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A young, teenage muscle god challenges an old, virile bull to a “fight” in a harem of hundreds of gorgeous, busty nymphs! [FREE PAGES, babies!]

The young, powerful, muscular teen felt hands running along his legs, fondling and fumbling his ass, and grabbing his hard, hot genitalia.

Many sighs of amazement and astonished expressions:

‘Pargasus, love! Did you grow??’

Smiling, he looked down at her.

‘Leave it.’

‘Oh, Pargasus!’

Hungry hands climbed over his body, fondling that extraordinarily hard and muscular member between his legs.

‘Oh, by the gods, Pargasus!’ Thick and meaty lips moistened his abs. ‘You’re literally a living sculpture!’

The young man didn’t push them away. As frustrated as he was, he couldn’t reject the caring touch of so many fabulous nymphs.

His genitalia began to react: little by little, his penis appeared from under his robes, rising imposingly in his hips.

‘B-by the gods!!’ Many chins fell. ‘Pargasus!!’

The rumors they’ve heard about that god were all true!

More and more nymphs got closer. Within seconds, that tall and powerful young man was surrounded by thirty fertile, squirming ladies.

‘Oh, Pargasus! Pargasus!!’ They fondled his waist and grabbed his crotch. ‘How can a man have so much dick??’

They’ve never seen a teenager like that one.

Pargasus was just barely over eighteen, and yet, at the height of his 7.7-feet, he already had a larger, more beautiful and vastly more muscular body than Apolo’s.

‘M-m-my… my god!!’ Many of these nymphs tried to climb the young man’s body, crazy to reach the prick that throbbed and irradiated heat.

‘Careful.’ He smiled. ‘It’s hot!’

‘Oow!! Oow!!’ Many immediately withdrew their hands from that prick, which was scalding! ‘Oow, Pargasus!’

‘By the gods!’ One of them shouted. ‘Feel these balls!!’ She squeezed the man’s two bloated testicles. ‘I can’t even grab a single one with my hand!!’

The male smiled proudly.

‘Yes, I know.’ He answered, almost bored. ‘My balls are bigger than a bull’s.’


‘A horse, a donkey, I know. I’ve heard all the comparisons.’

‘My god… by god… what a god!!’

Once many of those hands began staining his dick with the that other male’s spunk, however, he man decided the had enough.

‘Back off! I’ve got to speak to Zeus!’

‘Oh, Pargasus! Pleas… ooooh!!!’ And the women puked all the spunk that had been come inside her.

Bloooorrrsssh!!! Splooooorrrssshh!! Pints and pints of the thickest broth left her mouth, splashing on the floor, making puddles grow around the young man’s feet.

‘Oh, Pargasus!’

‘Don’t insist! You’re all filled with his seed!’ And he stopped before the enormous door of that last room, ready to open it. ‘I’m not sharing my women with any other god… ever again!’

And so saying, as he opened the heavy doors, the young god was hit by a stream of hot air and heavy, white fumes from inside.

What he saw there left him floored. Even though he already expected a scene of incredible destruction, he just wasn’t prepared for the scale of that obscenity!

Over five hundred women laid all around the enormous chamber, all writhing, all trembling, all bloated with the seed that slowly leaked through their pores.

The air was hot and heavy, like a sauna’s.

The women outside tried to get in, but the young man promptly closed the door in their faces: blaaam!

‘Oooh, Pargasus! Pargasus!’ Yelped the bitches inside, feeling the presence of another masculine body amongst them.

‘Ladies.’ He greeted them, walking to the center of that carnival of females.

Booom-booom-boom…!! It was like giant boulders falling over a mountain’s coast; like… lightining bolts!… and thunders!… making the whole earth rumble and the walls tremble.

Getting closer and closer, the young man could finally see the figure behind all that fog: over a giant circular bed, holding a beautiful female body in his arms, the most powerful of all males —a super masculine creature, king of all gods!— copulated like crazy with his female.

‘Thank you for shutting the door, kid.’ The powerful god spoke without bothering to look at him. ‘These females can be a nuisance, sometimes.’

Zeus, the mightiest of all the deities, was casually fucking his eighth- or ninth-hundredth woman of the day.

The young man gulped when saw his immense frame: 8.4-feet of pure virility and muscle rose above him, making him feel like an ant.

‘Oooorrrh, aaaaarrrhh!’ The woman in his arms cried and screamed, unable to handle that much pleasure. ‘Oooh, daddy!! OOOOHR, OOOORRRHH…!!


The god sank her pussy in his prick! Pargasus gulped again, seeing the member penetrating and tearing the woman in half.

Zeus held her with both arms, lifting and lowering her body in his prick, cramming eight inches of it in and out of her cunt.

‘Cum.’ He spoke, and from the girl’s pussy… spliiiirrsssshh!!!

‘Oooh!’ Pargasus gave a step back, avoiding the splashes of lubricants that nymph came all the time!

Her head was in the clouds! Her eyes swirled in heaven while her screams mounted and her pussy blasted female nectar all over the super-god’s body.

With ripped, 12-pack abs and a chest wider than two men’s, Zeus was so big that her lubes on his body evaporated before even reaching his waist.

The super male lifted and lowered her body twice or thrice per second, extracting multiple orgasms after more multiple orgasms from her beat-up body.

Oooorhh, aaarrhh…..!!!‘ She bit her lips hard. ‘AAAAARRHHH!!!!

The pussy ejaculated another tiny puddle on the man’s body.

Uuurrhh…!!’ Zeus roared deep, finally getting tired —or rather, bored.

‘Zeus…!!’ He heard many weeping voices around him. ‘Zeus…!!’

Looking down, the super god saw some other twenty, no, thirty women crawling to his thick legs, trying to climb up the bed to scratch him, bite him, oh, anything that caught his attention.


Unable to wait for their turn, the women resorted to rubbing their cunts on that horse’s powerful legs.


As soon as their fingers touched the male’s balls, each as big as an ostrich egg, they immediately crammed their free hands in their pussies, masturbating until reaching powerful (and almost instantaneous) orgasms!

‘Ooohh, what a god!! What a god, aaarrrhh!!’

Their juices splashed all over the bed, already so soaked in cunt soup.

‘Ooohh!! Aaahh!!!’ At least eight women were cumming at the same time.

Without a drop of sweat, Zeus kept using that female like a vibrator to his never-ending prick.

‘What is it, Pargasus?’ Still without looking at the intruder nor losing his focus, the god asked. ‘I feel you’re angry. What do you want from me now?’

Before Pargasus could answer, many women interrupted him, touching his thick legs:

‘Pargasus! Pargasus… this god… oh, Pargasus!!’ Their hungry eyes rested on the male’s fabulous genitalia. ‘Oh, my god! What a cock!!’

‘Mmmm!!’ One of them, fingering herself ferociously, held the prick with one hand. ‘My god! So thick!’ Her smiled was huge. ‘You are an Olympian, young Pargasus!’

Zeus, however, wasn’t willing to share any of his females:

‘Do not touch him! Stand back!’

The women obeyed —though begrudgingly.

‘Oh, Zeus! Why??’

‘Silence, whores!’ The god’s voice blasted like thunder, making all the ladies freeze in fear and delight.

The supermale picked up the pace of his thrusts in that woman: one, two, three… four… five times a second!…

Ooooorrh!!‘ He roared. ‘Aaaarrhh…!!!’

Five times a second, the god pierced that body with his prick, making her head split in a torment of pure bliss and ecstasy.

Spliiiiirsshh…!!! The girl’s pussy came unending jets of pleasure, drenching the man’s balls with fat, thick juices.

Giving his rival a severe look, the Alpha god re-established his dominance:

‘Ain’t sharing none of my girls! They’re my females, after all! Uuurhh!!’

The woman shut up, letting her orgasms speak for themselves.

She didn’t know how much longer she could last like that! She had been having orgasms for five minutes straight!

‘Mmm, mmrrm!!!’ The god prepared to cum. ‘I’m nutting my fat, heavy seed in your womb, bitch!’

‘OOH!!!’ The woman’s ejaculations only grew stronger, and all the nymphs got closer to watch the spectacle.

Pargasus, very humbly, gave one or two steps back, knowing just how messy the ejaculations of that god could be!

«Zeus…» He thought, not avoiding a feeling of admiration for that old human bull.

Even with all the years, his white hairs entailed, that horse was still more muscular than him! His prick could barely get to half its length when fully crammed inside his woman!

The god shamelessly flaunted his sexual power, drawing five multiple orgasms out of the woman for every thrust he gave.

Oooorrh!!! Aaaaarrh!!

She was a big girl; a 6ft-tall Amazon mare with so much muscle, ass, breasts, and legs one could make two other women out of her.

Still, that super god held her like a ragdoll, using her as a jerking device to his gigantic dong.

The women around him got more and more restless! The male was very close to an explosion, they could feel it!

The balls —boom-boom-boom!!…— pumped more and more seed to his prick, which bubbled up with pints and pints of lubes in her cunt.

Spleeerrsssh, splooorrssh, spleeerckk…!! The thick, hot broth ebbed out of her and fell over the bed, building puddles on the sheets.

The male was ready to shoot, and his filthy mare didn’t know whether she could handle all of his power!

Oooorrrh!!‘ Zeus twitched his face, pumping his prick in the girl’s body at least five times a second.

The girl’s ejaculations were constant. Zeus’s whole massive frame was drenched in female juices.

Ooorrrh, oooorrh…!!!‘ The bitch cried as his thrusts became faster and more ferocious: 8.5 inches until reaching her cervix —which was about 30 to 40% of his horse prick’s total length!

‘Imma cum, you whore!!’


His prick began to rumble and throb, getting even thicker! Pargasus gulped as he prepared for the spectacle.

After a brief pause, Zeus crammed her deeper in his prick, sending the girl’s soul to the skies.


As her pussy came like a hose, the horse prick prepared to shoot.

Uurrh… uuurrhh…!!!‘ With his face convulsing, the god let the full power of his orgasm shake the foundations of that building —and the entire Olympus with it!

‘By the gods!’ Pagasus gave a step back, startled by the tremors.

The super male’s balls contracted. Bloooorssh!! The prick blasted like a geiser, a true volcano of masculine magma from its tip, and in a single second….

Aaaarrhh….!!!!‘ The woman rolled her eyes. ‘OOAARRH!!!

In a single pump, she felt her whole pussy swelling with so much spunk. Croooaarck!! Her hips widened as the blast sent pints and pints of semen to her womb, drowning it in semen!

Before that first blast was over…

Aaaahhh!! Aaaaahhh!!‘ She felt all of the semen exploding out of her pussy and raining on the hips of Zeus, who roared:

Uuuuurrrrh!! Uuuuuurrrhhh!!!‘ Her legs were covered in white.

The females dragged themselves over that ocean of spunk, wishing for just a tenth of the pleasure her colleage was experiencing.

While the pussy exploded, the man’s first nut reached its end.

Then came the second: ‘ooooorrh…!!!‘ Before the first gallon-sized nut was over, the second one burst even more powerful. Bloooorssh……!!!

The woman felt a mass of gallons and gallons and more gallons of sperm cush her womb under its amazing, virile pressure. Soon, the ladies around could literally bathe on the rivers bursting from her pussy.

Many laid down and rolled on the bed like dogs on the grass, just waiting for more jets of spunk to cover them completely.

‘Ooow, Zeeeus…!! How can you cum so much??’

The blast lasted five seconds… six seconds… and then slowly diminished.

Uuuurrrhh….!!!‘ The super manly god nutted a third time! ‘Oooorrhh!!!

The female felt her soul being expelled from the body, taken by the infinite, virile seed of that super stud.

The semen fell in rivers, cataracts from the pussy. The woman’s hips were bloated; her belly, once so thin, now grew with the literal pints of spunk the male ejaculated inside her.

Twelve pints, fourteen pints… that male nutted, in a single blast, almost a gallon of pure, hyper-concentrated seed.

And that was still nothing, for his fourth nut was just about to begin!


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The blonde smiled and squeezed her brunette’s waist harder.

Her abundant muscles no longer intimidated her. In fact, she felt a different kind of heat and fire burning up on her guts.

The fire of dominance. The heat of utter power!

«So that’s how… a male feels!!»

Licking her lips, she fell with her mouth on the brunette’s neck.


Spliishh-spluuurt-SPLOOOORRRSSHH!! Three powerful jets exploded from her pussy, drenching the blonde’s waist so much that the lubes fell in two thick lakes around her legs.

«Biiiiiitch…. biiiiiiiiitchhhh!!»

She felt her blonde’s kisses and powerful suctions climbing over to her ears, where she uttered, with great joy:

‘Big-o whore! How do you feel, huh… being dominated by a tiny bitch like me?’

And… slaaaaap!! She gave her iron arse a powerful, truly hurtful blow!


In no moment did she expect…


Spliiiishhh… spliiiiiishhh!!! Fuck! She squeezed so strong and steadily that G-spot, with such intense and indescribable mastery, that at no point did the brunette stop cumming —nor her pussy could stop… spliiiiishhh!!… squirting madly to all sides, like a meat hydrant.


She could feel and hear the blonde laughing as she sucked, fumbled and masturbated her whole body. She couldn’t just leave this insolence like that!!

«Hera! Heraaa!! Hera, give me strength!!» The Spartan warrior preyed to her goddess… and her muscles…!



The muscles of her whole body tensed up, giving her so much strength that her arm, around the blonde’s waist…


Craaaack! It crushed her belly until she felt a sharp pain on her spine!

‘Don’t you stop fingering me, slut!’

‘Oooooww! Oooowww!!!’

With renewed power, practically puffing fire through her nostrils, the brunette placed three fingers on her bitch’s G-spot and… and…!

‘Bitch! Who’s your owner??’


‘Who owns your pretty ass?! Say it! Say it now, slut!!’


Buum!! The three fingers, on the blonde’s cooch… BUUM! Powerfully pressing her G-spot…

SBLOOOOOOORSSSHHHH!!! Like a hydrant, she…!



Blooorshs-bloooorssh-spliiiirssh-sblooooorrrhhh!!! The blonde began to squirt insanely, not in long, thick, easy-to-trace jets, but in numerous rhythmic explosions, like multiple watery grenade blasts on the tip of her cooch.



Both women fingered each other G-spots furiously, making their cunts…!


‘FUUUUUUUUCKKK!!!!!’ Roared the brunette lioness!



Her long, thick, well-toned right leg climbed on the side of the brunette’s hips.

Both women now climbed over one another and… rubbed each other’s waists and breasts… clashing their bodies while trying to see who could make the other come harder!



Both women looked at one another, completely out of their minds.

‘MY… FUCKING…!!!!’


Neither of them could believe…! The sheer force of the sensations…! They were provoking…!!



On each other’s bodies!

Their eyes crossed for a flash of a second, when both women became absolutely certain of only one thing:


Both declaimed, both screamed, and both kissed as their fingers, deep inside their cunts…!!



…increased the fingering pace… until… until…



…they felt explosions and lightnings and incredible acid jets of electrifying jest run over their waists.

And then came… then came….!!



Both women pulled each other heads, feeling the most powerful orgasm… of their entire lives… getting closer!

‘Ooooww… ooow, fuuuck….!!’


Their kiss was broken as their bodies sustained the most incredible burst of pleasure…



They shut up and… froze!… all the while the orgasm ravished them and….!

…tore their souls in half!






The whole bathroom quaked. The mirrors were completely fogged and the floor was hosed with literal gallons of female spunk!



Spliiiiirssshh-spliiiiisssh-squiiiiirrssshhh…. SBLOOOOORRRRGGHHHH!!

It was… simply!… too much cum!!!



The fingers couldn’t stop monstrously stimulating each other’s pussies while through their labia exploded ounces and further ounces of female lubricants.

The blonde was the first one to cede: she climbed over her partner’s massive body and…


Spliiiiiirsssshhh!!! Came over all her abs, oiling her body up with the shining fluids of her orgasm.

‘Sluuuuutt!! SLUUUUUUTTT!!!!’


The brunette took her hand off her pussy so she could support the blonde’s entire frame as if she was cowgirl-fucking her!



The brunette flexed up her potent muscles, making the blonde’s body jump up higher and higher with her potent riding motions.

Both ladies’ pussies were still… still!…





A carnival of spunk fell from between both mighty women’s legs. The brunette looked down and saw that another quarter gallon had been ejaculated.

The bodies of both goddesses were anointed on their own liquids of pleasure.

Ssssss……SSGUUUUUUSSSHHH!!! After one long vibration and a moment of tension, the blonde’s cunt exploded in incomparably larger volumes of spunk.

‘Sluuuuutt!! Ooooohh, whooooore!!’


The bathroom’s mirrors trembled while both women came and exploded in jets of almost uncontrollable heat.

With the entire blonde’s weight sustained over hers, the brunette allowed herself the luxury of laughing out loud, for she had won that ferocious fight!

‘Wore! Look here, you slutty blonde!’


She grabbed the blonde bitch by the hairs and gave her a kiss she would never forget.

‘My white whore!’


Holding the blonde on her arms, the brunette walked away from the sink and carried her to the middle of the bathroom.

‘I’m gonna show you how you fuck for real!’

‘Oow, nooo… aaaheee…!’

Squiiiisshh!! But her pussy again ejaculated a messy jet of cum, prompting her to bite the shoulder of her super-powered brunette, who seemed to feel not the slightest pain.

Buum! To her surprise, feeling all the air leave her body, the blonde was unceremoniously thrown… buuum!… on the floor!

‘Take that, ya worthless bitch!’


When her sight returned to normal, however, she saw the brunette…


…totally laid down over her body on the floor. ‘Aaahh!!’

That 200-pound muscle mammoth was crushing her delicate, busty bimbo frame.

‘Blondie, blondie…’ She said simply to her face, locking her on…!


…the mightiest of kisses, and sticking both fingers…


…inside her cunt and!… and!…

Fingering them! The blonde’s eyes got lost amidst the darkness as she lifted her head up to the skies and screamed for all the gods to hear her:


The brunette was now making a masterpiece with her body. She was…! She was…!

‘Good bitch! Let me show you how to fuck like a man!’


A thumb on the clit; a finger on the G-spot; three other fingers each on a different erogenous spot inside her cunt.

All of them vibrating fifty times a second. All of them pressing and massacring…


Squiiiish-squiiish-squiiish-SQUIIIIIIISH-squishsquisssh-squiiiishhhh…. that beautiful, tiny, precious little white girl’s cunt!

Like a machine gun, some three or four jets of female spunk burst from that pussy… every… single… second!

The brunette didn’t give a damn about the unbelievable amount of pain —almost agony!— she provoked on that blonde; she lowered her lips to her neck and massive breasts and sucked them, blew them with her fat, hard wide mouth overfilled with passion.


The blonde screamed louder and deeper, every time more…


‘Oh, look at that!’ Even the brunette, feeling the immense amount of spunk on her fingers, smiled and relished on her own accomplishment.

The blonde squirted for three seconds straight, her pussy shooting a larger wad than three dicks combined!


Her breathing became coarse and raspy —a stage of pleasure the brunette knew all too well!

All the liquids had already been depleted on her body, and even her veins and arteries found it difficult to simply move the blood around, for she was so desperately dehydrated!

The blonde’s eyes began to swirl, losing their warmth, just like a corpse’s!

Smiling to no end, the brunette…

‘Time to finish my job, bitch.’


She took all her fingers from that pussy, which nonetheless…

SPLAAAAASSSHSHHHH!!! Ejaculated powerfully, for a whole second, one last round and…

Spliiish-spliiss…. SPLIIAARRHHH!! Found strength to squirt three additional times.

The brunette positioned one thigh in the middle of the blonde’s thick, toned legs.

‘Fucking shit, blondie! What thick thighs you’ve got!!’

‘Nooomb…. mmnooo-mmm…’ The blonde was, however, out of her system. She did indeed look dangerously close to death!

As if the brunette, oh, well, would care! No fucking way! With her two massive arms, she took her blonde doll by the waist and the back and… pulled her up!


The sight of her tits was too tempting for the brunette not to just… sluuuurrp!! Go down on them and suck them greedily!

‘Mmmm, delicious!!’ She commented, almost laughing, for the blonde was once again lactating with so much pleasure.

‘Thaaaat…. oooh, thaaat iiiss… oooohhh….!!’

The blonde clang to her friend’s back and squeezed her powerful muscles. With one thigh in between her legs, the brunette prepared her grand finale.