Updates and announcements

“The Doll who Loved me” launching on August 27th – Preorder now!

Hello, my luvs! My novel is launching next Friday, Aug 27th!

It is available for pre-order now on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09CNSW5KM

I’ll be uploading it to SmashWords (and testing out the platform) along the week. I’ve been told Smash is quite finnicky with books, so I might be delayed in releasing my book on other stores.

Also, a reminder: “The Doll” is being released as a series, so this first book is literally just the first six chapter of the full book. You can know more on my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/gigipotemkin

For those who want to support me, but don’t want to commit to Patreon, this is a great way to do it. 。◕‿‿◕。

Yeah, Amazon keeps 30% of the whole thing (and, as a non-US person, I’m being further fleeced by the IRS, as you have it), but that’s still great no matter what.

I don’t know what kind of schedule I’ll be keeping, or if I’m going to update the book regularly at all, because it all depends on my side activities and gigs.

If you’re craving the whole book and don’t want to wait one other single weekend for more content, subscribe to my Patreon and get everything, everything you could possibly need or want—including, yes, my filthy hot breeding erotica. 😉 https://www.patreon.com/gigipotemkin

Let’s see how you guys like my stuff as the weeks roll by. Peace! ❤

Updates and announcements

Announcing my first novel (and launching my Patreon—finally!)

~ Table of contents ~

[Read ***Part 7*** if you want to skip all my ramblings]

Part 1: My situation with Amazon (TLDR: been banned; ain’t going back)

Part 2: That book I kept talking about (hint: it’s about incels and haunted sex dolls)

Part 3: Release and readership (it’s FREE, baby!)

Part 4: Finally, my f#cking Patreon (come join the Gigi gang!)

Part 5: The good stuff—of horny futas, giant dongs, and everything in between

Part 6: The future of Gigi Potemkin (“what about NEW porn? I’m still waiting for more sweet-ass futa content, you know!”)

Part 7: So, in short… (TLDR of everything!)

Hey, there, my mares and stallions. My gals and pals. My dudes and dudettes. I hope you’ve been doing well these past few weeks.

I guess it’s high time I’m updating you on my whereabouts, as well as what I’ve been planning for you since I was kicked out of Amazon. These have been some pretty eventful past couple of months for me, and I’m very glad to finally get you all caught up on my plans.

Without any further ado…

Part 1: My situation with Amazon (TLDR: been banned; ain’t going back)

First of all, a bit of clarification on what most of you probably know by now: I have been banned from Amazon, yes, and I’m not going back—at least not for erotica.

Indeed, “banned” might not actually be the best word to describe the whole situation, as my account received only a temporary block from the Amazon admins.

To put it simply, the folks at Big Z didn’t quite like my writing—to be precise, they took umbrage with the content of the books—and temporarily suspended my account until I promised to clean up all the potentially “problematic books”—which, as it turns out, were all of them.

*Womp, womp!*

There are a handful of works still remaining on my sales page, as you can see, but even these are going to be removed as I expand into, say, “more serious” literary endeavors—which is the main subject of this update (read below; Part 2).

So, before we dive into the meat of this sandwich, a few more comments on this whole Amazon debacle, based on the questions I’ve been getting from some of you on my DMs: no, they didn’t tell me the exact reason why my books were banned. I think we can all pretty much agree that the books were getting too “saucy” for Amazon’s liking, so the company had to ax them.

Some of you have warned me that the covers and the descriptions were getting very, very R-rated for a store like Amazon, and I totally agree with that. As a matter of fact, it was a conscious and intentional decision: I was pushing the envelope to see what I could get away with, and, as far as envelopes go, and in terms of sales and raw revenue, the strategy *did* pay off big time. I was finally getting close to my goal of becoming a full-time writer (if “only” a smut writer, mind you), and my name was getting out there, which was awesome. Many of you have met me precisely during this phase, from late-2020 to early-2021, and I felt like I’d finally gotten a handle over my business and style, totally on my groove. That was also when the content of my work became extra spicy and truly, truly filthy!

(And, by the way, if you’re one of these recent readers… hi! My name is Gia, but I go online by my brand Gigi. Nice to meet you! I hope you love everything else I have to offer here! Now, back to the goodies…)

I actually wish the descriptions of my books or my covers *were* the problem. The actual books that Amazon had flagged before my temporary ban had nothing to do with any of these issues. As I went into the books trying to find some pattern in the content and the stories and figure out why they were deemed inappropriate, I came up with nothing. Even the content in some banned books felt rather tame compared to my latest (and unbanned) entries.

It seems that either someone was trolling with me or Amazon just really, reeeally didn’t want me there. Probably a combination of both: some of my most popular books got banned due to the greater exposure I was getting (resulting in a lot of butt-hurt Karens reporting me to the system), whereas others just seemed to have been caught at random by Amazon’s review algorithm.

There is nothing I can (or, at this time, want to) do about it. The books were banned due to their content, nothing else, and trying to change this would mean completely changing what I write—and, in great part, who I am. There is no work-around on that. It’s bye-bye, Amazon, and thank you for all the fishes (and readers).

Also, yeah, just one more final (this time, truly final) note before we head into the main attraction of the day: Amazon’s official statement in their email to me was that I had violated they content guidelines against “hardcore content” and “pornography.”

Now, what constitutes “hardcore content” or “pornography,” you might ask? This is the thing: there is no pointing asking! To Amazon, “hardcore” can mean anything that goes just a little over the edge of vanilla, and any description, literally any description at all about two naked adults doing the funky already technically falls into “pornography” boundaries, so… the game has been rigged from the very start.

These are catch-all terms purposefully designed to get rid of whatever books and authors Amazon doesn’t like in the moment—and, in this particular moment, the unlucky fish happened to be me.

And yes, before you remind me again: I know, I know that there are authors out threre who can publish far worse stuff than I do and get away scot free. And, yes, also yes, I’m surethere are big publishers who create way saucier covers than I could ever come up with and splash them all over the store for everyone to see, adults and kiddies alike. I’m quite aware of all of this, and it changes absolutely nothing. I’m not one of those privileged (or just straight-up lucky) authors, nor am I a big publisher of such caliber to get away with any content violation, so the ax for my neck it comes regardless.

Part 2: That book I kept talking about (hint: it’s about incels and haunted sex dolls)

Even though I’m one-hundred-percent dropping my erotica work from Amazon, I’m not leaving the store outright. In fact, I’m taking this “ban” as an opportunity to clean up my act and clear up my sales page to my “real,” big, baddass book, which I’d been working on for quite some time now—I think it’s been three years since I started it, with big intervals as I improved my porn-penning skills.

Now that the first draft of my work is complete, I’m confident in finally presenting it to you.

My first ever novel is called… *ruffle the drums! Pull out the curtains! Suspense, suspense, suspense, aaaaand…* “The Doll who Loved me!”


Yep, that’s the title of my first book: “The Doll who Loved me.” It is about a mentally-tortured incel who buys a sex doll to relieve himself of his loneliness and depression—only to find that the doll is actually haunted, and that’s she’s out for his soul… as well as his dick!

The book cover is this one, which I think is pretty neat:

It is a “working/concept” cover, yes, but I’m confident the final design is either going to remain like this or it will end up pretty similar nonetheless, at least while I’m publishing it independently.

Yes, I am publishing the book myself. No middlemen. No censorships. No headaches of any sort of this kind, at least not yet, not so soon. I will be sending out the books to whatever agent/publisher finds the concept interesting, but I won’t be anchoring myself on this strategy (traditional publishing) nor making it my priority—again, at least not for now. The book is far from 100% finished (will talk about that shortly), and it takes a really long time to get the slightest of responses from traditional media anyway, be the book of “meh” quality or the best thing since sliced garlic bread.

As cliché as it is to say it, my work’s got everything: it’s drama, horror, dark comedy, and yes, it comes with loads and loads of eroticism (call it erotica or outright porn, it doesn’t really matter to me: it’s the kind of ‘good times’ you guys have come to expect from me and my writing, just a little “tamed” for more general audiences).

It is, in short, a black-comedy horror drama with loads of porn and social commentary sprinkled throughout.

I promise it’s good. For real.

It is my first “pro” work, yes, and I think it’s quite impressive for what it is. To say that it’s got all these elements is still selling it too short, I think; the truth is that, as I was writing it, it just felt right for the book to transcend its catchy premise and rather simple storyline: it *is* about an incel being haunted by his sex doll, yes, but it is also about him growing as a person, slowly, as the horror and uniqueness of his situation teaches him about his flaws and helps him, with lots of both soft and harsh love, become a better man.

The story also comes with a pretty deep, yet somewhat opaque lore—a little bit Dark Souls, a little bit “Her” (the Spike Jonze movie with Scarlet Johansson as a sexy operating system). Not only was it super fun to write this detailed, intricate lore, but it also helped me make the world feel more lived in, to keep it intriguing and engaging even through the book’s more “mundane” sequences.

Being the author, yes, I loved (and still love) everything about it. This is not as given as it sounds, for I am incredibly self-critical and rarely ever think that what I do is ever any good. Writing porn was actually one of the few things in life that helped me become a little “less serious” and stuck-up as a writer, freeing my mind and allowing my style to flourish, as well as helping me beat that bitch of a “writer’s block.”

With this book, I feel everything’s different, and that the whole game has changed. Unlike my erotica, which just unashamedly goes all over place, my novel has a single, streamlined plot, clear structure, and carefully planned narrative arcs for all its characters. It’s the typical Three-Act-Structure, Hero-With-a-Thousand-Faces type of story we have all come to love and respect (at least in the West), so it’s definitely way less “permissive” than everything else in my pornographic ouvre so far.

Still, it’s just as engaging. Just as I loved writing my erotica (and many of you loved reading it), I loved writing (and now re-reading and editing) my first draft.

It kind of, like… really rocks! I’m super proud of it, and I hope you will be as engaged by it as I am right now.

Part 3: Release and readership (it’s FREE, baby!)

So, about the release of my work…

The date and further plot details are yet to be announced, but the first book *is* coming up soon, some two months after this announcement at the latest.

The book is going to be released just like my erotica works: in parts, serialized, and for free for everyone who wants to read it. Let me explain…

As much as I think I’m the last ice cream cone in a hot summer day on Miami beach, truth is… I’m kind of a nobody. My branding is ultra-niche, my erotica production pales in comparison to that of other content creators, and my personal finances aren’t as abundant and overflowing either, so that means that, welp, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

I think that the best way to attract first viewers and readers is to simply… put it out there. For free. For all those who are interested. Sure, there will be a bit of fanfare here and a little promotion there, yes, but for the most part it will be me just putting the work out and waiting for the reactions to come.

As first steps go, heck, I think this is by far the best I’ve got, not to mention the simplest.

Read as you go. No subscriptions. No payments. Nothing. Leave a like and a comment at the end of my posts, if you so fancy, but that’s it: no strings attached. If you enjoy it, welcome to the fandom. If you don’t, well, thank you for your time!

No promises made, no hearts broken. Just a swell time on the Webs, that’s all.

Of course, there is a lot I plan to build upon this simple foundation, especially if the work gets traction and is as well received as I think (or at least hope) it will be: the book will be one of the main selling points of my Patreon (more on that below) and, hopefully, a great vehicle to garner more attention, readers, supporters, all that good stuff.

There will also be paid versions. My novel (both in its serial releases and its finished format) will be available on Amazon—though not through Kindle Unlimited. Even at the height of my porn-publishing success, I made only 50% of my Amazon sales on KU. In most markets, the non-KU sales (i.e.: e-book purchases) accounted for about 60-70% of my earnings, so KU turned out to be not that great of a deal as Amazon had advertised.

I’ll be publishing every installment of my book on Amazon as well as every other major digital store available. You wanna read it in your Kindle, Kobo, phone, whatever? You can get it anywhere.

The free versions will go up in every single platform I currently publish on—that is Reddit, Hentai Foundry (it is still a work of erotica, after all), my website, and a few others. More venues might be considered, but I’m already pretty stuffed managing these platforms as is.

And, yeah, the most important thing to note is: because the work is so long and complex, and the current version I have is pretty much “only” it’s very first revision, the final, “finished” version might differ greatly (or not) from all the parts that I had previously published online.

I wish I could just, you know, get the whole damn thing finished and published like a “normal” book, but I’ve got to be real with both you and myself: right now, the book stands at over 700 pages. Yep. That’s over 350,000 words, or 2,000,000 characters (with spaces). To put it into more context, it’s like publishing almost 60 Reddit posts at their absolute max/allowed character count.

Best case scenario, I’ll need another whole year just for the first revision, then probably another six months to a year polishing it further and giving it the finishing touches. This is assuming, of course, that I have the privilege to work on the book full-time, no stops, without gigging or freelancing my way out of poverty. In short: an absolute best-case scenario.

Considering the amount of work, side gigs, and official government paperwork (related to other personal issues) I currently go through day in, day out, the most realistic time-frame for the full book to be finished would be three years.

Yeah. Writing is a pain sometimes. Which leads me to…

Part 4: Finally, my f#cking Patreon (come join the Gigi gang!)

Being kicked out of Amazon has prompted me to speed up a lot of things. As fun as it was making some sweet cash selling smut on Jeffie’s turf, the whole process of publishing through an store—from prepping the content to checking metadata to trying to stick to the guidelines and all that—was very time-consuming and, to be blunt, not really fun at all.

As much of a bummer as it is to lose my income there, especially when I was so close to becoming a full-time smut writer, the freedoms this has afforded me turned out to be quite unexpected—and sweet! Instead of worrying with covers and metadata and all that jizz… I mean, jazz… I will now try and connect directly to my readers. Even the feedback I’ve been getting on my free content has been way more than I was ever expecting.

I’m really grateful for your attention and readership, my beautiful people. You guys rock!

I’ve been doing a lot of back-and-forth with Patreon, just kind of trying to figure out what to do with it. A bunch of you have subscribed to it even though I had nothing to offer, and some of you (rightfully so) were pretty bummed out once you discovered there was nothing inside it.

Well, no longer: after a lot of sweatin’ and tinkerin’, I’m happy to announce my Patreon page, locked and ready!

There are still some little things to be arranged, sure, and you never know what kind of sh#t these platforms can throw at you at any given moment (always a concern for risqué authors like yours truly), but for the time being I’m reasonably secure of what I have to offer.

My current Patron tiers and rewards are as follows:

All my Patreons will get a shout-out on the published formats of my novel, be then the finished version (months or years from now) or the serial releases. I’ll not be adding acknowledgements, though, to my free, public releases (like here on Reddit), because that’d would be both too much of a mess to read and quite a hassle for me to keep track of.

Given the “controversial” nature of my writings, though, of course some of you wouldn’t be comfortable with having your usernames associated with me, so no worries: no acknowledgement shall be given if the subscriber in question doesn’t want to. Conversely, every subscriber who wants to get a shout-out will get one, regardless of their subscription plan.

Of course, all acknowledgements are equal, but some are much more equal than others. Based on the plan you’re paying for, you’ll get a more (or less) detail shout-out, accordingly:

  • For $3/mo supporters, you’ll get a name drop and… well, that’s pretty much it.
  • For $5/mo readers, you’ll get a more dedicated message on my books. DM me on Patreon and let me know what kind of message would appeal to you the most. ❤
  • For $10/mo readers, you’ll get a paragraph (if there are not too many of you) or at least a couple of sentences (if you guys are too many) on my published works, all carefully-written and sweetly-crafted specifically for your tastes.

I’m not stingy in regards to subscription time, duration, or “seniority.” If y’all want to subscribe to a higher plan, say, one month before me publishing a new work or chapter, I see no trouble in that. Of course, longer-term subscribers will get way more attention on my acknowledgements than “last-minute” arrivers, but that is only natural, isn’t it?

Though I pay attention to all my readers and followers, paying or otherwise, those who subscribe to my Patreon will obviously get priority over non-subscribers when it comes to contacting me, giving feedback, and all. It’s not just a matter of rewarding you for your monies, but one of basic time-management; even as is, with my Patreon only now going official, I’m already struggling to keep up with all the messages and requests for commissions, so this subscription tier system will come in handy to help me sort out my priorities.

Subscribers of the $5-plan or higher will also be able to vote on my opinion polls and participate on Patreon-exclusive “chat rooms”—I’m still working on this, yes; if my Patreon gets successful, I’m even thinking on making AMA-style forums for my highest-ranking fans to discuss feedback on my work and plans for future releases.

Then there’s the matter of my entire body of erotica and porn writings, which deserves a chapter of its own.

Part 5: The good stuff—of horny futas, giant dongs, and everything in between

From the basics: subscribers of the $10 plan will get premium access to all the filthy porn I’ve ever written, including those who were deep in my backlog and never ended up published on Amazon in the first place.

For the $5-plan subscribers, you’ll get a handful of my erotica upfront (check out the list below), plus early access to the stories in the series I’m currently publishing for free online (read stories weeks, maybe months ahead everyone else).

Again, just to emphasize, the $10-plan subscribers will get everything from the get-go. Everything. I mean: every-fucking-thing. All my books, past and future; all my erotica, early and late. All the porn books I’ve ever written, including those that I never even came close to publishing; even series that barely got started at all and were dropped before I finished the first few of their stories, they’re all yours to read and enjoy.

There is a ton of content to consume. Here’s a quick preview of everything you’ll be getting, including a word count (thousands of words) per series:

Even when excluding all the stories I’d published on Amazon, there’s still, like, two-to-three years-worth of porn content—assuming I release only a handful every month! That is way more porn than anyone would be able to consume in a lifetime… or, well, maybe I’m just too innocent, I dunno.

Part 6: The future of Gigi Potemkin (“what about NEW porn? I’m still waiting for more sweet-ass futa content, you know!”)

Here’s one thing that, at least for now, is still a little fuzzy on my schedule: all the porn I have listed above is already written and wrapped up. When it comes to writing new smut, though, I’m pretty much on the fence so far.

My future, I believe, lies in novels; “actual, serious” writing, you know. Not only is it more refreshing and rewarding to write these bigger stories, I also think it’s the only path to “profitability” now that my erotica career is over.

I started writing smut both for fun and for improving my English skills. I believe I succeeded on both fronts. As my style improved and my reputation grew, I went on to make some pretty decent cash on Amazon, and this added a whole other layer of incentives for me to continue writing filthier and hotter erotica.

To be very honest (if I weren’t being honest enough, that is), I don’t believe my smut career would have lasted this long without this financial boost. Now that the boost is gone, I pretty much see no reason to continue writing porn. The current (and extensive) backlog of porn will serve as a very convenient and consistent vehicle to advertise my new book and my keep growing my brand. That aside, I just don’t feel that motivated to keep writing new stuff, porn-wise speaking.

This circles back to my Patreon: if it is successful, will it be because of my porn, my novel, or both in equal measures? I don’t know; hence, I’ll keep my options open.

If my Patreon (and other venues) is successful (i.e.: I’m able to support myself just from it), then I’ll listen to my fans and readers: if you want more porn to come out, then more porn will come out. If you want more futa stuff, then I’ll give you more futa stuff—that’s quite important to stress, because I really got a boost in sales after I published my African Futa erotica series, heh, heh.

Buuut… if, let’s say, hypothetically, for the sake of argument, that my novel (The Doll…) is generating all the traffic and most of my income, then I’ll definitely be focusing on the novel and keep porn on the closet.

This is going to be a very, very long publishing schedule, after all: unlike my porn, which is easy to write, review, and read, the novel requires much more muscle behind it; I’ve been proofreading, correcting, and revising its first couple dozens of pages (a hundred or something) for about two months now, and I feel I’m still barely scratching the surface of it all. There’s probably going to be many more revisions and proofreads to come, and that’s not even including the comments, feedback, and reception I get from you, my beautiful.

Give or take, it’s gonna be a year-long, maybe 2-year commitment from beginning to end—from the first chapter I release for free to the full, complete, finished novel on Amazon. For better or worse, I was caught really off-guard by a lot of the stuff I wrote in my first chapters, all the way back in 2018: some of it is really, almost shockingly good, and some of it just just… like… yikes. You barely have an idea of the crazy stuff I’ve been having to fix, polish, refine, and conform these past few months.

Soon, though, you will. Or so I hope.

So, my point is: I’m not sure if I’ll ever write new porn again, or if I’ll be taking requests for specific genres or storylines, but I’m still open to the idea. Writing porn has been (and still is) a very fun activity, so I will definitely not mind writing new, sexy stuff… if I am adequately rewarded for it. >:)

If I ever cross a certain threshold of monthly income that allows me to write full-time and still save some money for the future (in case, you know, disaster strikes), then I am all yours again! I won’t mind keeping you, *cahem*, entertained with brand-new, filthy-hot erotica if that’s what you’re begging for on my Patreon and social media.

With my Patreon polls, you’ll be able to vote on whatever flavor or erotica you want to see next, and our community discussions and chat groups will further add to this relationship.

However, this is something of long-shot for the time being. I’ve barely given the first baby step yet, so only the weeks (or months) ahead will tell how my career and my literature will play out. My gut-feeling tells me everything will coalesce into my novel-writing career, but… let’s see. I can only lay down the bricks and wait for people (hopefully, many of you guys) to travel down the road with me.

My hopes are high, but life, ya know, it has a way of keeping us down, sometimes. As long as you’re down with me in this path, I’ll consider myself a happy and accomplished writer—be it of erotica or whatnot.

Part 7: So, in short… (TLDR of everything!)

Boy! Do I talk, right? I’m sorry if it took me so long to get to the point. Without a lot of prepping and editing, I tend to just go on and on and on…

My novel will much more concise and to-the-point than this update, though. That’s a promise!

Now, if you skipped to this section to avoid all the talking, or if you still have questions about what you’ve just read, here’s a quick recap of everything I said:

  1. I have been banned from Amazon thanks to the contents of my books. There’s no chance I’m coming back. It’s over.
    1. I was getting close to making a full-time income on Amazon, so the banning came as a bit of a bummer and terrible timing.
    1. Because my banning came so much quicker than I’d expected, I’m moving plans forward and finally releasing the project I had been working on for almost three years now: my very first novel, called…
  2. “The Doll who Loved Me.” That’s the name of my first novel, yes.
    1. It’s about an incel being haunted by his sex doll.
    1. It’s over 700 pages-long in its current form and…
    1. It’s going to be published in serial form here and on my other social media, both for free and as part of a subscription plan for…
  3. My Patreon. Yep, that’s the money shot right here: my Patreon is finally finished and you can subscribe to it right now.
    1. Overall, it’s going to support both my erotica and my novel writing;
    1. For my novel (“The Doll who Loved Me”), my Patreon would (ideally) provide stable income for the serial releases, as well as the editing, proofreading, and overall polish and refinement of the work;
    1. For my erotica:
      1. I stopped writing new porn, focusing instead 100% on my novel (The Doll who Loved Me).
        1. I have, however, a supermassive backlog of works, with over 1.5 million words of filthy content—both from books previously released on Amazon and works that never, ever saw the light of day.
      1. Subscribers of my $5/mo plan will get loads of this erotica, as well as early access to all my ongoing (public) releases;
      1. Subscribers of my $10/mo plan will get everything all at once. Everything. No bullshit and no questions asked.
      1. If my Patreon is very successful, and if that’s the general desire of my Patrons, sure, I will go back to writing erotica. If y’all paying, I’m slaying. I’ll dance to the tune of your music, my luvs, like a monkey who’s been dancing her whole life. 😉 ❤
    1. Overall goodies and rewards:
      1. Y’all get credits on my novel, both the finished work and the serial releases, whatever the plan you choose;
      1. You get access to polls, discussion boards, and priority contact with the author (that is, moi);
      1. If anything happens to my any of the social media or online stores (banning, shut-down, stuff like this), you get a cloud backup of my novel and, for the $5 and $10 subscribers, my erotica too.
  4. Thank you so fucking much! Words cannot describe my gratitude for your attention, support, and feedback on all these previous months. Thank you very much, and enjoy everything that I still have to offer!

And that… is… it! If you read it all from the very the beginning until here, congratulations! This is the end of my update! I hope to see you either on my Patreon or my other online venues.

For those who would like to support me with a one-time, no-questions-asked purchase, buy something from me on Amazon.

My novel will be released serially on all major online stores too, so if you want to support me on an occasional, non-recurring basis, you can always hop onto these stores and buy a copy there.

For the time being, this is all I have to say. If you have any questions about anything, you know where to find me:

Sugar, spice, and everything nice,

~ Gigi.