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A hyper-muscular demigoddess turns the tables on her experienced dominatrix

The Instructress screamed. Her gushes of squirt were interrupted every time the princess hit her. Her entire body seemed to catch fire, and her glutes were quickly desensitized. They were both 69-ing each other, both only Diane was now acting upon the pussy of her lover. The instructress was suffering too much and cumming too hard to focus on Diane’s gushing cunt. Still, the princess came gallons through her cunt, for the pleasure of domination was much greater than that of the matriarch’s tongue.

“I will destroy you.” The princess’s cunt drilled the insides of her master. “Let me show you how a teenager can pound another woman like a bull!” Diane slowly pulled her head back, taking out inch after inch of her god-tongue from that pussy. The Instructress was already screaming for mercy, feeling all her insides unravel and her body implode.

“PLEASE!!” The tears fell in cataracts from her face. “DIANE!! PLEASE, STOP!!” Though the princess had only started penetrating her, the Instructress felt literally more pleasure than she did with all the girls she had fucked in her life. “I… I-I!!… I CAN’T TAKE IT!! YOUR POWER!!! DIANE, YOUR POWER IS JUST TOO MUUUUUCH!!!” Every word the Instructress screamed reeked with agony, and the explosions from her cunt didn’t lie: the woman was experiencing, by far, the single biggest, strongest orgasms of her life… and the princess hadn’t even started with her!

“Disappointing.” Diane muttered, removing inch after inch, very slowly, of her tongue from that cunt. “I expected more of you, my master.” Her tongue and her face were being showered by that thick, sweet cunt nectar. Diane had about forty inches of god-tongue, with half of it crammed and curled inside the vagina, overfilling it and the womb, throbbing and stimulating hundreds of erogenous spots simultaneously and driving the woman to madness… and then beyond!

“DIANE!!” Her screams were arousing. She could taste the blood of the torn cunt along with its gallons of juices. Diane retrieved as much of her tongue as she could, with ten inches curled up in a ball inside the Instructress. The poor woman unraveled harder and faster than expected, shaking and convulsing at mercy of those orgasms. “GODS!!” Her screams almost struck pity in Diane’s heart. “GODS, PLEASE…!! SAVE ME!!” The princess could feel her tears in her thighs. The Instructress was a mere shell of her former self, and she was about to be undone even further.

“One.” Diane counted, cryptically, and then she inserted the thirty extra inches of her tongue back in the woman. Bulk after bulk after bulk of flesh filled her womb to the brim, stretching her waist loudly. Diane didn’t push that womb up, but instead curled the tongue as she shoved it in, adding a tremendous volume to the woman’s body. Suddenly, it all looked as if the Instructress carried over fifteen babies in her belly.

“Two.” Diane pulled her tongue and thrust it back in again. The Instructress was no longer screaming; she was just cumming. Even her gallons of squirts were interrupted by a shock in her body: her tits swelled and exploded with milk threads from her nipples. She was stiff, but vibrating, her face frozen in perpetual horror. Only faint, desperate whimpers got out of her throat, like the yelps of a helpless dog, and the princess couldn’t help but to feel even more aroused by the sorry state she left her master in. “Three.” She thrust her tongue. “Four.” She thrust it again. “Five. Six. Seven…” She stopped counting as her tongue really got to pounding that cunt. After about twenty mad blows, the pussy squirted nectar back into her face, and the splashes reached as far as the trees around them. Diane was drilling squirt from her cunt, extracting gallons from every blow, as if the tip of her tongue struck wells filled with lube, deliciously bathing herself on that endless offering.


[NEW BOOK!] White Power, Black Pleasure

The rivalry between a black bodybuilding monster and his white Alpha stud finally comes to an end… and it’s going to be messy!

Black Lantern once thought of himself as the biggest, manliest Alpha there was: huge, bulging and powerful, with over 500lbs of pure muscle juiciness, this black beast was on top of his game… until White Archer came along!

Together with him inside a bathroom on the Tower of Might, this playboysish white billionaire taught his black stud a lesson he could never forget.

Their passion was long, savage and Earth-shaterring —literally!—, but it now must come to an end. Watch as these two virile especimens of muscular male perfection duke it out on the absolute apex of their passion —and Black Lantern finally learns the true power of a real muscle man and a legendary sex god!


First few pages of my NEWEST BOOK: “White on Black Super Males!” (out this TUESDAY!)

Hey, my loves! We have a double-goodness this week! This is my fooreword and intro to one of my newest books out this Tuesday! Hope you like it! 😉 😀 ❤

Oh, my lovelies! How are you doing today? 😀 XD

This is the second release of this weak! Yep, I’ve had two new books published today. If you missed any, you can visit my links below to grab ’em:

Twitter: @GigiPotemkin


Ha, ha, ha, I can barely get a hold of myself! My stories have been getting really obscene, right?

In this book, you’ll witness a powerful, 400lbs muscle white billionaire pumping gallons of sweet, hot male nectar in the ass of his 550lbs+ black muscle bitch…

…and so much more!

There’s shooting jizz, swallowing jizz, building literal mountains of jizz, breaking a thick metal wall with powerful wads of jizz…

…all of this from massive muscle monsters with more power in one arm than whole squadrons of bodybuilding males put together!

I mean, I mean…!


And awesome! And unbelievably sexy if you, just like me, can never get enough of sweet muscle-inflation-bodybuilding-Alpha-male-shooting-gallons-of-cum erotica!

I hope this sexy story is well into your tastes, my love! There’ll be much more muscle-jizzing goodness in the days to come!

Next week, actually, I’m publishing a new bundle along with a new short story! I think you’re gonna LOVE the special offer I have in store! See you then!

With more love that can possibly be put into words,

yours wholly and dearly,


Previously, on our crazy superhero sex adventures…

Black Lantern and White archer are the two most powerful Alpha Males on Earth… and they vie to see who’s the most powerful male of all.

After locking thelmselves up on a bathroom in the Tower of Might, both superheroes start their competition of manliness and virility.

At first, it seems that Black Lantern will be the clear winner. I mean, he’s a 550lbs muscle monster with a 13in erect penis and a nearly bottomless supply of cum on his cocknut-sized black balls.

Just with his first wads of precum, he manages to shoot well over 15 gallons of lubricants on the floor —about seven to eight times the potency of White Archer, who himself is no puny male.

White Archer, in fact, is a multibillionaire with an 11in cock and nigh-irresistible seduction skills; an uber-powered male who effortlessly bedded over 10,000 women and 2,000 men in the course of his life; a sex machine of unfathomable libido… who nonetheless just can’t compete with the sheer biological superiority of his black rival!

However, what Archer lacks in juice-making potency, he damn well makes up for it in… basically everything else!

After some provocations, both men decide to settle their differences with their fists —and the once arrogant Black Lantern learns just how out of his league he is compared to the super-powered white boy!

The billionaire muscle bull basically mops the floor with his black body after a near effortless beatdown! Before Black Lantern can even react, White Archer lands multiple blows on his body, literally throwing his massive 550lbs black body around like a ping pong ball!

The “fight” —more like “massacre”— ends with the decisive and unassailed victory of the white muscle stud, and Black Lantern feels both humilliated… and suuuper aroused!

Never before has he been dominated so throughly by another man —let alone a pretty, blond white boy like that!

Never before has he been shown complete and utter superiority from another male —and especially not from a pampered, arrogant multibillionaire such as that one.

His humilliation is complete… but his pleasurable submission is only beginning!

Black Lantern sees no alternative if not to submit his ass to that absolutely dominant white stud. He wants his power! He needs it, and craves it absolutely! And his white friend will gladly show him, indeed, what the joy of bottoming on a much more powerful male truly feels like!


Foreword and intro of my NEWEST BOOK, “Super Hunk Domination” (out this TUESDAY!!)

I’ve got two new books coming this Tuesday (11)! Here’s my foreword and naughty little intro for one of them!

Hello, my precious! How are you doing on this lovely Tuesday? 😀

In this mighty book, we continue the crazy, lube-filled, cum-ridden story of our two muscular superheroes duking it out to see who’s the strongest, mightiest Alpha male!

The answer might surprise you… and it’s waiting for you on the following pages!

Twitter: @GigiPotemkin


I’m finally embracing the most erotic, downright pornographic aspects of my muscle, cum and squirting obsession (among other fetiches).

This whole superhero series is a personal achievement for me, as it marks my transition from “nice, romantic Gigi” (my previous series) to “fuck-drunk, crazy bitch Gigi!”

Ha, ha, ha, ha!! It’s so good to let these fetishes gain wings and fly freely!

I’m getting increasingly more erotic with every passing book, and every new publishing week marks a new high-point in my career.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m humble enough to admit there’s still a long way to go until I become a finely-tuned, pitch-perfect erotica writer… but I feel I’m damn well in the right path!

Your opinion and feedback, therefore, is very valuable to me. After all, there’s only so much that analytics and sales numbers can offer.

I’m always pleased to answer all my readers’ requests on my Twitter feed, so why don’t you pay me a little visit there and exchange some thoughts?

My commitment is with your pleasure… as well as my own!!

I hope you adore this new chapter of my obscene superhero, muscle-engorging adventures, and come back next week for more musclemanic goodness!

See ya again soon, my love!

A thousand kisses on your cheek,

A hundreds kisses on your cooch,

A hundred slurps on your cock!

Yours adored,

P.S.: we’ve got two brand new stories this week! Visit my salespage to check out all my releases!


Previously, on our crazy superhero sex adventures…

After a new danger has arrived on Earth, a few superheroes gather on the observation deck of the Tower of Might to evaluate the situation.

Amongst them are Black Lanter and White Archer, two of the world’s mightiest Alpha males!

The supers are approached by Wondrous Woman, who proceeds to lay down a plan to contain the danger.

However, the sheer eroticism of her rock-solid, muscle-abundant body strikes powerful hard-ons on all superheroes present —especially on the two impressive, gargantuan cocks of these powerful studs.

After all, White Archer has nothing less than an 11in hard cock, while his counterpart Black Lantern effortlessly reaches 13 inches of sweet, black guetto pussy-wretching, male-juice maker!

After being dismissed by the mighty superheroine, both men head to the nearest bathroom to relieve themselves of their obscene bulges.

Once alone, their competitive drive quicks in full gear. They are nothing short than the two most powerful men in history, so their rivalry couldn’t be greater.

Black Lantern is a massive, 550-pound black muscle man, while White Archer is a 400-pound multibillionaire muscle playboy with an insatiable appetite for good pussy and good ass.

Black Lantern decides to take this arrogant white boy down a notch, and so both men decide to see… who’s got the mightiest cock… and who can produce the biggest amount of juices in the shortest amount of time!

As their jerk-off competition starts, it’s pretty obvious that Black Lantern will be the winner in terms of sheer male abundance: seemingly effortless, he manages to extract almost a full gallon of precum from his dick… in a single wad!

This black bull is so damn powerful that, by the end of his performance, he milked over fifteen gallons out of his massive Afro prick!

White Lantern, in comparison —by no means a puny man—, barely extracted more than two gallons out of his sizable 11in penis.

His biggest load of sweet precum juices didn’t even surpass 15 ounces —a miracle for any man, but just a tiny dropplet compared to Black Lantern’s performance.

The black superhero stands high and mighty, therefore, after being able to shoot loads of precum so strong that they bent the metal of the ceiling itself!

However, White Archer still has many cards up his sleeve: for starters, he is a mega serial seducer who’s slept with over 10,000 women, whereas Lantern has managed “only” a “measly” 400-something score.

White Archer’s sexual skills are legendary even among many superheroes, and he is deemed by ladies and lads alike as the biggest sex machine in history.

After an altercation involving the N-word, the arrogant white man leaves Black Lantern fuming with anger! Their conflict escalates to a boiling point —and both men soon realize they can only truly settle their differences… with their fists!


Intro for “Super Hunks compete for cream!” [NEW BOOK out this TUESDAY (4)!]

This is the foreword for my newest book, “Super Hunks compete for cream”, from the “League of Sex” erotica series! 😀 😀

Hallo, gorgeous! How are you all doing this week?

I’ve recently surpassed 100 followers on Twitter, which is such a great milestone to reach when you’re writing erotica with virtually no money for marketing or outside assistance at all!

Have I already told you that you are the greatest, most caring and respectful community of readers I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting?

Because you are! ❤ ❤ ❤

Twitter: @GigiPotemkin


On today’s book, we’ll continue to explore the full eroticism and virile power of our horny superheroes, now focusing on the love-hate relationship between Black Lantern and White Archer!

If you love enormous muscular bodies covered with thick, hot, powerful veins, muscle growth and muscle inflation, male bodybuilders wrestling, and extreme cumming and jizzing (and I mean extreme; like, dozens of gallons of thick, white macho cream!), then this is the book for you!

And I’ve got another great piece of news: starting next week (June 11th), I’ll be back to releasing two new books weekly, with an occasional bundle thrown here and there into the mix. 😉

This arrangement will probably last for a whole month, maybe more.

That’s super!! I’m so glad and honored that you’re all following me on this awesome adventure!

Hope you adooore this lovely new work! Be seeing you again soon, my passion!

Kisses, kisses, my luvs!!

Summary of out next sexual, superhero adventures!

After a dangerous, mysterious threat has arrived on Earth, three hyper manly, ultra trick, mighty and powerful superheroes convene on the observation deck in the Tower of Might:

  • Human Lightning: young, excitable, lean, and ultra-ripped. A promising juvenile who nonetheless sports a penis of “only” 7.5 inches, which makes him one of the smallest heroes in all of the League;
  • White Archer: a blonde, blue-eyed multi-billionaire with a genius I.Q. and an insaciable appetite for good pussy and big, hard asses!

He doesn’t care whether his “prey” is female or male; all he cares is to be the most dominant, conquering, subjugating Alpha of all!

He is a consumate womanizer in need of a good humbling, and his lesson of humility might come on the hands of…

  • Black Lantern! The “biggest” human in the League, this massive, 550lbs-of-pure-muscle man is the epithome of masculinity and black sensuality, with a burning rivalry with White Archer —the only Alpha who can possibly match him in strength, size, potency, virility and sexual abundance!

Together, these three superheroes are met by Wondrous Woman, who proceeds to evaluate the threat with them.

The presence of this tall, muscular, immensely powerful superheroine, however… is too much for them to bear!

Maybe it’s her hard-rock, 8-pack abs beneath her tight lycra uniform…

Maybe it’s her long, enormously shredded and ripped legs, big and thick enough to make two full women…

Maybe it’s her gigantic ass, as hard as iron…

Maybe it’s her face, which was literally sculpted by the Greek gods, or…

Maybe it’s everything —everything!— that leaves the three superheroes so unfocused and embarrassingly aroused.

After all, Wondrous Woman is nothing short of the hottest lady in the universe, and the three men’s gigantic, obscene bulges soon threaten to rip their uniforms apart!

The meeting ends with the three superheroes desperate to find a release for their dick-bloating agony.

As Human Lightining is ordered to take care of some menial tasks, the mighty and powerful Alpha males White Archer and Black Lantern walk together to a neaby bathroom… …and, alone with one another, they decide to see who is the better male as they relieve themselves of their immense hard-ons!