive nerves. Still, the sheer intensity of their power affected me on a very deep, feminine core: the liquid flowed through their throats and sloshed into their stomach with heavy bangs, like they were gulping tank bullets made of titanium every single second! Those very sounds were, like, the embodiment of pure power, and nothing got me hotter than power itself! Seeing how their big, muscular bodies got even harder, more rippled, more vascular, and steamier at every gulp… «Jesus Christ!» I blushed. «I shouldn’t be thinking things like that!»

One thing was obvious, in any case: those would be two awesome, gorgeous girls when they came of age! I kissed them and fondled them lovingly at every gulp, trying to make the intense pain and burning of my tits just not too uncomfortable. “Drink.” I whispered at them. “Drink mommy, my babies. Drink every ounce of my power. You’ll need it.” I kissed them some more. “Drink until you’re two giant walls of muscle, blood and power!” I licked my lips, raising my gaze to the over-muscular back of my powerful male.

Silence reigned for many more hours than I could count. All I knew they were hours, and they were many. Relentlessly and tirelessly, without a break to even take a breath, my babies sucked my tits until they were about thirty percent of their original, luscious size. I hummed to them and fondled their faces, rubbing my nose against their cheeks, all-and-all giving them all types of love a momma could their cubs.

I looked at my man. I knew he was there, listening to us. His body had grown more still since my babies began suckling, and his breath seemed both slower and steadier—in one word: calmer. His body was chilling, all his depression slowly being washed away. He just needed time to realize we weren’t a threat, and that we wouldn’t invade his personal space unless given express permission to. That’s why the silence, I figured, was so important.

After many, many hours, he began to move. To even my surprise, my babies released my tits like this too was everything they were waiting for, and my gallons of milk comically splashed into their huge faces as their mouths left my nipples in loud, echoing *pops!* Still, we had to be careful. “Go back to sucking.” I whispered at them, and my babies, now silent again, put their mouths on my gushing tits and suckled strongly on them once more. The return of that pressure and suctions filled my body with sharp, warm ‘bursts,’ such a mix of pain and pleasure that my pussy twitched and kept oozing cream all the time—yet the orgasms didn’t hit me at full force like they usually did.

My man had turned a little to our side, but his face was still hidden between his huge, powerful arms. “Is that…?” I heard his voice. Happiness and joy at such intensities I had only experienced during the birth of my children filled me up and made me cry. My tears rolled over my body, wetting my aroused, warm skin.

Still, it was silence again. His breath picked up pace, and I heard deep, growling noises coming from his head. He curled up again, making his ball of muscles even more impenetrable. The noises continued, growing louder and more frequent. He was crying. Another hour had to pass until he was laying silent and still again. I too was crying, but at all times I made sure he didn’t hear me. Only my babies made any sound, with their suctions so joyous and filled with life!

“My baby…” I ended up saying to him, no longer able to hold the words back. I wanted to caress him, to cradle him, but still I had to be so quiet and patient! The agony was eating up my mind! I hugged my kids harder and pushed more gallons of milk myself into their thirsty bodies. Columns of steam now made the environment like a sauna, with their little bodies burning the same amount of calories a million elephants would burn in their whole lifetimes… every fucking second!

I kept my eyes firmly on my man, just waiting for the moment he would open himself up to me. “I love you.” I muttered. “I love you so much.”

My words were finally having an effect, and the big, beautiful bull very gently tried to turn his body to us. “I… I…” Five minutes. Ten minutes. His pain and sadness were almost as big as he was. Eventually, he found enough strength to tell me: “I don’t want them to seem like this.”

My babies left my tits. Milk splashed loudly in their faces. There were so many gallons of it that their muscular bodies dripped and oozed with fat, creamy milk. I laid them on top of my tits (now at half their maximum, turgid size) and stared at the back of my man. “Why?” He curled up again, as if to tell me that the answer was obvious. I took some more bold steps: “you’re so perfect.” He trembled. Tiny, painful whelps rumbled in his throat.

Me and my babies shared some looks. I laid my forehead on theirs, and in silence we communicated to one another our raw, pure emotions. Then, looking at our man again… “are you afraid because you’re sad? We love you when you’re sad. We love you in any case, because you are you.” He seemed to scoff. I gulped and smiled, radiating happiness upon his huge body. “Daddy’s down, and so what? We all need a down time. Recoup our energies.” I kissed my babies, whose eyes now stood firmly locked on their daddy. “We would like daddy to look at us, though. Daddy’s face…” I hiccupped. Tears rolled almost burning down my cheeks. The emotions were really that strong! “We miss daddy’s face so much!” I cried. My voice couldn’t help cracking this time. I sounded like a baby, and the pain was so sharp even my babies turned to comfort me. “D-daddy… I miss you, daddy. Daddy!”

The room shook as the massive man finally turned on his bed. Fuck! How easy it was to forget just how powerful that fucking beast was! His slightest turning on the bed, now filled with intent, was enough to make the entire room—maybe the entire fucking edifice!— tremble as if the planet (or the station; I couldn’t know for sure where we were) itself was a giant beast waking up from its long slumber. The monster completed its turn by laying part of his humongous back on the bed, with his face staring the wall and parts of the ceiling, but his beautiful blue eyes still avoiding us. “Are they… mine?”

I was a little puzzled. “They?” Me and the girls looked at each other. “You mean, your girls?” I giggled. “Of course they are, daddy!”

He turned some more. Yes, yes! Almost there! “Are they…?” His voice cracked. I could see his tears! “Are t-they baby girls?”

I stood up. I just couldn’t, oh, I couldn’t listen to his broken voice and his face like that and remain still. The movement, however, scared him like a frail kitten, and he turned his back to us so he could hide his face again. “Yes, baby.” I was crying again, drawing step after step, bringing myself towards him. “Yes, they’re two big baby girls.” My body swelled with pride. “Jasmine. Lioness. Meet daddy.” My babies leaned forward, almost as if to leap from my body. My man, however, shut himself harder, hiding his head between his enormous arms. “They’re a hundred pounds and eighty pounds, respectfully.” My muscles kept bulging as my pride, just like my physique, kept swelling. “All muscle.” I kissed their heads, which were as solid and heavy as pure iron. “Big, beautiful bulls I gave birth to!” I licked my fat, sensuous lips. “Your seed was like a hot cauldron of pure power. It fecundated me like a whole fertile valley!” I felt my womb wobble, with my eggs twitching with heat and excitement. “You gave me thirty-two kids.” His body trembled. “I’m ready for a second round, big daddy.”

Without a warning, my kids… “hey! No! Leave daddy alon-!” I covered my mouth, hoping for the best. “Oh, Jesus!” Without a warning, yes, my two girls jumped on daddy’s muscular body, making him jolt briefly, but powerfully enough to create shockwaves through the air. My body was pushed back a little by the immense power of his awakened muscles. Despite his depression, the stud hadn’t lost one gram of muscle. «Damn, girl, keep it together!» I felt my mind sizzling with the worst, most depraved of thoughts as my gaze bathed on every curve and every crevice of that amazing, inhuman body! «It’s precisely because of your thirst that he’s like this!»

Like huge chimpanzees of pure muscle and almost no fat or hair, my baby girls climbed to my man’s shoulders, where they patiently stood. It was clear that the male didn’t quite know what to do with them, but that no way in hell was he ever going to ruin that precious moment. Ever! “Baby…” He muttered, trying to both hide his face and look at his beautiful children. Jasmine, in all her power and overwhelming confidence, jumped on my man’s neck and gave it such a powerful hug you could hear the sound of the flesh being squeezed from the other size of the huge room. Then, with aggressive tenderness, she rubbed her whole face in my man’s huge cheeks, kissing and worshiping him, making me quite frankly a little jealous—which, I guess, is the nature of all females.

Then she did something that shocked us all: “dada.” Everybody frozen. I could not believe what had just happened… and was still happening! “Da… ddy.” She said, and said it again: “da-ddy.” She ground her face harder and harder on my man, giving him what could only be described as a deadly chokehold. “Daddy. Daddy sad.” She covered my man with kisses, sucking the tears of his face, and leaving him clearly in an aghast, catatonic state.

Lioness wasn’t one to accept second place without a fight, though: hugging my man’s huge arms, squeezing his muscles as if she found in them holy protection—and what woman, indeed, wouldn’t find protection on such a stud’s massive, muscular arms, with their glorious bulging biceps and rock-hard triceps? Oh…!—, kissing him and rubbing her nose on his skin, only to move her lips and enunciate her words of love: “love daddy. Daddy strong.”

I could clearly see that my man was unraveling, and that trying to fight back against the tears was making his head hurt and swell. He looked as if about to explode, the poor bull, and I approached his legs very carefully, trying to make as little sound possible with my massive size and the bending, crumbling floor. “No woman can resist your muscles.” I teased him, looking at my babies finding such great comfort in his endlessly-wide shoulders and broad pectorals. Our eyes met, and immediately I took a lot of his pain away. Despite all my efforts, though, it wasn’t enough. “Cry.” I told him, slowly sitting by his hips. The strong, metal divan bent under my buttocks, and those many sensations—my words, my babies, his pain and insecurities…—were briefly rendering him panicky and hyperventilating. “Cry!” I pointed to my own face, allowing a few tears to roam free. “Jesus Christ, my baby, you can cry. Cry, my husband.” I laid my hands on his humongous ass, squeezing it and massaging it, unable to resist the urge of literally biting it: I leaned down to his horse-sized ass and bit it, kissing it and licking it while also hearing the twitches of… his member!… so close!

My man—my husband!—finally allowed a few tears to flow, though they were few and still reluctant. To my babies, it mattered little: they immediately attacked his face and covered it with kisses, their massive, muscular bodies making a flesh sandwich on his face. Having left their body unprotected, I took my change and leaned over it, wanting to snuggle between his powerful arms and his unbelievably hard abs. My man seemed to hyperventilate at times, and at other times he seemed to grow at peace. Taking one baby with one hand, he inspected her, and the haughty newborn smiled so cockily as she was being gazed upon by such a wonderful male specimen.

“Heeey.” He said, his deep voice so fucking sweet! “Hey, baby girl.” Upon hearing those words… fuck, my pussy unloaded!

“Aahee!!” The trio looked at me as I blushed and panted a little. “Sorry. Don’t mind me.” I looked at him. “I just squirted a tiny bit.” My juices were dripping from the edges of the divan. That ‘tiny bit’ were probably a few gallons. My arousal didn’t ruin that beautiful moment, though; my man appeared even more relaxed upon feeling the warmth of my sexual fluids on his legs.

“H-hey… baby girl.” He brough the beautiful baby to his face and kissed her. Jasmine, by his side, was clearly dying with jealously, but she was mature enough to hold back her worst impulses. As if he sensed her turmoil instinctively too, however, my husband led his other hand to the back of her head and fondled her; my baby warrior immediately melted on his shoulders, with a kitten-like smile in her face and her eyes rolling back so hard they almost became all-white. “Hey, baby… baby girl.” He kissed my baby in the nose, then looked at me. “What’s… what’s her n…?”


I smiled. To see such a huge stud trembling… fuck!! My pussy was oozing like crazy!


“Most of our kids are still without name, you know.” I climbed a little higher on his massive legs. The arousal was irresistible. Fuck! I knew I shouldn’t, but at the same time I… couldn’t!… resist! The heat and hardness of that raw Alpha were a primordial force on my female loins. I wanted to submit! I wanted to cram my fingers in my pussy and stretch it out so he could pound my womb into my brains with his 60-inch telephone-pole of a massive, breeding cock! I wanted to be fucking ravished and utterly thrashed by that god male, yet still… daaamn!! I needed to get a hang of myself!

Mounting his leg like a horse, I squeezed my swollen pussy on his godly tights, and the juices squirting out of me soon made constant dripping noises, with gush after gush of hot, fat pussy nectar flowing down his tree-trunk legs.

Our eyes kissed, and our minds made furious love. “I didn’t want to name them without you. Still, these two…” I looked to my babies. “I took the liberty of naming them. You know, first dibs.” I winked. “They’re the biggest.”

“I can… feel that.” He scooped Jasmine with his other hand, now holding both sisters in from of his face. “And this one should be…?”

“Jasmine. She’s the strongest.” Lioness shook herself on my man’s hand. “Don’t be jealous, my baby cub. You know you gotta accept the obvious.” I looked at Jasmine, who was all smiles and arrogance. “Jasmine is a fucking goddess. She’s three weeks old and already weighs a hundred pounds.”

“Yes. Yes!” He was gaining light and color at every second. “I can see that. She’s got a strong, bulky body.” The way he looked at me, it was almost like a little kid in a candy store: “are all our kids like t-?”

“Yes. All of them. The runts of the litter are still above twenty pounds at this point.” My tits, which had now swelled back to about 80% of their maximum size, were squirting fat threads of milk every few seconds on my man’s body, painting him white with milk just as he painted my womb white with his powerful, breeding milk. “My tits helped them grow into the studs they are. They’ve got a lot more growing to do, through.” I shrugged my shoulders and pressed my elbows against my tits only slightly, yet the force was already enough to… “ooh!”

Milk! Milk gushing everywhere! Jasmine and Lioness didn’t except such audacity from me so soon, but as I said… my arousal was just too hard to contain! My pussy was fucking burning on that man’s skin! Short of humping him in front of my kids, I found elation on the gentle squeezing of my tits, which in turn responded with epic gushes of milk on his face and the backs of my kids. “Fuck!!” I whimpered, feeling beads of sweat forming on my face. The heat in my body was like a thousand suns. Sometimes, I felt like just… taking that man!!… and fucking myself with his dong! Having him cum his gallons of sweet, steamy nut again in my with all his ferociousness, sinking my hands on his massive balls and coaxing his semen myself. «Please! Please!!» My thirst was downright murderous!! «Get a fucking hold of yourself!!»

I released my tits, relaxed my shoulders, and then covered my mouth in shock. “Oh, god! Baby, I’m sorry…!”

“It’s okay.” He smiled. “It’s okay.”

A tremendous tension was formed between us four. My daughters looked at one another, smirking, probably knowing much more about the businesses between a man and a woman—a virile male and his fertile breeding female!—than even the most expert Casanova would back on Earth. My shortness of breath prevented my mind from being fully functional. After entering that room as the calm, reasonable partner, I now found myself struggling to not be completely and absolutely taken over by my wildest animalistic self! My gaze was crazed and vicious! I wanted to devour that man right then and there!!

“D-do you know…” I whispered, “h-how fucking painful it is…” I licked my lips. The world grew dimmer as I struggled to clear my dry throat, “h-how fucking hard it was… to go three weeks without your massive cock?!” I sucked my lower lip and bit it. “My gorgeous breeding stud?!”

My babies looked at my man, but my man kept looking at me. For a moment, even my horny pussy stopped drooling like mad, for I feared I had ruined all my patient game thanks to my stupid, oh, my stupid, raging arousal!

My man blinked very slowly, turning his eyes then to my babies. “Baby girl. Lioness.” He kissed her. “Baby girl. Jasmine.” He kissed her too. “Daddy and mommy… need a moment to talk.”

No more words were needed. Without a warning… “Hey!” I almost jumped out of the divan. “Wait!” My babies just leaped from my stud’s body and crawled their way out of the room. No, ‘crawling’ wasn’t exactly what they did; with their overdeveloped arms and massive, horse-like legs, they literally trotted on all fours to the room’s exist, like little fillies finally learning to walk. “Damn!” My jaw dropped as the two genius children stopped by the door and looked back at us with knowing smiles.

“Haff…” Jasmine struggled with the new words. “Havv… have…” Then, grasping the language, her eyes shone and her lips moved: “have fun.”

They left us, with the giant iron door sliding shut and sealing the room.

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

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