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A giant demoness CRUSHES her sexy angel with countless orgams by fingering her, milking her, and so much more! [FREE PAGES]

The demoness smiled as her angel screamed, feeling like a goddess of hell as the muscles rippled through her body and the veins made her arm bulge and swell. She wouldn’t have been bigger or heavier even if she were made of pure iron. The demoness was a 11ft-tall, 800-pound monster of muscles and power… and she would now completely destroy her angel with all this power.

“All these muscles, my dear, used for just one thing:” her eyes beamed with the fires of hell, “crushing your cunt!

Nooo…!!” The angel almost shot tears through her eyes, so intense was her agony.

The demoness relaxed her arms and led her hand to the angel’s steamy cunt. Her hungry fingers wasted no time in flickering every inch of her engorged labia and her raging clit. The cunt felt immensely hard and hot as the demoness performed the very first motions, creating an avalanche of orgasms in the poor angel’s body.

Her hair spiked up and lightning bolts burst from her skin. Her screams shattered all the glasses in the room, with its huge chandelier blowing up and swinging threateningly in the ceiling. Sharp pierces of glass rained down on the demoness, who nonetheless kept her pose as her fingers raged in the pussy.

Three fingers sank deep into the cunt, and for a second the demoness whelped in pain, feeling a burn in her whole palm as the cunt was short of breathing fire. “Holy fucking shit, angie! The fuck is all that heat??” Steam burst from the angel’s every pore. “Damn!!” The demoness felt the incredible pressure almost tearing her bones into pieces. That cunt alone had more muscle power than a horse kick. “You fucking bimbo bitch, aarhh!!

The demoness’ thumb massacred the angel’s clit while her pinky splurged on her labia, and her three middle fingers performed pussy-genocide in the depth of that cunt, fumbling her cervix and venturing into the womb as the angel replied with oceans of lubes gushing at scorching temperatures –enough to make the demoness scream in pain. “Fuck!!”

Despite her agony, the demoness redoubled her efforts, and the loud, roaring sounds coming from her angel’s tits reminded her that they had gone too long without a good suction. “Give me your mommy cream, bitch!”

FUUUCK…!!!” Lumina screamed endlessly as the demoness’s mouth was bloated with gallons of juices. For the first time in ages, her belly started to grow.

Moved by her powerful orgasms, Drayla’s spread her wings and flapped them, making the demoness hover on the ground, then on the bed.

As the nectar was pouring through the edges of the bed like several waterfalls, a strong fire grew in the angel’s womb, burning her eggs and cooking her ovaries while the demoness unleashed lightning bolts from the tip of her fingers, seizing her entire body in one long, powerful, soul-stealing orgasm. “Let me show you show a few of the tricks us demonesses learn down here.” She ravished Lumina with mighty lightning bolts from her fingers, feeling much of the orgasm ricochet back into her own body as the angel became stiff like metal rod.


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A muscle giantess CRUSHES and ANNIHILATES a smaller fitness girl! / GALLONS of squirt in these filthy FREE erotica pages!

The little girl then started to violently, uncontrollably hit her with mighty blows, throwing her head, her legs, even her ass against her muscles, screaming like an animal as she fought like three huge bodybuilders. Her strength was such that Vanessa couldn’t could her up for too long; she was just too unprepared by that surge of power to quickly adapt to it.

“Fuck me!” She dropped that woman, who quickly lept to her left and landed about ten feet away from her. As Vanessa and the other girls looked at her, it was almost as if that girl had transformed into a different beast.

“Well, would you look at that.” Gaston mightily played with his cock, making his balls slowly rise and sink on the ocean of spunk he had come after all those hours of orgy. “You awakened her Devil’s Cunt.”

Vanessa held on to the question while she first saw that massive body in front of her: the girl had not only increased in size, but her body seemed harder and more powerful than ever. She was almost looking at a being a pure muscle (if not for her fatter tits and ass).

The ripped woman was covered with thick, throbbing veins from her toes to her forehead, and steam came through every pore of her as she puffed smoke and looked at Vanessa with her gritted teeth and her eyes shining with a bloody red.

Vanessa stepped back, her heart trembling in fear. She was facing a wild animal; an over-muscular, super-aroused wild animal.

“The fuck is a Devil’s Cunt??” She finally asked, and Gaston calmly answered:

“It’s sort of like an inner goddess of a woman. Well, not exactly a goddess, but a devil.” He looked at that mighty beast, who was grunting as she breathed, still cumming milk through her tits and squirts through her cunt, powerfully and mightily feeling a discharge of a hundred electric power grids in her nerves. “You see that she’s still orgasming? You’ve struck all the right nerves in her. When a woman has their pleasure center sufficiently stimulated, she can turn into a beast mode like you see now.” Gaston smiled proudly at her. “I’ve never seen anyone do it except for me. You’re amazing, Vanessa!”

“T-thanks… I guess.”

The massive, muscle-ridden beast gave a little wince forward, making Vanessa vacillate by stepping back again. If not for Gaston’s sudden raising of his arm, that situation could have ended on a blood bath.

“Watch out, Vanessa. She’s a beast now. Don’t have mercy on her.”

“What do you mean by that?”

The furious girl was expelling steam though every pore, her breath so powerful and hot Vanessa could even see some flames coming out of her nostrils and teeth.

“I mean that… you can go all-out.” He smiled. “Or else you’re just going to die.”

“Fuck me!”

“No, Vanessa.” And he turned his gaze to that bloodthirsty animal. “Fuck her.”

When he lowered his arm, the creature lept to Vanessa. The giantess didn’t even see what happened as her body was violently thrust against a wall and her muscles were massacred by the sheer force of the impact. *craaarsh!!* The other girls saw cracks grow all over the wall and up to the ceiling as Vanessa was crushed against the stone, repeatedly beaten by that bestial, muscle cunt. “Rooooaarr!!!” The powerful little woman, who was so much smaller than Vanessa, squeezed the giantess by the waist and effortlessly lifted her up. The wall cracked and turned to dust as the beast kept crushing and pushing Vanessa’s body against it. The giantess felt her insides being squeezed out of her like toothpaste; her organs almost popping like ballons as the smaller beast held her with just one arm and… sank her fingers on her cunt!


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Two muscles GIANTESSES break every single tile of a bathroom with their intense, raw FUCKING! [Unique FREE PAGES!]

The redhead made the entire bathroom quake with her howls of pleasure. Her womb was bursting with fumes! She felt numerous liquids filling up her cunt.


The brunette smiled, squeezing with greater strength, speed, and power those new pleasure points, paying special attention to her clit, where she made rough, circular motions with her thumb.

‘AAAHEEM……… AAAHH………!!!!’

The redhead took her fingers off the brunette’s pussy, finally throwing the towel.

‘What a pussy!’ The brunette thought, basking in her victory as she touched her agonizing redhead faster and faster and faster.

‘AAA…… AAA……….!!!!’

Her body was overtaken by tremors and shivers. Her pussy labia hardened around the mighty brunette’s fingers.

Without further ado, the first jets exploded:


‘Ooooheem!!’ The brunette twerked over her friend’s hips, almost cumming by feeling her immense orgasm!


SPLIIIIIIIIISSSHHH-SPLIIIIIIIIIIISSHHHH……!! The first cum jet was so strong it blasted all around her hips. Drip, drip, sblorsgh, drip… the droplets fell thick and hot on the floor.


‘AAAAHEEMM….!!!!!’ Her whole body shivered, and new waves soon followed…

SQUAAAAAAASSSHHHHHHH!!! … reinforcing that first, ultrapowerful orgasm.

‘God…!’ The brunette marveled. The redhead was ejaculating a continuous jet for over two seconds and a half, and soon would reach…

‘AAAHEEM….  AAAHH………..!!!!!…….. AAAHHHHHH!!!!!’

‘My god, girl!’

The redhead’s body was hard; she didn’t do much more than just turning her head to the ceiling, with her gaping mouth, and cumming wave after wave after wave of the same long thread of female spunk.

‘STOO……… PLE…. PLEASE…..!!’ She tried to beg. ‘STOOOOPPP!!

‘No way!’ And the brunette massacred her pussy with yet more vigor, changing the erogenous spots once again.

Her pinky finger, on the pussy labia, soon penetrated her to press an extra spot inside, which basically….!


SPLIIIISSHH………!!!!!  Her pussy stopped ejaculating. Judging by the way the woman trembled and her muscles hardened, something much bigger was approaching.

Brrrrruuuuuumm!!! The brunette’s fingers on her pussy vibrated like engines over those four erogenous spots simultaneously.

The tasty redhead came for over a minute straight… yet this was just the beginning of her real orgasm!

«That’s what I call a dang good warm-up!» The brunette smiled, penetrating her with greater strength and passion.

In a matter of minutes, she felt new, violent…


…grotesque orgasms…!!


…. shaking the very foundations of that hot redhead’s body.

The pussy contracted! A mere two seconds later…


‘God!!’ The brunette laughed. SBLOOOORRHH!!!

All at once, full buckets of cum burst out of the pussy. The brunette’s fingers kept working day and night inside that mushy, tasty piece of meat, which sprayed… and vomited…


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Get ADDICTED to my new muscle woman & fitness dominatrix BUNDLE: “Muscle Amazon Domme!” [FREE PAGES]

The man breathed out of pace. Little by little, his face began to tear up.

The brunette leaned over even further on his pecs, making all the spunk on her breasts fall on the man’s huge body.

The pussy kept going lower and her labia devouring inch after inch of that god prick.

‘OOOOW……!!!’ For a moment, the man swore he couldn’t possibly keep it together.

The woman was going deeper than any pussy has ever managed with him. Even his wife, a very tasty, delicious blonde, couldn’t ever go deeper than six inches on his dong.

And that brunette there actually went much, much further beyond: seven inches… ‘ooooohh!!’… eight inches…!

‘What a goooooood tick, my male!’


Claack! For every word, for every syllable she spoke… claaaank!!


…the pussy bit that prick powerfully, making him…

‘Im gonna… oooow, mommeeee…!!’

‘Uuuh, say it! Say it, my hot boy.’

‘Oow, mommy… oow, oow, I’m gonna cum…!’

She raised an eyebrow, thinking it was amazing that…


The man nodded frenetically.

‘I-I-I-I-I-I c-c-can’t h-hold on a-any l-longer!!’

Slaaap!! The giantess gave his masculine face another powerful slap.



‘You can cum, my male. Cum. Cum!’

Claaack! Claanck! Cluuucnk!!

‘AARR…………………!!!!!’ The pussy powerfully clamped down on that man’s dick, devouring inches so deep the man never thought any woman could ever go so far.

«Whooore!! Oooh, sluuuut, aahiiiii!!!»

His body contorted while the whore literally laughed at his misery:

‘Oooh, my boy! Big beautiful momma’s boy! Take it!’

Claaank!! Tears began falling down from the man’s reddish eyes.


He convulsed furiously, not having where to hide the countless screams of pleasure that piled up inside his chest.

The giant whore was nine inches into him! He  could already feel the tip of his prick pressing against the gates of her cervix.

To his shock, then…

‘Ooow…. aaaaaaaahiiiiiiiiiimmm…!!!’


Clanck, clanck, clank…!!! The pussy contractions became involuntary.

While she pressed for the final inch, the pussy bit all the penis’ length with vibrations outside her control.



‘Shut up! Shut uuuup….!!’

‘B-b-but… oh, mommy…!!!’

Bloooorrnng! He felt something… completely new…

‘My god!’

His female’s cervix… had given in!


She threw her head back and experienced an immense wave of pleasure.

The man had his eyes almost popped out, barely able to understand…

‘Y-you… you cum…?!’

…how his woman managed to cum with his dick literally penetrating her cervix!

She pierced her partner’s muscular shoulders with her nails, making him bleed.


His scream, however, was obfuscated by his lady’s lioness’ roar:


‘Aaarrhiimm…. aaaanhh…!!’

Ploooc! Another half-inch of his horse cock penetrated the woman, whose pussy…

‘Oooh! Oooh! Oooh, ooh, oooh, ooohaaa…!!!’

The man quivered without respite. That woman, she!… She was giving him multiple orgasms!


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[FREE PAGES] A muscle Amazon fitness babe CRUSHES her cocky officer in my newest erotica: “Disciplinarian Muscle Brunette”

They kissed. The hot muscular babe pierced that male’s neck with her tongue, sucking him so hard she made him cough and lose his breath.

‘Oh, my god! Poor little boy!’ She broke the kiss, letting the man finally breathe.

‘My god! Your tongue….!’

She then stuck all her tongue out… to her man’s dismay.

‘Fuck’s sake!’

That tongue was longer than many penises!

‘I’ve been blessed in every possible way.’ She kept showing off her fantastic member, just like a well-endowed guy proudly displaying his prick.

‘What… what a tongue, damn it!’

‘Wanna guess how long it is?’

‘I… I-I…’

The woman answered:

‘Six inches.’

‘Fucking sh-!’

She held his chin strongly, shutting him up.

‘Watch out for the tongue, my boy.’

‘Ooow… aaahim…

‘Uuuh… my sweet little hot stud son! Uuuh!‘ She squeezed her massive, hard tits in between her arms, making those melons bloat to even more obscene proportions. ‘Would you like to suck your momma? Take my milk now?’

‘My god… you… oh, you…!’

She pressed on it inside her man’s mouth.

‘Come, drink. Suck my tits.’


While he splurged and gorged on those unbelievably hard tits, the muscular Amazon held his dick with a hand and returned to masturbating him.

Sleeprt, schleeeprt, schluurpt… her fingers made gooey, bubbly sounds while they pumped that prick with so much spunk flowing in between them.

‘You milk’s sooo hot, my male.’

‘Ooow…. mmmmmrr…!’

‘You literally cum like ten guys. I like you. Oow, oow…’

She then leaned her head to his face and, like a bitch claiming her territory, gave him another thirsty, hungry lick.

The male let go of her tits and looked deep into her eyes:

‘Why… oh, w-why…??’

She kept jerking him off casually, as if the motions were second nature to her.

‘Only one man in this world can own me: the supersoldier.’


‘All other men… oow, oow, my stud… look at me! Just feel my hands on your sweet, thick cock!’

‘God fucking damn it!!’

She held his balls and began to masturbate them with just one hand, abler than any professional.

The man went back to contorting his whole body, losing control.

Like a very loving bitch, she returned to sucking and licking all his body while exploring his bountiful hard muscles with her other hand.

She kissed him and flexed her own powerful muscles over his body:

‘Big strong man you are!’


‘You must be very used to giving the orders in the bed, aren’t you?’

‘Aaaiim…. aaahim…’

‘But I know what you want for real.’

‘Aaaim, mommy…!’

‘I know who you truly are!’


He could barely believe it, but his penis, completely hard… was readying itself to shoot yet again!

Sleeeerpt! The woman licked and sucked his neck filled with love and lust.

‘Fucking hell!’

On her ears, she kept talking with the purring voice of a cat in heat:

‘You want an Alpha woman… muscular… powerful like me bossing you around on the bed…’

‘Oow, mommeeee! Ooow!’

‘Shut the fuck up.’

‘Oow, yes… yes, ma’am.’ ‘You’re going to cum again… and you won’t make a sound.’