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A Brazilian Amazon rips the clothes off her body just with the POWER of her muscles and crushes a literal BOULDER on her thighs! [FREE PAGES!]

From her spread out legs came a steamy squirt. The thread of nectar splashed on my legs and bathed them in woman cum. I smiled as I flexed my guns and showed her the sheer power and hardness of my biceps; a leathery, stretching sound came from them, like two thick belts being twisted to a ripping point. The labyrinth of veins and arteries that covered them could hardly be described; my guns swelled to enormous proportions while she could literally see, from the distance, the pints of blood being pumped in my arms, giving them the strength of a goddess.

“C-can you crush a boulder with those legs?” She asked me, her tongue dripping with desire. I looked down at her body and genuinely admired her. She was like a supermodel, if supermodels had boulder-crushing thighs and asses of a Brazilian goddess.

She was a blonde Barbie girl from a perfect American lineage, daughter of a massive, rich Alpha stud and a drop-dead supermodel, but she had also inherited an ass and legs able to rival my own.

“I bet you could.” I snapped back, and she replied by loudly flexing her own, fair-skinned legs. I could see the hundreds of fibers hardening and her Greek-column thighs swelling to obscene proportions. “Damn, girl!” I commented while also flexing my abs. “You’re a mare!” And she giggled, feeling the ground shake around us.

There was an earthquake going on in those hills while we showed each other our muscles. Per my friend, the stud of her farm was plowing relentlessly through his two hundred mares, fecundating them with his seed and guaranteeing new, healthy breeds of strong horses to her parents.

I doubted the validity of her claims, however, as I heard and felt the powerful rumbles and quakes of the land; the barn was still a mile away, yet I could feel the action as if it was happening right by my side.

Sometimes, the quakes and the booms were strong enough to steal our attention. Her body lightly moved on the ground whenever the stud seemed to be particularly active up there, though this could have also been explained by her sheer arousal for me.

As my blonde girl felt the energy rush through her legs, her incredibly swollen and hardened pussy expelled more thick juices of cum on my body. Every time she squirted, she did so loud and messily, with brothy juices squishing out of her cunt.

My abs burned, hit by that awesome juice. My lips drew the most beautiful of smiles as I looked down and saw my body dripping with her nectar, the sheer testament of a woman’s fertility coating my skin.

I flexed my six-pack and enraptured her gaze. Powerful veins sprawled through my neck as my six muscles throbbed and bulged obscenely, and then two new more muscles were added to the pack right above my pussy, the sheer power creating an aura around my body.


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A giant muscle god tears the body of two hitchhiking lesbians with his 17in+ monster cock! [FREE PAGES]

The two ladies felt their pussies swell, moistening up madly.

‘By the… l-love of… god!!’ The brunette’s eyes couldn’t get any bigger.

‘W-w-who d-do ya…’ The blonde shook her face. ‘Where the hell did you come from??’

«From Olympus.» The young man considered to reply, but maybe that would have been too much for those two mortals.

Instead, he let them make their own conclusions:

‘I think, my beauties…’


‘…you’d be more interested in what I have to give you.’

And he let the white rope fall: vuuuussh!!

At first glance, the girls had no reaction.

Their throats hurt and their hearts throbbed strongly, heating their bodies with more copious volleys of blood.

Their pussies were swelling to the naked eyes; they could feel the flames eating them from between their legs.

‘God… m-m-my god!!’ Iara shook her head several times. ‘Pinch me, Raissa, pinch me!’

But Raissa herself couldn’t believe… that monument!

‘Oooh… wow!’

Muscles! Muscles all throughout! The man wasn’t just big, he was massive! In all her fitness years, she’d never seen such a hard, ripped male!

His abs sported a twelve-pack —twelve! The man was so ripped she could literally see the blood flowing inside his veins and insanely bloated arteries.

‘Ooow… oooww!!’

The brunette soon realized she had no words left in her. «My g-god!! What a god!!» That was all her mind could repeat before that magnificent horse of a man.

‘Ooow, my god!! You’re bigger… aahee!!’

She looked to his prick. Both women felt their pussies leaking nonstop.

That penis… that gigantic prick…!

‘Ooohh!!’ Bruuum!! The brunette literally fell on her knees, unable to maintain the strength in her legs. ‘M-m-my g-god!!’

That horse’s prick was insultingly huge! It stretched out in a straight angle, pointing right at its lascivious targets.

‘So?’ The arrogant male opened up his arms, multiplying the muscles of his body and making the prick rise higher and higher.


The being got closer. Buuum, buuuum, buuum…!! His prick seemed to only grow larger and larger!

Raissa couldn’t believe the immense girth of that monster… much less it’s horse-sized length!

The guy was literally bigger than any horse! How was that possible?

‘M-my g-g-god!’ She gulped nervously all the time. ‘M-my sweet god!!’

Buuum, buuuum…! The being stopped a few steps away from the ladies.

The blonde laid her eyes on immense balls dangling below the prick; one could see the veins multiplying and the gallons of semen flowing in the sack at every passing second.

‘My god!! My god, my god, my god! Look at thiiis!!!

But Raissa was far too hypnotized by that anaconda to pay attention to anything else.

‘Oooh… what a dong! What a… fucking prick!…’  She ran one finger along the biggest arteries throbbing on that massive shaft. ‘Ow, ow, ow!!’

She felt the blood flowing inside the vast duct, which was thicker and wider than her thumb.

‘M-m-my god… m-m-my…’

The god soon felt two hands in his balls, and saw it was the blonde who touched them and squeezed them.

‘God!! Oooh, what a… fucking Greek god!!’ She was right, even though unknowingly. ‘You… oow, my god, how much…’

«Seed!» Her mind completed what the mouth was still too shy to utter.

The god flexed his muscles and made the prick stand higher still; his phallic monster, as it happened, wasn’t even half-hard!

‘Touch it. Enjoy it.’

‘Oooww… aaaheeemm…!!’

The male didn’t just have ‘testicles;’ he had cannons balls filled with semen, throbbing with the gallons and gallons of sperm he produced at a frenzied pace.

‘My god… my…!!’ The blonde lowered her mouth to those testicles. «Holy fuck!!» Those balls were literally larger than pomegranades! ‘Oooh, fuck!!’

The mega-god started stroking her hair, treating her like his little dog.

‘Is my girl enjoying daddy’s balls?’

She barely even looked at the man, rolling her eyes as she licked and slurped all over those titanic balls!

‘My god… m-my god!…’ The little girl was completely drunk in sex, infected by the intoxicating virility of that male. ‘Raissa!!’ She called her friend. ‘I can feel the spunk inside! Ooooh!!’

Buuum!! The two balls throbbed and swelled, as if proving a point!

Oooorrrhhh…!!!’ The mega-god let off a coarse growl, making the whole valley shake.

Oooo-aaaiiimm!!’ Raissa squirmed as soon as that prick grew even thicker before her face and…

Bloooorshh!!…expelled a thick, powerful load. «M-m-my god!!» The brunette was floored. «Is he already coming?»


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A muscle giantess pumps gallons of thick jizz from the 24-inch horse cock of her stud! [FREE PAGES!]

The two roared like animals, and there was a loud thud before the catacombs fell back into the most mortal of silences. Vanessa opened her eyes and felt them almost popping out of her skull. The pleasure was just too inordinate for her to even comprehend. She felt herself stretched to a splitting point and her womb moved to unnatural places inside that body.

Gaston wasn’t on a much better state either, roaring and wailing on the ground like a desperate beast, as if Vanessa’s grip on his cock had been a jaguar’s fangs to a poor prey’s neck.

In one swift motion, Vanessa had gone balls-deep in the man. Poor Gaston even felt inadequate as he saw that body suddenly making his entire cock vanish.

“Fuck you, woman!! Oorhh…!!

Vanessa had to quickly retake control, lest she wanted her man to go mad. Shivering with cold as she descended from the mighty orgasm, feeling her cunt squirt juices all around the man’s mighty rod, she looked at him and said:

“Don’t cum. Do. Not. Cum.”


Both man and woman were going mad with all that was happening at once. Gaston felt his balls being showered by Vanessa’s nectar, which was squirted at high pressures from her cunt. Vanessa not only crammed that entire 24-incher inside her, but she also locked the beast in a tight grip with all her muscles. Hell, even her womb had closed on the beast’s watermelon-large head like one powerful hand-grip, crushing the entire muscular mast under every square inch of its surface.

Vanessa entered a long, orgasmic state that made her tits squirt milk. Gaston too was suffering tremendous, immense orgasms, though of a more agonizing kind –he, after all, could not unload.

Vanessa’s muscles rippled constantly and uniformly. Long and unbroken threads of milk burst from her tits, showering the sides of her man, hitting the many bodies that he had fucked to oblivion, but missing her man, who wailed and begged: “Vanessa!!” She heard his cries and, with her eyes still shut and her face still looking at the ceiling, turned her chest to him and showered him with one tits.

The man didn’t even open his mouth, as much as he tried to. As the creamy milk hosed his face, he was still experiencing a discharge of orgasmic power. «Fuck…! Fuck this woman!!» He cursed his lover as she made him suffer like no women ever came close to. “Oh, fuck, you potent mare!”

But Vanessa wasn’t even working him yet. In her body, she felt that world-of-a-cock conquering every organ and viscera in her, pushing against her insides as it throbbed mightily and beamed with masculine power. She felt, due to the change of pressure and heat at the base of the cock, a new, massive load of jizz climbing up the beast. She turned her angry eyes to Gaston and barked: “no. Cumming.”

And Gaston roared. Oh, the poor thing roared and beat his head against the bodies he used pillows as he shut the influx of spunk inside his mighty rod. Vanessa felt all the jizz he had previously let ooze to the tip of his cock now in her womb; a blob of cum so large that, as she sat on the cock, the liquid had covered her entire pussy and burst through her labia, coating the man’s balls on their own seed.

And what balls he had! Vanessa was sitting on them, feeling all the jizz that flowed monstrously inside them. She felt another wave of multiple orgasms rush through her body, making her smile so beautifully and squirt more milk through her tits. Her orgasms were both powerful, but controlled; it was not that the orgasms had grown weaker, but that her self-control had grown so much greater.


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A muscle giantess pumps GALLONS out of her stud’s 24-inch monster horse cock! [FREE PAGES!]

She’d promised herself she would not stop for anything, however, and stop she didn’t: her body rose and fell on the man’s balls, pumping that miles-long rod with all her mighty as she literally heard the milk sloshing inside the man’s seed-makers, heavy enough to make his legs slowly spread apart as his sack reached the size of two bowling balls. “My poor, little bull!” She pitied him while pumping him in a delirious kind of frenzy. She was torturing that stud and loving every second of it.

She felt that dick increase in girth and power all the time, yet still she felt completely in charge of him, like she was finally a woman who discovered her proper dominance of her man. She tamed that bull like the most experienced of cowgirls, and as she opened her eyes and saw his desperate, quivering face moving from side to side and his head repeatedly hitting the ground, she realized her victory was not a too far-off dream.

She kept pumping. And pumping. And pumping some more! She pumped until splashes of sweat and lube were falling all around her, sprinkling on the man’s enormous muscles and turning into steam upon  contact with them, and her breasts were hosing milk at a maddening pace, her huge gazongas throbbing and producing gallons of that sweet juice, which was shot far beyond the guy’s body, painting the bodies of the dozens of other passed-out women white.

“Fuck!!” She roared, her eyes burning with power. “Fuuuuuck…!!!” She pumped that dick with her whole body three times a second, crushing the man’s balls each time and feeling the dick gain outrageous girth with all the veins that multiplied on it.

At one point, her monster begged: “fuck you, woman!! I’m gonna blow!!”

“No, you’re not!” She quipped back immediately, pumping him mercilessly. “I’m gonna pump you for as long as I wish and you will not; I repeat: not gonna cum!!” She licked her lips. “You only cum when I say so, which is not now! Do you hear me? NOT NOW!” And she pumped him mercilessly

The walls of the catacombs quaked again as her body deliriously pumped that monstrous dick, making the man’s whole body swell as the pent-up energy grew to insane degrees in his sack. Rising and falling with ludicrous power, the Amazon wondered whether she wasn’t awakening something dark and dangerous inside that man’s body. «He’s growing!» She realized, trying to focus her blurred, dizzy sight at him and seeing every muscle of his bigger, heavier, and his whole stature much more imposing that his already terrifying self.

As her pumping motions made louds booms every time she sat on his balls, the woman tried to gauge his height and realized that the man was at least five inches taller than his old self. «He’s about 8’8-feet now!» And her heart throbbed, realizing that he was taller and mightier than even the heaviest of gorillas!

She saw his muscles throbbing and rumbling every time as she pumped his dick, like she was an air pump making her man grow more and more swollen. She felt power and fire on the man’s veins, the blood literally making his skin shiver with the speed of its flow.

She did so for ten minutes: pumping! Ravishing that cock with her full body, making the man quiver on the ground until he was periodically screaming for mercy: “fucking whore, you cunt!! Stop it! I’m gonna blow!”

Yet she confidently admonished him every time: “no, you’re not, my bull. You’re way stronger than that!” The dick had grown to about eight inches of width –two inches of which were pure veins and blood. “Fuck, you’re so built! You’re hot like a volcano! Fuck! I wish I could see your balls now!” She licked her lips, delaying her gratification too for as long as possible so that the pleasure of her eventual release would be unbeatable. “They must be so swollen and heavy!” Her ass, smacking the man’s balls, let her know that she may have been underestimating it all. «Fuck!» She always tried to hide her fears as she though. «Fuck, this bull is big! It’s like I’m sitting on a bag of cement! Seriously, though, how big are his balls?»


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A muscle giantess CRUSHES and ANNIHILATES a smaller fitness girl! / GALLONS of squirt in these filthy FREE erotica pages!

The little girl then started to violently, uncontrollably hit her with mighty blows, throwing her head, her legs, even her ass against her muscles, screaming like an animal as she fought like three huge bodybuilders. Her strength was such that Vanessa couldn’t could her up for too long; she was just too unprepared by that surge of power to quickly adapt to it.

“Fuck me!” She dropped that woman, who quickly lept to her left and landed about ten feet away from her. As Vanessa and the other girls looked at her, it was almost as if that girl had transformed into a different beast.

“Well, would you look at that.” Gaston mightily played with his cock, making his balls slowly rise and sink on the ocean of spunk he had come after all those hours of orgy. “You awakened her Devil’s Cunt.”

Vanessa held on to the question while she first saw that massive body in front of her: the girl had not only increased in size, but her body seemed harder and more powerful than ever. She was almost looking at a being a pure muscle (if not for her fatter tits and ass).

The ripped woman was covered with thick, throbbing veins from her toes to her forehead, and steam came through every pore of her as she puffed smoke and looked at Vanessa with her gritted teeth and her eyes shining with a bloody red.

Vanessa stepped back, her heart trembling in fear. She was facing a wild animal; an over-muscular, super-aroused wild animal.

“The fuck is a Devil’s Cunt??” She finally asked, and Gaston calmly answered:

“It’s sort of like an inner goddess of a woman. Well, not exactly a goddess, but a devil.” He looked at that mighty beast, who was grunting as she breathed, still cumming milk through her tits and squirts through her cunt, powerfully and mightily feeling a discharge of a hundred electric power grids in her nerves. “You see that she’s still orgasming? You’ve struck all the right nerves in her. When a woman has their pleasure center sufficiently stimulated, she can turn into a beast mode like you see now.” Gaston smiled proudly at her. “I’ve never seen anyone do it except for me. You’re amazing, Vanessa!”

“T-thanks… I guess.”

The massive, muscle-ridden beast gave a little wince forward, making Vanessa vacillate by stepping back again. If not for Gaston’s sudden raising of his arm, that situation could have ended on a blood bath.

“Watch out, Vanessa. She’s a beast now. Don’t have mercy on her.”

“What do you mean by that?”

The furious girl was expelling steam though every pore, her breath so powerful and hot Vanessa could even see some flames coming out of her nostrils and teeth.

“I mean that… you can go all-out.” He smiled. “Or else you’re just going to die.”

“Fuck me!”

“No, Vanessa.” And he turned his gaze to that bloodthirsty animal. “Fuck her.”

When he lowered his arm, the creature lept to Vanessa. The giantess didn’t even see what happened as her body was violently thrust against a wall and her muscles were massacred by the sheer force of the impact. *craaarsh!!* The other girls saw cracks grow all over the wall and up to the ceiling as Vanessa was crushed against the stone, repeatedly beaten by that bestial, muscle cunt. “Rooooaarr!!!” The powerful little woman, who was so much smaller than Vanessa, squeezed the giantess by the waist and effortlessly lifted her up. The wall cracked and turned to dust as the beast kept crushing and pushing Vanessa’s body against it. The giantess felt her insides being squeezed out of her like toothpaste; her organs almost popping like ballons as the smaller beast held her with just one arm and… sank her fingers on her cunt!


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A massive muscle woman eats the 24-inch cock of her giant bull… and sucks it like a straw, drying out his gigantic, pinneaple-sized balls! [Steamy FREE PAGES!]

«God!!» Her mind raced! That man’s tongue completely took over her mouth, sliding down her throat until she was gaggling and squirming with its vigorous massages. The man’s tongue just kept going and going and gooooing, and his hands and powerful truck-log arms kept fondling her body like he was a rancher evaluating the quality of his mare.

Her feet left the ground as he pulled her up. His tongue massaged her throat so vigorously that she unexpectedly found bursts of pleasure coming from her breast. That monster was striking erogenous spots all over her body without even aiming for the obvious places, and she was the one who grinded her cunt all over his massive hips, not the other way around.

Once again, maybe due to her asphyxiation, the panting bitch dropped tears of ecstasy. Her soul was split from her body as the monster dropped her on the ground and undid the kiss. Then, she could finally have a peek on that creature’s vast, endless tongue.

“Fuck… how?!…” She shook her head. “How big is you tongue?”

He casually replied:

“Twelve inches.” And then stuck the whole monster out for her to see.

Her jaw dropped and her knees trembled. She spread her legs open, a little unconscious of the act, and gazed upon the massive, dripping, throbbing member, which was almost as large as her husband’s hard cock. That monster was unbelievable.

“Use it!” She begged, opening her legs and pulling up her panties. The cloth sank in her cunt and her engorged labia popped through its sides. She was dripping with desire, and a very small puddle had already started to form between her feet. “Use that fucking man-meat on me!”

The priest grabbed her again, sinking his mouth on her lustful tits. “Oow!!” She wailed, wrapping her massive, melon-crushing legs around that bull’s hips. As the man sucked and splurged on her planet-sized gazongas, she had a nasty idea: conjuring up all the might she had in her body, she closed her legs on that bull and squeezed his hips. Such was her strength that soon her own bones were creaking –she had been proven to literally shatter boulders with her thigh grip in her teenage years.

Still, that monster just kept sucking on her tits like it was nothing to him. She was both aroused and disheartened. Was she really so helpless next to that living, breathing man-bull?!

“Fuck… ooh!!… you!!” She came and creamed herself as the monster worked her tits like four different studs at once. Her pussy secreted juices in his clothes, which were all stained with girl cum and his own jizz. She was crazy fertile, with her womb heating up to a bowling point and her mammalian glands producing enough milk to feed a tribe’s worth of children.

Eventually, milk started sloshing out of her nipples, feeding that bull like she was just one dairy cow for his personal use. “Aaaw!!” As she felt her feminine liquids being sucked out of her, the monster’s cheeks bloated with him filling up his mouth and gulping cupfulls of her motherly essence.

The monster was filling his own stomach with milk just the same way he had filled her with his. The difference, of course, is that her milk could never be as hot or thick as his.

“Fuck me…!! Oh!! Fuck me, you’re good!!” She grinded her cunt on his hips as it kept expelling rivulets of juices all over him. With his lips dripping with her milk, the giant complimented her:

“Your milk is rich and creamy. You’d feed strong babies with that powerful woman lotion, my mare.” She felt her ovaries producing countless eggs with that sexy-talk. A part of her even knew those weren’t just idle words.

“What do you mean, daddy?” She asked, and the hung bull placed his hands on her warm, strong belly. “I’m saying, my mare, that I’m going to breed you with strong babies, and you’re going to deliver child after child to me until you’re old and cranky and of no more use to my mighty rod.” He stepped back, still towering over her like no man ever could. “You might have a husband, but I’ll be your breeder. You won’t even need to worry about his seed, because no other male seed can compete with mine.” He smirked. “If I nut on a woman, whatever other lesser seed you have in your body will be stifled by mine. That’s a feat impossible in any male biology other than my own. Now, my mighty cow,” he bucked his belt, “fill up your stomach with your bull’s milk.”


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EXCLUSIVE PAGES of my 5-in-1, lesbian muscle domination & wrestling SUPER BUNDLE!! :D

The blonde smiled and squeezed her brunette’s waist harder.

Her abundant muscles no longer intimidated her. In fact, she felt a different kind of heat and fire burning up on her guts.

The fire of dominance. The heat of utter power!

«So that’s how… a male feels!!»

Licking her lips, she fell with her mouth on the brunette’s neck.


Spliishh-spluuurt-SPLOOOORRRSSHH!! Three powerful jets exploded from her pussy, drenching the blonde’s waist so much that the lubes fell in two thick lakes around her legs.

«Biiiiiitch…. biiiiiiiiitchhhh!!»

She felt her blonde’s kisses and powerful suctions climbing over to her ears, where she uttered, with great joy:

‘Big-o whore! How do you feel, huh… being dominated by a tiny bitch like me?’

And… slaaaaap!! She gave her iron arse a powerful, truly hurtful blow!


In no moment did she expect…


Spliiiishhh… spliiiiiishhh!!! Fuck! She squeezed so strong and steadily that G-spot, with such intense and indescribable mastery, that at no point did the brunette stop cumming —nor her pussy could stop… spliiiiishhh!!… squirting madly to all sides, like a meat hydrant.


She could feel and hear the blonde laughing as she sucked, fumbled and masturbated her whole body. She couldn’t just leave this insolence like that!!

«Hera! Heraaa!! Hera, give me strength!!» The Spartan warrior preyed to her goddess… and her muscles…!



The muscles of her whole body tensed up, giving her so much strength that her arm, around the blonde’s waist…


Craaaack! It crushed her belly until she felt a sharp pain on her spine!

‘Don’t you stop fingering me, slut!’

‘Oooooww! Oooowww!!!’

With renewed power, practically puffing fire through her nostrils, the brunette placed three fingers on her bitch’s G-spot and… and…!

‘Bitch! Who’s your owner??’


‘Who owns your pretty ass?! Say it! Say it now, slut!!’


Buum!! The three fingers, on the blonde’s cooch… BUUM! Powerfully pressing her G-spot…

SBLOOOOOOORSSSHHHH!!! Like a hydrant, she…!



Blooorshs-bloooorssh-spliiiirssh-sblooooorrrhhh!!! The blonde began to squirt insanely, not in long, thick, easy-to-trace jets, but in numerous rhythmic explosions, like multiple watery grenade blasts on the tip of her cooch.



Both women fingered each other G-spots furiously, making their cunts…!


‘FUUUUUUUUCKKK!!!!!’ Roared the brunette lioness!



Her long, thick, well-toned right leg climbed on the side of the brunette’s hips.

Both women now climbed over one another and… rubbed each other’s waists and breasts… clashing their bodies while trying to see who could make the other come harder!



Both women looked at one another, completely out of their minds.

‘MY… FUCKING…!!!!’


Neither of them could believe…! The sheer force of the sensations…! They were provoking…!!



On each other’s bodies!

Their eyes crossed for a flash of a second, when both women became absolutely certain of only one thing:


Both declaimed, both screamed, and both kissed as their fingers, deep inside their cunts…!!



…increased the fingering pace… until… until…



…they felt explosions and lightnings and incredible acid jets of electrifying jest run over their waists.

And then came… then came….!!



Both women pulled each other heads, feeling the most powerful orgasm… of their entire lives… getting closer!

‘Ooooww… ooow, fuuuck….!!’


Their kiss was broken as their bodies sustained the most incredible burst of pleasure…



They shut up and… froze!… all the while the orgasm ravished them and….!

…tore their souls in half!






The whole bathroom quaked. The mirrors were completely fogged and the floor was hosed with literal gallons of female spunk!



Spliiiiirssshh-spliiiiisssh-squiiiiirrssshhh…. SBLOOOOORRRRGGHHHH!!

It was… simply!… too much cum!!!



The fingers couldn’t stop monstrously stimulating each other’s pussies while through their labia exploded ounces and further ounces of female lubricants.

The blonde was the first one to cede: she climbed over her partner’s massive body and…


Spliiiiiirsssshhh!!! Came over all her abs, oiling her body up with the shining fluids of her orgasm.

‘Sluuuuutt!! SLUUUUUUTTT!!!!’


The brunette took her hand off her pussy so she could support the blonde’s entire frame as if she was cowgirl-fucking her!



The brunette flexed up her potent muscles, making the blonde’s body jump up higher and higher with her potent riding motions.

Both ladies’ pussies were still… still!…





A carnival of spunk fell from between both mighty women’s legs. The brunette looked down and saw that another quarter gallon had been ejaculated.

The bodies of both goddesses were anointed on their own liquids of pleasure.

Ssssss……SSGUUUUUUSSSHHH!!! After one long vibration and a moment of tension, the blonde’s cunt exploded in incomparably larger volumes of spunk.

‘Sluuuuutt!! Ooooohh, whooooore!!’


The bathroom’s mirrors trembled while both women came and exploded in jets of almost uncontrollable heat.

With the entire blonde’s weight sustained over hers, the brunette allowed herself the luxury of laughing out loud, for she had won that ferocious fight!

‘Wore! Look here, you slutty blonde!’


She grabbed the blonde bitch by the hairs and gave her a kiss she would never forget.

‘My white whore!’


Holding the blonde on her arms, the brunette walked away from the sink and carried her to the middle of the bathroom.

‘I’m gonna show you how you fuck for real!’

‘Oow, nooo… aaaheee…!’

Squiiiisshh!! But her pussy again ejaculated a messy jet of cum, prompting her to bite the shoulder of her super-powered brunette, who seemed to feel not the slightest pain.

Buum! To her surprise, feeling all the air leave her body, the blonde was unceremoniously thrown… buuum!… on the floor!

‘Take that, ya worthless bitch!’


When her sight returned to normal, however, she saw the brunette…


…totally laid down over her body on the floor. ‘Aaahh!!’

That 200-pound muscle mammoth was crushing her delicate, busty bimbo frame.

‘Blondie, blondie…’ She said simply to her face, locking her on…!


…the mightiest of kisses, and sticking both fingers…


…inside her cunt and!… and!…

Fingering them! The blonde’s eyes got lost amidst the darkness as she lifted her head up to the skies and screamed for all the gods to hear her:


The brunette was now making a masterpiece with her body. She was…! She was…!

‘Good bitch! Let me show you how to fuck like a man!’


A thumb on the clit; a finger on the G-spot; three other fingers each on a different erogenous spot inside her cunt.

All of them vibrating fifty times a second. All of them pressing and massacring…


Squiiiish-squiiish-squiiish-SQUIIIIIIISH-squishsquisssh-squiiiishhhh…. that beautiful, tiny, precious little white girl’s cunt!

Like a machine gun, some three or four jets of female spunk burst from that pussy… every… single… second!

The brunette didn’t give a damn about the unbelievable amount of pain —almost agony!— she provoked on that blonde; she lowered her lips to her neck and massive breasts and sucked them, blew them with her fat, hard wide mouth overfilled with passion.


The blonde screamed louder and deeper, every time more…


‘Oh, look at that!’ Even the brunette, feeling the immense amount of spunk on her fingers, smiled and relished on her own accomplishment.

The blonde squirted for three seconds straight, her pussy shooting a larger wad than three dicks combined!


Her breathing became coarse and raspy —a stage of pleasure the brunette knew all too well!

All the liquids had already been depleted on her body, and even her veins and arteries found it difficult to simply move the blood around, for she was so desperately dehydrated!

The blonde’s eyes began to swirl, losing their warmth, just like a corpse’s!

Smiling to no end, the brunette…

‘Time to finish my job, bitch.’


She took all her fingers from that pussy, which nonetheless…

SPLAAAAASSSHSHHHH!!! Ejaculated powerfully, for a whole second, one last round and…

Spliiish-spliiss…. SPLIIAARRHHH!! Found strength to squirt three additional times.

The brunette positioned one thigh in the middle of the blonde’s thick, toned legs.

‘Fucking shit, blondie! What thick thighs you’ve got!!’

‘Nooomb…. mmnooo-mmm…’ The blonde was, however, out of her system. She did indeed look dangerously close to death!

As if the brunette, oh, well, would care! No fucking way! With her two massive arms, she took her blonde doll by the waist and the back and… pulled her up!


The sight of her tits was too tempting for the brunette not to just… sluuuurrp!! Go down on them and suck them greedily!

‘Mmmm, delicious!!’ She commented, almost laughing, for the blonde was once again lactating with so much pleasure.

‘Thaaaat…. oooh, thaaat iiiss… oooohhh….!!’

The blonde clang to her friend’s back and squeezed her powerful muscles. With one thigh in between her legs, the brunette prepared her grand finale.


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The door suddenly… blaaaam! It sprang open, and through it, the soldiers saw a divine —or demonic!— body coming in.

‘Hey, guys! How ya doing?’

‘O-o… Olivia!’

It was almost a joke, the way the doctor presented herself before them.

She wore only her pants and her unbuttoned white coat, allowing the soldier to see the powerful muscles of her torso and the middle of the two hard, massive tits.

Her six abdominal muscles were an aggressive sight to most of those men, many of whom didn’t even have a body nearly as fit as hers.

The dashing brunette smiled, knowing full well the effect she had over all those frustrated men.

Over her right shoulder, she carried another absolutely fantastic woman!

‘Brought you a little gift.’

The men watched in awe as she walked to an empty chair in the middle of the room, carrying over her shoulders an incredibly tall and curvy blonde.

The reporter! The beautiful busty, big-assed, long-legged Nordic reporter that had interviewed those soldiers just a while ago!

‘You… you two…!’

The brunette answered with a wide smile and a smacking of her lips:

‘We fucked so hard my girl here couldn’t handle it: she passed out, poor little one, but don’t ya worry: she’s waking up in a hitch.’

‘You… and you…’

The woman twirled her hips in a very show-offy manner, revealing to all her extraordinarily big and hard ass over legs so thick it was almost tearing off her pants.

‘I’m very well, thank you.’

‘B-but… but you…’

‘Ay, loves, quiet, quiet, please!’

And the soldiers couldn’t do anything but to watch that big woman carry her blonde like a very manly lumberjack with his tree trunk over the shoulders.

With a handful of movements, very graciously, the brunette sat the unconscious blonde down on the chair, and then casually sat down herself on a nearby chair, observing those men as if nothing had happened.

‘So, boys. Tell me what’s new!’

The men coughed and tried to hide their boners, turning around to avoid the sight of that woman.

‘We… mmm…’ One soldier eventually decided to speak. ‘We’ve been talking.’

‘Oh, I know that. Judging by your hard dicks, I think you were talking…’ And she smiled, ‘about us. About how we fucked so wildly on that bathroom, huh?’

The general took over the conversation:

‘Doctor Olivia, please, try to keep the decorum.’

‘More decorum than this, general? We’re in the land of sex! I believe we can talk freely about fucking, can’t we?’

Many soldiers muttered and protested silently.

Poor boys! Though there were 1,354 women inside that complex —1,354 of the hottest women on the planet—, they rarely got a piece of any of them.

They were a bunch of sexually frustrated servants; no more than eunuchs taking care of the most fabulous harem in all of human history.

The harem of their 24-year-old, 7.6ft-tall, 550lbs supersoldier, whose body was an absolute wall of virility, masculinity, and perfectly sculpted muscle!

That was the reality of those poor guys! The doctor should better understand and respect their pain…

But nah! She was the kind of woman who, when she sees an open wound, throws salt over it and rubs her thumb just for fun!

‘My beautiful woman has fainted.’ She looked to the blond reporter, completely beat-down over the chain, purring sweetly, hastily and clumsily dressed up. ‘You need to send someone to clean the bathroom, by the way.’

‘That, mmm, will be arranged.’

‘Oh, how good.’ She smiled. ‘I wrecked this little pussy…  as I do with all the beautiful nymphs I find on my way!’

‘Doctor Olivia,’ the general once again interrupted her, ‘don’t you have better things to do? Taking care of our supersoldier’s wives, for instance, and look after their babies?’

The massive woman rose from the chair, making some soldiers gulp with intimidation.

‘You’re right, general, I do. Both their babies…’ And she touched her own belly, ‘as well as mine.’

The tits got a little more exposed, making some soldiers…

Crrreeeeck….!! Their immensely hard penises made a coarse noise against the fabric of their uniforms. Witnessing their affliction and despair, the doctor laughed.

‘Five children.’ She caressed her chiseled belly very passionately. ‘Only a month in —too soon to know the sexes.’ Smiling diabolically, she turned around to all the soldiers, showing off her sculptural body. ‘Your superboy is… by far… the world’s most potent male! Wow, what a bull! Not even a wild animal can be so fucking fertile and virile like he is!’


‘Thirty thousand kids!’ She licked her lips. ‘Thirty thousand children at the age of twenty-four! Not even literal bulls can be so potent! And thirty thousand perfect children! To this day, even with all of them growing in numerous homes, none has ever got ill… ever! Even the bastard kids he had in the Middle East are strong and healthy and extraordinarily potent!! This man’s nothing less than a god, and he’s breeding an entire new race of superhumans… with the help of all our cooches!’

A soldier muttered his grievances:

‘There’s no need to rub it!’

Everybody went mute, however, once the ripped brunette looked down at them.

‘Must be hellish, mustn’t it, living like eunuchs in a paradise? 1,300 fresh pussies, and you can rarely…’


‘…take a bite of them!’

The general got up. That was too much insolence, even for her.



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‘In his first year, he impregnated 102 women. As the son of a bitch wasn’t too exceptionally fertile back then, he managed an average of ‘only’ 1.8 kids per woman. Still, in a single year… he had 184 children.’

The woman’s heart jolted in her chest.

‘A hundred… and eighty!…’

‘Oh, my dear, now’s when the math starts getting interesting. Our male doesn’t impregnate our ladies just once; in reality, as soon as he senses they’re fertile again after giving birth to his kids…’


‘…he knocks them up again —every year, year after year, nonstop!’

The woman suddenly spread her legs open, making the dark spot on her pants… squiiiiiiissh… grow.

‘What did you say?’

‘The man is a bull.’ Another soldier continued. ‘Actually… a literal bull, wild in state of nature, wouldn’t be able to match his numbers.’

And another soldier:

‘He’s one of the most fertile beings in all the mammalian family. Even rats or rabbits can’t compare to his legendary fecundity.’

The general cut them both:

‘As soon as a woman gives birth to his children… as soon as possible, he goes back to fecundating her. The same works for every single lady in his harem —which, I must remind you, never stops growing.’

The poor journalist only swallowed up dryly, barely believing what she heard, but also barely avoiding the temptation of asking, nearly begging for more juicy information:

‘What else… what else does he…?’

The general continued:

‘From his second year of breeding onwards, his fertility became… truly scary.’ His face sunk into darkness. ‘That second year, his harem had 250 women… all of whom were impregnated! At year’s end, an average of 2.4 kids was registered. If you’re keeping track, my dear, that’s 544 sons and daughters.’


‘Yeah, that’s right. In his second year of coitus, he had already become one of the most fertile men in history.’

The reporter’s heart couldn’t keep still in one place, much like her enormous, extraordinarily thick legs couldn’t stop stretching the fabric of her pants after crossing so many times.

Cold sweat began to appear on her face, yet the general pressed on without mercy:

‘You should get a calculator, dear, because the math is going to get insanely complex from now on.’

«By God!!»

The general breathed in deep and kept narrating the biblical fecundity of his soldier.

‘On his third year, if I recall it well… our guy’s harem had reached 800 women, hadn’t it?’

‘798, sir.’

‘798… oh. Please, lend me these papers. It’s impossible to keep track of his performance just on the head.’

‘Yes, sir.’

While the soldiers organized themselves, the reporter prepared her body for the… avalanche of sexuality… that mythical soldier would present to her!

‘Here it is. Third year of harem. 798 women… all of which he knocked up handsomely. That year, his fecundity was of 2.8 kids per woman, which totals about…’

‘Excuse me, excuse me! What did you say?!’

The officer looked down severely at her.

‘Dear, if you keep interrupting me at every word…’

‘But, sir, please, I… I’ve got to understand: what do you mean his fecundity was 2.8?’

‘I mean that, for every woman he slept with, he had an average of almost three kids.’

‘Every woman??’

‘That’s right.’ The journalist pressed her immense thighs against one another, making the cunt blast off numerous jets of love juices on her pink panties.



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The reporter couldn’t take her eyes off the window, finding the whole situation all too strange.

‘This doesn’t seem to me like a military base to me.’ She told her driver, who calmly replied:

‘It doesn’t have to look like one. The activities here, let’s say, are very ‘different’ from your standard military operation.

‘Mmm. I see.’ And she smiled with a naughty expression. ‘Your ‘super soldier,’ am I right?’

The man gulped dryly and answered with his voice quivering:


The reporter went back to reading the notes on her small tablet while the driver, from time to time, gave her a sly look through the rear mirror.

He had seen his fair share of pretty reporters, but that one right there…

«Holy fuck!» That Nordic blond beauty belonged to a Victoria Secret catwalk!

She knew she was being spied on, and liked every second of the attention. Ever since she got boobs and butt, around her fifteen years of age, the male attention had been a universal constant.

She could very easily follow an international modeling career if she ever wanted some easy money. But no: international journalism’s where the action was, so she followed her heart to this more exciting, albeit less glamorous career.

She bit the back of her pencil while reading those impossible notes. Outside the armored vehicle, green hills and enchanting groves kept appearing alongside the road, like the world’s most scenic resort.

«Super soldier, super soldier…» She repeated on her head, still in disbelief about everything that has been told to her.

Because, well, how could she? What a bunch of crazy stuff!

The program had started in 1994 and only bore fruits in 2022 —some eight years ago! Ten billion dollars had been spent on it, yet the results were said to surpass even the wildest expectations.

«Somehow, the army started winning every single battle to which this… soldier… was sent, and it seems to also be profiting a lot from the investment funds connected to the program. Mmm. This all needs a lot of explaining, honestly.»

Especially considering that everything seemed to revolve around a single soldier, nothing else!

‘This soldier was sent to over 128 battles… alone.’ Some generals explained, days before, in preparation for the interview. ‘He won them all… alone.’

She raised an eyebrow, nearly breaking into laughter.

‘A single soldier won almost 200 battles… all by himself?’


‘Fighting against how many enemies?’

‘Some battles, dozens. A few others… hundreds.’

And another officer went on:

‘The biggest campaign to which he was sent had over three thousand enemies… and he had them all destroyed by the end of the week.’

The reporter then began to feel a squeeze on her heart and a spicy tightening in the middle of her legs.

‘This soldier…’ She gulped. ‘He’s a man, isn’t he?’


‘And he… managed to defeat over three thousand other men… by himself?’

The soldiers simply nodded and said in unison:


The reporter felt her breasts harden, further stretching  the shirt around her cleavage.

Every piece of clothing she wore ended up with an ample cleavage, actually, regardless of how conservative or ‘priestly’ she chose to dress. It was impossible to be any other way, for her breasts not only were gigantic but also extraordinarily shapely and hardy.

Sometimes, it could be incredibly embarrassing to interview anyone with those two titanic balls dangling from her chest —especially if her subject happened to be a man.

That bombshell of a Nordic valkyrie quite simply had the world’s most stupendous titties.

As the car approached the main building, she saw how the whole place was designed like a luxury resort rather than a scientific or military place.

Vast lakes embellished the environment, surrounded by ample complexes of fancy-looking buildings and many pools and recreational areas.

Five-star resorts, indeed, could barely compare to that place. She was jaw-dropped.

«7.6-feet tall. 480 pounds.’» She read the data on her tablet, still refusing to believe it.

7.6-feet tall. 480 pounds of pure muscle… literally: the body fat index of that guy was inferior to 1%. And his age…

«My god…» She bit her lips and crossed her long, thick, sculptural legs.

7.6ft-tall, 480lbs of muscle mass, over 128 missions fought and won with his bare fists… and all of that… only by the age of!… «24 years old!»