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Three busty bitches unload OCEANS of milk! [FREE PAGES]

‘Your ass is so beautiful, mommy!’

The brunette looked back, admiring her own hardened, prominent glutes of pure muscles, a rear so mighty and thick that it pointed upwards towards her nape.

‘Mmm? Oh, yes. I’ve got the world’s finest ass.’

‘Oow, mommy…!’

‘Yours doesn’t stay very far behind, though.’

‘Oow, mommy.’ She played with her blond locks, all docile and sweet. ‘Thank you, mommy. You make your daughter so…’



The brunette turned around and walked back to her, carrying the full vase in her hands.

«Damn!!» The blonde was amazed. The vase was so heavy that… crooooorrrrkk!!! The brunette’s arms hardened fully, flexing at every step she gave.

Buuum, buuuum… buuum!!

‘Oow, mommy… oooww!’

She could already have a good idea of what the woman would demand of her.

Buuum, buuuum, buuuuumm!! The giantess’ steps made the whole floor tremble. It was impressive and frightening.

«These thighs… fuck! Jesus Christ, what thighs!!» The blonde again lost her breath while admiring that dominatrix’s killer tighs, each thicker and heavier than a full-grown woman!

‘Fuck, your body!’ She gulped dryly, running her eyes over the goddess’ eight ripped abdominal muscles. ‘Fuck, you’re so ripped!’

‘And it’s this milk of yours, my blondie, which makes me so horny!’


Buum, buuuum… buuumm! She stopped. The brunette was basically all over the blonde, carrying the giant milk vase over her head.

‘Oow, you bitch!’ She shook the vase. ‘Do you have any idea how much this thing here weighs, huh?’

Naughtily, she shook her head, biting her lips. The brunette then leaned over to her, bringing the vase down with her:

‘Come on. Raise your hands. Take it.’

‘Oow… oow, mommy.’

She took it… and her eyes goggled once she felt…!

‘Fuck! That’s heavy!’

The brunette smiled.

‘Your milk weighs eleven pounds per litter, my bitch. It think it might be even heavier.’

‘Oh, fuck!’

The brunette watched as the blonde’s muscles hardened, getting so incredibly shredded on her long, elegant arms.

She was a lean, but extremely athletic girl, with four visible muscles on her abs, and legs which displayed an immense potential to the fitness world.

«Fucking shit!» The brunette marveled. «Once she hits the gym… she’s gonna get so much bigger than all of us!»

‘What are you waiting for, hottie?’

‘Oooh… ooooh….’

Playfully, the brunette held one of her breasts and…

Aaarrhh…!!’ Feeling an immense pleasure, she squeezed it! Crrrooaaasshh!!

Spliiiiisshh!! The milk blasted off the nipple and splashed all over the blonde’s head, who looked up and laughed.

‘Oooh, oooh, yes.’ And opened her mouth. ‘Gimme your milk, mommy.’

The brunette stepped on one of the blonde’s thighs and…


…crushed it. The muscles of her abs flexed and hardened scarily: crooorssh! Crooossh!!

‘Stop fooling around and drink it now, bitch.’ She pointed to her own belly, hard and bloated, and then to the redhead, laying down, writhing while still unconscious on the floor. ‘All of us drank it. Now there’s only you left.’

Ooow…‘ She ran her tongue over her lips.’ And what if I refuse?’

More than a mere provocation, there was also a hint of fear in her voice: those 170oz of milk on the vase —five full liters!— weighted almost a hundred pounds!

A hundred fucking pounds, damn it! It was over half her weight!

The brunette smiled maliciously, puffing up her chest and displaying her enormous tits over her girl’s head:

‘If you don’t drink it, I leave ya.’


‘I’m not gonna fuck you…’ And turned her face slowly to the redhead, ‘like I’ll fuck this delicious flame-head here.’

‘Ooh, mommy, oow. Ooow…‘ Lifting the vase, she looked one last time to her dominant Latina. ‘You’ve still got energy in you, my mare?’ She smiled, so bold and cocky.


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A threesome of leaking busty bitches! [FREE PAGES!]

Thick, scorching fountain jets burst from her tits!

Just the liquids dripping from the ceiling would be enough to fill up entire vases —so much so that the redhead gave up from the task of bringing new ones, realizing how futile it was.

«This blonde bitch’s so fertile that every vase I bring gets full in, like, twenty seconds!» The brunette noted, nodding calmly. «That one’s gonna be… one of our man’s favorites!!»

The pussy leaked a river of female spunk while the tits kept shooting and destroying everything in the way of their jets.

‘DRIIIIIIINK IT!!!!’ The blonde screamed. ‘DRINK MY TITS!!!!’



The blonde grabbed the two women by the hairs and pulled their faces to her breasts. Looking straight into their eyes with a furious expression, she repeated:

‘Drink both… oooohh… my tits! Aaaarrhh!!!

Her breasts flexed like muscles and sprayed…


 …endless milk all over their faces!

‘Drink ’em!!! The blonde shouted. ‘Drink my tits, you bitches!’

‘Ooow, you’re…!’

PAAAAAFFF!! The blonde threw a powerful slap at the redhead, shutting her up completely.

The muscles of her arms were extremely ripped and bloated; thick, shredded, with veins sprawling all over her tight, athletic body.

The brunette, meanwhile, was a sight of paradise: muscles atop muscles on her thick hourglass-shaped physique, each of them rippling magnificently at every slightest motion.

The redhead also felt her muscles writhing and her abs hardening noisily, like metal bars being twisted.


‘Obey her, bitch!’


The brunette got closer to the blonde.

‘Obey her, reddie! She’s the Alpha here!’


The blonde’s tits never stopped bursting: BLOOOOORRSSSHHH!!! BLLOOOOOORRSSHH!! BLOOOOORRSSHH!!

«They’re scary!» The redhead was awestruck

‘Don’t be afraid!’ The brunette kept saying. ‘Like this, look!’


The brunette lowered her face down to the woman’s right tit and ate it up!

‘MMMMM!!!’ Her body immediately shivered! BLUUUUUURRMM!!!

The redhead’s eyes immediately widened. The brunette’s throat inflated and contracted as the liters and liters and liters of milk were sent straight down to her belly.

She was trying to swallow —and chew them!— as fast as possible!


The redhead gave one step back.

‘Oh, my…!!’

SPLIIIIIIIIIRRRSSHHH!!! Vast and thick streams of milk burst through the brunette’s nose! SPLOOOOORRSSSHH!!!


The blonde’s heavy chest was covered by the milk spraying from Olivia’s nose. Still, the mighty brunette kept suckling, kept swallowing!

‘MMMM, MMMMMRRMMM!!!’ She writhed while her stomach… oooh!’ My… my…!!’

The brunette’s belly swole as she gulped gallons and gallons of milk.

All her organs were literally being crushed. The load of milk she carried on her belly surpassed the limits of the human anatomy!


The brunette contorted her face and squinted her eyes so that the milk didn’t pour through them. Her nose kept ejaculating milk and the blonde kept lactating at will…


‘Oh…!’ The redhead felt her legs weaken. The brunette’s stomach kept swelling and swelling until… …it looked five months into pregnancy!