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A few more pages of the world’s BIGGEST ALPHA breeding his harem of voluptuous females with his SUPERSIZED 40in+ MEGA STALLION COCK!

«Jesus fucking Christ!» My legs were shaking and my heart was almost bursting through my throat as I saw five inches of that eight-inch-thick man-rod pierce through the woman’s mouth, stretching her whole face like she was an anaconda eating up an antelope.

The monster kept pulling her body on his rod, making more inches of his dick rise from her mouth as her buttocks approached his balls. He started to thrust his hips, and his massive, throbbing testicles were hitting her back and her cunt with full force. The woman had passed out, that’s for sure, but that didn’t stop the stud from enjoying every inch of her amazing body. “God!!” He looked down to her fit, slightly-muscular back, “it’s been so long since I don’t bottom a woman!!” And I watched in absolute horror as that man pulled her body all the way to his balls, cramming her buttocks against his testicles, then power-slamming her madly as he roared and released steam throughout his whole body.

She was something of an “average” woman in terms of heigh, and her body covered “only” twenty-seven inches of that god penis. From her mouth, another fifteen-to-twenty inches of cock slid back-and-forth, her body anally impaled by that Shiva-like endowment. It was obscene, it was horrifying, and it got us all cumming and screaming like crazy as eighty-something cunts turned to the ceiling and showered the room in a divine flood of pussy nectar. “God!!” We screamed, oh, how hard we screamed. “Please, stud, fuck us!!! Fuck us, stud, fuck us all!!!” I was among those screaming ladies. None of us, after all, was too good for that stud.

The stallion enjoyed that body, however, for twenty minutes more until he finally got bored of feeling her buttocks against his balls. He violently popped her out of his dick and hosed her battered, bruised body with rivers of his jizz, which he kept cumming just as hard as if that was his first load. The room was already a mess when we arrived at it, but now the place was literally covered under two feet of hot jizz. We wailed around that spunk like flies trapped on a spider’s net, and the monster looked around the place with annoyance, realizing that even that big room wasn’t enough to contain all his masculinity.

“We go down.” He said simply and brutishly, and with both his powerful hands he grabbed not two, not three, not even four, but six women by their hair, three pairs per hand. Slowly and mightily, with his dick still shooting spunk on the ceiling, the monster pulled their bodies to the stairs, then lifted them up to his shoulders as he started walking down.

The beast was so big and muscular he could easily fit two women side-by-side in his shoulder, then balance a third women on top of those two, strolling down the stairs. As he selected one of these ladies to fuck, he proceeded to fuck her just as casually as someone reading the morning newspaper while eating their breakfast—a multitasking effort that would be literally impossible for any other stud, or even an army of studs!

Aaah!! Aaah!! Aaahee!!” The woman screamed and came her heart out through her cunt as the man pierced her and—what else!—unloaded gallons in her womb, stretching her out to a bursting point before popping her from his dick and dropping her carelessly on the ground. We all followed the beast as the spunk flowed down the stairs, and the man nonchalantly picked another woman from his shoulder like someone picking a fresh, low-hanging fruit from a tree.

He fucked her. Pump after pump after pump we heard her womb, belly, and ribcage getting bigger and fatter and heavier, and then her pussy started exploding with jizz as the monster roared, grunted, and whined like a horse, then simply lifted her up and dropped her on the ground, his massive cock shooting even stronger gallons on the ceiling as he picked a third woman and fecundated her with expert ease.

By the time he got to the lower floor, his sixth lay had been dropped on the steps, cum-ridden, jizz-bloated, fucked beyond her wildest dreams, squirming and screaming while unconscious, suffering from so many orgasms that literal jolts of electricity burst from her cunt. Before he even ventured inside that new room, he turned around and picked the closest woman to him, lifting her and cramming her cunt on his dick, filling her up instantly as he literally jumped into the air while thrusting on her so damn hard!

The poor gal screamed as the monster laughed. When he landed, his feet drilled two holes on the ground. The entire room shook and all the remaining windows exploded—their glass turned to dust!—and the god laid with that body on the ground to power-slam her until all our bodies were jumping with the force of his thrusts.

The monster crushed her back against the floor, which cracked and caved under his power. Their bodies were being dragged forward by the kinetic force of his thrusts, drilling a vast trench on the ground, at points so deep that the pipelines were once again exposed behind the woman’s back—and the monster fuck like this until he was at the other side of the room, pounding her so hard they were in danger of leaping into the precipice. “Cum, my whore.” He said to her, though she had already passed out a long time ago.

He came and came and came, and her pussy exploded with juice as her belly grew and grew and grew, and the monster lifted her waist as he stood up to pierce her diagonally, changing the force of his thrusts downwards. Then… he pounded her! The rest is pretty much routine: thrust after thrust after thrust came and went as her body drilled the pipeline and made water explode all around them, flooding the room. “Fuck!!” The man retrieved his prick from her temporarily and aimed it down, sealing the hole with the thickness of his semen.

After about fifty gallons of semen had been hosed into the pipes, the monster reinserted his still-cumming rod in the woman, nutting like a crazed stallion before pounding her with utter brutality, lifting her torso off the floor for a split-second, then cramming her back on it so hard that the spunk splashed all around us and the ground beneath then creaked, cracked, and sunk. I don’t know what was so special about that bitch, but the monster did her for five minutes with his dick almost fully hard (46 inches) before letting her go and grabbing two more women from the pile around him. “You now!” He said to the bitches, which he crammed against his cock like a sandwich.


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A muscle brunette makes her two lovers squirt GALLONS with her fingers… before CRUSHING them with her 13in long DILDO! [FREE PAGES]

Both women froze and looked at each other. The redhead smiled even wider, knowing what that was about.

‘Did you bring your c-cock my love?’

The brunette’s smile also shone brighter.

‘I would have liked to fuck you both just with my fingers; make you faint just with these babies here.’ She snapped her fingers in front of them. ‘But on my bag, yeah, I’ve got my dildo. So, how’d you like to be fucked, my luvs?’

Both women looked at each other, barely believing their own lucks.


The brunette lowered her head and smiled.

‘Then wait. And don’t you touch yourselves!’

‘Oooh, oooohh, aaahh!!’

As soon as the brunette left the room, they kissed. The blonde couldn’t hold back the beating of her heart.

‘H-how is she… with t-this dildo?’

The redhead smiled.

‘Better than any guy who’s ever fucked you, blondie.’


‘She’s better than any guy.’


‘She should have been born a male, to be honest.’


And they kissed until the brunette came back with an enormous object in her hands, covered by layers of red silk.

‘Didn’t I tell you not to kiss?’

The redhead immediately abandoned the blonde, looking naughtily to the brunette.

‘S-sorry, m-momma!’

‘Mmm!’ She raised her head, giving them an arrogant smirk. ‘Don’t you worry: your punishment begins now.’


With her back turned to the ladies, the massive Latina uncovered the enormous object. The blonde moved side to side, trying to see the thing, but only getting glimpses of its sheer size.

When the brunette turned around…


…she saw her holding… a ridiculously immense silicone dildo.

The creature was covered by thick veins, and even had gigantic, hyper-realistic balls! In fact, she’d never seen…


…such a well-crafted penis!

‘Is it your first time being fucked by a real woman?’

Gulping dryly, the blonde answered:

‘With a dildo? No. I was never fucked like that.’

The brunette smiled.

‘This beautiful prick is custom-made for yours truly. Look.’ She turned the beast vertically, comparing its length to her foremarm.’


The brunette’s smiled grew wider and shinier.

‘See? Exactly the same skin tone.’

The skin tone was the least of the blonde’s preocupations.

«This prick’s as big as her forearm!!» The blonde’s head dove into a tail-spin as the brunette moved the strap-on dildo to her hips and… delicately…


…placed it on her pussy.

The prick had internal plugs and extensions made to caress her whole cunt —several vibrators made to please her as much as she pleased her partners.

The blonde smiled, trying to hide her anxiousness.

‘Don’t you think this dick is a little too much?’

The brunette smiled.

‘Didn’t you say a 10in-cock would fit me well?’

‘Yeah, but… this one is even bigger!’

‘Indeed, you’re right.’ She smiled. ‘Thirteen inches.’

Both women —even the redhead!— lost their breath.

‘Oh, my…!!’

‘The good thing about not being a man…’ Tchaaack!! She strapped the penis on her hips, ‘is that I know how to perfectly use… oooh… each of these thirteen motherfucking inches. Ooow… aaahhh!!!’

The vibrator was already activated inside her pussy. That dick was a mechanical marvel —and soon enough, her ladies would know all it was capable of!

Licking their lips, the brunette looked at them. Ploock! The dick was plugged. She turned to the side and… showed off all her grotesque dimensions.

‘Jesus fucking Christ! It’s hardening!!’

The brunette shook the growing beast on her hips.

‘Last generation, baby. This beautiful badboy cost me fifteen grand.’

‘Fifteen fucking what?’

”Better than the real deal’ is the companie’s motto. Can’t say that’s false advertisement.’ The blonde beheld that beast with her mouth gaping, as even the artificial balls seemed to swell.