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A muscle god who’s hung like a fucking bull SHATTERS a boulder with the power of his superhuman FUCKING!!

The twilight sun covered the forest like a mantle of silk. The trees would all be colored golden or orange… if the white hadn’t already took over so completely.

‘Uuuurrhh!!! Aaaaarrrhh… uuuuurrhh!!!’

The roars still made the boulders shake and birds fly away in fear even miles away from there.

We were tired after fingering ourselves to the sight os that man’s body as he stopped cumming.

‘Uuurrhh!!! Roooaarr!!!’

My god, what a man! What a gorgeous, perfect man, a fucking male no less than… divine!

‘How old do you think he is?’

Camila, by my side, was too broken to even muster a quick response:

‘I-I-I d-don’t… aaahe… no idea.’

My pussy was electrified by pleasure so intense it made my muscles harden and my organs burn like fried eggs.

‘Aaahee!! Oooh-aahee!!!’ The harder I flexed my muscles, the more pleasure I seemed to feel.

It’s as if I was becoming a little sadomasochistic before that male, who still jerked off and… ejaculated!

‘Ooorrh!! Uuuurrh, uuuurrh, roooaarrhh!!’

The jet burst from his prick like rocket explosions.

‘Aaahee!!’ I was delighted! ‘God!! What a god!!’

Indeed he was nothing less than a god, cumming before us for no less than four hours straight!

‘Aaahee!!! Oooh, aahee!!’ I came, my pussy bursting in endless gushes.

Squiiiiisssshh!! “Aaaaaaiii!!!” Squiiiiirrtt!! I crossed my legs and squeezed my pussy, trying to block the obscene amount of juices, but obtaining the exact opposite effect and stimulating it even harder.

‘Aaaahee!!’ And harder… ‘aaaahee!!’, and harder and harder and harder. ‘Ooorrhh!!’

Sbliiiiiirrrssssshhh!!! My pussy squirted a transparent broth, thicker than a pinky finger and as long as several arms.

‘Oooorrhhh!!!’ I felt my sight disappearing for a second or two. That man was incredible! ‘Oooorrhh!! Ooohee!! Ooorrhh…!!’

The god ejaculated another amazing wave of semen up to the skies. His balls released steam while producing pints and more pints of spunk continuously.

‘Aahee!! Aahee, aaahee!!’ I marveled when seeing them contracting —bloom!!!— with a loud, machine-like rumble every time they released a new load of several gallons of spunk to that human horse’s prick.

‘Uuuarrhh!!!’ And he roared, with all his body contracting beautifully. ‘Uuurrhh!!!’

What a body! The guy would need a whole cattle farm to feed and keep a physique like that!

«Even if he didn’t cum so much,» I thought, «still, he’d need one or two full cows a day just to keep his amazing muscle mass.»

That wasn’t a mere man; those were four, five horses in human shape!

At 7.6ft-tall, she was simply the biggest giant, the most phenomenal human stud I’d ever seen!

‘Uuurrhh!!! Uuurhh!!’

His prick was as spectacularly thick as an arm. One hand alone would even come close to enveloping his outstanding girth!

His jets reached as high as eighty feet… and that’s after he’d come for over four hours straight!

«H-how much longer… oooh!!… can he come like this??!»

My fingers despaired in my cunt, which at that point was completely desensitized, just waiting for the moment when that amazing male would stop cumming.

‘Roaaarr!!! Uuuurrh, ooaarr!!’

I could feel the heat waves hitting my face every time that super male blew a new, stronger load of his seemingly endless supply of cum.

«My god… the blood!… this fucking blood!!…»

That male had more blood coursing through his prick than two males in their entire bodies. He was a giant in every sense of the word!

‘Ooooaarrhh!! Ooorrhh!!!’

Finally, after some four hours and twenty minutes of orgasm, I was brimming with a nearly-diabolical hope.

‘Aaahee!! Aaahee, aaahee!!!’

Bluuuurrssshh!!! His loads finally started to relent, and the jets which once hit as high as ninety feet now consistently stayed below sixty.

My thick legs remained wide open, my pussy basically begging to his prick.‘Oooaarrr!!!’


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A giantess pumps a 24-inch horse cock while finger-fucking three other fitness babes! [FREE PAGES!]

Testicles and pussy were locked in a battle to see who was the most powerful: the woman sucked and pumped the dick relentlessly with her internal contractions, and the balls added more jizz into the sack, trying to outpace that massive woman as she reveled in the bodies of her three other partners.

The woman she was kissing squirted ferocious juices through her cunt and loads of milk through her tits as Vanessa took her finger out of the woman’s orifices and parted their kiss, sucking her milking nipples instead.

Aahh!!” She came and cried. “Aaahee, Vanessa!!” The massive giantess smiled as she turned each hand to the two women by her side, cramming her right fingers on Vanessa’s cunt and her left fingers on the smallest muscle woman’s cooch.

Then… she went to fucking town!

AAAHH…!!!” The catacombs quaked with those three women orgasming at once, their cries and whimpers followed by the bull’s large, thunderous roars as he was continuously pumped by Vanessa’s cunt. Despite leading four massive lovers to orgasmic bliss, Vanessa was shocked to discover she was not tired at all. If anything, she only felt more powerful.

«Grow!» She thought, and her muscles obeyed, audibly swelling as her fibers increased in strength, size, and number. Her monstrous body pressed against the other ones, increasing its pressure on Gaston’s crotch as she approached the 9-feet of height.

The two women on her side, hugging her powerful waist, felt her quickly grow as they were startled by the increased hardness of their body. “Fuck!!” Mariadne panted. Not for a second did Vanessa stop fingering her. “Fuck me… aahh!! You’re… you’re growing…!!” And she screamed a bit more before finally declaring: “You’re over a thousand pounds strong, you muscle whore!!”

Vanessa popped her lips from the girl’s nipples and laid them on Mariadne’s tits, commenting between suctions: “I will fuck you like a bull until you pass out for the whole week!” And she proved her power by doubling, no, tripling the intensity of her fingering, leaving no cunt untouched for over a few seconds at a time.

The bull Gaston almost felt his eyes popping as his balls, for the first time in their lives, felt the need to double production just to keep up with that massive mare. “You fucking…!!” He roared, steam and smoke coming from his mouth. “You fucking…!!!” Vanessa had pumped over five hundred gallons from him, yet she knew that bull was capable of so much more. Sucking the tits and the necks of her three muscle ladies, Vanessa admitted her defeat –sort of:

“How much can you cum, Gaston? When you really let yourself go; when you’re pumping your god-cock savagely on a woman’s cunt, how much do you truly unload? Ten thousand gallons? Fifty thousand gallons??” She looked around in the catacombs, seeing the fifty-one passed-out bodies Gaston had fucked floating over what seemed to be over a hundred thousand gallons of jizz. “I don’t know how such simple balls can produce so much milk! I mean, don’t get me wrong…” And she crushed him with more sadistic intensity. “I know, my bull, that each of your balls is at least as large and heavy as four bull testicles, but even then this level of fertility is ridiculous!” She felt that, as hard as she pumped, the bull never stopped producing seed; it was amazing. “I feel your balls are struggling to keep pace. They don’t need to. You don’t need to flatter me, oh bull, just to make me feel like a bigger woman.” The screams of her three ladies kept cutting her speech. “I know you’re holding yourself back. Fuck!! Fuck your dick!” The beast was 26-inches long now. “Fuck this monster rod that just keeps growing and growing! You’re almost 10ft-tall now, aren’t you? Very well! I can’t defeat you today… or maybe ever.” Still, she increased the pace of her pumping until the muscles of her man were quivering under a shower of electricity. “I will pump you with the full might of my body before I go out to fuck these three ladies here, okay?” Her three women came and squirted as she redoubled the dick massacre of her cunt. “With a bit of luck, maybe I can even make you… pass out!” She licked her lips and commanded complete control of her inwards. “Okay? Alright? Fine. Here we go!”

There was a deep, loud noise, similar to a tank making its way through a swamp, as Vanessa activated a “savage mode” of her cunt in that dick, pumping it like he had an industrial pumping machine attached to his rod, sucking all the jizz straight from his balls.


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A young muscle stud shows Zeus the full extent of his virility and the power of his 16in cock! [FREE PAGES!]

Pargasus, however, wasn’t one to run away from a challenge.

The young 18-year-old, 7.7ft-tall, 925-pound muscle stud, with sexual skills comparable to three hundred Spartans, constantly planned way to compete with that rival.

‘Oooorrh!! Aaaaarrh!! Ooooorhh…!!’

The orgasms under his body were the most beautiful thing in the world, yet they still felt like child’s play compared to the pleasure Zeus’s eight women were having simultaneously.

«Shit!» The young god thought, without losing focus of the three ladies in his own body.


After an intense scream coming from the bed, Pargasus saw that the orgasmic liquids of the eight women formed a real ocean on the floor —one whose waters were about to reach him!

«By the gods!» The young man gulped.

‘You two!’ He said to both women coming on his hands. They, however, could barely hear him under so many intense orgasms. Pargasus smiled. ‘I’m gonna put you up for sleep now, my beauties.’


Pargasus prepared to stroke their sensible spots while his girl in the middle, pierced by his unfathomable rod, slapped his massive pecs, trying to get this attention.

‘Paaar… Paaarga…!!’ She tried to speak, but her pussy blasted like a hydrant, shutting her up under so many powerful orgasms.

‘Quiet now, little one.’ The teenager said. ‘Keep coming while I blast these two hoes.’

‘Aaaaheem!! Aaaahee!!’ The servant turned her face and bit her own shoulders.

It was impressive, absolutely impressive the control that mega-god had over their bodies!

‘Let’s coming now, you whores!’


His fingers gained pace inside their cunts. Their eyes widened and their voices went silent.

Something magical was happening. Something, indeed, profoundly demonic.

‘Oooh…!!’ The whores felt their throats engorge, as if all their muscles suffered from cramps and they couldn’t even breathe anymore!

«W-w-what…??!» Their minds exploded under the ferocious electric attacks. «Paaaaaargasus…!!»

Pargasus then made his fingers vibrate…!


…just like his cock was vibrating inside his whore in the middle, and all bodies writhed out of control!

‘And now, my hoes…’

‘Oooow, oooww, ooooww!!’

‘…you faint.’

Bluuuursh!! It was no coincidence that the girls’ pussies exploded so insanely: each finger from Pargasus vibrated over five hundred times a second!

No wonder his women drooled like rabid dogs and hit their heads against the floor like schizophrenics, their whole bodies turning into muddled pieces of incandescent steel!

They didn’t just feel the heat; they were the heat!

Oooorhh!! Aaaaarrh!! Ooooaarrh!!’

Pargasus breathed deep.

‘Time to put you to sleep, my princesses.’

‘Ooooww!! Aaaarrh!!’

He moved his fingers very deep in those pussies, looking for —and quickly finding— all of their G-spots.

‘There we go. Time for a nap.’

‘Parga… aaaaahhh!!’

Buuuum!! The girls could hear the explosion in the very exact moment when Pargasus moved his fingers over the G-spots…

…and pressed them!…

‘Ooooaarrh!! Aaaaarrhh!!

…flooding their bodies with waves after waves of pleasure!