Reflexions on marriage and ‘true love’

Part one: rationality, surprised

I’ve been married for five years to one of the best, most sensual pieces of living, breathing manhood a woman could ever wish for. A rugged and sensible, overpowering yet deeply loving man who elevated me to such intense pleasures they should have been considered a crime, so core-shattering as they were, as well as a wise and experienced person I feel eternally grateful for having met —even though our marriage, I now admit, was a very impulsive decision I should probably have avoided.

This beautiful hunk is, ’til this day, maybe the best man I’ve ever met in my entire life. Our five years together were outlined by many more highs than lows —each high far surpassing and compensating for every eventual low.

I would not marry him today, if I had the choice, and I’d think twice before making such long-term commitment with any other person, even one so wonderful like him, but not everybody is smart and rational all the time, and when I decided to ask for his hand, I had definitely been the most foolish I’d been in my life until then. READ MORE