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Dozens of women pile after two Studs of Olympus use their gigantic cocks to make them squirt gallons and pass out several times with countless orgasms! [FREE PAGES]

Pargasus could hear her ovaries madly churning out countless eggs.

Ever since he fucked his first woman, all wombs became hot, scalding, and ready to be inseminated, and he fecundated them, oh, he did fecundate and fertilize them for good, with a seed so powerful there hasn’t ever been a single women he fucked without giving birth to at least four children.

The most fertile of them, oh, Pargasus had bred with fourteen children, who then walked the Elysium fields, healthy and potent, the most beautiful and powerful progeny of all Olympus!

And that wasn’t even the beginning!

Aaaaarrh!!!’ The woman squirmed. Two inches of prick had been taken out of her.

‘Good, my child. Very good!’

Aaaaheem!! Aaaaheem…’

‘Let’s taking this prick real nice from your pussy… so I can really make you cum!’

Spliiiiirsh!! Pargasus’s super shredded abs, with their twelve picture-perfect hard muscles, were coated by the orgasmic juices of that bitch in heat.

The pussy came without an end in sight: bluuuuuuurshh! Pargasus smiled, taking another inch of prick out of her.


The cock had filled her up so absolutely that a weighty vacuum grew in her, crushing her insides even more strongly than when the prick was there.

Buuuum!! The woman felt fire punches straight in her womb. Booom-booom-booom! The prick throbbed strongly some three or four times a second; when it didn’t throb, it vibrated!


It did so hundreds of times a second, the hottest and most powerful vibrator in all of existence, sending her to a land where orgasms were felt by the dozen in a fraction of a second…

Aaaarrh, aaaaarhh, aaaaahh!!’

Since Pargasus started fucking her, a mere ten minutes ago, she had already experienced over five thousand orgasms…

Five thousand and a hundred! Five thousand and two hundred! Five thousand and three hundred!

Frankly, those were so many orgasms that each individual orgasm lost its meaning!

Any woman who tasted that mega-god would never be satisfied by anything else in the world!

‘Goooodd!!’ She begged and cried and whimpered!

Pargasus kept slowly taking his prick out, this time extracting… booom! Another inch!

‘Yes, my beauty. I’m a god!’

His prick remained four inches deep in that mare. Pargasus flexed his musles, preparing to take out…


…yet another inch!

‘Oh, god! Goodd!!’ The nymphs around them saw how the woman melted and burst!

‘Let’s cum… let’s sleep!’

And more orgasms, more rivers, more spectacular loads burst from her: bluuuursh, bloooorsh, spluuuursh!

Pargasus took a deep breath. His dick had only begun to warm up. In order to experience a real, full-blown orgasm, in fact, he generally needed hours fucking.

«My last fuck lasted thirty-seven hours.» He marveled. «I needed to fuck over two hundred women until I get some release.»

If there was any tragedy, indeed, in being a Greek god, this would be it: with so much power, such endless stamina, and so much fertility and virility coursing through his veins, sometimes it was difficult —even impossible— for a man to ever be satiated.