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A Brazilian giantess makes an American blonde squirt gallons with her massive, powerful muscles! [FREE PAGES]

I could feel the electricity bursting from her cunt at about a dozen times per second; she was feeling orgasms at the pace of her electrical signals in her body; the massive loads of orgasms were long and torturing; some took dozens of seconds, some took well over minutes, but all of them made her feel like she was dying and closer to heaven (or hell), and all made her body feel burning and her muscle fibers tearing up under the unbelievable stress.

As an inevitable physical reaction, all her holes starting pouring hot juices all the time: her tits splashed milk on my face and my own bosom as her gaping cunt hosed gallons of nectar on the grass, building a river which soon loudly flowed down the hills, creating ponds on the forest around us.

Her body was either seized by electrical orgasms or thrashing around in pure agony. As she hugged my massive, muscular back again, she clung to me like a sloth on a tree branch, and then she started shaking while her nails pierced my back deeper, drawing blood and tearing my skin apart.

The pain only made me more ravenous and merciless. Kissing her nape and her neck very slowly all the way down to her tits, I struck her with multiple orgasms at every kiss while the most massive orgasms kept raging on her cunt. “Thirty.” I counted them in between kisses. “Thirty-one. Thirty-two.”

PLEEEEASE!!!” She despaired. “STOOOOPP!!!” She was crying and even snorting as I readied another nerve-shattering orgasm in her cunt; her current orgasms diminished just a little while my fingers stimulated several new spots in her, activating massive central nerves which I pushed and made explode with electricity.

FUUUUUCK!!!” The tears started raining from her face as I felt literal sparks on my finger in her cunt. The divine flood that poured from her was both jaw-dropping and comical.

“Thirty-three.” I counted, adding smaller multiple orgasms to that massive, God of Orgasms with my kisses down her tits. “Thirty-four. Thirty-five. Thirty-six and thirty-seven.” Sometimes, new waves of orgasms appeared on her body without my knowledge or control. “Thirty-eight. Thirty-nine.”

My girl stopped screaming and spent a long, five-minute session just staring red-eyed at the sky. Seventy-four massive, tissue-tearing orgasms seemed to strike her, building up to a hundred and eleven massive waves of orgasms in total. «A good warm-up,» I thought while gazing upon her tits.

As I ate them, I counted the smaller multiple orgasms multiplying in her body: «a hundred and twelve… thirteen… fourteen-fifteen-sixteen… eighteen… twenty-two…» One could literally see the waves of electricity rippling through her body from the orgasmic focal points I created. In that left tit which I sucked, for example, the literal waves of energy burst from her sore nipples, which hosed so much milk in me I literally coughed and expelled a some of it back through my nose. «Holy shit, you fucking cow!»


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A Brazilian Amazon rips the clothes off her body just with the POWER of her muscles and crushes a literal BOULDER on her thighs! [FREE PAGES!]

From her spread out legs came a steamy squirt. The thread of nectar splashed on my legs and bathed them in woman cum. I smiled as I flexed my guns and showed her the sheer power and hardness of my biceps; a leathery, stretching sound came from them, like two thick belts being twisted to a ripping point. The labyrinth of veins and arteries that covered them could hardly be described; my guns swelled to enormous proportions while she could literally see, from the distance, the pints of blood being pumped in my arms, giving them the strength of a goddess.

“C-can you crush a boulder with those legs?” She asked me, her tongue dripping with desire. I looked down at her body and genuinely admired her. She was like a supermodel, if supermodels had boulder-crushing thighs and asses of a Brazilian goddess.

She was a blonde Barbie girl from a perfect American lineage, daughter of a massive, rich Alpha stud and a drop-dead supermodel, but she had also inherited an ass and legs able to rival my own.

“I bet you could.” I snapped back, and she replied by loudly flexing her own, fair-skinned legs. I could see the hundreds of fibers hardening and her Greek-column thighs swelling to obscene proportions. “Damn, girl!” I commented while also flexing my abs. “You’re a mare!” And she giggled, feeling the ground shake around us.

There was an earthquake going on in those hills while we showed each other our muscles. Per my friend, the stud of her farm was plowing relentlessly through his two hundred mares, fecundating them with his seed and guaranteeing new, healthy breeds of strong horses to her parents.

I doubted the validity of her claims, however, as I heard and felt the powerful rumbles and quakes of the land; the barn was still a mile away, yet I could feel the action as if it was happening right by my side.

Sometimes, the quakes and the booms were strong enough to steal our attention. Her body lightly moved on the ground whenever the stud seemed to be particularly active up there, though this could have also been explained by her sheer arousal for me.

As my blonde girl felt the energy rush through her legs, her incredibly swollen and hardened pussy expelled more thick juices of cum on my body. Every time she squirted, she did so loud and messily, with brothy juices squishing out of her cunt.

My abs burned, hit by that awesome juice. My lips drew the most beautiful of smiles as I looked down and saw my body dripping with her nectar, the sheer testament of a woman’s fertility coating my skin.

I flexed my six-pack and enraptured her gaze. Powerful veins sprawled through my neck as my six muscles throbbed and bulged obscenely, and then two new more muscles were added to the pack right above my pussy, the sheer power creating an aura around my body.


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A busty nordic GODDESS lactates GALLONS of her lovely, juicy milk all over the kitchen! [FREE pages!]

Her stomach was full. During their sex in the bathroom, the blonde had lactated countless gallons inside her!

Her esophagus was fully marked by the flavor and the thick fat of that amazing liquid.

The blonde’s milk was more viscous than the spunk of basically all the men she’d ever fucked. «Except the supersoldier,» naturally!

Even though she felt so full… and even though her womb was swimming in milk…

…she had an inordinate desire… smelling that scent… feeling that weight… seeing that extraordinarily white color of the milk… spotting even the steams flowing out of the vase, which burned with the incredible heat of the broth inside…!

She felt an almost irresistible urge to turn that whole vase in her lips and… drink it all!

But no. First things first!

Baak! She put the vase on the table.

‘You lactate harder than a cow, bitch!’

‘Ooow… ooow…!!’

Her breasts pulsed visibly! The blonde was suffering a full-blown milky misery!

Blooorrssh, bloooorssh, sbloooorrssh… her breasts ejaculated… time and time and time again!… soaking her whole body.

‘Aaaahee… aaaahhee-uuuhee!!’

The brunette grabbed another vase from the table.

‘God fucking damn it!’ It was already three-thirds full. ‘Fuck!’ Its weight was tremendous, no less than twenty pounds! ‘Mare! What kind of radioactive milk is this, huh??

‘Ha, ha… ooooww!!’ The blonde began to laugh, but the pain… ‘Oooww!!’ Was too great!

Bloooorrssh, sblooorrsh, bloooorrsshh!! Her breasts seemed to rebel against her own body! She lactated and lactated nonstop, now squirting full ounces of milk!… at every slightest movement she did with her body… and sometimes not even that much!


The veins grew and engorged all across the surface of her bulging bosom. She burst… SBLOOOOORRSSSHHH!!! … immeasurably hard!


‘Oh, wow!‘ The brunette gave one step back, avoiding the splash of those white tsunamis.

Blooooorrsssghhh!!! Bloooooorrssghhh!!! True waves, like a burst dam, washed over the table and dripped from all its corners.

The blonde must have lactated a whole pint just with those two powerful jets!

‘My god!’ The brunette put the vase back on the table, walking quickly to the pantry to find other containers. ‘Hang on, baby!’

‘Aaaahee…. aaaaaheeemm!!’

On her back, the brunette could hear the constant ejaculations of her hyper fertile friend: spliiiiiirrssshh… splooooorrrghhhh…..!!!

The blonde had been touched by the goddess of fertility —which was as much a blessing as a curse!

‘Hell… hell…. aaheem!!Blooooorrrsshh!! God knows how many pints her tits were squirting right then! ‘Help me!!’

‘Here I am, love!’


The brunette came back with two big, empty vases.

‘Come on, baby, hold them.’


The brunette placed one vase over each shapely thigh of her partner.

‘Come on, sweetie. Hold them tight!’

‘What are you going to… what are you doin-‘

‘Questions later, sweetheart. Just obey!’

And gave her cheek a firm, confident smile: *smmaaack!*


The blonde held each vase with one hand, laying both on her thighs, and the breasts soon filled them with constant threads of milk.

‘Ooow… oooh, ooow….!!’ Despite the pain, she smiled hornily. ‘How big are these?’

‘A hundred ounces each.’


The brunette walked to her back and leaned over.

‘Oooohh!’ The blonde could feel her partner’s amazing boobs pressing against her shoulders! ‘Oh, my god, what… what are you…?’

The brunette didn’t wait a second: she put her hands on those tits, sending…!


… lightining bolts and thunders all over the blonde’s body!

The brunette could hear the milk turning inside those tits and… BLUUUUUUURRSSSHHHH!!! Blowing up!


BLUUUURRRSSHH!! BLUUUUUURRSSSHH!!! From those nipples burst more milk than the brunette had ever seen come out of any living creature —even the biggest, most potent, most fertile cows. The containers were being filled up: three ounces, six ounces, nine ounces on the right.