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A giant muscle god tears the body of two hitchhiking lesbians with his 17in+ monster cock! [FREE PAGES]

The two ladies felt their pussies swell, moistening up madly.

‘By the… l-love of… god!!’ The brunette’s eyes couldn’t get any bigger.

‘W-w-who d-do ya…’ The blonde shook her face. ‘Where the hell did you come from??’

«From Olympus.» The young man considered to reply, but maybe that would have been too much for those two mortals.

Instead, he let them make their own conclusions:

‘I think, my beauties…’


‘…you’d be more interested in what I have to give you.’

And he let the white rope fall: vuuuussh!!

At first glance, the girls had no reaction.

Their throats hurt and their hearts throbbed strongly, heating their bodies with more copious volleys of blood.

Their pussies were swelling to the naked eyes; they could feel the flames eating them from between their legs.

‘God… m-m-my god!!’ Iara shook her head several times. ‘Pinch me, Raissa, pinch me!’

But Raissa herself couldn’t believe… that monument!

‘Oooh… wow!’

Muscles! Muscles all throughout! The man wasn’t just big, he was massive! In all her fitness years, she’d never seen such a hard, ripped male!

His abs sported a twelve-pack —twelve! The man was so ripped she could literally see the blood flowing inside his veins and insanely bloated arteries.

‘Ooow… oooww!!’

The brunette soon realized she had no words left in her. «My g-god!! What a god!!» That was all her mind could repeat before that magnificent horse of a man.

‘Ooow, my god!! You’re bigger… aahee!!’

She looked to his prick. Both women felt their pussies leaking nonstop.

That penis… that gigantic prick…!

‘Ooohh!!’ Bruuum!! The brunette literally fell on her knees, unable to maintain the strength in her legs. ‘M-m-my g-god!!’

That horse’s prick was insultingly huge! It stretched out in a straight angle, pointing right at its lascivious targets.

‘So?’ The arrogant male opened up his arms, multiplying the muscles of his body and making the prick rise higher and higher.


The being got closer. Buuum, buuuum, buuum…!! His prick seemed to only grow larger and larger!

Raissa couldn’t believe the immense girth of that monster… much less it’s horse-sized length!

The guy was literally bigger than any horse! How was that possible?

‘M-my g-g-god!’ She gulped nervously all the time. ‘M-my sweet god!!’

Buuum, buuuum…! The being stopped a few steps away from the ladies.

The blonde laid her eyes on immense balls dangling below the prick; one could see the veins multiplying and the gallons of semen flowing in the sack at every passing second.

‘My god!! My god, my god, my god! Look at thiiis!!!

But Raissa was far too hypnotized by that anaconda to pay attention to anything else.

‘Oooh… what a dong! What a… fucking prick!…’  She ran one finger along the biggest arteries throbbing on that massive shaft. ‘Ow, ow, ow!!’

She felt the blood flowing inside the vast duct, which was thicker and wider than her thumb.

‘M-m-my god… m-m-my…’

The god soon felt two hands in his balls, and saw it was the blonde who touched them and squeezed them.

‘God!! Oooh, what a… fucking Greek god!!’ She was right, even though unknowingly. ‘You… oow, my god, how much…’

«Seed!» Her mind completed what the mouth was still too shy to utter.

The god flexed his muscles and made the prick stand higher still; his phallic monster, as it happened, wasn’t even half-hard!

‘Touch it. Enjoy it.’

‘Oooww… aaaheeemm…!!’

The male didn’t just have ‘testicles;’ he had cannons balls filled with semen, throbbing with the gallons and gallons of sperm he produced at a frenzied pace.

‘My god… my…!!’ The blonde lowered her mouth to those testicles. «Holy fuck!!» Those balls were literally larger than pomegranades! ‘Oooh, fuck!!’

The mega-god started stroking her hair, treating her like his little dog.

‘Is my girl enjoying daddy’s balls?’

She barely even looked at the man, rolling her eyes as she licked and slurped all over those titanic balls!

‘My god… m-my god!…’ The little girl was completely drunk in sex, infected by the intoxicating virility of that male. ‘Raissa!!’ She called her friend. ‘I can feel the spunk inside! Ooooh!!’

Buuum!! The two balls throbbed and swelled, as if proving a point!

Oooorrrhhh…!!!’ The mega-god let off a coarse growl, making the whole valley shake.

Oooo-aaaiiimm!!’ Raissa squirmed as soon as that prick grew even thicker before her face and…

Bloooorshh!!…expelled a thick, powerful load. «M-m-my god!!» The brunette was floored. «Is he already coming?»


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A busty angel is serviced by the former Queen of Hell / Sexy demonesses and angels getting it on! [FREE PAGES]

“I’m… I’m…” Her chin trembled, her lips dried out. “I’m pregnant!”

The other demonesses laughed as their leader clapped and smiled, talking for all to hear:

“Yes, you’re pregnant, my dear, and what a lush harvest this is!” She hugged her belly and gave it a kiss, making Lumina’s cunt throb as she felt the demoness’s fat, luscious lips in her bellybutton. “Fifteen kids! Satan has bred you with fifteen kids, you wonderful cow!”

Lumina’s eyes almost popped out.

“What??! What the fuck?!!”

“That’s right, proud momma! It’s been a while since Hell has seen such a bountiful harvest.” She bit her lip and made a clicking noise with her teeth. “You gorgeous cunt. Even in that you beat me!” She stretched her palms to Lumina, then just four fingers of her right hand. “Fourteen! I was the previous record owner, with fourteen kids in one go!”

Lumina was gulping loudly. She wasn’t exactly skeptical, but rather resistant to the truth.

“What the… fuck…?!”

Again, the demoness clapped her hands and a rush of power was felt throughout the room, making the angel moan as her tits hardened and her nipples threatened to pierce her thin pink dress.

With a furious contraction of her cunt, she expelled fat loads of nectar straight on the demoness’s bellybutton, prompting her to look up with a wry smile.

“Fat cunt. Oh, you beautiful fat cunt. You might not remember it, but you succumbed to our Lord’s seduction and let yourself be mercilessly pounded by his god-cock for two months straight. Oh, your coitus was the stuff of legends! Prior to you, only I had withstood the Great King for over a week, and my performance shook the foundations of Hell for over one month and a half of intense, bestial fucking.” Her smile was mesmerizing, and so were the slow, cautious licks of her lips. “You beautiful, gorgeous cunt. You’ve blown me out of the water, and I am so filled with hatred for you that I feel like, at any given moment…” She leaned on the woman’s neck and grabbed it with both hands. “I could just split your spine and get you out of the picture!”

The other demonesses didn’t even bat an eye, simply smiling as the angel’s body seemed frozen in fear. Both goddesses felt each other’s breath, and were immediately entranced by each other’s gorgeous, lush bodies.

The demoness’s hair fell on Lumina’s face, which blushed as she felt the heat of her cunt growing to the tip of her breath. The demoness looked deep in her pristine blue eyes, admiring her porcelain-perfect face as the angel also silently worshipped her rival’s equally gorgeous countenance. Faint steam came from the demoness’s nose as she felt a powerful fire consume the very middle of her legs, warming up her powerful thighs –an instinctive reaction of hers every time she was near a novel and gorgeous piece of flesh.


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A muscle teenager unloads massive gallons of precum in his harem of beauties with his 17.5-inch monster cock! [FREE PAGES!]

The slain woman convulsed on the floor, crying with the pain and agony of that intense pleasure while her body still experienced brutal jolts of post-coitus.

Bliiiiiirsssh, spluuuuuurssh, spliiiiiirrsshh!! Her pussy gushed female spunk all over the place.

‘My Gooodd…!!‘ All chins fell down. ‘H-how many ounces…??!’

And the god stood with a menacing aura.

‘Want me to nut all this sweet precum on you?’


‘Okay, then.’ The mega-god held his horse prick, which alone weighed twenty pounds plus. ‘Here. Feel it all!’

‘Ooooh, aaaaahh!!!’

Spluuuuuursshhh!! Immediately, his prick unloaded jets and more jets of the most ferocious, dense transparent broth on the girls, knocking them out instantly.

While his prick covered their bodies in pre-spunk, the mega teenager roared:

‘Uuuurrrrh, hoooot!’

‘Aaaaai, aaaahhh!!!’ The girls were both impressed and desperate as they sank under precum. ‘Pargasus!! Ooh, Paaargas…!!’

Vuuuuuursshh!! The young man nutted pints in just one blast. A few seconds later, all those five bodies were covered in spunk from head to toe.

Pargasus turned his potent prick from one side to the other, releasing his thick gushes at will.

The lubes entered the girls’ mouths and noses. They could literally drown under all that liquid!

Uuurrrhh!!! Fuuuck!!!’

The man’s prick nutted one long, gallon-sized jet of lubes over the sluts. His balls weighed ten pounds each, and he could feel the sperm getting solid inside them, so potently that his own sight started to blank and darken!

The prick engorged and ejaculated another thick, long, frightening load over the five remaining sluts: blooooaarrsshh!! In just one gush, the monster made almost two gallons rained over the bitches.

The simple contact of the liquids on their privates set fire to their bodies! All and all, the 18-year-old teenage mega-god had nutted eight gallons of pre-spunk over them.

‘Uuuuuurrhhh!!!’ The prick engorged and exploded once again: bluuuuuursshh!! Eight gallons and a hundred ounces… eight gallons and three hundred… eight gallons and a half…

The girls were literally gasping for air under that lube ocean.

His prick came with the power of ten breeding stallions. His urethra stretched as wide as a thumb, letting flow through it a whole ocean of male juices over such nubile, fresh young bodies.

Aaaarrh, aaaaarrh, aaaaarrrhh!!!’ The god roared, seeing his women fight for air under all his loads.

Ooorrhh…!!!’ And they came. ‘AAAAAIIIIIM….!!!!’

Bluuuuursshh!! The prick ejaculated. Bluuuuuursshh!!! And ejaculated even harder!

The god felt a ferocious pinch in between his legs.

‘My balls, fuuuuuck!!!’

His testicles were all covered by thick veins, spheres carrying so much spunk they were almost solid.

The super teenager had more veins over his prick than seasoned bodybuilders in their entire bodies.

It was, after all, a lot of prick to feed with blood: 16.5 inches! Literally a cock as large as horse’s!

Through that prick Pargasus felt flowing four pints… six pints… a gallon… a gallon and a pint…

Nearly two gallons!… making the pre-spunk pool grow around those marvelous bodies.


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A muscle monster stretches the bodies of his countless sexy nuns with his 24-inch beast cock! [FREE PAGES, babies!]

She was still bloated after holding such huge loads of lubricants for so long inside her, and now that the pressure of the man’s penis was let go from her cunt, she could expel them all with enough power to lift a rocket to stratosphere.

The monster dropped her big-tittied, huge-bubble-assed body on the ground, picking up the blonde he had ignored before. Her pussy was squirting gallons of cum as he lifted her, turned her legs to the screaming women (“more! More! More!!”), opened her legs with just one hand, and then… let the liquids flow!

*squaaaash!!!* Those two bitches were ejaculating so hard it was literally if they had hoses of firetrucks inside them. The faces of the women were knocked back with skull splitting-intensity when hit by those mighty jets, bringing their whole bodies down, splashing on the spunk all around them.

The entire catacombs had been filled with the countless gallons of jizz that horse had nutted along the brief orgy. His power was just starting to be revealed to all of them. His eyes beamed with the fires of hell, his confidence shining hard enough for him to reveal a big smile in his gorgeous, masculine face all the time.

He was going to massacre those women like no woman on earth had been massacred, pounded, fucked, pussy-annihilated before. That batch of girls had just been the beginning. Now that the appetizers were over, it was time for the main course. But first…

“These two bitches are so filled with juices, aren’t they?” He laughed. “If I stick my fingers inside them, I wonder what will happen.” He crammed his penis-sized fingers inside one cunt, and the already voluminous juices exploded with the intensity of Noah’s flood. Bodies of women were thrown on the ground by the massive, light-speed jets, which splattered on the floor, the walls, the ceiling with enough strength to even crack the stone a bit.

The blonde’s body went to the floor, dropped uncerimoniously by the giant, and then he grabbed the brunette again, sticking his meat-rod fingers in her. The torrent of spunk was just as powerful as when he retrieved his prick from her, with the difference now that the woman was screaming her lungs out:


The bodies of basically all the women were hurled against the walls or to distant places in the catacombs as the nectar jets hit them in the faces, the breasts, the sexy, thin bellies, all over their bodies. The blows were like horse kicks. They tried to crawl their way to that father’s penis, but couldn’t. All the time, the 24in manhood of the priest remained not just rock hard, but growing and throbbing, with more veins along half its surface them the entire bodies of very ripped, massive, zero-percent-fat world-class bodybuilding champion.

Through those thick veins coursed enough blood to power a horse. The amount of blood he needed to simply maintain his cock would be enough to give life to fifty men.


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A hung muscle stud fucks through a mountain of women with his 17in+ cock and bathes on their endless squirts (+so, oh, so much more filth!) [FREE PAGES]

‘My god!!’ The girls pointed to the pile! ‘Look, look!’

In that mountain of eighteen agonizing bodies, at least seven or eight of them were still blasting long jets through the pussies!

In fact, all pussies reverted to squirting on their own at one point or another, overtaken by the involuntary orgasms that still reverberated in their bodies.


‘Aaaaheem, Pargasus… aaaheee!!’


‘Can you try and be a little bit… ooow, ooow… gentle?? For fuck’s sak… aaaaahh!!



Pargasus was hasty: as soon as he grabbed and lifted that new woman with his arms, he lowered her body directly into his prick, fucking her mid-air.

‘Going deep, girl!’


Crooossh, crooossh, clooorshh… He went two, three, four, five!…

Aaaaaiii, aaah, aaaaaaheee!!’

…five inches!… six inches!!…

‘OOOH, GOOODDD…’ The woman tried to pierce his back with her nails, failing miserably.

Blooooooooorsshhh…!!! Her pussy ejaculated like ten geysers stuck in between her thighs.

Three seconds and a half of drilling later, her body lost all energy, and her head dangled on her neck.

‘Fuck, I can’t believe this!’ One of the girls uttered. ‘This… this is monstruous!’

Blooom!! Pargasus threw the body on the pile.


‘Ooow, Pargasus!’ A new prey offered herself. ‘Fuck me! Fuck me now and fore-eeehh-aaaaahhh!! AAAAAAAHHH!!!’

Pargasus simply took her by the waist and crammed his cock deep inside her.

The woman writhed immediately like a bamboo stick in the wind.

Three inches.. four inches… five inches…!!

‘This must be a really weird dream, I swear!’ The other nymphs squinted and rubbed their hands on their eyes once they saw her friend crying and heard her screamed getting higher and higher and so much more desperately higher!

‘Whore! Fucking cum-dump slut!’

Aaaiii!! Aaaarrhh!!’

Spliiirssh, spliiiiiirssh, spluuuuursshh!! Six inches!… seven… seven… seven?…

BLOOOOOORRSSSSHHH!! After an immense, intense squirt… brruuuumm!!

The other women felt their own hearts shiver.

Oooh, Gooodd!!’

Crooooaarsshh!!! Unceremoniously, Pargasus lifted that girl’s body up with his arms, removing her from his prick.


The monster went back to ejaculating like he was filling a whole ocean: blooorsh, sbluuuuursh, bloooorsshh!!

‘Oow, my… god!!’

‘Aaahee, aaaahee!!!’

The girls closest to him were bathed in precum! The god’s own body was covered by two pints… bloooorsshhh!!!… half a gallon… sbluuuursshh!!!… seven pints, give or take… sblooooorsshh!!!… a full gallon of lubes!

‘Fuuuck, that’s some good nut!’

Pargasus threw the nymph’s body back, over the pile of now nineteen agonizing, squirting, squirming, crying and convulsing orgasmic bodies.

‘That was number thirty.’ And he gave firm steps towards his next prey. ‘You’re going to be Mrs. Thirty-One.’

‘Aaahhee, Pargasus, noooo… OOOH, NOOOOOOO!!!’

The other girls gulped dryly, seeing what was nothing less than a pussy genocide!

‘Ooow, girl, pinch me, pinch me, oow!!’ All their throats dried up. ‘I don’t believe this… ooow… I cannot believe this!’

Pargasus now fucked the girls while standing! He barely hugged them and already slammed his meat road inside them, making them cum and squirt instantaneously!


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A giant woman eats the 24-inch cock of a massive muscle servant of God… who unloads GALLONS of JIZZ in her stomach! [unique FREE PAGES!]

The thing was hot and hard. Actually, the hottest and hardest thing she’d ever felt on a human body. «It’s harder than my husband’s biceps when flexed!» And probably thicker too. With her tongue out, she slurped all over that prodigious endowment without even bothering to take out the pants, feeling the blood flow inside it even beneath all that cloth.

“Bitch likes eating clothes? Wipe it out, you stupid cunt.”

She looked up, never able to get angry at a being so perfectly sculpted and a face so divinely masculine.

“I’m afraid of what I’ll see. Ouch!!

With a powerful motion, the man slapped her cheek.

“Stupid hoe. Taste my manhood before I get angry and force it down your body.”

“Oh, daddy!” She whimpered, sliding her fingers inside that man’s pants and trying her best to pull them down. As hard as she tried, however, she kept failing. Only after many minutes could she pull that cloth down, for the man was so massive he stretched it to the brink of rip-and-tear.

Under the dark pants, he saw the prized manhood he so possessively guarded. The monster, all curled up, was like a tumor in his boxers. He could already see its meat from many parts of the over-stretch undergarment, throbbing and spewing juices from its engorged cum-slit.

With her tongue out, she tried her hardest not to cum as she pulled the boxers down. Then… *flomp!* The monster was freed.


The creature literally punched her face as it sprung free from the constraints of the cloth. *punch!* *flooomp!!* The noises it made were coarse and bestial. As it set soft on the booth, it reached down to its floor –a penis longer than the entire body of a child!

“Holy fucking…!”

*Slaap!!* Again, her face was met with a blow from the priest.

“You giant, disrespectful whore. Don’t you see we’re in the house of god? Watch your mouth, slut, or rather: shut it up with my manhood in it, which is the only true manhood you’ll ever get the honor to feel!”

That monster sure was sure of himself… but how couldn’t he be?? She was still frozen before all of… that! That man’s soft cock was longer than a man’s whole arm, and when she wrapped her hands around it, she realized her fingers were far from touching each other on the opposite end. He was thicker than a bottle of tennis balls… and was completely dormant.

“Shit!” Her thick lips drooled. “Shit!” As her eyes went up the shaft, they were met by the monster’s cannonballs. To say that he had balls of bull would be too much praise to any bull; that guy’s testicles were as large as fucking pineapples, and so heavy that they forced his massive scrotum down to where his knees would be if he were standing.

Placing her mouth on that shaft and sucking its meaty surface, she held one of those balls with a single hand, which was incapable of enveloping even half of the sphere! Not only that, but her well-trained, strong biceps visibly bulged and stretched her dress as he tried to lift that ball and squeeze it. The monster was as heavy as a bowling ball and as hard as iron. She placed both hands –one in each ball—and played with that bull’s sperm tanks as she drooled all over his prick.

The beast was not only long, but veiny. Large arteries as thick as fingers throbbed on that monstrosity as she tried to coat it fully with her slobber. She worked that creature up and down, lowering herself to the floor and ripping the dress on her ass, slurping and spitting and sucking all that steel-hard rod, yet still she felt her efforts were for nil: the monster was huge to the point of needing five women like her to be completely caressed.

Still, she redoubled her efforts. She wasn’t going to bow down for one arrogant priest –as massive and horse-like as this priest was.

While she worked that shaft, her hands played with his balls. She could feel the heavy semen sloshing inside them, with the sperm-makers throbbing to produce more gallons of jizz as the priest lifted his head and grunted like a caveman, filling the booth with both his bestial sounds and the steam coming from his body heat.

Uuurh!!” The huge stallion roared. She squeezed those sperm tanks more vigorously, knowing that this pleased him, and the priest started to move around the booth, making it creak as his massive body was overtaken by pleasure.

There was a brief fear in her that someone would hear that… but she no longer gave a fuck. «I want this animal in my mouth now!» She took the penis with both hands, which were still too few to grab and lift that indescribable anaconda.

“Jesus, you’re hung!” Her eyes doubled as that soft cock filled her arms. Her muscles were flexed and hard just with the act of holding that thing still. The man was more than huge; he was an aberration; his size made more acceptable only by matching the size of the rest of his body.


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A young breeding stallion (a dude, I mean) makes several women squirt in a row with his 16in+ tool… while a mature giant bull (also a man, okay, hehe!) watches! [FREE fucking PAGES!]

Her orgasms were so extreme she felt even her organs being cooked inside the body.

The god got closer to her years and, with the voice of the Universe itself, he commanded:



The woman then shivered and… buuum! Passed out!

Her face fell to the side with her eyes shut, yet her body kept squirting insanely, experiencing orgasms even during the deepest of comas.

None of that was anything new to that mega-god.

‘Coming out, now.’ And Pargasus retrieved his prick from that convulsing body.

Even unconscious, the woman screamed as the four inches of prick were taken out of her.

Goooorhhh…!!’ The pussy ejaculated copiously during every inch of prick which was taken out. ‘Aaaaaaheem…!!’

And the god simply roared, enjoying all the orgasms he gave her with the ease of pressing a button.


The woman ejaculated one long, thick load of lubes on her male’s body. Blaaaashh!! The mega-gods prick, answering in kind, throbbed and ejaculated a thick load of lubes, covering that sleepy nymph’s entire body —bloooorshh!

The god casually grabbed her by one leg and threw her aside. Bruum!

«My god!!» One of the girls around thought. «He uses us as if we were his personal cum dumpst-!» But she could barely complete her thought as the god…


…grabbed her by the legs and pulled her towards him.

‘Hey, there, beautiful.’

And he closed her legs.

‘Who told you I wanted to be fucked by such a mindless brute?’

Pargasus, to her surprise, lifted his shoulders and answered:

‘Very well. Suit yourself.’

And threw her body away.

‘Hey, Pargasus! No! What are you… oow!!

He threw her, like an old piece of rag, over the unconscious bodies of the women he’d already fucked, moving towards the other ladies waiting for him:

‘Who wants to be the next one in my d-?’

‘I do!!’ One new girl raised her hand while the previous one whimpered in protest:

‘Pargasus!! I was just joking!’

‘Missed your chance, baby.’

And he pulled the new girl by her legs —a ‘girl’, of course, as tall as 6.2-feet and as heavy as 220 pounds of sheer muscle!

‘Come here, my mare!’

‘Ooow, oooww!! Ha, ha, ha!’ The girl laughed to hide her insecurities, being laid on the very same spot of all the previous women.

Poof, poof!! With two ferocious, rude motions, Pargasus spread her legs and exposed her swollen pussy. To his surprise, however…

‘Are these panties?!’ He looked to the cloth covering her cunt, and the girl responded with a slight nod of the head. ‘Well, well. Are you using mortal clothes, now?’

And she laughed, a little bit embarrassed.

‘Oow, I… it’s really practical, you know.’ She winked. ‘These mortals can be quite ingenious.’

And he smiled. Layers of lubes appeared on the cloth and smoothly slid down to the floor, with the pussy lips clearly visible beneath the fabric.

With one finger, Pargasus pulled that piece of clothing, exposing the steaming pussy behind.

‘Ooow, Pargasus… ooow…’

His finger hovered near her clit.’Cum.’


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A giant muscle stud breeds his fitness mare with GALLONS o f his thick, creamy SPUNK [full FREE BOOK]


Are you strong enough?

His woman felt heavier: instead of her usual 210 pounds of perfect fitness physique, she now must have weighted between 230 and 240 pounds.

All the spunk swinging inside her belly must have been the explanation. The man’s broth was not only abundant but also extraordinarily thick and dense.

Measured by sheer volume alone, a single nut from him was worth the entire load of two already potent, very virile, top-of-their-class men; judging by density, however, the disparity was even greater: his single load from him had more spunk than the entire ejaculation of 20 dudes.

Over his own full ejaculation on that woman, he had unloaded something on the ballpark of…

«Fuck. I must have put more semen inside her right than a squadron of a 1,000 men!»

It wasn’t a shock, therefore, that her body throbbed and leaked all over the place, filled to the brim with fertility. The seed that ravashed her womb was enough to repopulate the entire planet!

Kissing her, the male stopped with her body in the middle of the bedroom.

‘You’re heavy.’

‘Your load, my love, inside my belly.’

‘Are you sure you’re okay with that? Look, I don’t wanna… you know… send you to a hospital or anything.’

She turned her head and smiled.

‘That’s something you can do, right? Send a gal to the E.R…. just with the strength of your nut!’

‘You get horny with that, don’t you, you filthy girl?’

‘How wouldn’t I?’ Her eyes shone brightly. ‘Young, gorgeous, muscles of a Greek god, cock of a horse, and so much spunk…. so much power that… oooww!! You are… you’re…’

He leaned closed to her and completed:

‘A god.’

She nodded, totally surrendered.

‘I’m so hot, love. I’m in such heat! Please, get me to the bed and… fuck me!’

‘As you wish.’

Back on the bed, the male laid his female down on her back.

She smiled, holding her laughter.

‘How long have we been fucking, huh?’

‘Three hours and a half now. Almost four.’

‘You came here first.’ She pointed to a large, thick puddle over the sheets. ‘It’s been over three hours this thing is here and… Jesus! It’s still hot, hot, hot!’

The man fondled his own prick, which remained stell-hard, 12.5 inches of pure pussy-devouring meat.

‘Your horse’s got the finest spunk in all the world.’

‘Seriously, you… I don’t know, but… have you considered donating it? Going to a sperm bank and… I don’t now…’ She winked at him. ‘Lending manking a little helping hand?’

He laughed.

‘I’ve already got my harem.’

‘Oh, yes, daddy. How many kids again?’

He smiled, puffing up his breast.

’54 kids.’


‘My goal is getting to a thousand by the end of my life.’

‘How many wives, again?’



‘You feel hot for that, don’t you?’

‘What woman wouldn’t feel good knowing that her male… ooow… could pick any woman in the world… aahee… and turn her into his personal sex slave??’

He pulled her by the leg, parting her two enormous thighs, and saw her marvelous pussy still bursting with his nut.

‘That’s what you want from me, isn’t it? Be my sex slave?’

She nodded.

‘Of course. Your servant… and your queen.’ She looked more seriously at him. ‘I want you to put over 30 kids in my womb.’

And he, with an almost frightening ease, simply replied:

‘Okay. You will become the greatest of all my wives.’


‘Now, what do you think I’m gonna do to you?’

She spread her legs for him, then slowly turned around to show him her ass.

‘That you’ll stick your meat on my ass. Tear me in half!’

He, however, blocked her movement with one hand.

‘Stop, whore. Be quiet, just like that.’

‘Mmm, what is it?’ She smiled, laying on her back again. ‘You want to see my body? Oow, you… want to suck my tits?’

‘Oh, bitch…’


‘It won’t feel nice… me ramming it up on you.’

And she looked serious at him.

‘I’m a big girl. I can handle myself.’

‘I know. If there’s a female in this world capable of handling me… it’s you.’


‘However, babe…’


‘The last one with whom I tried anal… really went to the hospital.’


He nodded, gravely.

‘She lost a quarter gallon of blood, so bad that I hurt her.’

‘You… did you use lubes??’

‘Of course, I did.’ His penis throbbed vividly. ‘But my dick is much more powerful than what I myself can control.’

‘You… you…’

‘She was already bleeding when I penetrated her. She bled even more when I began to thrust into her. And you can believe it, my girl…’ He sniffed her. ‘When I start pumping on you… you’ll really feel as if you’re been torn in half. I mean… literally!’


‘But that wasn’t what sent her to the hospital.’

‘It w-wasn’t?’

‘No. It was when I nutted.’ He locked on her a mortal look. ‘When I ejaculated inside her… I tore her insides apart… literally blew a hole in her guts with my spunk —and that time I didn’t nut nearly as much as I do today.’ He held her face very tenderly, but also austere. ‘I want you to understand this very well… if you want to proceed.’

She swallowed, feeling even her boobs stop lactating with so much fear.

She was obviously scared of what was about to happen. A dick as large and thick such as his would never fit on any ass, but… at the same time…

She knew she needed to be his first. Oh! It was like she was destined to be fucked by that male… in all her holes!

Feeling her body so heavy with all the spunk he had nutted inside of her, she touched the man’s pecs and looked at him with feline confidence:

‘My… my stud!’


She ran her hands over the incredibly thick neck of that ox of a guy.

‘I want you to ram your rod… very deep inside my ass… with all the strength in your many, many muscles. Ooow!!’

She grabbed her pussy.

‘You slut! Listen to me!’


‘If that’s really how you want it…’

‘Ooow!! Yes, yes… yeees!!’

‘Then let me knock you out first… before I get to fuck you hard!’

‘OOOWW! W-what??!’

While he spoke, he pressed two, three erogenous spots inside of her simultaneously, rekindling the fires that so powerfully consumed her.

‘You’ll have to be unconscious… if you want to take my rod up your ass.’

‘Aaheee!! AAAHHEEE!!’

‘I don’t wanna make you hurt… but if you really wanna go there… okay.’ His dick throbbed hungrily over the woman’s belly. ‘I’ll fuck you like a mare, literally, with this horse dong I have.’

‘Fuck…. ooow… OOOOHHH!!!’

Squiiiiiish, squiiiiisshh! Her pussy went back to squirting. SBLOOORRSSHH, SBLOOOORRSSHH!! Her tits lactated obscene amounts of creamy milk, which piled over her nipples like chantilly mountains.

As he began to feel his lover’s pussy burn, he pressed his helmet against her labia.

‘No! I want it on my a-!’

But the man shut her up with a hand on her mouth.

‘I’m gonna fuck you on the pussy… till you pass out.’ And kissed her firmly. ‘It’s very important you’re sleeping, my girl, otherwise you’ll not stand the pain.’


He prepared his dick on his lover’s entrance, 100% sure that, in no time…

‘Let’s see…’ He smiled, ‘how long it takes until you pass out.’

‘Oow… ooow, uuuii!!’

‘You came an hour straight last time.’ His gaze became darkly focused. ‘I want to put you on this state again: one where the orgasm is so through, so intense, that you won’t be able to stop cumming… even as I tear your ass in half.’

‘Fuuucck… oh, fuck, god… Goood!!!’

Dominated by an almost satanic arrogance, he firmed his helmet on her Heaven’s gate, pressing her clit powerfully and making it…



The woman squirmed, groaned and cried, with her tits also expelling formidable amounts of milk.

The man, stoic, kept simply looking at the pussy, seeing the number of ejaculations that pilled up one after the other: spliiisshh–spliiiish-spliiiiiiissshhahaahhhhssss…!!!

‘AAAARRRRGGGG!!!!’ On her last blast, the woman squirted for over three uninterrupted seconds over her horse-man’s abs. His ten muscles were greased in female cum, without he even giving a surprised smirk.

That type of orgasm, after all, had become a cliche. He was able to extract multiple orgasms out of his ladies with just a simple penetration.

Impossibly lengthy ejaculations like that one, to him, were not only possible but were indeed… routine!

Seeing his woman relax a bit more, he took a deep breath and smiled.

‘I’m going all out on you. In a minute, I promise… you’ll faint.’


BOOOOM! He didn’t count down, he didn’t warn her, he didn’t say anything else: BOOOM!

Suddenly, just like that, he… BOOOM! Eight inches of cock deep inside the woman!

The female’s abs contracted powerfully. Turning her head to one side, she… BLOOOOORRSSHH!! …puked some five ounces of spunk her man had come into her mouth in the bathroom!


‘WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??!!’ She screamed as soon as the last drop left her mouth. ‘FUCKING MAKE ME CUM, DAMN IT!!!’


She laid down over her and, grabbing her breasts and sucking ’em madly, he once again carefully moved his dick up and down her most precious erogenous spots in the forbidden depths of her cunt.


The woman screamed and suddenly shut, writhing under the most intense of pleasures.

The man had not the slightest mercy when pressing those two explosive spots: with seven thrusting motions per second, he massacreed that specific zone until the woman’s eyes rolled back and her tits lactated on their own.

Her pussy went back to bursting: pliiish-spliiish-spliiish-spliiiiishh….!!

Four squirts. Five squirts. Six squirts. Seven squirts. On her eighth squirt, her pussy paused for a second, and then…. SPLAAAAASSSHHHH!!! The man felt her squirt reach his face.

SPLAAAAAASHHH!!! For one second… two seconds… three seconds… four seconds… five unbroken seconds, the pussy kept ejaculating, only then returning to…

Spliishpliiishplisshpliishplisshh…!! …her usual squirts, now with the frequency of a machine gun!


She came three or four times a second, soon building a 15oz puddle of female spunk around her hips.

SPLAAAASSSHHHHH!!! In fifteen seconds, she pissing herself again.

The golden liquid mixed up with the puddle of lubes, 30oz, 70oz of the purest female juices now drenching the whole bedroom.

The male didn’t mind neither the heat nor the smell; he had only one mission to fulfill.

The woman had, in fact, already fainted. Eight seconds after the male began penetrating her… she fell onto a deep slumber, with way many more orgasms than her brain was able to process.

The way was open for the male to finally focus on… her endless orgasm!

His breathing began to turn loud and thunderous. His mouth gaped and let go of all the steam inside his body:


His penis was a machine! At every second, it thrust at least four times over those two erogenous spots.

And his woman kept coming and pissing herself, despite her comatose state: SPLIIISH-SPLIIISH-SQUAAASSHH…!!


He abandoned her tits and supported himself like a gorilla, fucking her raw and animalistically.

Four times… five times… six times… seven times!!…

Eight! Eight times! For eight times a second, his helmet ravished those two erogenous spots, igniting physiological responses he until then thought impossible.

She writhed like a snake as her muscles vibrated violently. Her boobs exploded in constant milky ejaculations, building white puddles all over and around her body.

One minute. Two minutes. Three minutes. And the machine never stopped.

‘GAAA…. GAAAA….!’ The woman’s mouth remained open, but barely making a sound.

Five minutes later, her whole body tensed up and…

BLOOOOAAARRRGHHH!!! She turned her head to the side and vomited another load of spunk. Her pussy, in the meantime, squirted more madly than ever:


The male’s balls hit strongly on her buttocks, growing so fast they began to make the mattress cave in and the whole bed bend.



Every single muscle of that male contracted and… grew!… turning him into a living monument of bestial virility.

And he began to thrust… inside his whore… eight times a second!


SQUIIISH-SQUIIISHSSSS……. SPLAAAAAAAASSHHHHHH!!!! The woman’s pussy ejaculated a few times before another pause, after which it exploded in a single jet of three, seven, ten ounces of female cum, drenching the mattress so much that the drops began to fall from its edges.

And the man simply looked at her with a calm and nonchalant smile, as if all of that was just business as usual. He could literally see the individual waves of orgasms running through his lady’s body.

Closing his eyes, he increased the intensity of his thursts. Seven times per second. Eight times per second!!

His hips burned so strong that steam started to form around them.

SBLOOOOORSSHHH!! The pussy once again exploded.

The woman began to writhe strongly all over the bed, recovering and losing her consciousness at every passing second, totally expelled from reality and, at the same time, forever stuck on the cycle of orgasms her man had thrown her into.

BLOOORSSH—SBLOOOORSH… The man bent over to suck the abundant liquids that leaked out from her tits.

BLUUURB-GLUUUUCK-GLUUUURB… Each potent, manly gulp was like an energy burst to his body, which began to exhale steam as dense as a sauna’s.

But he wasn’t yet done with her, oh, no! He wasn’t even close to being done!

‘I’m loving these superpowers your milk gives me, bitch!’


‘I’m about to abuse them. You’re not cumming nearly as much as you could be!’

And then he left her ears and fell thirstily with his mouth on her tits: SLUUUUUUURRRPT… SLUUUUUURPTI!!

The woman’s body contorted violently as soon as he, with both of his hands, squeezed the bottom of a single boob, sucking it with all the strength his lungs allowed him.

SBLOOOOOOOOORSSSH…. SPUUUUUUUUNK….!! The milk poured in generous streams.

The male’s throat practically doubled at every gulp. When he left a boob, he went straight to the other one —giving the former enough time to refill.

SLUUUURPTT….! SLUUUUUURPT…! SBLOOOOORSSH…! SPUUUUNK…!! And so he spent two minutes, four minutes, eight minutes, twelve minutes sucking his goddess, feeling his own body grow and his muscles gain further strength and definition.

The monster, then, judging himself satisfied with the milk, returned to his vertical posture, with his knees on the bed.

It was time to see how much stronger that liquid really made him.

He flexed his muscles, making his dick gain an extra inch of girth. The woman’s pussy once again lost control: SPLIIISH-SPLIIISH… BLOOOOORSHHH!!!

It squirted all over her man’s body, which was now… even more ripped!

His body fat percentage had fallen to zero. His abs no longer had a 10-pack muscle display… but a 12-pack!

Fucking twelve!

Breathing deeply, yet also calmly, like a tranquil emperor looking over his vast harem, the super male prepared to once again pound that pussy raw!

‘Let me show you… what exactly means for a woman to orgasm, my bitch.’

And he marched on: five times… six times… seven times!…

Eight! Eight fucking times a second ramming his dick up an down those two magic spots, making the cunt explode: SPLIIISSHHSPLIIIIIISSHHPLSIIIIIIISHHH…!!

His heart beat at 250 times per second… yet he felt completely normal! The sweat began to drip from his body, but he felt almighty… pounding that woman seven to eight times every single second.

Eight times… then nine…

Ten times!! That man dominated his woman’s pussy at ten times per second, yet his sweat was only modest, the same as a light veneer of oil after a long walk on the beach.

The woman’s tits began to burst to all sides. Her mikly jets now went 20 feet away!

The male decreased the intensity of his thrusting slightly, but he remained pounding her at a constant five, maybe six times per second, and leaned over to drink her tits.

This process was repeated for at least twenty more minutes, after which he had swallowed over a full gallon of milk.

Kneeling again on the matress, he resumed thrusting at her full-force —ten times per second!

SBLOOOOOORRSSHH!! It wasn’t a shock that the woman’s tits ejaculated on their own. That man was giving orgasms to every single one of her billions of nerve cells.

There wasn’t a single inch of her body that was not enraptured by the most indescribable pleasure.

A single second… and that male had created more orgasms!… than 30 ladies cumming at the same time!

SBLOOOOOORRSSSHHHH…..!! The pussy blasted off again, its jet now lasting over 11 seconds and a half.

The man once again leaned over the woman’s body and drank her fluids. Half an hour later… «damn!» He had drunk over a gallon and a quarter from her!

All and all, during the whole night, the woman must have produced over four gallons of milk. Both of their bodies, even when standing still, produced steam at each passing second.

VUUUUURSSSHHH…. PLOOOOPP!! The dick left the pussy, which exploded once again: SPLIIIISHHH!!

The man looked to his dick, then to his lover’s cunt. He couldn’t go to the girl’s ass, oh, without unleashing this new-found potency on her sweet, tight pussy.

«No.» He thought. «I want to cram my dick inside here, time and time again, and see how… truly fast… and potent!… I can pound her!»

Flexing his muscles, he decided to walk over a nearby mirror there in the room. His heart almost froze when he got a sight of his body.

«Goddamn it!»

His body was… a beauty beyond beauties! His dick slapped against his abs, where twelve powerful muscles laid visible.

He had grown. Before the mirror now stood a 6.9ft, 350-pound young billionaire of Apollonian beauty!

Grabbing his balls with his hands, he felt how…

‘Mmmmm!… Mmmmrrmm!!!’

He was beginning to feel horny for himself!

His dick was now 12.8-inches long and 8.8-inches girth. His balls weighted over 4.4 pounds each. The guy literally couldn’t walk properly, so big his milk cannons were!

Walking back to his woman, he repositioned his dick on her pussy and… fucked her powerfully!

Nine inches, BAAANG!, deep into fresh cunt!

‘OOOOAARRHHH….!!!!’ That mare of a gal gave a dry scream, shutting up completely soon after.

«It’s time.» The male smirked, retracting his prick and making the pussy cum liters.

He inhaled deep and, smiling some more… BOOOOM!! Big dick straight into the pussy!

BOOOOM!! Nine inches and a half inside… SOOOOCK! Nine inches and a half taken back.



The male, making full use of that’s cunt’s total length, rammed his whole dick inside the lady six times a second!!

Five minutes. Ten minutes. Twenty minutes. His dick now activated all the erogenous spots imaginable inside the woman.

Her tits blasted off milk like there was no tomorrow, jets after powerful jets getting 50-inches high and beyond! Her muscles were all tensed up, experiencing pleasure beyond all pleasures, much closer to death… or maybe a little further afar!

He kissed her. For ten minutes, he kept fucking her.

A liquid broth exploded from her cunt: BLOOOOORRSSHH…. ten… fifteen ounces of piss and lubes… simply burst out of that pussy

‘S-S-S-SSSSSTT….!!!’ Her voice seemed to reappear, very feble and fragile. ‘GGGGGAAAAA…..!!!!!’

The tits ejaculated whole cups of milk straight into the male’s heart. His lady was an endless vortex of milk, femininity, and fertility. Nothing would be able to dry her out.

Fifteen minutes later, he had drunk yet another gallon and a quarter out of her. All told, that powerful male might have drunk over 10 gallons —TEN GODDAMN GALLONS!!— from his lady.

His body, however… he felt it empty! As if he was capable or so much more…

«Time to split this bitch in half!»

With his mighty arms, he grabbed the woman by the waist and turned her belly down on the bed, with her big, iron ass in full display to his cock.

Before penetrating her, however, he decided to walk to the mirror and have a good, final look at himself before… just before…!

‘AAAAARRRHHHH!!!’ He looked down and saw that his balls… they…! ‘Fuuuck!! God fucking d-!!’

SPLOOOOOORRSSHH!! The dick ejaculated by itself, four ounces of spunk traveling straight to the mirror’s surface.

His balls now weightened five and a half pounds each. As the scrotum dangled, he could hear the intimidating volume of spunk moving inside: JUUUUG…. JUUUUGG… JUUUG!…

Every ten seconds, more or less, his balls throbbed and its ducts filled up with more and more semen.

Ten seconds and… BLOOOORRSSHH…. they grew heavier!

Looking at his own majesty in the mirror, he saw the reflection of a god of fertility.

Flexing his muscles, he… BLOOOOORRSSHHH!! «Oh, fuck!» His dick, completely glued to his abs, burst another six ounces of nut up until his pecs, covering his body with a massive layer of jizz.

He touched the jizz and saw that… it was almost solid!

«What a fucking god!»

It was a spunk thicker and heavier than industrial glue.

Smiling, he didn’t think twice in… lifting his hand up to his mouth and… tasting his own nut! ‘Mmmm!’

BOOOOM! His muscles all tensed up. His balls rumbled and his dick throbbed, all of his body brimming with power.

He had to insert his cock into some cavity quick, otherwise his balls… now overpowered… would burst the fattest nut right then and there!

He looked to his female’s body, still laying belly-down on the bed, with her ass lifted high up.

With his formidable dick and 4-to-7-pound heavy balls each, he walked back to his mare and prepared his rod.

Squeezing just lightly the base of his shaft… BLOOOOORRSSSHHH!! The monster nutted over three pounds of spunk in the middle of her tight asshole.

He warmed her ass up by inserting his spunk on her hole with his fingers and massaging all its internal walls and surrounding muscles on the buttcheeks.

BLOOOOOOOORRSSSHH!!! His cock, feeling the scent of fresh ass, didn’t waist an opportunity: over four ounces of jizz were nutted!

The woman’s heart beat with immense power. He could barely believe in…

BLOOOORRSSSHH!! Another 3-ounce jet of spunk! So strong this time that it flew over the woman’s head, landing on the wall atop the bed’s headpiece!

The male inhaled deeply and pressed his dick harder against the asshole.

The monster barely waited to be inside of the cavity before… SBOOOOORRSSSHHH!! Other two-to-three ounces of spunk were shot into the female’s ass.

The woman shivered, feeling her ass stretch out. Just that tiny, incontinent spunk was like a whole-dick’s worth of most other men!

Her male valiantly moved forwards, stretching her further and further until finally sinking a whole inch of his cock in her.

His penis was insanely thick: 9.5 inches of girth; thicker than a Coca-Cola can!

The cock of a god.

He could feel his woman had already been stretched by many big dicks before… none of them, however, nearly as thick as his, let alone as hard, hot or lively!

BLOOOOORRRSSHHH!! Another two ounces of cum penetrated the female, who writhed and cried:

‘Fuuuck!! Aaarrghh!! Thiiiighhht!!’

The man lowered his head and took a deep breath.

Little by little, very patiently, he went on stretching that arse while his dick paved the way with constant, involuntary ejaculations!

Just those small, incontinent blasts had amounted to the entire load of over 50, maybe 100 other males!

He was a god of masculinity… and there was no other way to put it!

SBLOOOORRSSH-SBLOOOORRSSHH!! The more his dick came involuntarily, the wider his lover’s ass was stretched.

‘Come on, mare! Open yourself up to me!’

Eventually… flooop! He managed to stick all his 3in helmet inside her.


Instinctively, his parter raised her head and let go a long roar, only to then return to sleeping, still knocked out with pleasure.

The man prepared to go deep.

‘Feeels so gooood, daaamn it!!’

It’s been so long since he fucked a girl from behind he had even forgotten how good a female’s ass felt like!

The whole muscles of his powerful body contracted, and his dick throbbed with the immense desire to… to….!!


The balls rumbled mightily. The whole room began to shake with the potency of those atomic bombs.

His horse prick was ready to nut… yet the male fought against it, not wanting to burst so soon.


He grabbed the base of his prick with both hands and crushed it. BLOOOOMPP!! The muscles of his mega-arms made a thunderous noise when flexing so quickly.

He had squeezed the penis, not for pleasure, but indeed for pain, for only this way would his prick finally obey him!

‘OOOHAARRRRRHHAAA!!!’ The woman screamed, always unconscious, while her asshole was strechted out even further by the tremendous helmet of that prick, which now must have had some 10 inches of girth all around!

‘Fuck!’ The mega-male smiled. ‘I’m a god!’

While his prick conquered that anus, the woman’s breasts squirted when hit by all her waves of pleasure.

Soon enough, her pussy followed: SPLIIIIIIISSSHHH…..!!


She moaned, dominated by incalculable and indescribable levels of orgasm. The man felt more confident in penetrating her like this, so he crammed his cock deeper.

Two inches… three inches…. SPLIIIISSSHH!! The pussy exploded! Four inches, five inches, six inches….

BLOORSH-BLOOOORSSH-BLOOORSSHH-BLOOORSSHHH!! The puddles of milk around the woman’s chest grew to over half a gallon in volume… and it didn’t show any signs of stopping!

Seven inches…. UUUUURRRGHH!! Eight inches…!!


Was it possible that he was going balls-deep on her? Was she really going to manage a feat that no other woman even came close to realizing??

His balls throbbed and his dick ejaculated another tiny sea of spunk inside the gal: BLOOOOORRSSSHH!!

The bulk of his loads were scary, but it was their strengh that really impressed both lovers.


The young billionaire felt the woman’s whole body rise up. The strength of his prick was such that it alone could lift the woman’s 210 pounds of muscles over the mattress!

He held her below the belly, leaning over to embrace her from behind.

The woman had been coming for a whole hour and twenty minutes straight. The intensity of her orgasms surpassed, quite literally, the orgasms of over 3,000 ladies put together!

During just that night, she’d had more orgasms than ten thousand women could have… on the course of their whole lives!

And the true spectacle was about to begin.


The Power of 36,000 Men

The man felt eight inches of his horse-prick deep inside his lady.

Overtaken by bursts of incredible pleasure, he tensed his abs and penetrated more powerfully his mare’s anus.

SBLOOOOOOOORRSSSHHHHH!!!! The pussy started to blow out of control… again!

Two new inches in a single thrust were crammed inside her.

SBLOOOORRGHHH!! The dick came again, announcing the immense eruption that was soon to follow.

His balls were getting as hard as mountains. Drops of spunk fell from them all the time, but those were not drops that the dick was blasting on the ass; no: that spunk was piling up on the sweat of the balls!

The guy was literally perspirating jizz through his ballsack!

The pain over there, quite frankly, was so ungodly intense that only his infinite jest could prevent the man from passing out.


The entire room quivered at every roar from him. He was very close to nutting the most… obscene!… and voluminous load of spunk… all mankind had ever…!

The woman’s body rose up against his own. There was no other way! He wouldn’t be able to fuck her laying down on the bed! He had to hug her vertically, placing the few remaining inches of his horse dick inside her anus.

The pressure of his balls was extreme. He felt tears in his eyes, gradually seeing the room fainter and fainter.

Breathing powerfully, he hugged his woman’s chest with his arms right below her massive, lactating breasts.

His arms were quickly drenched on the milk of that mare-woman, and his sight practically disappeared once he… lowered her…


CRAAAASHHH!! The legs of the bed shattered. The whole bottom half of the furniture sank, yet the man remained in balance.

BRUUUUMM!! The lower half of the bed caved in, settling on a diagonal inclination to the wall.

Yet the man barely noticed this, as he was about to nut the equivalent of twenty horses in spunk inside his female.

BROOOOOOMMM!!! The three final inches of prick ran into that anus, reaching the absolute end of that quasi-infinite prick.


No less than thirteen inches of prick were inside that asshole. For the first time in his life, the man felt his massive balls touching a lady’s ass.

It was an absolutely heavenly sensation of bottoming on a lady!

He shut his eyes incredibly hard, opened his mouth and…


His orgasm had begun —and the entire building would feel its power!

Brrrrroooooomm….!!! Brrrrruuuuuuuuummmmm……..!!!

His balls rumbled. His dick too emitted a monstruous growl: bbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMM!!!

He felt his cock tearing itself in half!


His lady, meanwhile, opened her eyes and screamed with him:


His dick began to explode. And what happened afterward would be branded on both lover’s minds… forever!


One load. Two loads. Three loads, four loads, five, six, seven…

In a single second, his dick burst seven nuts inside the woman —and not small ones!

Seven ounces of spunk, then ten, then seven again, the thirteen ounces…!! Loads as big as the entire ejaculate of 100 guys were nutted… EVERY SINGLE SECOND!!


The woman’s muscles began to distend. Her hips, then… started to gorge!

Her belly kept growing and her breasts, thanks to the incredible internal pressure, shot out all of their content at once: SBLOOOOOOORSSSHHHH!!

It was as if all her muscles were swelling. Her ass and… guts!… were enlarging just to fit… the many ounces… the full gallons her male…


SBLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRSSSSSSSHHHH…!!! On his eighth pump, an endless amount of jizz came in a single nut.

The dick throbbed just once and through the urethra, getting thicker than his own thumb, flowed an endless torrent of spunk so dense it felt like cement!

Seventeen ounces… twenty-five ounces… a quarter gallon… a quarter gallon and ten ounces of nut…!!

Fucking shit!! In a single spurt, during the ten interminable seconds, his dick had come almost half a gallon of spunk inside the woman!


The power of his prick was impossible to gauge!

Past this long ejaculation, the penis reverted back to nutting more ‘standard’ amounts of four ounces for every pump…

…but at a rate of six to eight pumps PER SECOND!!


The gallons of spunk dominated every cubic inch of that hard, tasty bitch. The woman felt herself bloated beyond comprehension, and soon enough not even her stomach….

BLIUUUUURRRGH-BBLUUUUURRBBB-BLUUUUURHHH!! The spunk just never stopped coming! After a total of eighteen fucking blasts, the male felt another massive and powerful…


Once again, his dick unloaded an entire quarter gallon of nut inside the woman. His blast lasted six uninterrupted seconds.

The spunk had filled up the woman’s rectum completely, so naturally…

…it began to flow into her guts!



After these six seconds of blast… another even more intense nut followed, lasting this time double the duration —12 unceasing seconds of jizz!

Another half a gallon of spunk, in total, flowed through the guy’s dick during this second massive mega-load.

The woman’s body contorted, her mouth gaped wide open, her throat swelled and, after a few coughs…

BLOOOOOROOSSSSHHHHHHH!!!! She vomited over five ounces of liquids from her stomach.

Yet the man wasn’t close to finished. Oh, far from that!

The supermale’s dick reverted to blasting three, four, six ounces of spunk at a rate of three to four blasts per second.

And for each blast….!!

The woman coughed, writhed and screamed, preparing to…


The man gave a phenomenal war cry:


And his balls too roared with him: bbbbbrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuummmmm…!!!

His prick blasted load after load of the thickest hot white spunk the woman had ever felt: BLOOOOORSSH-BBLOOOOOORSSH-BLOOOOOORSSSHHH…!!

With her guts close to being completely full, it was her stomach that began to be filled out.

The male was literally inseminating his female straight on her belly through the ass!

BLOOOOOOORAAAAHHHHH!!! She puked more of her liquids out, giving space to the incoming loads of nut.

‘AAAAAARRRRHHHHH!!!!’ The male grabbed her strongly by the hair and arms.

BLOOOOORSSH-GLUUUUURB-BLOOOOORSSSH…!! Loads and loads and loads of spunk!

In a few short moments, the female realized that the influx of spunk had begun to pass through her throat and…!

‘BLOOORRHHH!!! BLAAAARRGHH!!’ …were puked out of her mouth!

She had, quite literally, become a living extension of her man’s prick!

‘RROOOOAAARRRR’ Growled the beast!

‘BLOOOORRRGHHH!!!’ Puked the prey!

The spunk began to invade her nasal cavities… and tear ducts!

Around his 30th ejaculation, the male felt his balls once again tighten up and his prick to throb.

He felt a strange sense of emergency amidst that windwhirl of orgasms. He tried his hardest to dislodge his member from the woman’s ass, sensing that she wouldn’t resist… what he was about to cum!

The dick, however, as the man withdrew some six inches of it from the ass, caught him off guard: he felt whole muscles of his phenomenal, vast body compressing and then…


CRAAAASSHHH!! The neaby mirror over the dresser shattered. Many objects fell down from the shelves and plenty of precious crystals —CRAASH-CRASH-CRAASH!— also blew up.

His balls inflated and contracted, shooting through the dick another indescribable load of spunk.

SBLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRSSSSHHHHHHHHHH…..!!!! The woman felt the prick’s helmet grow.


In the blink of an eye, a whole quarter gallon of spunk had been unloaded onto her body, making her…


A powerful jet literally blasted off from her mouth, splashing on the other side of the bed, drenching its headpice and eventually climbing up to the walls.

BLOOOOOORRRSSSHHHH…..!!! The following jet pushed her body forward, helping dislodge her from the prick!

‘OOOOOOOOAARRRRHHHHHHH…..!!!’ The male roared, whose load remained stronger than a firefighter’s hose, thicker than industrial glue, and so hot and powerful that, like a volcano’s burst, it hauled the woman’s body across the bed, releasing her from the prick’s grip.

BUUUM-BLOOORGH-BLAAAMMM!! The woman’s back hit against the bed’s headpiece, completely knocked over by the strength of the prick’s jet. Her male, however, wasn’t close to finished!

Looking to his female’s swolen, muscular body, he held his prick and, with a great deal of effort…



…aimed it to her body, over which he unloaded….


…gallons… and gallons… and more goddamned gallons of milk!


His prick came for three seconds straight, covering the woman’s back under a mountain of virile broth.


The woman, very slowly, tried to turn around.



She turned her chest to him, with her back on the mattress, and the man finally unloaded… a full gallon over her body!


«Fuck!» The woman thought, seeing the white explosion leave the penis and… cover her up from head to toe!





One after the other, a new one starting when the last one hadn’t even finished, his loads blasted three, four, five times per second.

Each blast must have contained from 10 to 20 ounces of spunk; at every second, that man must have come at least a quarter gallon of milk.

Every single blast from the super-male had more spunk than 20 men put together.

After 56 blasts‘OOOOOAAARRRHHH!!!’

A powerful contraction of his balls! An unmatched heat took over his body and made him twitch and twirl his face, roaring as much pain as pleasure:


Pointing its helmet up in a straight angle, his dick throbbed, its urethra expanded, and…


A thick broth bubbled up from the tip of the prick. SPLUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRTTTTTT!!! Like a geiser, it exploded upwards, a third of a gallon of spunk sprouting eight feet high into the air.

Part of this spunk fell back over the supermale’s body, who bathed under his own masculine milk —the most manliest milk in all of Momma Nature’s creation.


The woman laid over the bed, catatonic, covered till her last thread of hair in spunk.

There was more spunk on her body than actual meat and muscles. Over three gallons of spunk laid inside her, on her stomach, guts, womb, pussy, and throat, all bloated with heavy man-milk.

Blooooorsssh… spluuuurrrt… With his dick finally softening, the man’s final blasts burst without great pressure.

The supermale, a 35-year-old billionaire, more muscular and well-endowed than a literal stallion, looked powerfully around the place, inspecting the damages of his stellar sexual performance.

Only during that last session of fucking, he had cum more than 2,300 men.

Literally: an ordinary male produces between five and fifteen mililiters (5-15ml) of spunk —an average of ten mililiters (10ml) per fuck.

Closing his eyes and involuntarily flexing his muscles, he tried to make a mental math on all his accomplishments that night.

«This whole night, I came over 33 liters —nine gallons—, for sure. That’s 3,300 guys!» He felt his ultra-powered muscles swell. «I came more spunk than an entire town of males!»

And there was still the matter of his… fertility: while most men had an average of 100 million sperm cells swirling around every mililiter of their spunk, that heavy man-stud had…. 1.6 billion!

He was literally 16 times more fertile than an ordinary guy! It was no surprise, then, that his semen was so thick: almost everything in it was pure sperm!

A smile began to grow on his face. «I came… just this night…!!»

More sperm than 36,000 men! Such was the power of his virility: in a single night, the dude was able to produce more seed than an entire mid-sized city!

It wasn’t a surprise, then, that he needed a harem to satisfy his most basic sexual needs —dozens of wives, as a matter of fact, was still far too little.

«I need to grow this number… quick!»

While his new wive rolled unconscious on the bed, still suffering countless orgasms in her sleep —as evidenced by her ever lactating tits and quivering pussy—, the man contemplated what he would do next.


10 Unexpected Arrivals

BUUUUZZZ!! Catching him off-guard, the apartment’s intercom rang.

He didn’t want to leave his woman alone so soon, but he felt it could be better for her to recover from the onslaught of orgasms by herself.

The woman’s shivering body was completely encapsulated in spunk. His sperm was extremely heavy, aproximately seven pounds per liter (quarter gallon), so the lady was easily swimming under seventy to ninety pounds of pure, hot male seed.

Indeed, she’d need a lot of time to recover!

The male, with powerful steps, making the entire building rumble, walked towards the kitchen and answered the intercom.

A worried voice spoke from the other side:

<<Err… ma’am?>>

‘It’s her partner. May I help you?’

<W-we…> The doorman swallowed nervously. <W-we’ve been getting complaints… from all apartments… about the noise up there.>

The mighty male raised an eyebrow.

‘All the apartments?’

<Y-yes! Everyone is complaining of your…  noise. W-what exactly are you doing up there??>

The male wanted to bluntly answer: «this is the noise of a real man when he fucks. Be grateful that the building is still in one piece.»

But he chose the civilized route and said, quite simply:

‘Look, we’re done up here. You won’t have to worry about…’

<<Thirty gallons!>>

He raised his eyebrown again.


<<I’m sorry, b-but… we have thirty gallons of milk down here, sir!>>

‘Thirty gallons? Jesus!’

<<Yes, that’s right. Madam herself asked us to buy!>>

‘Oh, yeah, I remember she said something about it.’

<<W-we simply cannot send everything up at this hour. If you want…>>

For twenty minutes, she discussed with the doorman about what do to. In the end, it was arranged that some ten gallons of milk would be sent up to the apartment, while the rest would be sent the following day by the building’s employees.

Ding, dong! The apartament’s bell rang. «Must be the ten gallons,» he thought.

Dressing up quickly with his jeans and a light shirt, the male walked over to the door and opened it to receive the peculiar gift.

As soon as he opened it, however…

‘Well, well… hello!’

Not only was a concierge waiting for him on the other side, but… seven other women were there, standing around in the hallway!

As soon as they looked to the man’s immense body… they began to shake and let their chin’s fall.

‘W-what… what smell is that??’

Those ladies, all residents, had been naturally attracted to the noise and the strong scent of fucking, like flies to the light. «Females!» The male thought!

Yep. Those females had been attracted by his mere masculine odor.

They were all gathered there, seven incredible pussies… and the man couldn’t have asked for any higher-quality meat!

The concierge offered him a timetable for signing.

‘Please, sir, your signature.’

‘Oh, yes… alright.’

While he signed it, the women drooled over the involuntary contractions of his iron muscles.

He wore a very thin white shirt, which allowed them to see every tiny shape of his astroundingly ripped, shredded muscular god-body.

‘You… wow!…’

It was unbelievable, the sound of seven nubile pussies in heat! The corridor was soon infested by the scent of their wet panties.

Dark spots appeared on their clothes around their hips, and threats of lubricant flowed down their many, many long legs.

All of that the male saw… and the male approved!

‘Here it is, my man.’ He gave the clipboard back to the concierge, sending him off with no more words.

When he turned to the females, however… he saw they were nine! «Well, well!»

Two additional women had gathered there while he wasn’t looking!

‘Ladies.’ He nodded. ‘You all live in the building, I suppose.’

And none of them could give him a straight answer; at most, they said ‘yes’ and mumbled the rest of their replies, incapable of speaking without trembling or stuttering.

The list of beauties before the guy was no short of spectacular:

1) A 23-year-old, 5.7ft-tall blonde with enormous breasts, thin waist, and mid-sized ass;

2) A 5.2ft-tall brunette with both gigantic tits and ass, even thinner waist and barely over 19 years old, smelling like pure, perfect puberty!

The man’s dick, which had until then remained stubornly semi-hard, began to harden fully once again.

3) A 6.1ft-tall dark-skinned brunette; fitness diva with extraordinarily huge and hard boobs, muscular waist, an ass bigger than that of both previous girls, and aged around 24 years old;

4) A 5.8ft-tall, 35-year-old fitness girl —another one! Those floors apparently had a high concentration of muscle bombshells! Absurdly thick and toned legs, mid-sized breasts, and enormous ass.

5) Brunnette. 48 years old. Another fitness lady —and arguably the most ripped of them all.

To compensate for her age, she probably worked out a lot. Her boobs were as big as #1’s, but so hard they were seemingly pure muscle.

Her waist was extraordinarily thin —almost unfeasibly so—, and her ass was jaw-dropping. Of all the women gathered, she was the one who seemed most liberal in regards to pure fucking, for the old age had taught her there wasn’t one more second in life to waste!

Croooooshhh…! The dick began to loudly stretch the jean’s fabric. Bluuursshh!! Two pints of lubes were ejaculated from its tip.

The man intented to carry on the night just with his newest wife… his beloved mare of a lady, but…!

That gift from the universe could not be so easily ignored!

6) Blonde. 32 years old. 6.22ft-tall. Another fitness beauty with the biggest boobs and ass of all —which was a remarkable achievement in and on itself! She wore gym clothing that revealed her spectaculat 6-pack abs;

7) Another blonde. At 5.1ft-tall, she was the shortest of the bunch, which was compensated, however, by her large tits and ass, as well as the youngest age of all: 18 fresh years of pure, nubile health;

8) Black lady. 6.13ft-tall. Another fitness goddess. She had a more masculine body, akin to Serena Williams’, but the face of Adriana Lima.

9) Brown-haired black lady. A true 6.3ft-tall fitness Amazon, not as ripped as numbers #6 and #5, but still the owner of gigantic breasts, bigger than those of #1 and slightly smaller than #2’s, and an ass to strike envy at Nicki Minaj.

Those were all the nine ladies who…

‘Err… excuse me!’

All heads turn to the end of the corridor on the man’s left side.

The young billionaire had to hold back his laughter, for through the corridor came…

10) A 20-year-old, 5.7ft-tall dark-skinned, semi-fit goddess with mid-sized hard breasts, enormous ass, long and absurdly well-toned legs, and red panties visible underneath her short dress.

If that man wasn’t careful, soon the whole hallway would be filled with hot, nubile nymphs, all fresh for insemination!

‘All this noise,’ the recent arrival quickly commented, trying to make sense of that situation. ‘I felt this… smell.’ And her body then suddenly froze. ‘Oooh!!’

As soon as she laid eyes over that masculine body, her chin fell, her pussy throbbed, and her panties began to moisten.

The male looked longly at those ten fertile beauties in front of him, all wearing thin, revealing pieces of clothing, with many juicy parts of their bodies exposed to his hungry eyes, and then he realized…

…that he would not leave… a single one of those ladies… untouched!

He could hear her heartbeats, as well as their panties getting drenched; above all, he could smell their pheromones and feel their wombs readying themselves for his cock as if their very biology was being readjusted just to accommodate it.

As much as they hated feeling so deeply and tremendously attracted to that guy so quickly, all of those ladies had to admit that…

…they all wanted… that very night… to become mommies!

The powerful male smiled and spread his arms open, revealing the mountain of muscles pressed against his tight shirt.

The women sighed ghastidly, all of them getting visibly (and embarassingly) wet, and all drooling shamelessly through their gaping mouths.

‘I suppose I’ve made a lot of noise, haven’t I?’

‘Err… uuuurhhh…’ Woman number #3, an extremely busty fitness goddess, approached him with a quivering throat. ‘My bedroom… I… live downstairs…’ She pointed down. ‘I heard… and felt everything… you did.’

The man lowered his head, feigning humility.

‘I apologize for the noise. I promise that…’

‘Oh, god, your smell… oohh!!’ Woman number #4, a tall fitness red-hair, let escape a sigh of utter admiration through her lips.

‘Excuse me?’

The ladies looked at each other, none of them knowing exactly how to proceed. Number #7, the youngest of the bunch, was the first one to speak clearly:

‘You’re Mauro Gasper, aren’t you?’

The man smiled, his perfect teeth making all the ladies’ hearts beat more fervently.

‘That’s right.’

‘My god! Oh, my…’ She began to vent. ‘You’re, like… veeery rich, aren’t you?’

He winked and feigned modesty.

‘I’ve got a little bit of money.’

‘Oh, my god! OMG, OMG, OMG!’

One of the ladies approached the youth:

‘What is it?’

‘H-he’s… he’s a billionaire! A-and also a… a!…’ She looked at him, losing all grasp on the words.

«A womanizer!» She wanted to have said, but she didn’t need to: all the other ladies could already sense, from afar, the incredible abilities of that male.

All of them began to lose contact with their own thoughts, looking nonstop at that gorgeous giant of hard, ripped muscles.

The supermale knew they’re already pecking on his hands. He decided, then, to play with their hearts:

‘I’m feeling a little bit invaded with all those stares, you know?’

Many laughed, many others lowered their gazes, but all of them remained close to him, and indescreetly approaching closer and closer to him.

‘We… we are…’

‘Are you… oow…’

It befell on number #5, the eldest and most experienced of the bunch, the responsability to make the first move:

‘You know very well the effect you have on us. There’s nothing wrong in admiring a handsome man.’ She smiled, revealing her absolutely perfect teeth. ‘And you are, oh… reeeeally handsome!’

He smiled back. The eyes of all those ladies were enchanted by each muscle that flexed on that gigantic, almost endless body of a male.

‘You’re so… tall.’

‘Wow!’ Another woman got closer. ‘Can I… touch you?’

He looked down, to his own abundant muscles, and then to his ladies, all of them with the same covetous look.

‘Sure. If anyone else is curious… please, service yourself.’

All of the responded with excited nods of the head, not even mustering a single reply before hurrying up to him and touching his vast body.

He actually had to move away so as not to be consumed right then and there.

‘One minute, ladies.’

‘Ooooh-iii… ‘ladies!”

”I think it’s best that… instead of just touching me…’

He grabbed his shirt by the hem and, before the ladies could even think ‘sex god’, quickly pulled it over the body and threw it inside the apartment, making…

Squiiiiishhh…. Those ten quivering pussies drip with so much heat!

The hallway was drenched on the countless panting sighs of the females, whose eyes could never ever get enough of that phenomenal male physique.

All of them wanted to say something, but none of them could do more than stutter and drool.

Woman number #9, extremely ripped, got close to him with shaky steps and an air of reverence, her eyes glistening when beholding such… infinitely gorgeous… image!

‘I’ve never… my god…’ She inadvertenly touched his pecs. ‘I never knew somebody could have so many muscles.’

All the ladies drew closer. None of them was able to resist… the presence of that male.

They all began to touch his body, and the man had to use all his willpower to prevent his dick from shooting a massive load under the touch of twenty starving hands squeezing and fondling and fumbling all of his inumerable muscles.

‘God! You’re so tall!’

The man looked at this one woman, smiling in response:

‘Thank you.’

‘How tall are you, really?’

‘Little over 6.7ft.’

All of them sighed —again. The man could feel their extremely hot and excitable breaths.

Over his back, many more excited hands chartered his infinite muscles.

‘My god, look at this back!’

‘You’re a wall!’

He laughed, seeing how shaky their hands were.

One of them firmly touched his pecs and abs, but remained still, looking him straight in the eyes with a very obvious plea, her lips quivering and the tip of her tongue falling outside her lips.

The man turned to her and said:

‘You can kiss me if you want.’

And she clearly lost some of the strenght on the legs, holding tighter to his body just to keep her balance.

The man spoke louder, looking at all his beautiful ladies:

‘You all can if you want to.’

And all of them froze, incapable of reacting.

Then, girl number #7, the youngest, broke away from the mass of ladies, grabbed the man by the sides of his body and laid her mouth on his abs!

Sleerrpet, sluurpt, schuuuupp…!! Voraciously she began to kiss him, lick him, suck each one of his abdominal muscles, prompting the other girls to approach him and…

‘Uuuurhhh!!’ He roared, feeling more and more mouths over his body.

Five of the ten girls kissed him, and the others fought against their obvious desire just to keep a feeble appearance of civility!

Eventually, one of the ladies squeezed that man’s thighs and moved away immediately, giving a faint shout:


Some stopped, while others kept kissing him, and a few went to the trouble of asking:

‘What is it?’

She looked at them with a mortified expression:

‘Big! He is…’ And swallowed dryly, shutting up immediately.

Other girls approached and pulled her by the arm, demanding to know exactly what she had discovered:

‘What is it??’

The other ladies then stopped kissing the man, preferring instead to look at the scared woman, then at the man’s beautiful thick legs.

The intimidated lady tried to put into words what she had just felt:

‘The man’s got… wow! Wow!’ She looked to the titan’s face. ‘You are a blessed man!’

‘BY GOD!!’ The youngest girl also moved away in fear.

All the women perspirated nervously, none of them knowing exactly what to say, what to do or even… to think!

More women fumbled the man’s pants, feeling on it… incredibly hard!…

‘Holy fucking shit!’ One of them cried out. ‘Are you serious?! How much dick do you have??’

He laid all his cards on the table:

‘When I’m hard? 12.5 inches.’ All the chins fell. ‘Though I’ve just discovered I can get to 13 inches when I’m truly aroused.’

He could hear the hearts beating strong and the pussy throbbing wetly, absurdly bloated underneath the panties. Looking down, he saw all the beautiful legs dripping with pleasure.

The hallway’s floor started to be stained by the first few drops that fell from so many pussies.

‘You.. you… wow!… you!…’

He felt strong hands around his waist and looked to one side. Woman number #3, tall, extremely well-endowed in ass and boobs, spoke astonishedly:

‘You’re… sweaty. Mmmm!’ He leaned closer to her, feeling her scent. ‘You’re so… so…’ And smiled, very timidly. ‘You’re so perfect, seriously!’

He smiled back.

‘Lick it.’


He gently fondled her cheeks.

‘Lick my muscles. I know you wanna.’

She opened her mouth, amazed, and couldn’t resist… bringing her lips closer to that supermale and… licking… first very timidly… then quite excitedly… that whole body!

More mouths fell over the stud. Very few had enough self-control to even remember where they were in an open place.

‘Guys, guys, this is… the hallway… oh!’ They blushed. ‘Guys, have a little bit of… self-control!’

The man, however, flexed all of his muscles unwintingly.

‘My beautiful, listen: you’re awake because of all the noise I did… and you’re losing your minds, I think, because of my smell.’

‘Y-your… smell…?’ Lady number #3 asked, smiling.

‘Yes.’ He smiled back. ‘This peculiar smell you’re feeling… my testosterone.’

Number #2, with incredibly huge boobs for such a tiny body, asked with a naughty complexion:

‘Testosterone. You have a lot of it, don’t you?’

‘Enough to take care of you all.’

Many sighs.


‘My… my god…!’

He continued:

‘To take care of you all… all night long.’

And then he turned his back to them, walking back to his room. Some protested:

‘Hey, no! Please, stay!’

He looked at them serenely and said, brief and blunt:

‘I would love that you joined me… for the rest of this night.’ He looked powerfully to every beautiful pair of tits, every swollen pussy, and every thin waist in that ocean of nubile youths. ‘I have enough power to take good care of you… throughout this whole weekend if you want.’

‘Ooow, my god… oow, I…!’

‘If any of you don’t want to come, hey, no hard feelings. But to those who are willing to take the leap, I will say…’ He smiled. ‘I’m gonna make you cum harder than you ever came in your lives.’

He could hear ten pussies quiver, throb, and leak rivers of lube all over their panties.

Turning his back at them, he spoke one last time:

‘Those who want hapiness… come with me. Those who don’t… goodbye.’

Without a word, woman number #4 stepped forward. She was already too old to waist an opportunity like that.

‘You are, by far, the most gorgeous man I’ve seen on my life!’

‘Thank you.’

‘If you’re half as good in bed… as you are with words and… your whole body!…’ She blushed. ‘Then you will definitely be my best!’

He, then, tossed aside all discretion: he advanced to her body and, grabbing her by the waist, lifted her up and pressed her against the wall with his massive body, kissing her more possessively.

The man grabbed her inner thighs and squeezed them, making the poor gal…!


Squiiiishhh!! Already she felt her pussy throb and release a sweet, hot jet of lubes. All other ladies watched, jaw-dropped, as a huge dark stain grew in between that cougar’s legs while the man massaged her thighs and growled on her neck:

‘I am much better than anything you can possibly…’ And positioned his crotch right in the middle of her pelvis, ‘imagine!’

BOOOOM! The woman groaned:


The man had pressed his titanic penis against her pelvis, making the pussy…. squiiiiishhh!!

He made her leak like a wet sponge. Their mouths met and their tongues started a fierce battle.

He wanted to put the lady back on the floor, but she wrapped her legs around his waist and demanded:

‘You’re gonna fuck me first. I want… you to make me cum!… like no man ever did before!!’

And he replied, sternly:

‘In twenty minutes… I’ll make you too pass out with pleasure.’

Squiiiishh!! Combined with his powerful pressure on her thighs, the words made the woman melt through the pussy: squaaaaasshh…!!


The man then walked back to the house with the gorgeous lady on his arms.

‘The last one to come in, please close the door.’

And entered without saying another word.

Not two seconds had passed before the next woman —number #3— spoke out:

‘Fuck it! I wanna cum!’

And she hurried into the house. Woman number #5 followed… and then number #6… and then #2…. and #7… and #10 and #9 at the same time.

Only numbers #1 and #8 remained outside, looking insecurely one to the other.

They were two extremely busty and big-assed ladies, one white and the other black, both very fearful to simply come in and… enjoy all the pleasure… they knew that man was able to…


They were startled. The cry of orgasm that came from inside was soon mixed with countless sighs and moans from the many females.


‘Is she…?’ The black girl swallowed. ‘She’s already cumming??!’

The many sounds of pleasure that came from the house left them with no more doubts: looking into each other’s eyes, both strangers held each other’s hands and walked into the apartment.

Number #1, the last one to enter, looked back to the hallway, making sure no other nosy girl would interrupt their cornucopia of sex, power, orgasms, and virility.

Praying for the safety of her own pussy, hoping she would be able to walk on the day after, she took a deep breath and…

Closed the door behind her.


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The redhead had finally awakened from the incredible orgasms the blonde had given her in the bathroom, hours before.

Actually, she would have had slept for much longer, in normal conditions, but those noises coming from the kitchen…


…and, above all, the smell!…

«My god! This smell is like a million wild animals, like… males in heat… all cumming!»

Her trembling hands looked for large containers in the pantry while the blonde lactated so strong she could hear the shock waves bursting from her spectacular tits.



‘I’m going!!’

The redhead had barely recovered, and yet she was already immersed in another sexual adventure!

Holding two gallon-sized vase, she came back to doctor Olivia.

Her hyper muscular bodies met, kindling an intense, reciprocal attraction.

‘My hottie…’ PAAAHH!! ‘Oooww!!’

The brunette gave her enormous, hard ass one of the most powerful slaps ever.

‘Y’er naughty bitch, come!’ She commanded. ‘Put those vases on her thighs and…’




With her trembling hands, the redhead couldn’t even comprehend the volume… of milk!…

«Oh, my goodness… Jesus fucking Christ!!»

BLOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRSSSSHHHH!!! …that was ejaculated from those tits!!

The milk splattered all over the wall before the girls, raining in heavy, obscene waterfalls on the floor, where it formed a formidable pool around their feet.

The kitchen was so absurdly hot that it seemed like a sauna.

The brunette tried to endure that plight while her legs… BUUUUM-BUUUM-BUUUUMM!!…


…were attacked by orgasm after orgasm, powerful multiple bursts at once!

‘Jesus Christ, reddie, hurry up!’

‘Yes, yes!’

The redhead acted swiftly, grabbing the full vases over the blonde’s thighs and putting them on the table.


The weight…! The weight left her totally speechless!

Those vases were so heavy they seemed filled with stones!



The blonde’s tits burst with the redhead right in front of them!


BUUM-BUUUUUM-BLOOOUUURRSSSHH!!! Her body was blasted by the jets and pushed back to the table, falling heavily on the floor. Somehow, miraculously, she had the reflexes required to put the milk vases on the table before collapsing!

‘Get up, fuuuuckkkaaaarrhhh!!‘ The brunette came and came and came an orgasm worthy of gods! ‘Aaaaaaheemm…. aaarrrhhh!!!

‘Oh, my god!’ The redhead looked down, feeling the immensely hot broth around her hips, as if she was bathing on a hot spring.

She was literally swimming in a milk lake!

‘Oh, my…. oooh!!‘ She stood up at once. ‘Right away!’

More carefully, she took the vase from the blonde’s other thigh.

«Jesus fucking…! Heavy! Oh! It’ so heavy, heavy, heavy…»


The blonde roared, her body trembled, and her breasts… bbrruuuuuuuum……!!!! Milky bursts the likes of which were never seen burst from those magnificent super glands!

‘Hold… ooooorrhh!!!’ The brunette tried to speak while also suffering from the most powerful orgasms. ‘Hold a… aaarrrhh!!!’

The redhead quickly understood the command, regardless:

‘I hold one vase, you the other.’ She nodded. ‘Alright, my beautiful?’


The brunette’ orgasms were always a wonderful thing to witness:


Her pussy burst with the beautiful, delicate juices of pure female pleasure.

‘My god…!!’ The redhead’s eyes glittered. The brunette’s body was absurdly ripped!


Her pussy… spliiiiiirrttt!!

‘Oooorrhh!!’ The redhead came just by seeing her brunette come. The attraction she felt for that perfect piece of female meat was indescribable!

But she couldn’t forget, of course, the main event of the night.

«How many vases has she lactated yet??» She wondered, while the blonde kept copiously filling up those containers on her thighs.

‘OOOOOOAARRRRRHH!!!!’ Her face twitched ferociously. ‘AAAAAARRHH!!!’


Forty ounces… fifty ounces…

«My god! Such weight!» The redhead was floored, feeling the vases heavier and heavier and heavier and… «so!… goddamned!… heavy!! Fuck!!»


The burts from those tits could strike envy at a whole herd of super-powered mares!!


One vase: sixty ounces… seventy… eighty… eighty-five…

‘My god!!’

The other vase: seventy ounces… eighty ounces… a hundred… a hundred and ten…

‘My god…!!’

Olivia’s eyes swirled inside her skull while she tried to sustain that enormous orgasm for as long as possible.

‘When you’re d-done….’ She told the redhead, with a slight smile on her face. ‘Look for more vases! More vases, more vases, more and more and more, forever!!’


The redhead felt tickles in her own pussy. Her breasts, like the brunette’s… drooled with milk!

«I’m getting lush just by seeing this mare cum!» She licked her lips, with an almost irresistible urge to grab those vases and drink them all.


BLUUUUUUUUURRSSSSHHHH!!!! Both vases overflowed!

A full gallon each, both completely filled up in under a minute!!

‘Oooh, Gooodd!!’

The weight! The motherfucking weight!! Each vase easily weighed…

«Sixty pounds!!» The redhead’s biceps were extremely hard and ripped with her arms holding those vases. «My god, so much milk!!!»

Once again, however…



She had put herself in the way of another of those atomic jets from the blonde’s!

The brunette, trying to get a hold of herself, laughed as the redhead’s hyper muscular body almost fell back in the ocean of milk.

‘More vases, bitches, moooaarhh…. aaaaheemm!!’ Another chain of multiple orgasms ran over her body. ‘Aaahee… aaaahh!!

Her pussy blew up!


The redhead soon returned with more vases. The rhythm of those ejaculations and lactations was maddening!

«Oh, god!! Oh, my goodness…!!»

A hundred ounces, each vase. In half a minute, they were completely full of milk!


‘Yes, ma’am!’

Two vases. A gallon and a quarter each. In two minutes…

‘Fucking Christ!!!’

Full! Completely full. Each 170oz-vase ended up weighing over eighty pounds!

The milk the blonde produced could feed an entire city!

The redhead’s body came and went from the pantries, now grabbing cups and bottles and any container, for that matter, that could hold those grotesque amounts of liquids

BLOOOOOOORSSSHHH!!!!!! The blonde’s tits, at one point, shattered a glass cup on the table.

‘For the love of god…. stooopp!!!‘ The redhead’s chin shivered with fear. It was simply impossible to know when —or if!— those intense bursts would ever end.

Blooock! Bluuum! Two new vases were placed on the woman’s thighs.

The aim of those tits became increasingly more erratic as the atomic strength of their burst pushed the breasts higher and higher.

‘OOOOOOOORRRHHHH!!!’ A tremendous blast. BLOOOOOORRSSSHH!!! And another, and another, and another blast sending milk all over the place: BLOOOOOORSSSH-SSSSSSPLAAAASSSHH!!

‘Oh, G-g… gooodd!!‘ The redhead turned her face, trying —unsuccessfully— to avoid the blasts.

The brunette, in the meantime, was in paradise:

Oooooaaahh….!!’ Her eyes rolled inside the sockets. ‘Ooo-heeee!!!’

Her legs shivered and… spluuurrrsshh!!! Thick, heavy bursts of dense female liquids blasted from her cunt.

The kitchen was a jungle. Not even a hundred stallions nutting at the same time would make a mess that big!

«I am… oh, my god, I am…!» The redhead thought, seeing how the brunette’s muscles twitched and contorted under so many orgasms, and feeling her own tits leak copiously.

Those were dozens of droplets for every second; her tits were swelling, inflating and hardening with the milk which was produced at a maddening pace.

Meanwhile, the blonde roared:

OOOOOOAAARRHHH!!!’ Her legs burst with lubes: bluuuuurrssshh!! Spluuuuurrrsshh!! Her breasts… BLOOOOOOORRSSSHH!!! BLOOOOOOOORRSSSSHH!!!

«My…!» The redhead had to hold on to the chair so she didn’t collapse, attacked by a…


…sudden and overwhelming burst of power in her pussy!

«Oh, my god!!» She thought, sticking her tongue out. «Am I really… gonna cum??»

The blonde’s breasts kept bursting: BLOOOOOORRSSH, BLOOOORRSSSH, BLOOOOORRSSHH!!!

Left vase: 70oz… 80oz… 90oz… overflowing!

Aaaarrhh!!!’ The redhead felt the incredibly thick liquids burn her fingers. ‘Uuuheee!!!’

The blonde writhed, roared and came! ‘AAAARRRHHHHHH!!!!!’

Right vase: 80oz… 95oz… bluuuuurrssshhh!!! Overflowing!

‘MY GOD!!’


And the brunette, unraveling even further:

‘OOOOHH, OOOOOOHH…..!!!’ Her eyes rolling, sinking…! ‘OOOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!’

«My… oh, m-my…!!» The redhead put the vases on the table. Fifty pounds each! «That’s a hell of a workout for my biceps!»

More containers were brought in; big cups this time, and she prayed so that they didn’t shatter with the strength of the titanic blasts from that busty blonde.


‘My…. oooaaarrhhh!!!’ The woman writhed. ‘I can’t…. oooooohhh!!!… take it anymore!!’

‘Nah! Hold it, bitch, hold it!’

The brunette’s pussy exploded in a hasty sequence of dozens of shots per second!


Her body was convulsing. The blonde soon followed:

AAARRRHH!!!’ She aimed her tits up and… ‘AAAAAAARRRHH!!!’

SBLOOOOOOOORRSSHHH!!!! Enormous jets blasted from both breasts, hitting the wall and the ceiling!

‘AAAARRHHH!!!!’ The blonde rolled her eyes and screamed. She had reached a peak of extreme fertility!

‘Oh, my… oh, my Gooooddd!!’

Thick, scorching fountain jets burst from her tits!

Just the liquids dripping from the ceiling would be enough to fill up entire vases —so much so that the redhead gave up from the task of bringing new ones, realizing how futile it was.

«This blonde bitch’s so fertile that every vase I bring gets full in, like, twenty seconds!» The brunette noted, nodding calmly. «That one’s gonna be… one of our man’s favorites!!»

The pussy leaked a river of female spunk while the tits kept shooting and destroying everything in the way of their jets.

‘DRIIIIIIINK IT!!!!’ The blonde screamed. ‘DRINK MY TITS!!!!’



The blonde grabbed the two women by the hairs and pulled their faces to her breasts. Looking straight into their eyes with a furious expression, she repeated:

‘Drink both… oooohh… my tits! Aaaarrhh!!!

Her breasts flexed like muscles and sprayed…


 …endless milk all over their faces!

‘Drink ’em!!! The blonde shouted. ‘Drink my tits, you bitches!’

‘Ooow, you’re…!’

PAAAAAFFF!! The blonde threw a powerful slap at the redhead, shutting her up completely.

The muscles of her arms were extremely ripped and bloated; thick, shredded, with veins sprawling all over her tight, athletic body.

The brunette, meanwhile, was a sight of paradise: muscles atop muscles on her thick hourglass-shaped physique, each of them rippling magnificently at every slightest motion.

The redhead also felt her muscles writhing and her abs hardening noisily, like metal bars being twisted.


‘Obey her, bitch!’


The brunette got closer to the blonde.

‘Obey her, reddie! She’s the Alpha here!’


The blonde’s tits never stopped bursting: BLOOOOORRSSSHHH!!! BLLOOOOOORRSSHH!! BLOOOOORRSSHH!!

«They’re scary!» The redhead was awestruck

‘Don’t be afraid!’ The brunette kept saying. ‘Like this, look!’


The brunette lowered her face down to the woman’s right tit and ate it up!

‘MMMMM!!!’ Her body immediately shivered! BLUUUUUURRMM!!!

The redhead’s eyes immediately widened. The brunette’s throat inflated and contracted as the liters and liters and liters of milk were sent straight down to her belly.

She was trying to swallow —and chew them!— as fast as possible!


The redhead gave one step back.

‘Oh, my…!!’

SPLIIIIIIIIIRRRSSHHH!!! Vast and thick streams of milk burst through the brunette’s nose! SPLOOOOORRSSSHH!!!


The blonde’s heavy chest was covered by the milk spraying from Olivia’s nose. Still, the mighty brunette kept suckling, kept swallowing!

‘MMMM, MMMMMRRMMM!!!’ She writhed while her stomach… oooh!’ My… my…!!’

The brunette’s belly swole as she gulped gallons and gallons of milk.

All her organs were literally being crushed. The load of milk she carried on her belly surpassed the limits of the human anatomy!


The brunette contorted her face and squinted her eyes so that the milk didn’t pour through them. Her nose kept ejaculating milk and the blonde kept lactating at will…


‘Oh…!’ The redhead felt her legs weaken. The brunette’s stomach kept swelling and swelling until…

…it looked five months into pregnancy!

‘MMMMM!!!’ She writhed with her mouth glued to the tit. ‘MMMMMMMM!!!’

At one point, the blonde looked to the redhead with fury burning in her face.

«Why aren’t you suckling?» She asked without a word, to which the redhead replied by giving shaky steps towards her.

She held her left tit and squeezed it. BLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRSSSSSHHHH!!!

‘My god, girl!!

An enormous jet, as thick as her pinky, blasted from that tit up to the wall!

BLOOOOOOORRRSSSSHHH………!!!!! The surface was covered by a thick, foamy layer of milk.

Three seconds… four seconds… five seconds… six seconds…

«God! God, god… god!!»

Her fingers felt the immense resistance from that superpotent tit. Even after dozens —literally dozens!— of gallons, they remained as hard and heavy as if they hadn’t burst a single ounce of those juices!



Ten seconds… eleven seconds…

The tit kept bursting: BLOOOOORRSSSH…..!!!!

Fifteen seconds… sixteen seconds…


Twenty-one seconds… twenty-two seconds…

«Ow, my god… oow… my… Goodd!!»

Twenty-seven seconds… twenty-eight… the blonde’s cries became so much crazier.


The redhead looked to one side and shivered.

‘O… O… Olivia!!’

The brunette’s belly was extremely swollen, as if she carried a bunch of seven-month-old babies.

‘BLOOOOAARRRH, BLOOOOORRSSSH!!!’ The milk burst from her mouth… and ebbed too from her eyes!

Her pussy, in the meantime…

‘MMMMMMMMRRRR!!!!’ …burst undendingly!

«Suck these tits dry, reddie!!!» She wanted to shout. «You’ve gotta know… how it feels!!»

Finally, then… she caved in!


BUUUUMMM!!! The brunette’s body collapsed on the floor, fat and heavy with all the gallons of milk on her belly.

BRRRUUUUUMM!!! The bathroom quaked and the blonde’s recently-released tit exploded again!


‘Jesus Christ, you freak!!’


Jets and more jets blasted on the floor, making milk splatter all over the kitchen.

‘Oooohh!! Oooooohhh!!’

The redhead felt her body being covered by the droplets falling copiously from the ceiling —literally a milky rainfall inside that bathroom! It was absolutely insane!

Olivia, on the floor, writhed and squirmed like an animal.

Oaaarrghhh…!!!!’ She opened her mouth and… ‘BLOOOOOOOAAAAARRGHHHHHHH!!!!’

An ocean of milk was vomited out!


BLOOOOOOOOORRSSSHHHH……!!!!’ The vomit lasted five seconds, six seconds…

‘My god!!’

‘BLOOOOOOOAARRRSSSHHHH!!!!’ Twelve seconds later, Olivia paused for a while…

…and then puked all over again!



It wasn’t just through the mouth that the milk came out: her pussy also ‘squirted’ a dense, creamy white broth —all the milk she had drunk now leaked out of her like a piss of chantilly!

‘My… my…!’


Olivia ejaculated pints and pints of milk through her mouth, nose, eyes and cunt. The redhead felt an urge to run away, and escape that plightful fate.

Strong fingers, however, grabbed her by the hairs and pulled her back to the fight!


The blonde locked her in a tight hug!

‘Where d’ya think you’re going, bitch?’


The redhead’s face was hit in full by a thick jet of milk bursting from the right breast of that massive woman. BLUUUUUMM!!!

Ooooh…!! Aaaaaaheeee!!!” The redhead felt the jet like a punch… no: like a sequence of punches straight in her face: BUUM! BUUUM!! BUUUM!!


Her skin was almost being peeled off by the absurdly strong torrents of milk.

The blonde pulled her head, forcing her mouth against her tit.


GLOOOUUMMPP!! The mere pressure of the lips against that tit was enough to extract more and more liquids from it!

‘Drink it all, baby, or mommy spanks ya again!!’


The redhead’s eyes rolled. ‘OHUUUUMMMM!!!!’ She felt gallons and gallons and gallons of milk flowing down her throat!

A coarse noise, like a rocket engine, roared inside the super blonde’s tits. Bbbbrrrrrruuummm……..!!!

Even though that tit blasted milk and more milk and more milk in the redhead’s mouth…

«My god!! Creamy! So fucking creamy!!»

…it still didn’t feel like a tenth of her real strength!

The other tit, meanwhile, blasted liberally.

AAARHHH!!!’ The blonde rolled her eyes and came… ‘AAAARRRGHHHH….!!!’



BLUUUUUUUUUURRSSSSHHHHH!!!! The redhead felt on her mouth loads much bigger than what she was capable of swallowing! Many jets penetrated her pharynx and flowed up to her nostrils!

«Oh, my god… nooo…!!»

SPLIIIIIIRRRSSSHHH!!! She sneezed milk, painting the blonde’s body white with her nasal sprays!

«Oh, my god… my… oooohh!!!» The blonde’s eyes nearly popped out of her skull, so intense was the pleasure she experienced!!

‘OOOHUUUMMMMMM….!!!!’ The redhead swallowed gallon after gallon after gallon after gallon of milk, feeling her stomach grow, her belly swell, and the liquid invade even her guts with lakes and rivers and oceans of that thick paste that never stopped flowing!

«My god!! My god, my god, my god!!»

By her side, squirming on the floor…


…the brunette still vomited milk!


The redhead’s eyes cried tears of despair, seeing the destiny that awaited her.

«My Gooooodd, aaaahh!! Aaaaahhhh!!!!» She felt the lactations getting truly dangerous!

‘MMMMMMMM!!! MMMRRRMMMM!!!!’ A whole liter burst from those two tits in mere three seconds!!

«Gooooddd!!!!»  The redhead felt her throat invaded by something like a gigantic penis, stretching all the inner walls of her body and resting heavily on her stomach.

«God!! Oh, my… my…!!»

On the floor, Olivia’s situation wasn’t any better: she had been vomiting out milk for over four minutes straight, and still didn’t seem anywhere close to the end!

She laid her hands around her belly, hugging herself, and squeezed it!

‘Ooohh…!! Oooohh…!!’ She opened her mouth and… ‘BLOOOOOAAAARRRSSSHHH!!!‘ …puked more and more gallons out!

The redhead’s eyes widened as she saw the brunette vomiting that absurdly thick and pasty broth: BLOOOOOOOORRRSSSSHHHH!!!!!


Smiling with pure malice, the blonde raised both her two hands up to the tit the redhead was sucking.

‘Want it a little stronger, maybe? Here we go!’


With both hands on the tit, she squeezed it! BLUUUUUUUUUURRRSSSSHHH…..!!!

The broth invaded the redhead’s throat in such gigantic loads that she… «oooh…!!»

Her nostrils stretched. BLUUUUUUURRSSSHHH!!!! The milk exploded from her nose and sprayed all over the blonde, who laughed:

‘Yes, yes, YEEEESSS!!

She loved feeling like a goddess of fertility!

The redhead agonized, feeling her stomach fuller, heavier at every load of milk, with her mucous insides enlarging to accommodate those grotesque volumes of fluids.

MMMMMMRRRR…!!!’ She writhed, feeling that extremely thick, potent, scalding broth dominate every inch of her esophagus.

Bigger and more powerful loads were expelled through her nose: BLOOOOORRSSSHHH!!! SPLIIIIIIIRRSSSHHH!!

Aaaahee!!’ The blonde lifted her head and let herself be bathed on that broth while her freed tit still burst extreme loads.

The milk blasted against the wall with loud cracks. When it fell over the floor… VUUUUSSHH!! VUUUUUUSSSHH!! It raised waves on the ocean of milk beneath!

That was just too much milk —yet so much more was still about to come!

«Oooh, my god!! When will this cow…?» The redhead felt a tremendous squeeze in her throat. Loads of milk were so heavy that she felt crushed from inside out. «When will this bitch stop cumming??»

Her stomach swole and swole and swole some more, up until her six-pack had been replaced by a hard, seven-months-old-pregnant belly.

‘OOOOHMMMRRR!!!’ Tears rolled down her cheeks. She had over forty pounds of milk stuffed in her stomach!

BLUUUUUUURRRRSSHHH!! Forty-two pounds! BLOOOOORRSSSHH!! Forty-three pounds!

«Oh, my god!!» She cried, and the milk kept coming, kept filling her, so strong and heavy that… «oooohh!!»

…it began to seethe into her intestines!

AAAAHEEEMMM!!!!’ She let go of that tit and screamed, feeling just how…


‘NOOOOO!! NOOO…..!!!’

The blonde held her firmly by the waist and head, pulling her back to her enormous tit.

«My god!! Strength!! Just how much strength!!»

BLOOOOORRSSSH, BLOOOOOORRSSSSHH, BLOOOOOORRSSSHHH!!! Her belly was now as large as a nine-month-old pregnant woman.


Doctor Olivia, by her side, watched as she was filled with the world’s heaviest, tastiest milk.

‘How beautiful!’ She managed to say after burping out many and many more loads of milk. ‘She looks like a beautiful momma!’


The milk was so heavy the redhead felt the walls of her stomach rupture! Tears and more tears rained down from her eyes as she tried, unsuccessfully, to escape from the mighty body of that Nordic whore.


The mare’s tits just didn’t stop squirting! BLOOOORRRSSSH…!!!!

OOOOORRHUUUUUMM!!!’ The redhead’s body squirmed fevereshly while she was invaded by another half-a-gallon at once, in a single burst from the tit.

Flexing an arm, the powerful blonde laughed at her redhead’s suffering!

HA, HA, HA, HA, HAHAHAHA!!!’ She flexed all the muscles of her body. ‘YOU’RE GONNA DROWN ON MY MILK, BITCH!!’


Once again, the Nordic cow held a tit with one hand… and squeezed it! The broth left at volcanic speed and strength! BLUUUUUUSSSHHH!!!!!!!

There was no place left to store all that load: judging by the size and hardness of her belly, she was about to give birth to five-pound quintuplets!

Ggoooodd… oh… myyyyy….!!”

The milk began to burst copiously through her nostrils: BLOOOOORSSSSHHH!!!


BLOOOOOOOOORRSSSSHHHH!!! The blonde felt… an absurdly potent heat… run through her mammalian glands and inflate her breasts even further.

‘Oow, ooow, ooooww! Look at me, my mare!’


SLAAAAP!!! She gave her legs a strong slap, forcing her to look at the redhead straight in the eyes.

Jets of milk burst through her nose, however, covering all that angelic face with milk: BUUUURSSHH!!!!

Not that the blonde cared. She was already becoming a goddess of fertility… and loving every second of the process!

‘Look at this ocean… ooow!… look at the ocean of milk mommy’s making, look, look, look!!’


The tits shivered! It didn’t matter how many liters she ejaculated, it didn’t matter how many bodies were bloated by the obscene loads they produced… bbbrrruuuuuummm!!!…. bbbbrrrrruuuuuummmm!!!….

Those tits simply never stopped producing milk! Never! Not for a second!

‘Oooohhhhrrr…..!!’ Completely relaxed and cocky, the blond bombshell stretched, making her tits burst with even more copious gallons and gallons and gallons and gallons of milk on the wall and the redhead’s mouth!! SPLAAAAASSSHHH!!!


The redhead’s pussy contracted, enraptured by the flavor, the thickness, the texture of those milky broths running down her body.

SPLAAAASSSHH!!! The milk hitting the walls formed waves on the floor!


She struggled to keep standing. All her energies seemed consumed by the numerous orgasms she suffered!

OOOOORRHHH!!!!’ Her eyes rolled, getting wet and turning white. ‘OOOOORRHUUUUMM!!!’

In moments, she was crying milk!

BLOOOOORRPPP!!! The blonde felt her tits practically exploding under the immense pressure of those mammalian glands.

It was literally possible to see the waves of liquids throbbing inside those giant meat masses.


The tits throbbed like two massive hearts. BLOOOORRSSSHH!!! SPLOOORRSSHHH!!!

With a hand on her left tit, the redhead writhed even more, feeling loads and loads, gallons after gallons of that milk dominating her throat, her stomach, her guts, all of her body!


Just one tit, no more than a single tit, churned out over a forty ounces of milk in ten seconds!

The tits grew, inflated and hardened! One could hear the sound of skin creaking and being torn apart by the internal pressure of those globes: CRAANKK!! CRAAAANCK!!


But the blonde was still preparing for the grand finale. Looking possessively to the redhead with an expression of pure malice and horniness, she said:

‘You’re going to vomit out all my milk now!’

BLOOOAARRHH!!!’ The milk already burst from the nostrils and the sides of the poor girl’s mouth every time she tried to breathe!

The blonde, however, not one bit moved by that plight, cupped her left tit with one hand and… squeezed it harder!

OOOOAAAARRRHHH!!!’ She roared, and her redhead friend cried:


She cried and cried and cried, drowning in white tears as soon as she felt….!! BOOOM!!

…the walls rumble! All her body engorge from inside out… as the gallons and more gallons of milk invaded her!

SPLOOOOOOOORRSSSSSHHH!!! The freed tit, meanwhile, squirted heavier and bulkier loads with unimaginable power.

Doctor Olivia, on the floor, slowly recovering, watched as the long, thick jets blasted from the blonde’s tits. «Fuck!» She marveled. «Was that what I’ve just swallowed?!»

As for the redhead, she felt an urgent agony in her own stomach. ‘UUUUMMAARRHH!!!!!’

The milk was so dense it leaked continuously to her small intestine, then her colom, finally reaching… ‘OOOOORRRRHHHHH!!!!’

…her rectum!

BLOOOORRSSSH…..!!! It all began with tiny leaks, which grew in size, strength, and thickness until…


…the milk burst from her ass! BLOOORRSSHH!!!

Not only that, but her the nostrils too stretched. SPLIIIIIIIIIIRRRSSSSSSHHHHH!!!! Powerful jets suddenly burst through them!

‘Yeah, bitch, yeah, yeah!!’ Shouted the blonde. ‘CUM ON YOUR COW’S TITS!!’


BLUUUUUUUUUUUUURRSSSSHHHHH!!! BLUUUUUUUUURRRSSSHHH!!! The milk left the girl’s ass in potent intermittent jets as her anus remained tight and hard.

Eventually, out of pure exhaustion, she relaxed her anus and… let the broth flow!… in one long, uninterrupted stream!


Her body heat up again, losing yet further sensitiveness from her muscles.

«Oooh, my… my god… what a freak of nature!!»

That super blonde was the world’s most potent woman! Not even Karina, the super soldier’s favorite, could lactate so many gallons of milk!


The broth blasted from her anus much stronger than it did from her nostrils. Once again, the redhead felt her consciousness wane.


An immense numbness took over her body and made her… faint! BLOOOOORRSSSHH!!! The blonde could no longer hold her, for the woman was surreally heavy!

That redhead originally weighed close to 200 pounds —mostly muscle—, but now she had another hundred pounds of the world densest, hottest, creamiest milk in her body.

She simply could no longer hold it all in: BUUUUMM!! She loudly collapsed on the floor, ready to expel all the gallons the blonde had lactated in her.

‘That’ll be interesting!’ Doctor Olivia licked her lips, excited to witness that obscene spectacle.

As soon as she fell on the floor, the redhead opened her mouth and… and!…

Puked it all out!

‘Oh, god…!’ The brunette had to cover her face to protect herself from the splashes.

They were almost ten feet apart from one another, yet the redhead’s milky pukes were so strong that… that…

BLOOOOOOOOORRRSSSHHH!!!! …they splashed on her muscular body!

‘Oooh, my god!!’

The redhead squirmed electrically, suffering countless spasms as the gallons and gallons and yet more gallons of that milk burst through both her mouth and nose.




Slowly, the redhead’s belly de-inflated and her body started going back to its normal size. The obscene volumes of milk, in the meantime, only made the already immense puddle on the floor grow larger.

But the blonde, still sat on the chair, wasn’t done. In fact, she got ready to ejaculate even bulkier loads through her tits!

‘You’re all too weak! Ooooorrrghhhhh!!!‘ She squeezed both massive tits, and a real motherly floor burst through her nipples. ‘OOOORRRGHHHH!!!

Frankly, it was a mystery where all this milk came from! ‘OOOORRRGHHHHH!!!’

Two jets flew past the table in front of her and hit the wall —and so did the jets after those… and the jets after those… and all the jets and more jets that followed, all unloading gallons of milk in the place.


The blonde burst like a fountain as the redhead, even after half a minute, kept puking all the milk out of her stomach.

«Ooooh, Gooooddd!!» She prayed. «I’m gonna… I’m gonna… I’m going to die!!»

BLOOOOOOOORRSSSHHH!!! The room was so hot that the steam, like in a sauna, nearly obscured the bodies of all three girls.

On the chair, the mega blonde prepared for another voracious round of multiple orgasms.


Her pussy twitched, hardened and vibrated, then… spliiiiiiiirrssshhh!!! Its first squirts were tiny, shy, but soon followed by gradually stronger jets and bursts.


The kitchen quaked for a second, as if a formidable earthquake was shattering the very foundations of the building, and then the real… and loudest, most tremendous loads of milk…!!


…burst from those gigantic tits: BLUUUUUUUUURRRGHHHHHHHH!!!!

‘MY GOD, GIRL!!’ Doctor Olivia had to cover her face so she was not suffocated under the immense load!

The blonde stuck her tongue out and screamed, convulsed, writhed just like an animal. ‘OOOOOOOAAAAARRGHHHHH!!!’Meanwhile, the worn-out redhead vomited more and more milk through her mouth, not to speak of the loads that still blasted from her anus.


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The brunette pulled the blonde by the legs, making her scream as she beheld the threatening profile of that mighty, hard, imposing prick casting a shadow all over her tall, trimmed Scandinavian body.

‘Payback time, bitch.’

‘Ooow, ‘payback?’

‘Yes!’ The muscular brunette grabbed her by the leg and pulled her.


The massive Latina spread her legs, with her absurdly hard and sturdy prick dangling in between her thighs.

‘Time to have my big meat in you.’

Ooooh… ooorrhh…!‘ The blonde still shivered… ‘Ooow!! Ggooodd!!’


SPLOOOORRSSSHH!!! An incredible cum jet blasted off her pussy, hitting the brunette’s abs dead center.

‘Oow, oow, oooow!’ The brunette laughed, seeing the whole dick being covered with her blonde’s fluids. ‘Ooow, please! Go slow!! Please, be gentle! I was never fucked by a prick so…!’

‘Hey, slut.’


The brunette winked at her.

‘I know. Leave it to me.’

‘Ooow… ooooww…’

Vuussh! The brunette pulled her body closer to hers. That prick was incredible!

‘M-my… Goodd!!’

It reached far beyond the blonde’s bellybutton, stopping midway between it and her massive breasts.

SQUIIIIIRRRSSSHHH!! The prick ejaculated, soaking the blonde’s body in spunk.

The brunette lowered her fingers down to her tight pussy, masturbating her so she was all prepped for her prick.

‘Do you have any idea how long I can last with this prick?’

‘Aaaaheemmm… noooo….’

The brunette looked to the clock over a dresser. Three in the morning. Oow, oow…

A diabolic smiled grew on her face. The prick throbbed over the blonde’s body, ejaculating thick, fat loads of lubes over her.

‘Oooh, Gooodd…!!’ That prick was so hot and real!!

‘Oow, oow!’ The brunette looked at her. ‘You’ll have to postpone your meeting with the officers today.’

‘W-w-waah… oooh, why??’

‘Because, my pretty little bitch…!’


The brunette pulled her up, anchoring her hips over her own pelvis, squeezing her buttocks with the massive balls of her silicone prick, and making her feel exactly how hot… and potent!…

‘Oooorrhh!!’ …that genitalia could be! ‘Fucking hell!!’

The brunette jerked off her massive prick slowly over the blonde so she could take a very good look at its beauty and thickness.

‘Yep. It’s hot as fucking hell!’


‘I’m gonna last over five hours with you both, whores.’


‘We’re gonna fuck… better yet…’ She lowered the prick’s helmet down to the girl’s labia.


It! Wasn’t! Possible!!

That prick was so thick —so tremendously gigantic!— that just half of its helmet stretched her wider than she’d had ever been by any man up to that point!

«G-g-g-g-gooodd!!» Her own mind babbled incoherently. «How much have I been missing all my life??»

She felt she was losing her virginity to that brunette… a third time!

‘Oooooaaarrhhhh…..!!’ The brunette roared very manlily while her prick…


…penetrated that tight, pink pussy!

The helmet was barely in and that little whore already squirted! SPLOOOOORRRSSSHH!! SPLOOOOORRRSSHH!!

‘Uhee, whore!! How hoooot!’


‘You haven’t felt anything yet, bitch! What about feeling it vibrate, huh?’

‘Vi-vi-vi… vibrate??!’

The brunette smiled. With still just the tip of the prick in that pussy, the brunette pushed a button in her strap-on and… bbbzzzzzziiiiiimmm….!!


Her pussy turned into a squirt fountain.

‘Hell, yeah, whore. Cum for me, baby, cum!!’


Bzziiiiiiiimm…. The prick vibrated with indescribable speed and intensity!

‘AAAARRHH!!! AAARRRHH!!’ The blonde looked down to her hips, barely believing…

SBLOOOOOORRRSSGHHH!!! Her orgasms showered the Alpha brunette’s like a storm, making her whole torso drip with rivers of lubes.

She couldn’t… believe!… the intensity of that pleasure!


The prick focused its vibrations on her clit, giving her multiple O’s all over again.

‘Oow, oow! How many orgasms, my bitch! How many wonderful, gorgeous orgasms!’


Her head was on fire. Tears rolled down her cheeks like mourning rivers.

Her breasts… SBLOOOOORRSSGHH!!! Her tremendously bloated, gigantic tits ejaculated milk every second!


Thick jets —whole cup-full loads of milk!— blasted high and splashed down on the mattress, which was, by that point, completely soaked in girl juices.

The brunette began to penetrate her very slowly, stretching out her pussy with its helmet. The blonde felt her clit was about to be ripped out of her!… so strong were her orgasms!


The head swirled. Her senses became lighter, weaker, frailer at every second.


‘Oh, uuuuhee!!’ The brunette breathed deep, shocked by her blonde’s massive girl-nut.

One second… two seconds… three… four… ‘OOOOOARRRH!!!’ The blonde’s body convulsed. Her orgasm was stretching beyond infinity!

‘Uuhee, uhhee!’ The brunette time-tracked her: ‘Five seconds… seven seconds, fuck!!’


‘Let’s going deeper, deeper, baby!’ The brunette smiled, all sadistic. ‘Deeper and deeper and deeper, my looooove!’


Brrrruusssh!! The helmet sank into the pussy!

The blonde felt all the air being stolen and her heart being electrocuted. «I was never…!!» Her mind shot up. «I’ve never been this stretched out befooooore!!»

Crooooaaarrcckk, crooooaaarrsssh, crraaaaassshh…!! Her pussy made a coarse, creaking noise.

‘Uuuhee!! What a bath you’re giving me, bitch!’


Crroooooaaaarrsshh!! She penetrated her just a few inches deeper! The helmet wasn’t even all in yet —another half-inch remained for it to be totally inside the pussy.

The woman came… unendingly!


SBLOOOOORRSSSHHH!! Jets of lubes splashed in the brunette’s ripped abs.

«What a beautiful sight!» She admired her marvelous blonde’s body, taken by orgasm after orgasm after…

‘OOOOOOAARRRHHH!!!’ …heart attacks!

The brunette left the prick standing still, just an inch and a half of mighty helmet crammed into that pussy, and waited for her orgasm to subside a little.

‘Wow, hottie! Your pussy was really in need of a good dick, huh?’


The spray of lubes reached up to the brunette’s breasts.

‘Uuh, uuh, uuh, girl. That’s how I like it!’


And she began to move the helmet back and forth, back and forth very discreetly, provoking machine-gun bursts on that supermodel’s pussy, interspersed with deeper and longer ejaculations and…


Uuuhee, you squirting bitch!’ The brunette opened up her mouth, drinking the liquids the other one squirted up to her lips.

Right by her side, however…

‘Loooove…’ The redhead stretched out, finally awakening from the previous avalanche of orgasms. «Honeeey!!»

The brunette wasted no time: holding the blonde’s leg with just one hand, she guided her left hand to the redhead’s hips and…

‘Oooohh!!’ …penetrated her with her fingers, making her pussy immediately… ‘OOOOOOOHHHHH…..!!’Bloooorrssshh!!! …squirt!