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[NEW BUNDLE!] Five absurdly muscular and horny lesbians fuck each other’s cunts into massive squirting orgasms! (phew! Long title!)

We were all in the shack when the disaster struck.

We were happy and jiggly, chatting nonsense just like us girls love to, totally carefree.

‘Does anyone know what Raissa and Iara are doing?’ Asked Paola. ‘They’re taking too long, don’t you think?’

And we exchanged knowing looks.

‘Iara must be fucking her raw.’


‘That’s the truth, Pri! You know how Iara is.’

And we laughed, knowing how hot and slutty we could get sometimes.

The seven of us beauties alone in that shack, cut from the outside world and all the worries that came with it… it’s not as if we had planned to be completely chaste and innocent during the whole weekend, after all.

«I’m telling ya!» I thought for a moment, watching my friends unpacking all our stuff in the shack. «We’re reeeally hot!»

Even the shortest of us —Victoria— was over 5.7ft-tall. All the others ranged from 5.9 to 6.4ft —which was the case of Vanessa, the tallest, fittest, most muscular of us.

‘I’m thinking about joining them later.’ Vanessa looked at us and winked, giving us a taste of all the sexual energy than coursed through her massive body. ‘I think we need to… unwind a bit.’

That was the mood in the shack when we felt the first tremors shake the entire mountain.

«My god!!» Camilla was on her feet. «Earthquake??»

At first, we were frozen with fear, not knowing what to do.

‘Out, out!’ I ran to the door. ‘Let’s get the fuck out before this shack goes down!’

Running quickly towards the door, we felt the floor vibrating stronger, with birds flying off at the distance.

A great trembling shook the entire forest, as if the whole mountain was waking up from a deep slumber.

‘Oh, my god! Girls! Look at this!’

We looked, and what we saw was the whole mountain shaking, and all the trees on the forest around it losing their leaves.

Vanessa gave more confident steps towards me during the whole tremor, analyzing that situation with her fists on her hips and an indignant look on her face:

‘Earthquake? Really??’

«Impossible.» I thought. There was no fault line in that region! There had never been an earthquake anywhere near that place, never!

And then… then!…

‘It’s getting worse!’ Paola started to despair. ‘Guys, this is getting worse!!’

‘Oh, my god!!’ I could already see the tears in Victoria’s eyes. ‘Guys, guys, what do we do??’

‘We stay put!’ I said.


I looked at them very patiently, all while trying to keep myself cool in the face of mounting pressure.

‘Up here is the safest place possible. You’re not thinking about running down the mountain in the middle of an earthquake, are you?’

‘But… but…’

Vanessa gave one step forward:

‘Priscilla’s right. The best thing we can do now… aahee…!’

Brruuuummm… brruuumm!!… The tremors were getting truly awful, to the point we couldn’t even remain at our feet.

Victoria cried and Paola ran in circles, desperately, while Vanessa and I tried to keep a little bit of order.

It’s as if the mountain was breaking in half.

‘M-m-my g-g-god!! Aaahee!! I don’t wanna die!’

‘No one’s going to die, Vi.’

‘I-I-I d-don’t want to… aaahee!!’

I grabbed Victoria, carelessly suffocating her with my massive, hard breasts.

It was very difficult for us to gather around, seeing that both out bosoms and rears were so, uh, let’s say ‘endowed.’

‘Priscilla! What the fuck is going on??’ Paola asked me. ‘How’s it possible, an earthquake here??’

‘I have no idea.’

Then, to everyone’s shock… booom!!


Buuuumm!! Buuuuum!! Buuuuumm!!!!

‘Explosions?? Explosions, here?!’

‘Oh, my god!! It’s terrorists! They’re…’

‘Victoria, shut it.’


But the booms only got louder and the earthquakes more extreme. Buuuumm!! Buuuumm!! BUUUUMM!!

I felt Vanessa’s gigantic body so close to mine.

‘Priscilla, I’m getting scared.’

So was I. If the giantess Vanessa, so tall and shredded, with more muscles than many men, was afraid of that situation, then we had all the reason to be terrified!

And then… the impossible happened!

‘My god!!! Look!!’

Looking to where Victoria was pointing, we saw… a white thread!

‘What’s that??’

An extremely long and white thread flew like a bullet to the skies, making us look up until our necks started hurting.

A thread flew high into the clouds and there it disappeared. But that wasn’t just it.

‘Oooh, my god!! My god!!’

Buuuuum, buuuu, buuuu, buuuuuumm!! While the mountain shook stronger and stronger, many more of those threads rose to the skies like missiles!

‘Is there a military base here?’


‘That looks… like a rocket, doesn’t it??’

We didn’t know anything; we could only stare defenselessly at those huge jets moving the clouds out of place due to the intensity of their strength.

Then the earth began to shake with fury, and all of us, very scared, heard powerful growls at the distance:

Oooooaarrrhhh!! Ooooaarrrrhhhh!!!’

Our hearts shivered and our pussies… oow!!… those swelled!

‘Ooow, my god!!’ Paola was drunk and frenzied with that myriad of feelings in her body. ‘My god!!’

I too thought —and felt!— the same.

‘Oooh… mmm!!’ By my side, I saw Vanessa’s humungous body finally losing its grip and falling with her knees on the ground.

She looked at me with immense confusion and a twinge of despair, not having the slightest idea of what was going on:

‘Priscilla… ooohh… Priscilla!!’

‘Ooow!! Ooow!!’

We all felt a tremendous fire burning on our waists, as if an impressive horniness had attacked us all at the same time.

‘Ooooaarrhh!! Uuuuurrhh!!’

Those roars… those calls…!

‘Oooh, my god!! Aaahe, aaahh!!’ I laid down with my forearms on the ground, feeling my pussy burn so hard I had to lower my shorts so as to give it a bit of breathing room.

Those screams were like a primitive cry, like a lion roaring to his females.

‘Aaaahee!! What’s going on…??!’

Before we had any kind of answer, a meteor fell by our side.


Blaaamm!! Bloooorrsshh!! A giant white ball of… cream!… fell on our shack’s roof, destroying it.


The explosion of that meteor blasted the windows and painted all the shack’s walls white!

What fell there was something liquid, but at the same time incredibly thick and heavy.

‘M-m-my god… m-m-my…!!!’

Desperate, with my heart beating strongly, I looked up and screamed:

‘Get cover!!’


Looking at the sky, we saw two more of those white, giant spheres falling at high speeds towards us.



Those gigantic meteors, many as large as our bodies, crashed near us, exploding everywhere in multiple thick jets of… goo… whatever that thing was!

‘Ooow, my god!! M-my god, we’re going to…!!’

‘Come with me!!’


The gigantic woman fled from the shack.

‘Follow me, now!’

And we followed her, not seeing too much choice.

Meteors kept falling on the ground while the earth shook and split apart —literally: cracks grew all around the solid and gigantic rocks rolled down the mountain slope.

‘Oooh, m-m-my g-g-god!! Holy fucking shit!!’

It’s as if the mountain was turning into dust!

After a few yards, we found a small cave encrusted on one corner of that mountain peak.

‘Inside, come!’

With my heart on my neck, I asked:

‘A cave?? You sure?’

The white meteors blasted all around us: bloorsh, blooorsh, bloooorssh!! The impact was so strong it caused new earthquakes!

‘Aaahee!! Aaahee!!’

The whole mountain was shaking, and the world seemed close to an end.

‘You too, come!!’ Camila, Victoria, and Paola were already inside the cave, taking cover.

‘Alright.’ I ceded. ‘I hope you know what you’re doing.’

While we ran to safety, however…

‘Oooh, my god!! Be careful!’

Viiiiiiiuuuusshhh… PUUUUUMM!!

Our bodies were blasted away as one of those meteors exploded behind our backs.

‘Aaahe, aaahee!! My god…!!’ I tried to get up but felt an extremely thick and gooey, almost scalding liquid on my back. ‘Heeelp!!’

Vanesa was in a much worse shape:

‘Aaahee… aaahee!!’ She dragged herself on the floor like a slug, with that ocean of white gel crushing her muscular back. ‘Ooow, hot!! So fucking hot!!’

All pussies, meanwhile, burned like hell.

‘Aaaahee!!’ Our minds were swirling and our bodies were burning… so fucking hot!… with that magical broth covering us whole. ‘Take your clothes off, take them!!’


I quickly took off my shirt, tearing it up in the middle —craaaarrcckk!!— and leaving it back on the white puddle.

‘Aaahee!!’ I roared, just with my bra lifting my ungodly heavy and powerful breasts.

‘Aaaarrh!! Aaaarrhhh!!’ Vanessa too roared, undoing her clothes. ‘Let’s go!’

I confess that, even in the middle of all that chaos, I was staggered by the aggressive, almost masculine beauty of my friend.

Vanessa was extremely virile and muscular, with the two biggest boobs I’d ever seen on any woman —larger, rounder, and harder than any of us, that’s for sure.

Whenever she walked, it seemed the earth shook even harder. I almost stumbled on my own feet seeing her extremely ripped muscles —most ripped of which were her abs, which sported not two, not four, not even six, but eight well delineated, shapely muscles!

‘Cooome!!’ She screamed, seeing how she easily outran me.’

‘Yes, yes. Ooohh!!’

I saw her semi-naked legs, tightened in her minuscule shorts, and noted the gigantic, hard contour of her ass, which didn’t jiggle even in the middle of all that chaos.

I mean… she was so fucking hard! If I said she was completely made of muscle, that’d wouldn’t be too far-fetched a description.

«M-my god, what a body!» I gulped, getting a little envious myself.

By my side, another white meteor fell, blasting dangerously close to me.


I closed my eyes and felt my body flew away.

‘Priscilla!! Pri!!’ My friends screamed, but I could barely locate them in space.

When I opened my eyes, I saw myself again completely covered by that… peculiar goo!

‘Oooh, god!!’

The broth flowed slowly down my legs, conquering every inch of my skin and… penetrating my panties, as if it was alive and could smell some good pussy!


I couldn’t control my own horniness after being touched by that… thing!

‘Aaaheee!!’ My eyes swirled, sometimes seeing starts, sometimes just seeing everything black. ‘Aaaahee, aaahee, aaaahee!!’

The heat and the weight of that thing were no joke! I felt the hot liquid touch my vagina and fill me up with… maddening pleasure!

‘Aaaahee!! Ooooh, aaarrhh!!!’

I was feeling… so damn close!… to a climax!

Buuum, buuum, buuuuum!! Following heavy steps, I saw somebody getting closer.

‘Come here, you!’ A strong hand reached out to my face. ‘Grab it, Pri, come on!’

It was Vanessa, with her amazing body leaning towards mine.

‘Aaahee… Vanessa, aaahee!!’

I could see that the giantess wasn’t all that well herself: the pieces of goo that remained glued to her skin seemed to make her muscles, her organs, her very nerves heat up to a boiling point.

Vanessa gave one step forward and, leaning closer to me, grabbed my body with both of her arms.

‘Aaaahee!!’ At that moment, I felt the full power of her muscles, and it was no joke.

That girl was ripped! Damn! What a body, what a fucking body!

‘You alright?’

‘Mm-mm!!’ I replied, smiling foolishly.

Like a powerful male, she carried me on her shoulder and ran with me to the nearby cave, all while the world around us seemed to end.


A steamy haze surrounded us, as if the fumes from those scalding liquids had transformed everything into one gigantic sauna.

When Vanessa got with me to the cave, the heat finally became unbearable.

‘M-m-my god!! Oooh, g-g-god…!!’

While the other girls moaned and sweat, and enjoyed the opportunity to feel the muscles of my friend, who very gently put me back on the floor.

‘Hey. You… uh, you’re alright?’

I think she could already see the shining glimmer in my eyes as I looked to her fabulous muscles.

And I mean, fuck, what an amazing face she had! Such a feminine, caramel-skinned beauty, with those eyes as black as the night and those full lips… ooow, my god!!

‘Aa-aay, I… mm… I am’

‘Mmm… ‘kay. Stay right here.’

But I didn’t let go of her shoulders.

‘You’re so strong.’ I said, and she didn’t reply.

I looked deeply at her while the world around us crumbled.

‘My god!! Are you seeing what I’m seeing?’

The white broth rained like a storm outside, slowly starting to invade the cave.

‘M-m-my god!! This smell!! I know this smell!! It’s…’

I fondled my friend’s extremely ripped back while she, with one hand, touched the liquid glued to her body and smelled it.

‘This… this right here is…’

I completed for here:

‘It’s cum!’

The hottest, thickest, densest cum we’d ever seen.

‘Whaaat???’ Camila got close to the lakes outside the cave. ‘How?!’

Paola was the second one to place her hands on the liquid, giving a surprised screech.

‘Oow, god!! It’s hot! It’s sooo hot!!’

Victoria, a little more daring, sank her hand in those thick fluids and let it there, cooking inside.

‘Aaahee… aaahee!!!’

She felt such a strong agony in between her legs that she opened up her trousers to let some of the heat off.

We were all visibly shaken by the virility of that broth.

‘M-my god, what… what is this??!!’ We always asked the same questions, maybe to compensate for out utter lack of answers.’

‘I dunno, b-but…’ Vanessa answered. ‘Whatever it is… it’s not stopping!’

We looked outside and saw everything white!

The meteors of spunk fell over the ocean of cum, provoking ever deeper and louder booms with the impact.

The amount of spunk that had covered that entire surface must have been over… oow, I don’t know! Two hundred gallons? Two thousand??

How much spunk was raining down there??

‘Is this some kind of… test? I don’t know, some scientific experiment?’ Camila asked, and none of us had a straight answer for her.

We were too lost amidst out own heat to have any capacity to think straight.

‘Vanessa, err… your boobs.’ I said to my giant friend, who looked to her naked bosom.

‘I know, I know.’

They were covered in semen, which made them hot and hard —especially the nipples, as sharp as knives.

I couldn’t resist the urge to stretch one hand to them and… touch them.

Fondling those enormous globes, I felt exactly how firm, how hard they were!

‘Ooow, my god!!’

I nearly lost my sense of weight, with my heart climbing up to my chest, once I felt the hardness of those two babies. No joke, those two felt like bloated, swollen muscles!

Vanessa looked at me with mixed feelings, not knowing how to react to my audacity.

‘You’re, mm… you’re alright?’

Nope, I wasn’t… and, at the same time, I felt in paradise!

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The demoness smiled as her angel screamed, feeling like a goddess of hell as the muscles rippled through her body and the veins made her arm bulge and swell. She wouldn’t have been bigger or heavier even if she were made of pure iron. The demoness was a 11ft-tall, 800-pound monster of muscles and power… and she would now completely destroy her angel with all this power.

“All these muscles, my dear, used for just one thing:” her eyes beamed with the fires of hell, “crushing your cunt!

Nooo…!!” The angel almost shot tears through her eyes, so intense was her agony.

The demoness relaxed her arms and led her hand to the angel’s steamy cunt. Her hungry fingers wasted no time in flickering every inch of her engorged labia and her raging clit. The cunt felt immensely hard and hot as the demoness performed the very first motions, creating an avalanche of orgasms in the poor angel’s body.

Her hair spiked up and lightning bolts burst from her skin. Her screams shattered all the glasses in the room, with its huge chandelier blowing up and swinging threateningly in the ceiling. Sharp pierces of glass rained down on the demoness, who nonetheless kept her pose as her fingers raged in the pussy.

Three fingers sank deep into the cunt, and for a second the demoness whelped in pain, feeling a burn in her whole palm as the cunt was short of breathing fire. “Holy fucking shit, angie! The fuck is all that heat??” Steam burst from the angel’s every pore. “Damn!!” The demoness felt the incredible pressure almost tearing her bones into pieces. That cunt alone had more muscle power than a horse kick. “You fucking bimbo bitch, aarhh!!

The demoness’ thumb massacred the angel’s clit while her pinky splurged on her labia, and her three middle fingers performed pussy-genocide in the depth of that cunt, fumbling her cervix and venturing into the womb as the angel replied with oceans of lubes gushing at scorching temperatures –enough to make the demoness scream in pain. “Fuck!!”

Despite her agony, the demoness redoubled her efforts, and the loud, roaring sounds coming from her angel’s tits reminded her that they had gone too long without a good suction. “Give me your mommy cream, bitch!”

FUUUCK…!!!” Lumina screamed endlessly as the demoness’s mouth was bloated with gallons of juices. For the first time in ages, her belly started to grow.

Moved by her powerful orgasms, Drayla’s spread her wings and flapped them, making the demoness hover on the ground, then on the bed.

As the nectar was pouring through the edges of the bed like several waterfalls, a strong fire grew in the angel’s womb, burning her eggs and cooking her ovaries while the demoness unleashed lightning bolts from the tip of her fingers, seizing her entire body in one long, powerful, soul-stealing orgasm. “Let me show you show a few of the tricks us demonesses learn down here.” She ravished Lumina with mighty lightning bolts from her fingers, feeling much of the orgasm ricochet back into her own body as the angel became stiff like metal rod.


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A Spartan giantess worships every muscle of her massive stud -a beast with a 24-inch horse cock and over 1,000 pounds of muscle! [FREE PAGES]

The male flexed his muscles, making his dick jump, then hit back hard against his abs while spewing a large load of lubes in his face, coating his entire chest.

“That’s a secret.” He answered, but Vanessa kept faithfully worshipping his balls while also giving him a stern look.

“No secrets between us, my bull. I get so hot when I check your seed-making powers. Please, honey, tell me how many women you bred with.”

The priest looked at her with glazing eyes of passion.

“I unloaded my jizz in about a hundred and fifty thousand women before joining the church.”

“Fuck!” Vanessa really wasn’t expecting this answer, so much so that her whole body shook as she felt a rush of pure power emanating from that man’s balls straight into her pussy.

Her cunt was dripping constantly on the ground, sometimes with full threads of juices just splashing without her properly cumming. She was trying to hold back for her bull, but they were both in a battle of mights to see who could make the partner cum first with their virility and fertility.

The bull kept talking: “I fucked my first woman at the age of ten. A college girl. After that, not a day has passed since I haven’t stuck my monster cock on a nice womb and unloaded all my baby-making jizz in all of them. I must have about a million sons and daughters now, spread all over the world. I’ve banged hot scientists in Alaska, fecundated entire villages in Indonesia, and even hounded up a city of ten thousand beautiful, lush supermodels in Sweden, with whom I bred for a whole week.” He recounted as casually as a man remembering his childhood adventures. “On fashion shows, I went to the backstage and simply invaded the dressing rooms filled with hundreds of semi-naked supermodels, with whom I also breed lusciously, leaving the whole place like once giant jizz pool when I was done. I fucked my way through corridors filled with beautiful women, stealing hot girls from the arms of their pussy boyfriends and creaming inside them right before their men’s eyes. I drove past elite, all-girl colleges filled with only the best pussies in America, and I bred them all. There was once a college with 5,000 girls which I bred like a horny, raging stallion, all of whom got strong babies from my sperm. When the parents sued me, I went to their sexy mothers and bred them in front of their fathers, and I fucked the sexy lawyers, as well as some judges who dared prosecute me.” He looked at her with the confidence of a man who could walk free from literally any crime on Earth. “I literally went to the supreme court and bred with every sexy attorney and intern I could find. I jizzed all over massive, Greek-style rooms, and I filled swimming pools with my jizz. So, all in all, about a hundred and fifty thousand women whom I made mommas with my seed.” He winked. “That’s before I found God and made a harem of about five hundred to a thousand women for myself.”

Vanessa cleared her throat as she kept slobbering over those balls, sucking and pumping them more meticulously.

“And five hundred women is what you would consider chastity?”

“For a bull like me, filled with so much jizz and so much seed like me, yeah. Not that God would disapprove of.” He made his balls throb in her arms. “He created me with so much seed power so I could breed countless wombs and make humanity a stronger, sturdier race. I’m not a man as much as I am a breeding bull, my sweet.” He rubbed his thighs on her, feeling her drip harder with juices from her cunt. “You’re so aroused you’re leaking cum-juices. Baby, let me breed with you. My seed is more powerful than ever. You’re gonna cum a thousand times just with my first shot in you…”


“…and I will pump and dumb in you so hard you’ll feel like every stallion on Earth has ejaculated their seed deep in you a thousand times over.” “Shut up, your gorgeous male! Ooh!!” She flexed both of her arms, masturbating those balls with intense power. “Fuck me, you breeding bull! I know your seed has the power to breed the entire universe! Still, I want to enjoy them as much as possible before allowing you to release your mighty, volcanic broth!” She crushed those balls in her breast, flexing her biceps with great speed to milk that man for all he was worth. “Are we understood, stallion?”


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An obscene muscle stud uses his 24-inch cock to fuck a pyramid of fifteen sexy, squirting nuns! [FREE PAGES from my COMBO, babies!]

Vanessa was doing her best to remain hidden from her monster’s fury, but at that point it might have been an impossible challenge. Her long, muscular fingers used all their strength to fuck her pussy raw while she sank her mouth under the ocean of sperm and screamed; oh, she screamed and shouted profanities which were muffled by the thick, abundant jizz. Only the sounds of the heavy, popping bubbles in the surface were heard, and they grew louder the harder she screamed.

She was seeing an absolute massacre of her monster against the fifty-six gorgeous nymphs of his harem. Well, fifty-six when he had started; at that point, as he unceremoniously dropped a new body on the ocean of jizz, ‘only’ thirty-five women remained.

Those were thirty-five, however, the beast was not too eager to fuck.

“Weak sluts!” He kicked one of them in the ground, sending her flying a few feet on the spunk. “You cheap-ass whores! Is this really all you can do?” He stroked his chin, concocting new ways to please his cock. “If neither of you can satisfy me nearly as good as Vanessa, then I’ll have to do you in groups.” Then, she snapped his fingers and pointed them at a bunch of women. “You! You, and you, and you, you too, and you…” He did it for ten, gorgeous pussies. “I want you all here, forming a pyramid.

“Oh, daddy…!”

“Shut up!” As he roared, the catacombs quaked. Vanessa felt in her bones the massive power bursting, bustling from that man’s mighty shout, enough to draw another round of multiple orgasms from her, so many and so strong she felt like in the middle of another orgy with multiple studs.

As the women crawled to him, the monster turned to those who were noticeably, visibly the strongest women on the bunch. Though not as gigantic, massive, and muscular as Vanessa, they were all 5.8ft-tall or taller and weighing between 180 and 220 pounds of ripped, rock-hard muscle.

They were not the supermodel-like bitches that the giant had been consuming so casually until that point; instead, they were more like Vanessa: thick Spartan goddesses built like boulders.

They were five mighty women. Though mostly naked, they still wore their bras and panties –a clear sight of autonomy when the other women had completely thrown off their clothes at the command of their male. The Alpha male walked towards them with a smile both cocky and respectful, recognizing that their beauty and strength were a few notches above all other ladies he was consuming.

“You, whores, I want you as the base of the pyramid.”

The huge mares looked at each other and crossed their arms. Their incredible abs rippled as their biceps swelled and their huge arms built a solid barrier of sweet Amazon muscle. None of them had less than a steel-hard 6-pack in their bellies –absolutely astounding.

“We might be your whores, but we still demand some respect.”

Smiling and shaking his head, the monster approached the “leader” of the gang without a word and… lifted her!

To the surprised gasps of the other mares, he lifted her up with a single arm around her waist, like she was a barbel from a gym, and then took over her mouth with a possessive kiss. The other women panted and moved uncomfortably. It was clear their cunts were swelling as they saw the throat of their leader so easily and mightily dominated by a huge, thick tongue.

The monster mouth-fucked her with his tongue going well past her Adam’s apple. With twelve inches of perfectly flexible, serpentine member, that beast basically had another cock in his mouth.

The woman at first tried to fight back, but it was also clear that every cell of her body –literally every fiber of her muscles, judging by how they trembled—was being hijacked by the sexual aura of that uncontrollable breeding stud.

All her body was submitting to him even as she tried her best to resist him: her punches in his chest became slaps, her slaps became massages, and her massages became an aggressive, lustful fondling of his myriad of muscles.

The monster lifted a hand between her legs, which she shut close. With incredible patience, he simply massaged her knees, then raised his touch up along her thighs, massaging her muscles so hard his fingers seemed to sink into her skin like she was made of biscuit.

She was a proud, hard, built-like-a-house fitness goddess, and in the hands of that stud she was nothing but a little pussy toy.

As their kiss broke away, she still tried to show him some lick of individual thought:

“I… oh… god… fuck…” She shook her head. Her hands couldn’t leave that man’s gigantic pecs, which were so wide they almost seemed like an open field one could build an airstrip at.

She loved muscles. Just as much as she loved crafting them in her body, she loved feeling them on a superior man’s body, and that man… oh! He had enough muscles to build an Arnold Schwarzenegger with a single leg!

He was an 8.5ft-tall, 12-pack, 1-ton muscle monster with 24 inches of erect muscle cock. His immense rod throbbed between their bodies, making the woman feel all the myriad of veins and arteries in his member along her rock-hard abs and heavy, milk-full breasts.

Running her hands along that perfect flesh-armor of muscles, feeling the sheer energy coursing through her every fiber, sensing the erotic bursts of pure male power stemming from that monster’s hips and his pineapple-size, bowling-ball-heavy testicles, she came.

Aaah!!” She lifted her head up to the ceiling and came. Her pussy twitched and hardened so much all other women could see it from afar. From its scorching depths, a long, unbroken jet of nectar came: *buuuurst!!* So much girl jizz and so hot that it produced steam as it was ejected from her orgasming self, and the woman managed to look in desperation as he simply, cockily looked back at her as she spontaneously orgasmed.

Victory was imprinted all over his face. It said with clear words: «yeah, bitch. I can give you multiple, squirting orgasms just by kissing all your slutty mouth.» And just to prove his point, the massive male embraced her with both hands and squeezed her. The pure muscle giantess released a puff of breath and felt all her insides being gently, though forcibly squeezed as the monster increased the pressure of his hug. And then increased it some more. And more. And more, and more, and more…

“Stop… oooh!!” She came so much harder it felt like the beast was squeezing the juices out of her. He just kept crushing and crushing and crushing her until the splashes of her squirts on the cum-ridden ground could be heard from the far-edges of the miles-long catacombs.

A bear wouldn’t be able to hug a person that strong. In fact, with pride in his thunder-deep voice, the giant commented:

“Any lesser woman would have had her back broken by this. You, however…” He squeezed her harder, and the bitch screamed as she came literal gallons of girl nectar in his legs and balls.

GAAAAWD…!!!” Her eyes were almost popping out as her muscles all seemed to engorged due to the immense pressure in her crushed body. The male sniffed her nape and licked her neck like an animal. Her screams multiplied to a degree that everyone knew she was having the biggest, most merciless orgasms of her life.

The monster had lifted her to the point her hips were as high as his balls, and those monstrous testicles almost left no space for her legs to remain shut. They were absurd; balls the likes of which even the most pornographic 3D modelists could craft on their male characters. Weren’t the monster so tall and built, those balls would have seemed grossly out-of-place –and even with all his size they were obscenely huge!

Each of his cream-tanks was just a little larger than an American football, and immeasurably heavier than bowling balls. Through their ducts and vesicles, gallons of spunk flowed with thickness and deliberate slowness, as concentrated as semi-hard semen, and the woman could feel all that abundant of man-juices right in her womb.

Her girl-cum coated those balls with oceans; they were, in fact, dripping like there was a tropical storm being poured into them. She ground her crotch and her cunt against their massive size and rode them, feeling the bucket-sized masses of jizz sloshing inside them, that super-concentrated sperm of which one drop would be enough to make all five of them pregnant with quadruplets –at least!

As she closed her eyes, she felt her soul had been stolen by that unholy muscle priest. All she could see was his pure aura of masculinity taking over her being. Every single nerve of her body was struck with endless orgasms, and she felt she was creaming herself so much and so hard her cunt was getting sore just with the outpouring of juices alone.

GAAAAAWD…!!!” She screamed, tears bursting from her eyes. “MAKE IT STOOOOP!!!” The monster’s smile grew as he heard her desperate plea. “MAKE IT STOP, GOD, PLEEEEASE!! I… I… I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMOOOORE!!” And she opened her eyes so much it felt like her entire skull was about to explode with excessive pleasure: “OOOOOOOOAAARRRHH…!!!

The other women were taken aback by that scream which made the catacombs rumble and some cracked pieces of the ceiling fall and splash on the ground. Many covered their mouths and felt horny as hell as the female bison roared like a bunch of lionesses in heat, crying her hearts out with the outrageous, demonic pleasure she felt.

It was too much. It was inhumane! She felt her consciousness waning and her soul moving further apart as she nearly passed out.

Nearly. The monster undid the hug and released her body in the very last second. *booom!!* Some bodies jumped on the ground as the huge giantess crashed on the floor, shaking and cumming so hard she sprayed all her four friends and the monster’s face with her girl-cum.

AAAHHH!!!” Her screams, juts like her cum, were never-ending. “AAAAAHH…!!!

“My god…” Her friends looked at her, never before even imagining their leader in such a pathetic state of lack of control. “Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck, oh, fuck…!”

“Damn!” Another girl looked at the bison, who was staring at them with his body hardened, his muscles flexed, his abs so hard and ripped there were almost new muscles to the mix –an obscene, outrageous 14-pack belly!

“I want to you to have a very good look at what happens to any woman who dares defy me.” All four ladies panted, and they almost fell to their knees as their legs wobbled and their bodies lost balance. The man, then, started walking towards them, making their hearts scream even before their mouths did:

“No…!” But he simply seized one of them by the cunt and immediately quick-started a wave of multiple orgasms in her, barely moving his body as his fingers did all of the work for him. The other three huge women saw their colleague fall on his chest and slobber all over it with her drolling mouth and tongue. She bit his nipples hard, but the monster clearly felt nothing, and her body would have fallen down if not for the monster’s grasp in her cunt.


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God, he pounded and pounded and pounded her until their lower bodies turned into one massive blur in the air and the cracks on the wall grew from around her hips, reaching as high as the ceiling.

The monster kept pounding as her body was filled with cramps, her organs basically liquefied, and she stopped feeling her legs and her hips –but still getting all the pleasure of a couple hundred orgasms per second.

Her cunt had turned into a relentless waterfall, like a fire hydrant burst in her womb, and the man’s mighty legs were showered by girl cum as he too sank into the ground, creating cracks and craters around his feet as his powerful fucking only picked up more speed.

She’d always wondered that her man could do something like this –to fuck a woman so hard his thrusting could crack walls!—but until that day she was sure of his power; now, she was not only seeing that stud wreck walls, she was the lucky (or damned) lady he used to wreck them.

The monster had blood in his eyes. The woman was crying profusely while her face seemed in heavens, and the monster praised her incredible endurance. He had been fucking her like five hundred horses for about five minutes –enough power to literally rip the body of a huge mare in half!

“I see you can take 5% of my power. Good. Picking up to 7%.”

She couldn’t even scream. All the air had been expelled from her body. With a loud *craaaack!!* followed by an even louder and deeper *baaaang!*, her body sank thirty inches into the wall, which crumbled bit by bit as the monster kept pounding away in her cunt, stealing the breaths of even his admiring acolytes. The forty-four remaining women stopped touching themselves, all choosing to watch that spectacle with their mouths agape. Even Vanessa, who had withstood a power at least twice as strong as that incredible fucking, was jaw-dropped as she saw all the action in third person.

She saw the woman’s body disappear inside the wall as the monster kept drilling his cock in her –and drilling her body, as a result, in the depths of the structure—, making the cracks sprawl so deep into the building that pieces of the ceiling started falling around the ladies; huge, hundred-pound boulders that would easily crush their bodies if they were paying attention.

Still, with the entire catacomb shaking like a 5-point Richter scale earthquake, they all could hear one desperate, valiant cry of that warrior-woman:


The monster bucked for a while, shocked by her power. There was a brief, sadistic giggle from him before he resumed his usual pounding, now with a noticeable increase in pace.

“Ten percent.” He said simply, and the woman realized she had gone too far. The cock had long stretched her womb and pushed it way past her heart during the previous thrusts, but now she realized the monster was literally fucking her throat with her throbbing uterus.

If seen in ultra-slow-motion, her hips were being deformed to a hideous, almost monstrous shape as the man crammed his dick balls-deep in her. Her body was compressed and all her organs somehow made way for him to pierce her through the guts, stomach, and throat until she felt the head popping into her mouth!

All this happened in about a twentieth of a second, though. In a whole second, the monster thrust in her faster than the human eye could see and harder than the human mind (if not the body) could withstand. Her body seemed fine, but her mind was long gone. Piercing her with that atomic power, the monster made vast chunks of the wall shatter and crumble as he sunk a whole two meters inside it, drilling another tunnel with her body, making even the ceiling fall as the cracks spread through miles of those endless catacombs.


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Cum! Cum, cum, cum!! Nowhere else in the universe could a woman cum so much or so strong as those ladies there…

…whom the god made cum harder and harder every time, hell-bent on giving them a near-death orgasmic experience!

‘Welcome… uuuurhh…. my nymphs!’ He looked to the three new arrivals. ‘Please, take your seats.’

Ooh… oh, Zeus!’

The lord of all Olympus moved his left arms, letting it clear what they had to do next.

Ooh, Zeus… Zeeeeus!!’

The girls, with great tremor and tensions, positioned themselves on that enormous arm: one over his hand, another on his forearm, and the last one over his gigantic biceps, easily larger than her head even while soft!


And the nymphs sat down, prompting the god to immediately…

Ooooorrhh!!!’ They screamed. Their pussies came madly over that member.

Spleeerrgh, spliiirrsgh, spleeergh…  Zeus made their cunts vomit just with the slightest motions of the arm, which vibrated like a machine!

Ooooh… ooooh… what a… Goooooddd!!!’ The girls pulled their hairs, never expecting to feel such intense pleasure so soon!

The super god patiently roared while his limbs led the girls to the edge of madness.

It was no easy task, that extreme control he had over his physique. Making his muscles vibrate and contract with that intensity, that power and frequency, was an arduous job that would exhaust the strength of any lesser deity.

A mere mortal who attempted the same, oh, would be dead in ten seconds.

‘Ooaahh…!! Aaaahh…. aaaaheemmm!!!’

Those women lived in Olympus, but only now did they know paradise!

The muscles masturbated the pussies like fingers of several different men. Each of them felt, in their bodies, the love and care of at least three potent studs.

Aaaaaheem…!!!’ One of them lost control. ‘Aaaaaheeem…!!’

Bluuuuursshh!!! Mmmm!! Her first ejaculation!

‘Cum, my beauties!’

And the three ladies, in unison:


Blooorsh, bloooorsh, bloooorsh!! A festival of lubes! Zeus felt his whole arm soaked by their juices. Bliiiiiirsshh…!!!

The girls had tremendous difficulty in keeping their balance under so many sexual attacks:

‘Ooow, ooow, ooooww…….!!!’ They rolled their eyes and tried not to suffocate. ‘Aaaaaaah….!!’

Their pussies whistled: bbbzziiiiiiim…!!! They couldn’t hold it back for much longer; they screamed their lungs out:

Aaaaaaarrhh!!‘ And came, came, and came so much more!

‘How wonderful, my babies!’ Zeus simply spoke while the abundant liquids covered his face.

One of them, over his abs, no longer resisted the immense, endless bursts of pleasure:

Ooooh, Zeeeeus! Ooooh!! Aaaaahh!!’

With a long jet of orgasm burst from her pussy, her body rose from the abs and fell down unconscious on the bed.

Aaaaa….. aaarrhh…… aaaaiimm……!!!‘ And she kept shivering on the cum-ridden, lube-soaked sheets, suffering orgasm after orgasm even while in a coma.

God looked to the dozens of nymphs anxiously waiting for their turn around the bed.

‘One spot has just opened. Who wants to come in?’

‘Me! Me, me!!’

‘No! I pick!’ And he quickly looked to a formidable eastern beauty there, in that ocean of fresh pussies. ‘You. Abs. Now!’


While the woman climbed on the bed, the mega-god looked to the side and spotted young Pargasus still fucking his whores.

‘Ooaaarrhh!! Aaaaaaaheee!!’

The sixth girl he was fucking was about to faint. Pargasus was dead serious in his desire to compete with the lord of all deities.

Though Zeus was unquestionably bigger in both body and cock, the mega-god could never underestimate the potential of youth.

«Pargasus!» He mused. «I’m gonna show you what it truly means to be a man!»

And soon after, he felt…

Ooooheeeeemmm!!’… another fresh pussy accommodating itself on his abs!

The ripped, 18-year-old Eastern Asian beauty sat down on his abs and, like all girls around her, began to shake, shake, shake!

She threw her head up in the air, with her eyes partially shut, feeling the incredible jest invade her!

‘Zeus…. oh, by Zeeeeus, aaiim…. aaaaaaii, aaaaaaahh!!!’

‘You can cum, slut.’

And then her body was seized…


…by waves of unexpected pleasure!…

Oohh!!!’ She went silent, shut her eyes, and saw stars all around! ‘Aaaahee, aaaaheee…!!’

Bluuuursshh…!!! A brief, powerful orgasm in her pussy…

Aaaaaiii!!’ …and even more powerful explosions!

Seven seconds. Seven seconds was all that Zeus needed to have his girls cumming like crazy on his body

His abdominal muscles, vibrating ceaselessly, operated such a magic that his girls came and came and came like there would be no tomorrow.

‘I want five more women…’ Zeus smiled, ‘on my right leg.’

And the ladies outside the bed laughed:

‘No! It cannot be…!’

But they shut up once he gave them a fatal look:

‘Five pussies, right leg.’ With his eyes, he picked his beautiful nymphs one by one: ‘you! You, you, you…’

‘Oooow, Zeeeus…!!’

‘…and you! Climb over my leg, now.’

And the orgasms, meanwhile, became deafening!


Blooorh, spliiiiirssh, sbloooorsh!! The droplets turned into waterfalls. The whole bed dripped like a giant wet sponge.

‘Come on!’ Zeus hurried them up. ‘What are you waiting for?’

And they replied with trembling voices:

‘A-afraid! We’re very afraid!’

The god gave them a sadistic smile:

‘Oh, yes, you should indeed fear me, but you should fear my fury more if you don’t obey.’

Ooohh…. oooh, Zeeuss, ooooh!’

The five bodies climbed the bed avidly, positioning their pussies over the juicy leg.

Many let their chins fell, shocked by the sheer size of the mega-gods trunks.

‘My… Zeeeuss!!’

The man was 8.4ft-tall. With all that size, it was no surprise his legs were thicker than the waists of most other men.

They were simply the biggest, juiciest, most virile and powerful veiny legs those girls had ever seen!

Oooh, Zeeus…. Zeeeus!!’

‘What are you waiting for, mares? Sit!’ And the five women lowered their pussies on the member, finally taking that bacchanal to insane, almost supernatural heights of pleasure!

Chapter II

Zeus’ Dominance, Pargasus’ Struggle

Pargasus listened while the three new women climbed over his rival’s body, sit on his arm, and came!


Came, came, came!

Bluuuursshh…!!! By that point, Zeus had thirteen ladies coming all at once! Pargasus felt a fire burn in his chest.

It’s not that the teenage god, of course, had a lot to complain in life: under his arm, he had one marvelous Nordic blonde shaking and cumming, with a body to strike envy at Aphrodite herself, and the disposition to be fucked for hours and hours and hours on end.

But Pargasus wouldn’t give her hours, no; he’d give her a minute, tops!

‘Cum, you whore.’


Croorrcck!! The god started drilling her pussy with his prick. Crrooaaaarrcckk….!!!

The nymph shivered and quivered. «Thick, thick, thick!!» All the muscles in her body froze as that gigantic member kept stretching and strecthing her pussy to the max.

‘Uuuuurrrrhhh!!!’ Pargasus roared, going inch after inch into that pussy. ‘Aaaarhh..!!’

The woman trembled. Her heart stopped. Her whole body began to vibrate like mad.

Bliiirrsshh!!! An immense, powerful ejaculation stained the mega-bull’s whole torso, making him smile and whisper:


The woman felt she lost more and more breath, and then her pussy…! Her pussy…!!

Oooh, Gooodd!!’

Bloooorshh!! A squirt that never ended!!

One second… two seconds…

Ooooorrh!! Oooooorrh!!’

…three seconds… four seconds… five seconds…

‘Goooodd, Gooodd, Goooodd!!’

Bliiiirrsh, bliiiiiirrsh, bliiiiirsh!! The immense dong pressed all, simply all the erogenous spots that could be pressed there.

With just two inches of prick inside her, she already came more than with a hundred men fucking her in turns.

Twenty seconds. Pargasus flexed the muscles of his vast body.

‘Time to sleep, princess!’


Crooossh!! Another inch of prick. Her body convulsed and her eyes nearly popped out of the skull.

Bluuursh!! Bluuuurssh!! The pussy was liquid insanity! The god felt jets of fire eating up his body from all sides.

‘Ooow!! Oow, what a god!!’

The girls, awaiting their turns around the couple, gulped with fear of what would come next.

«M-my g-god!» They thought nervously. «He’s going to do this to all of us?»

Three inches of prick inside that woman, and the girl was already so damn close to…

‘Gooodd!! Ooooh… G-Gooodd!!’


Thirty seconds.


With that one simple command, her pussy exploded: buuuuurstt!!


The penis vibrated at an insane pace inside the pussy: three hundred pulsations per second!

Oooh, Gooodd…!!’

Four hundred vibrations a second…!

That dick looked like a flexed biceps, so many were the veins covering it —each vein throbbing and pulsating, sending endless orgasms all over the slut’s body.


Bluuurshh!! The mega-god’s abs burned with so many juices blasted by the scorching pussy.

Thirty-five seconds. Smiling wider, the god repeated:


Bloooooorssh!! A mega-jet of lube on his abs.

One second. Two seconds…

‘Aaaaheem…!!’ Tears rained on his body. ‘Aaaaahh…!!

She pissed herself. Her orgasms were so extreme she felt even her organs being cooked inside the body.

The god got closer to her years and, with the voice of the Universe itself, he commanded:



The woman then shivered and… buuum! Passed out!


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The redhead had finally awakened from the incredible orgasms the blonde had given her in the bathroom, hours before.

Actually, she would have had slept for much longer, in normal conditions, but those noises coming from the kitchen…


…and, above all, the smell!…

«My god! This smell is like a million wild animals, like… males in heat… all cumming!»

Her trembling hands looked for large containers in the pantry while the blonde lactated so strong she could hear the shock waves bursting from her spectacular tits.



‘I’m going!!’

The redhead had barely recovered, and yet she was already immersed in another sexual adventure!

Holding two gallon-sized vase, she came back to doctor Olivia.

Her hyper muscular bodies met, kindling an intense, reciprocal attraction.

‘My hottie…’ PAAAHH!! ‘Oooww!!’

The brunette gave her enormous, hard ass one of the most powerful slaps ever.

‘Y’er naughty bitch, come!’ She commanded. ‘Put those vases on her thighs and…’




With her trembling hands, the redhead couldn’t even comprehend the volume… of milk!…

«Oh, my goodness… Jesus fucking Christ!!»

BLOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRSSSSHHHH!!! …that was ejaculated from those tits!!

The milk splattered all over the wall before the girls, raining in heavy, obscene waterfalls on the floor, where it formed a formidable pool around their feet.

The kitchen was so absurdly hot that it seemed like a sauna.

The brunette tried to endure that plight while her legs… BUUUUM-BUUUM-BUUUUMM!!…


…were attacked by orgasm after orgasm, powerful multiple bursts at once!

‘Jesus Christ, reddie, hurry up!’

‘Yes, yes!’

The redhead acted swiftly, grabbing the full vases over the blonde’s thighs and putting them on the table.


The weight…! The weight left her totally speechless!

Those vases were so heavy they seemed filled with stones!



The blonde’s tits burst with the redhead right in front of them!


BUUM-BUUUUUM-BLOOOUUURRSSSHH!!! Her body was blasted by the jets and pushed back to the table, falling heavily on the floor. Somehow, miraculously, she had the reflexes required to put the milk vases on the table before collapsing!

‘Get up, fuuuuckkkaaaarrhhh!!‘ The brunette came and came and came an orgasm worthy of gods! ‘Aaaaaaheemm…. aaarrrhhh!!!

‘Oh, my god!’ The redhead looked down, feeling the immensely hot broth around her hips, as if she was bathing on a hot spring.

She was literally swimming in a milk lake!

‘Oh, my…. oooh!!‘ She stood up at once. ‘Right away!’

More carefully, she took the vase from the blonde’s other thigh.

«Jesus fucking…! Heavy! Oh! It’ so heavy, heavy, heavy…»


The blonde roared, her body trembled, and her breasts… bbrruuuuuuuum……!!!! Milky bursts the likes of which were never seen burst from those magnificent super glands!

‘Hold… ooooorrhh!!!’ The brunette tried to speak while also suffering from the most powerful orgasms. ‘Hold a… aaarrrhh!!!’

The redhead quickly understood the command, regardless:

‘I hold one vase, you the other.’ She nodded. ‘Alright, my beautiful?’


The brunette’ orgasms were always a wonderful thing to witness:


Her pussy burst with the beautiful, delicate juices of pure female pleasure.

‘My god…!!’ The redhead’s eyes glittered. The brunette’s body was absurdly ripped!


Her pussy… spliiiiiirrttt!!

‘Oooorrhh!!’ The redhead came just by seeing her brunette come. The attraction she felt for that perfect piece of female meat was indescribable!

But she couldn’t forget, of course, the main event of the night.

«How many vases has she lactated yet??» She wondered, while the blonde kept copiously filling up those containers on her thighs.

‘OOOOOOAARRRRRHH!!!!’ Her face twitched ferociously. ‘AAAAAARRHH!!!’


Forty ounces… fifty ounces…

«My god! Such weight!» The redhead was floored, feeling the vases heavier and heavier and heavier and… «so!… goddamned!… heavy!! Fuck!!»


The burts from those tits could strike envy at a whole herd of super-powered mares!!


One vase: sixty ounces… seventy… eighty… eighty-five…

‘My god!!’

The other vase: seventy ounces… eighty ounces… a hundred… a hundred and ten…

‘My god…!!’

Olivia’s eyes swirled inside her skull while she tried to sustain that enormous orgasm for as long as possible.

‘When you’re d-done….’ She told the redhead, with a slight smile on her face. ‘Look for more vases! More vases, more vases, more and more and more, forever!!’


The redhead felt tickles in her own pussy. Her breasts, like the brunette’s… drooled with milk!

«I’m getting lush just by seeing this mare cum!» She licked her lips, with an almost irresistible urge to grab those vases and drink them all.


BLUUUUUUUUURRSSSSHHHH!!!! Both vases overflowed!

A full gallon each, both completely filled up in under a minute!!

‘Oooh, Gooodd!!’

The weight! The motherfucking weight!! Each vase easily weighed…

«Sixty pounds!!» The redhead’s biceps were extremely hard and ripped with her arms holding those vases. «My god, so much milk!!!»

Once again, however…



She had put herself in the way of another of those atomic jets from the blonde’s!

The brunette, trying to get a hold of herself, laughed as the redhead’s hyper muscular body almost fell back in the ocean of milk.

‘More vases, bitches, moooaarhh…. aaaaheemm!!’ Another chain of multiple orgasms ran over her body. ‘Aaahee… aaaahh!!

Her pussy blew up!


The redhead soon returned with more vases. The rhythm of those ejaculations and lactations was maddening!

«Oh, god!! Oh, my goodness…!!»

A hundred ounces, each vase. In half a minute, they were completely full of milk!


‘Yes, ma’am!’

Two vases. A gallon and a quarter each. In two minutes…

‘Fucking Christ!!!’

Full! Completely full. Each 170oz-vase ended up weighing over eighty pounds!

The milk the blonde produced could feed an entire city!

The redhead’s body came and went from the pantries, now grabbing cups and bottles and any container, for that matter, that could hold those grotesque amounts of liquids

BLOOOOOOORSSSHHH!!!!!! The blonde’s tits, at one point, shattered a glass cup on the table.

‘For the love of god…. stooopp!!!‘ The redhead’s chin shivered with fear. It was simply impossible to know when —or if!— those intense bursts would ever end.

Blooock! Bluuum! Two new vases were placed on the woman’s thighs.

The aim of those tits became increasingly more erratic as the atomic strength of their burst pushed the breasts higher and higher.

‘OOOOOOOORRRHHHH!!!’ A tremendous blast. BLOOOOOORRSSSHH!!! And another, and another, and another blast sending milk all over the place: BLOOOOOORSSSH-SSSSSSPLAAAASSSHH!!

‘Oh, G-g… gooodd!!‘ The redhead turned her face, trying —unsuccessfully— to avoid the blasts.

The brunette, in the meantime, was in paradise:

Oooooaaahh….!!’ Her eyes rolled inside the sockets. ‘Ooo-heeee!!!’

Her legs shivered and… spluuurrrsshh!!! Thick, heavy bursts of dense female liquids blasted from her cunt.

The kitchen was a jungle. Not even a hundred stallions nutting at the same time would make a mess that big!

«I am… oh, my god, I am…!» The redhead thought, seeing how the brunette’s muscles twitched and contorted under so many orgasms, and feeling her own tits leak copiously.

Those were dozens of droplets for every second; her tits were swelling, inflating and hardening with the milk which was produced at a maddening pace.

Meanwhile, the blonde roared:

OOOOOOAAARRHHH!!!’ Her legs burst with lubes: bluuuuurrssshh!! Spluuuuurrrsshh!! Her breasts… BLOOOOOOORRSSSHH!!! BLOOOOOOOORRSSSSHH!!!

«My…!» The redhead had to hold on to the chair so she didn’t collapse, attacked by a…


…sudden and overwhelming burst of power in her pussy!

«Oh, my god!!» She thought, sticking her tongue out. «Am I really… gonna cum??»

The blonde’s breasts kept bursting: BLOOOOOORRSSH, BLOOOORRSSSH, BLOOOOORRSSHH!!!

Left vase: 70oz… 80oz… 90oz… overflowing!

Aaaarrhh!!!’ The redhead felt the incredibly thick liquids burn her fingers. ‘Uuuheee!!!’

The blonde writhed, roared and came! ‘AAAARRRHHHHHH!!!!!’

Right vase: 80oz… 95oz… bluuuuurrssshhh!!! Overflowing!

‘MY GOD!!’


And the brunette, unraveling even further:

‘OOOOHH, OOOOOOHH…..!!!’ Her eyes rolling, sinking…! ‘OOOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!’

«My… oh, m-my…!!» The redhead put the vases on the table. Fifty pounds each! «That’s a hell of a workout for my biceps!»

More containers were brought in; big cups this time, and she prayed so that they didn’t shatter with the strength of the titanic blasts from that busty blonde.


‘My…. oooaaarrhhh!!!’ The woman writhed. ‘I can’t…. oooooohhh!!!… take it anymore!!’

‘Nah! Hold it, bitch, hold it!’

The brunette’s pussy exploded in a hasty sequence of dozens of shots per second!


Her body was convulsing. The blonde soon followed:

AAARRRHH!!!’ She aimed her tits up and… ‘AAAAAAARRRHH!!!’

SBLOOOOOOOORRSSHHH!!!! Enormous jets blasted from both breasts, hitting the wall and the ceiling!

‘AAAARRHHH!!!!’ The blonde rolled her eyes and screamed. She had reached a peak of extreme fertility!

‘Oh, my… oh, my Gooooddd!!’

Thick, scorching fountain jets burst from her tits!

Just the liquids dripping from the ceiling would be enough to fill up entire vases —so much so that the redhead gave up from the task of bringing new ones, realizing how futile it was.

«This blonde bitch’s so fertile that every vase I bring gets full in, like, twenty seconds!» The brunette noted, nodding calmly. «That one’s gonna be… one of our man’s favorites!!»

The pussy leaked a river of female spunk while the tits kept shooting and destroying everything in the way of their jets.

‘DRIIIIIIINK IT!!!!’ The blonde screamed. ‘DRINK MY TITS!!!!’



The blonde grabbed the two women by the hairs and pulled their faces to her breasts. Looking straight into their eyes with a furious expression, she repeated:

‘Drink both… oooohh… my tits! Aaaarrhh!!!

Her breasts flexed like muscles and sprayed…


 …endless milk all over their faces!

‘Drink ’em!!! The blonde shouted. ‘Drink my tits, you bitches!’

‘Ooow, you’re…!’

PAAAAAFFF!! The blonde threw a powerful slap at the redhead, shutting her up completely.

The muscles of her arms were extremely ripped and bloated; thick, shredded, with veins sprawling all over her tight, athletic body.

The brunette, meanwhile, was a sight of paradise: muscles atop muscles on her thick hourglass-shaped physique, each of them rippling magnificently at every slightest motion.

The redhead also felt her muscles writhing and her abs hardening noisily, like metal bars being twisted.


‘Obey her, bitch!’


The brunette got closer to the blonde.

‘Obey her, reddie! She’s the Alpha here!’


The blonde’s tits never stopped bursting: BLOOOOORRSSSHHH!!! BLLOOOOOORRSSHH!! BLOOOOORRSSHH!!

«They’re scary!» The redhead was awestruck

‘Don’t be afraid!’ The brunette kept saying. ‘Like this, look!’


The brunette lowered her face down to the woman’s right tit and ate it up!

‘MMMMM!!!’ Her body immediately shivered! BLUUUUUURRMM!!!

The redhead’s eyes immediately widened. The brunette’s throat inflated and contracted as the liters and liters and liters of milk were sent straight down to her belly.

She was trying to swallow —and chew them!— as fast as possible!


The redhead gave one step back.

‘Oh, my…!!’

SPLIIIIIIIIIRRRSSHHH!!! Vast and thick streams of milk burst through the brunette’s nose! SPLOOOOORRSSSHH!!!


The blonde’s heavy chest was covered by the milk spraying from Olivia’s nose. Still, the mighty brunette kept suckling, kept swallowing!

‘MMMM, MMMMMRRMMM!!!’ She writhed while her stomach… oooh!’ My… my…!!’

The brunette’s belly swole as she gulped gallons and gallons of milk.

All her organs were literally being crushed. The load of milk she carried on her belly surpassed the limits of the human anatomy!


The brunette contorted her face and squinted her eyes so that the milk didn’t pour through them. Her nose kept ejaculating milk and the blonde kept lactating at will…


‘Oh…!’ The redhead felt her legs weaken. The brunette’s stomach kept swelling and swelling until…

…it looked five months into pregnancy!

‘MMMMM!!!’ She writhed with her mouth glued to the tit. ‘MMMMMMMM!!!’

At one point, the blonde looked to the redhead with fury burning in her face.

«Why aren’t you suckling?» She asked without a word, to which the redhead replied by giving shaky steps towards her.

She held her left tit and squeezed it. BLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRSSSSSHHHH!!!

‘My god, girl!!

An enormous jet, as thick as her pinky, blasted from that tit up to the wall!

BLOOOOOOORRRSSSSHHH………!!!!! The surface was covered by a thick, foamy layer of milk.

Three seconds… four seconds… five seconds… six seconds…

«God! God, god… god!!»

Her fingers felt the immense resistance from that superpotent tit. Even after dozens —literally dozens!— of gallons, they remained as hard and heavy as if they hadn’t burst a single ounce of those juices!



Ten seconds… eleven seconds…

The tit kept bursting: BLOOOOORRSSSH…..!!!!

Fifteen seconds… sixteen seconds…


Twenty-one seconds… twenty-two seconds…

«Ow, my god… oow… my… Goodd!!»

Twenty-seven seconds… twenty-eight… the blonde’s cries became so much crazier.


The redhead looked to one side and shivered.

‘O… O… Olivia!!’

The brunette’s belly was extremely swollen, as if she carried a bunch of seven-month-old babies.

‘BLOOOOAARRRH, BLOOOOORRSSSH!!!’ The milk burst from her mouth… and ebbed too from her eyes!

Her pussy, in the meantime…

‘MMMMMMMMRRRR!!!!’ …burst undendingly!

«Suck these tits dry, reddie!!!» She wanted to shout. «You’ve gotta know… how it feels!!»

Finally, then… she caved in!


BUUUUMMM!!! The brunette’s body collapsed on the floor, fat and heavy with all the gallons of milk on her belly.

BRRRUUUUUMM!!! The bathroom quaked and the blonde’s recently-released tit exploded again!


‘Jesus Christ, you freak!!’


Jets and more jets blasted on the floor, making milk splatter all over the kitchen.

‘Oooohh!! Oooooohhh!!’

The redhead felt her body being covered by the droplets falling copiously from the ceiling —literally a milky rainfall inside that bathroom! It was absolutely insane!

Olivia, on the floor, writhed and squirmed like an animal.

Oaaarrghhh…!!!!’ She opened her mouth and… ‘BLOOOOOOOAAAAARRGHHHHHHH!!!!’

An ocean of milk was vomited out!


BLOOOOOOOOORRSSSHHHH……!!!!’ The vomit lasted five seconds, six seconds…

‘My god!!’

‘BLOOOOOOOAARRRSSSHHHH!!!!’ Twelve seconds later, Olivia paused for a while…

…and then puked all over again!



It wasn’t just through the mouth that the milk came out: her pussy also ‘squirted’ a dense, creamy white broth —all the milk she had drunk now leaked out of her like a piss of chantilly!

‘My… my…!’


Olivia ejaculated pints and pints of milk through her mouth, nose, eyes and cunt. The redhead felt an urge to run away, and escape that plightful fate.

Strong fingers, however, grabbed her by the hairs and pulled her back to the fight!


The blonde locked her in a tight hug!

‘Where d’ya think you’re going, bitch?’


The redhead’s face was hit in full by a thick jet of milk bursting from the right breast of that massive woman. BLUUUUUMM!!!

Ooooh…!! Aaaaaaheeee!!!” The redhead felt the jet like a punch… no: like a sequence of punches straight in her face: BUUM! BUUUM!! BUUUM!!


Her skin was almost being peeled off by the absurdly strong torrents of milk.

The blonde pulled her head, forcing her mouth against her tit.


GLOOOUUMMPP!! The mere pressure of the lips against that tit was enough to extract more and more liquids from it!

‘Drink it all, baby, or mommy spanks ya again!!’


The redhead’s eyes rolled. ‘OHUUUUMMMM!!!!’ She felt gallons and gallons and gallons of milk flowing down her throat!

A coarse noise, like a rocket engine, roared inside the super blonde’s tits. Bbbbrrrrrruuummm……..!!!

Even though that tit blasted milk and more milk and more milk in the redhead’s mouth…

«My god!! Creamy! So fucking creamy!!»

…it still didn’t feel like a tenth of her real strength!

The other tit, meanwhile, blasted liberally.

AAARHHH!!!’ The blonde rolled her eyes and came… ‘AAAARRRGHHHH….!!!’



BLUUUUUUUUUURRSSSSHHHHH!!!! The redhead felt on her mouth loads much bigger than what she was capable of swallowing! Many jets penetrated her pharynx and flowed up to her nostrils!

«Oh, my god… nooo…!!»

SPLIIIIIIRRRSSSHHH!!! She sneezed milk, painting the blonde’s body white with her nasal sprays!

«Oh, my god… my… oooohh!!!» The blonde’s eyes nearly popped out of her skull, so intense was the pleasure she experienced!!

‘OOOHUUUMMMMMM….!!!!’ The redhead swallowed gallon after gallon after gallon after gallon of milk, feeling her stomach grow, her belly swell, and the liquid invade even her guts with lakes and rivers and oceans of that thick paste that never stopped flowing!

«My god!! My god, my god, my god!!»

By her side, squirming on the floor…


…the brunette still vomited milk!


The redhead’s eyes cried tears of despair, seeing the destiny that awaited her.

«My Gooooodd, aaaahh!! Aaaaahhhh!!!!» She felt the lactations getting truly dangerous!

‘MMMMMMMM!!! MMMRRRMMMM!!!!’ A whole liter burst from those two tits in mere three seconds!!

«Gooooddd!!!!»  The redhead felt her throat invaded by something like a gigantic penis, stretching all the inner walls of her body and resting heavily on her stomach.

«God!! Oh, my… my…!!»

On the floor, Olivia’s situation wasn’t any better: she had been vomiting out milk for over four minutes straight, and still didn’t seem anywhere close to the end!

She laid her hands around her belly, hugging herself, and squeezed it!

‘Ooohh…!! Oooohh…!!’ She opened her mouth and… ‘BLOOOOOAAAARRRSSSHHH!!!‘ …puked more and more gallons out!

The redhead’s eyes widened as she saw the brunette vomiting that absurdly thick and pasty broth: BLOOOOOOOORRRSSSSHHHH!!!!!


Smiling with pure malice, the blonde raised both her two hands up to the tit the redhead was sucking.

‘Want it a little stronger, maybe? Here we go!’


With both hands on the tit, she squeezed it! BLUUUUUUUUUURRRSSSSHHH…..!!!

The broth invaded the redhead’s throat in such gigantic loads that she… «oooh…!!»

Her nostrils stretched. BLUUUUUUURRSSSHHH!!!! The milk exploded from her nose and sprayed all over the blonde, who laughed:

‘Yes, yes, YEEEESSS!!

She loved feeling like a goddess of fertility!

The redhead agonized, feeling her stomach fuller, heavier at every load of milk, with her mucous insides enlarging to accommodate those grotesque volumes of fluids.

MMMMMMRRRR…!!!’ She writhed, feeling that extremely thick, potent, scalding broth dominate every inch of her esophagus.

Bigger and more powerful loads were expelled through her nose: BLOOOOORRSSSHHH!!! SPLIIIIIIIRRSSSHHH!!

Aaaahee!!’ The blonde lifted her head and let herself be bathed on that broth while her freed tit still burst extreme loads.

The milk blasted against the wall with loud cracks. When it fell over the floor… VUUUUSSHH!! VUUUUUUSSSHH!! It raised waves on the ocean of milk beneath!

That was just too much milk —yet so much more was still about to come!

«Oooh, my god!! When will this cow…?» The redhead felt a tremendous squeeze in her throat. Loads of milk were so heavy that she felt crushed from inside out. «When will this bitch stop cumming??»

Her stomach swole and swole and swole some more, up until her six-pack had been replaced by a hard, seven-months-old-pregnant belly.

‘OOOOHMMMRRR!!!’ Tears rolled down her cheeks. She had over forty pounds of milk stuffed in her stomach!

BLUUUUUUURRRRSSHHH!! Forty-two pounds! BLOOOOORRSSSHH!! Forty-three pounds!

«Oh, my god!!» She cried, and the milk kept coming, kept filling her, so strong and heavy that… «oooohh!!»

…it began to seethe into her intestines!

AAAAHEEEMMM!!!!’ She let go of that tit and screamed, feeling just how…


‘NOOOOO!! NOOO…..!!!’

The blonde held her firmly by the waist and head, pulling her back to her enormous tit.

«My god!! Strength!! Just how much strength!!»

BLOOOOORRSSSH, BLOOOOOORRSSSSHH, BLOOOOOORRSSSHHH!!! Her belly was now as large as a nine-month-old pregnant woman.


Doctor Olivia, by her side, watched as she was filled with the world’s heaviest, tastiest milk.

‘How beautiful!’ She managed to say after burping out many and many more loads of milk. ‘She looks like a beautiful momma!’


The milk was so heavy the redhead felt the walls of her stomach rupture! Tears and more tears rained down from her eyes as she tried, unsuccessfully, to escape from the mighty body of that Nordic whore.


The mare’s tits just didn’t stop squirting! BLOOOORRRSSSH…!!!!

OOOOORRHUUUUUMM!!!’ The redhead’s body squirmed fevereshly while she was invaded by another half-a-gallon at once, in a single burst from the tit.

Flexing an arm, the powerful blonde laughed at her redhead’s suffering!

HA, HA, HA, HA, HAHAHAHA!!!’ She flexed all the muscles of her body. ‘YOU’RE GONNA DROWN ON MY MILK, BITCH!!’


Once again, the Nordic cow held a tit with one hand… and squeezed it! The broth left at volcanic speed and strength! BLUUUUUUSSSHHH!!!!!!!

There was no place left to store all that load: judging by the size and hardness of her belly, she was about to give birth to five-pound quintuplets!

Ggoooodd… oh… myyyyy….!!”

The milk began to burst copiously through her nostrils: BLOOOOORSSSSHHH!!!


BLOOOOOOOOORRSSSSHHHH!!! The blonde felt… an absurdly potent heat… run through her mammalian glands and inflate her breasts even further.

‘Oow, ooow, ooooww! Look at me, my mare!’


SLAAAAP!!! She gave her legs a strong slap, forcing her to look at the redhead straight in the eyes.

Jets of milk burst through her nose, however, covering all that angelic face with milk: BUUUURSSHH!!!!

Not that the blonde cared. She was already becoming a goddess of fertility… and loving every second of the process!

‘Look at this ocean… ooow!… look at the ocean of milk mommy’s making, look, look, look!!’


The tits shivered! It didn’t matter how many liters she ejaculated, it didn’t matter how many bodies were bloated by the obscene loads they produced… bbbrrruuuuuummm!!!…. bbbbrrrrruuuuuummmm!!!….

Those tits simply never stopped producing milk! Never! Not for a second!

‘Oooohhhhrrr…..!!’ Completely relaxed and cocky, the blond bombshell stretched, making her tits burst with even more copious gallons and gallons and gallons and gallons of milk on the wall and the redhead’s mouth!! SPLAAAAASSSHHH!!!


The redhead’s pussy contracted, enraptured by the flavor, the thickness, the texture of those milky broths running down her body.

SPLAAAASSSHH!!! The milk hitting the walls formed waves on the floor!


She struggled to keep standing. All her energies seemed consumed by the numerous orgasms she suffered!

OOOOORRHHH!!!!’ Her eyes rolled, getting wet and turning white. ‘OOOOORRHUUUUMM!!!’

In moments, she was crying milk!

BLOOOOORRPPP!!! The blonde felt her tits practically exploding under the immense pressure of those mammalian glands.

It was literally possible to see the waves of liquids throbbing inside those giant meat masses.


The tits throbbed like two massive hearts. BLOOOORRSSSHH!!! SPLOOORRSSHHH!!!

With a hand on her left tit, the redhead writhed even more, feeling loads and loads, gallons after gallons of that milk dominating her throat, her stomach, her guts, all of her body!


Just one tit, no more than a single tit, churned out over a forty ounces of milk in ten seconds!

The tits grew, inflated and hardened! One could hear the sound of skin creaking and being torn apart by the internal pressure of those globes: CRAANKK!! CRAAAANCK!!


But the blonde was still preparing for the grand finale. Looking possessively to the redhead with an expression of pure malice and horniness, she said:

‘You’re going to vomit out all my milk now!’

BLOOOAARRHH!!!’ The milk already burst from the nostrils and the sides of the poor girl’s mouth every time she tried to breathe!

The blonde, however, not one bit moved by that plight, cupped her left tit with one hand and… squeezed it harder!

OOOOAAAARRRHHH!!!’ She roared, and her redhead friend cried:


She cried and cried and cried, drowning in white tears as soon as she felt….!! BOOOM!!

…the walls rumble! All her body engorge from inside out… as the gallons and more gallons of milk invaded her!

SPLOOOOOOOORRSSSSSHHH!!! The freed tit, meanwhile, squirted heavier and bulkier loads with unimaginable power.

Doctor Olivia, on the floor, slowly recovering, watched as the long, thick jets blasted from the blonde’s tits. «Fuck!» She marveled. «Was that what I’ve just swallowed?!»

As for the redhead, she felt an urgent agony in her own stomach. ‘UUUUMMAARRHH!!!!!’

The milk was so dense it leaked continuously to her small intestine, then her colom, finally reaching… ‘OOOOORRRRHHHHH!!!!’

…her rectum!

BLOOOORRSSSH…..!!! It all began with tiny leaks, which grew in size, strength, and thickness until…


…the milk burst from her ass! BLOOORRSSHH!!!

Not only that, but her the nostrils too stretched. SPLIIIIIIIIIIRRRSSSSSSHHHHH!!!! Powerful jets suddenly burst through them!

‘Yeah, bitch, yeah, yeah!!’ Shouted the blonde. ‘CUM ON YOUR COW’S TITS!!’


BLUUUUUUUUUUUUURRSSSSHHHHH!!! BLUUUUUUUUURRRSSSHHH!!! The milk left the girl’s ass in potent intermittent jets as her anus remained tight and hard.

Eventually, out of pure exhaustion, she relaxed her anus and… let the broth flow!… in one long, uninterrupted stream!


Her body heat up again, losing yet further sensitiveness from her muscles.

«Oooh, my… my god… what a freak of nature!!»

That super blonde was the world’s most potent woman! Not even Karina, the super soldier’s favorite, could lactate so many gallons of milk!


The broth blasted from her anus much stronger than it did from her nostrils. Once again, the redhead felt her consciousness wane.


An immense numbness took over her body and made her… faint! BLOOOOORRSSSHH!!! The blonde could no longer hold her, for the woman was surreally heavy!

That redhead originally weighed close to 200 pounds —mostly muscle—, but now she had another hundred pounds of the world densest, hottest, creamiest milk in her body.

She simply could no longer hold it all in: BUUUUMM!! She loudly collapsed on the floor, ready to expel all the gallons the blonde had lactated in her.

‘That’ll be interesting!’ Doctor Olivia licked her lips, excited to witness that obscene spectacle.

As soon as she fell on the floor, the redhead opened her mouth and… and!…

Puked it all out!

‘Oh, god…!’ The brunette had to cover her face to protect herself from the splashes.

They were almost ten feet apart from one another, yet the redhead’s milky pukes were so strong that… that…

BLOOOOOOOOORRRSSSHHH!!!! …they splashed on her muscular body!

‘Oooh, my god!!’

The redhead squirmed electrically, suffering countless spasms as the gallons and gallons and yet more gallons of that milk burst through both her mouth and nose.




Slowly, the redhead’s belly de-inflated and her body started going back to its normal size. The obscene volumes of milk, in the meantime, only made the already immense puddle on the floor grow larger.

But the blonde, still sat on the chair, wasn’t done. In fact, she got ready to ejaculate even bulkier loads through her tits!

‘You’re all too weak! Ooooorrrghhhhh!!!‘ She squeezed both massive tits, and a real motherly floor burst through her nipples. ‘OOOORRRGHHHH!!!

Frankly, it was a mystery where all this milk came from! ‘OOOORRRGHHHHH!!!’

Two jets flew past the table in front of her and hit the wall —and so did the jets after those… and the jets after those… and all the jets and more jets that followed, all unloading gallons of milk in the place.


The blonde burst like a fountain as the redhead, even after half a minute, kept puking all the milk out of her stomach.

«Ooooh, Gooooddd!!» She prayed. «I’m gonna… I’m gonna… I’m going to die!!»

BLOOOOOOOORRSSSHHH!!! The room was so hot that the steam, like in a sauna, nearly obscured the bodies of all three girls.

On the chair, the mega blonde prepared for another voracious round of multiple orgasms.


Her pussy twitched, hardened and vibrated, then… spliiiiiiiirrssshhh!!! Its first squirts were tiny, shy, but soon followed by gradually stronger jets and bursts.


The kitchen quaked for a second, as if a formidable earthquake was shattering the very foundations of the building, and then the real… and loudest, most tremendous loads of milk…!!


…burst from those gigantic tits: BLUUUUUUUUURRRGHHHHHHHH!!!!

‘MY GOD, GIRL!!’ Doctor Olivia had to cover her face so she was not suffocated under the immense load!

The blonde stuck her tongue out and screamed, convulsed, writhed just like an animal. ‘OOOOOOOAAAAARRGHHHHH!!!’Meanwhile, the worn-out redhead vomited more and more milk through her mouth, not to speak of the loads that still blasted from her anus.


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The brunette pulled the blonde by the legs, making her scream as she beheld the threatening profile of that mighty, hard, imposing prick casting a shadow all over her tall, trimmed Scandinavian body.

‘Payback time, bitch.’

‘Ooow, ‘payback?’

‘Yes!’ The muscular brunette grabbed her by the leg and pulled her.


The massive Latina spread her legs, with her absurdly hard and sturdy prick dangling in between her thighs.

‘Time to have my big meat in you.’

Ooooh… ooorrhh…!‘ The blonde still shivered… ‘Ooow!! Ggooodd!!’


SPLOOOORRSSSHH!!! An incredible cum jet blasted off her pussy, hitting the brunette’s abs dead center.

‘Oow, oow, oooow!’ The brunette laughed, seeing the whole dick being covered with her blonde’s fluids. ‘Ooow, please! Go slow!! Please, be gentle! I was never fucked by a prick so…!’

‘Hey, slut.’


The brunette winked at her.

‘I know. Leave it to me.’

‘Ooow… ooooww…’

Vuussh! The brunette pulled her body closer to hers. That prick was incredible!

‘M-my… Goodd!!’

It reached far beyond the blonde’s bellybutton, stopping midway between it and her massive breasts.

SQUIIIIIRRRSSSHHH!! The prick ejaculated, soaking the blonde’s body in spunk.

The brunette lowered her fingers down to her tight pussy, masturbating her so she was all prepped for her prick.

‘Do you have any idea how long I can last with this prick?’

‘Aaaaheemmm… noooo….’

The brunette looked to the clock over a dresser. Three in the morning. Oow, oow…

A diabolic smiled grew on her face. The prick throbbed over the blonde’s body, ejaculating thick, fat loads of lubes over her.

‘Oooh, Gooodd…!!’ That prick was so hot and real!!

‘Oow, oow!’ The brunette looked at her. ‘You’ll have to postpone your meeting with the officers today.’

‘W-w-waah… oooh, why??’

‘Because, my pretty little bitch…!’


The brunette pulled her up, anchoring her hips over her own pelvis, squeezing her buttocks with the massive balls of her silicone prick, and making her feel exactly how hot… and potent!…

‘Oooorrhh!!’ …that genitalia could be! ‘Fucking hell!!’

The brunette jerked off her massive prick slowly over the blonde so she could take a very good look at its beauty and thickness.

‘Yep. It’s hot as fucking hell!’


‘I’m gonna last over five hours with you both, whores.’


‘We’re gonna fuck… better yet…’ She lowered the prick’s helmet down to the girl’s labia.


It! Wasn’t! Possible!!

That prick was so thick —so tremendously gigantic!— that just half of its helmet stretched her wider than she’d had ever been by any man up to that point!

«G-g-g-g-gooodd!!» Her own mind babbled incoherently. «How much have I been missing all my life??»

She felt she was losing her virginity to that brunette… a third time!

‘Oooooaaarrhhhh…..!!’ The brunette roared very manlily while her prick…


…penetrated that tight, pink pussy!

The helmet was barely in and that little whore already squirted! SPLOOOOORRRSSSHH!! SPLOOOOORRRSSHH!!

‘Uhee, whore!! How hoooot!’


‘You haven’t felt anything yet, bitch! What about feeling it vibrate, huh?’

‘Vi-vi-vi… vibrate??!’

The brunette smiled. With still just the tip of the prick in that pussy, the brunette pushed a button in her strap-on and… bbbzzzzzziiiiiimmm….!!


Her pussy turned into a squirt fountain.

‘Hell, yeah, whore. Cum for me, baby, cum!!’


Bzziiiiiiiimm…. The prick vibrated with indescribable speed and intensity!

‘AAAARRHH!!! AAARRRHH!!’ The blonde looked down to her hips, barely believing…

SBLOOOOOORRRSSGHHH!!! Her orgasms showered the Alpha brunette’s like a storm, making her whole torso drip with rivers of lubes.

She couldn’t… believe!… the intensity of that pleasure!


The prick focused its vibrations on her clit, giving her multiple O’s all over again.

‘Oow, oow! How many orgasms, my bitch! How many wonderful, gorgeous orgasms!’


Her head was on fire. Tears rolled down her cheeks like mourning rivers.

Her breasts… SBLOOOOORRSSGHH!!! Her tremendously bloated, gigantic tits ejaculated milk every second!


Thick jets —whole cup-full loads of milk!— blasted high and splashed down on the mattress, which was, by that point, completely soaked in girl juices.

The brunette began to penetrate her very slowly, stretching out her pussy with its helmet. The blonde felt her clit was about to be ripped out of her!… so strong were her orgasms!


The head swirled. Her senses became lighter, weaker, frailer at every second.


‘Oh, uuuuhee!!’ The brunette breathed deep, shocked by her blonde’s massive girl-nut.

One second… two seconds… three… four… ‘OOOOOARRRH!!!’ The blonde’s body convulsed. Her orgasm was stretching beyond infinity!

‘Uuhee, uhhee!’ The brunette time-tracked her: ‘Five seconds… seven seconds, fuck!!’


‘Let’s going deeper, deeper, baby!’ The brunette smiled, all sadistic. ‘Deeper and deeper and deeper, my looooove!’


Brrrruusssh!! The helmet sank into the pussy!

The blonde felt all the air being stolen and her heart being electrocuted. «I was never…!!» Her mind shot up. «I’ve never been this stretched out befooooore!!»

Crooooaaarrcckk, crooooaaarrsssh, crraaaaassshh…!! Her pussy made a coarse, creaking noise.

‘Uuuhee!! What a bath you’re giving me, bitch!’


Crroooooaaaarrsshh!! She penetrated her just a few inches deeper! The helmet wasn’t even all in yet —another half-inch remained for it to be totally inside the pussy.

The woman came… unendingly!


SBLOOOOORRSSSHHH!! Jets of lubes splashed in the brunette’s ripped abs.

«What a beautiful sight!» She admired her marvelous blonde’s body, taken by orgasm after orgasm after…

‘OOOOOOAARRRHHH!!!’ …heart attacks!

The brunette left the prick standing still, just an inch and a half of mighty helmet crammed into that pussy, and waited for her orgasm to subside a little.

‘Wow, hottie! Your pussy was really in need of a good dick, huh?’


The spray of lubes reached up to the brunette’s breasts.

‘Uuh, uuh, uuh, girl. That’s how I like it!’


And she began to move the helmet back and forth, back and forth very discreetly, provoking machine-gun bursts on that supermodel’s pussy, interspersed with deeper and longer ejaculations and…


Uuuhee, you squirting bitch!’ The brunette opened up her mouth, drinking the liquids the other one squirted up to her lips.

Right by her side, however…

‘Loooove…’ The redhead stretched out, finally awakening from the previous avalanche of orgasms. «Honeeey!!»

The brunette wasted no time: holding the blonde’s leg with just one hand, she guided her left hand to the redhead’s hips and…

‘Oooohh!!’ …penetrated her with her fingers, making her pussy immediately… ‘OOOOOOOHHHHH…..!!’Bloooorrssshh!!! …squirt!


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She lost her breath as her pussy basically exploded, almost squirting blood with her strong gushes!


Her body hopped! Both the bed and the entire room shook like in an earthquake!

The redhead’s cunt was encroached by another powerful, catastrophic orgasm!!


One second. Two seconds. Three seconds. Four seconds.

«Mmm….!» The brunette shut her eyes and came as those continuous streams splashed so hotly on her palm for five seconds, six seconds, seven, eight, nine…


Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen…


twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight…


Waves of spunk rippled in the puddles, no, the oceans around the bed.

The redhead ejaculated almost three-quarters of a gallon… a full gallon… a full gallon and some pints…


One minute and twenty seconds of uninterrupted squirting later… she fainted!

As soon as she saw her girl fall unconsciously, the brunette took her hand out of her pussy and grabbed the blonde’s hips with both hands.

‘It’s it’s just us, little one!’


The blonde looked terrified at the redhead’s unmoving, unconscious body. Did that brunette really make her faint… so fast!… just with her fingers?!


Her own pussy didn’t stop cumming for five minutes straight! SBLOOOOOORRRSSSHH!! The brunette’s immense body was continuously oiled by her love nectar.

‘You’re going to cum so much, oh, so much with this prick, my precious!’


The penis came and went, came and went… SBLOOORRSSH, SBLOOOOORRSSSH…!!

Her. Pussy. Didn’t. Stop!!

‘OOOOOORRRRHHHHH!!!’ Tears and yet more tears flowed down her face, and the brunette only smiled, all sadistic and powerful!

‘Time to fuck you for real, my bitch.’


‘My penis… barely stuck the full helmet in you, my sweet cunt!’


The blonde’s voice was thick, thick, thick! Extremely powerful and masculine, like hot ember in her ears!


Getting her waist ready, the brunette took one long, deep breath. That blonde was all hers.

«You’re going to cum so much… oh, so much!… you’re going to beg me to stop… and still I’m gonna be making you cum!»

She squeezed her blonde’s tits, which both lactated… SPLUUUUUUURRRRTTTTT!! …fat, thick loads of milk!


The brunette licked her lips. It was time to eat!


The penis sunk just a little inside her cunt, which nonetheless burst as if the beautiful, busty blonde it penetrated was entirely made of water.

The blonde convulsed and cried ceaselessly.


The electric discharges she suffered, quite frankly… would be enough to kill any normal human being, and knock-out a full-grown horse of a bull!


She felt multiple orgasms pilling over other multiple orgasms, and her pussy reacted with sweet oceanic explosions on the super-brunette’s body, squirting pints and pints of the thickest, hottest milk a woman could ever squirt.

The brunette’s prick vibrated at a hundred, a hundred and fifty pulsations every second… and she was about to teach that blonde’s cunt many more lessons in pleasure with her full power and length.

‘Let’s go, you cunt!’


‘Going deeeeeep…’


The brunette slid her full helmet in her, and the blonde thought she was about to die!

And just that tip of the dildo caused in her more orgasms —’AAAAARRRRRHHHHH!!!’— than if she were being gangbanged by five muscular bull-men for six hours straight!!

«My god!» The domme writhed. «I think I’m giving this bitch more orgasms than the supersoldier ever could! Oooow! My supersoldier fucking her! Oooh, ooooh….!!»

The blonde’s pussy expelled absolutely formidable amounts of spunk!

‘You’re gonna cum soo much, my girl, so much and so much!’



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‘Your ass is so beautiful, mommy!’

The brunette looked back, admiring her own hardened, prominent glutes of pure muscles, a rear so mighty and thick that it pointed upwards towards her nape.

‘Mmm? Oh, yes. I’ve got the world’s finest ass.’

‘Oow, mommy…!’

‘Yours doesn’t stay very far behind, though.’

‘Oow, mommy.’ She played with her blond locks, all docile and sweet. ‘Thank you, mommy. You make your daughter so…’



The brunette turned around and walked back to her, carrying the full vase in her hands.

«Damn!!» The blonde was amazed. The vase was so heavy that… crooooorrrrkk!!! The brunette’s arms hardened fully, flexing at every step she gave.

Buuum, buuuum… buuum!!

‘Oow, mommy… oooww!’

She could already have a good idea of what the woman would demand of her.

Buuum, buuuum, buuuuumm!! The giantess’ steps made the whole floor tremble. It was impressive and frightening.

«These thighs… fuck! Jesus Christ, what thighs!!» The blonde again lost her breath while admiring that dominatrix’s killer tighs, each thicker and heavier than a full-grown woman!

‘Fuck, your body!’ She gulped dryly, running her eyes over the goddess’ eight ripped abdominal muscles. ‘Fuck, you’re so ripped!’

‘And it’s this milk of yours, my blondie, which makes me so horny!’


Buum, buuuum… buuumm! She stopped. The brunette was basically all over the blonde, carrying the giant milk vase over her head.

‘Oow, you bitch!’ She shook the vase. ‘Do you have any idea how much this thing here weighs, huh?’

Naughtily, she shook her head, biting her lips. The brunette then leaned over to her, bringing the vase down with her:

‘Come on. Raise your hands. Take it.’

‘Oow… oow, mommy.’

She took it… and her eyes goggled once she felt…!

‘Fuck! That’s heavy!’

The brunette smiled.

‘Your milk weighs eleven pounds per litter, my bitch. It think it might be even heavier.’

‘Oh, fuck!’

The brunette watched as the blonde’s muscles hardened, getting so incredibly shredded on her long, elegant arms.

She was a lean, but extremely athletic girl, with four visible muscles on her abs, and legs which displayed an immense potential to the fitness world.

«Fucking shit!» The brunette marveled. «Once she hits the gym… she’s gonna get so much bigger than all of us!»

‘What are you waiting for, hottie?’

‘Oooh… ooooh….’

Playfully, the brunette held one of her breasts and…

Aaarrhh…!!’ Feeling an immense pleasure, she squeezed it! Crrrooaaasshh!!

Spliiiiisshh!! The milk blasted off the nipple and splashed all over the blonde’s head, who looked up and laughed.

‘Oooh, oooh, yes.’ And opened her mouth. ‘Gimme your milk, mommy.’

The brunette stepped on one of the blonde’s thighs and…


…crushed it. The muscles of her abs flexed and hardened scarily: crooorssh! Crooossh!!

‘Stop fooling around and drink it now, bitch.’ She pointed to her own belly, hard and bloated, and then to the redhead, laying down, writhing while still unconscious on the floor. ‘All of us drank it. Now there’s only you left.’

Ooow…‘ She ran her tongue over her lips.’ And what if I refuse?’

More than a mere provocation, there was also a hint of fear in her voice: those 170oz of milk on the vase —five full liters!— weighted almost a hundred pounds!

A hundred fucking pounds, damn it! It was over half her weight!

The brunette smiled maliciously, puffing up her chest and displaying her enormous tits over her girl’s head:

‘If you don’t drink it, I leave ya.’


‘I’m not gonna fuck you…’ And turned her face slowly to the redhead, ‘like I’ll fuck this delicious flame-head here.’

‘Ooh, mommy, oow. Ooow…‘ Lifting the vase, she looked one last time to her dominant Latina. ‘You’ve still got energy in you, my mare?’ She smiled, so bold and cocky.