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Two muscle goddesses DESTROY THE WORLD with the power of their superhuman FUCKING!

“Aren’t these orgasms enough for you already?” Apparently they were, for the princess was once again moaning and howling to the moon. “Alright, then!” The Queen firmed her fingers. “I’ll give you all the orgasms you demanded!” She slapped her enormous bum. “I see you can take it, big girl!”

“FUUUUCK!! STOP FUCKING TALKING AND MAKE ME CUUUUUM-OOOOOHH!!!” Just as the princess screamed, her body was frozen under a million orgasms per second and counting. By the way the Queen annihilated her cunt, that milestone had not only been reached, but thrashed with ease, the numbers of orgasms blasting through one and half million per second, and then some!

The princess sank her fists on the ground and crushed it. The stone turned to dust under her mighty grip, and her scream literally split the skies. “FUUUCK!! SO GOOD!!” She screamed so many times the Queen’s ears began to hurt, and she massacred that cunt until her fingers were bruised and her bones about to crack.

“By the gods, you’re almost literally made of iron!” The oceans of squirt splashed on her face, almost washing her body away. “Fucking… die, you fucking cunt!!”

But Diane, amidst that delirious deluge of orgasms, calmly lifted her head and stared at her queen, flaunting a calm, placid smile in her face. “Is this really all… FUCK!!!… that you can do??!”

Diane then flipped her body on the Queen, who screamed as she felt her own cunt pierced by the princess’s fingers. Diane gave her a wicked smile, and the Queen had no doubt that she was going to thrash her cunt even more mercilessly than he had thrashed hers.

“Please, Diane!” The Queen rolled her eyes and spread her legs. “P-p-please!!”

Diane masturbated her. The orgasms were immediate. The Queen screamed and jumped on the ground, cracking it with her massive body, making them both sink gradually deeper into the wide, sprawling crater. Just as Diane had suffered and withered under millions of orgasms, so was the Queen about to suffer the same fate now—a million orgasms per second and counting, the mighty princess easily and quickly beating her in her own game, using her own technique so masterfully and perfectly against her!

“You fucking…!!” The Queen tried to scream, but she was losing her fucking mind in the process! “Oh, you fucking…!!” Her voice was then silenced for good, taken by so many orgasms that her whole body became as stiff as iron.

The orgasms multiplied, making her sight blur and blank. She was seeing millions of lightning bolts in front of her, and her insides really seemed like they were burning under a lightning storm.

The Queen screamed, ailed, and despaired, and her cunt soon outpaced Diane’s own in the size and strength of its loads—not that it made a great difference at that point, as both goddesses were cumming so hard that the entire island was leaking with their juices.

“GAAAWD!! OH, GOD!!!” Diane screamed, still torturing that cunt with as many orgasms as possible.

“YOU FUCKING BITCH!!” The Queen found some strength to counter-attack the muscled goddess and, uninhibited by her superior power, crammed her finger into her cunt, striking her with just as many orgasms.

Both bitches came, both bitches screamed, and their bodies jumped and quivered so hard that the island quickly unraveled. They felt the ocean waters crashing against their bodies, with thousands of masses of stone falling in all directions, some of them hitting their backs and crashing over their muscles—which were too hard to even notice a thing.

“Fuck yeah, fuck yeah!!” The Queen panted, surprisingly calm amidst those tortuous orgasms. “FUCK YEAH, BITCH!!!” An explosion. A burst of light. Diane was briefly blinded as a sun seemed to have exploded in her face, and then she felt her body pushed and crushed under the waters, hurled by a growing mass as hard as steel. «Fuck!» She knew what it was all about. «She’s growing!» Her body trembled in excitement. «She’s fucking bulking!»


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A muscle teenager unloads massive gallons of precum in his harem of beauties with his 17.5-inch monster cock! [FREE PAGES!]

The slain woman convulsed on the floor, crying with the pain and agony of that intense pleasure while her body still experienced brutal jolts of post-coitus.

Bliiiiiirsssh, spluuuuuurssh, spliiiiiirrsshh!! Her pussy gushed female spunk all over the place.

‘My Gooodd…!!‘ All chins fell down. ‘H-how many ounces…??!’

And the god stood with a menacing aura.

‘Want me to nut all this sweet precum on you?’


‘Okay, then.’ The mega-god held his horse prick, which alone weighed twenty pounds plus. ‘Here. Feel it all!’

‘Ooooh, aaaaahh!!!’

Spluuuuuursshhh!! Immediately, his prick unloaded jets and more jets of the most ferocious, dense transparent broth on the girls, knocking them out instantly.

While his prick covered their bodies in pre-spunk, the mega teenager roared:

‘Uuuurrrrh, hoooot!’

‘Aaaaai, aaaahhh!!!’ The girls were both impressed and desperate as they sank under precum. ‘Pargasus!! Ooh, Paaargas…!!’

Vuuuuuursshh!! The young man nutted pints in just one blast. A few seconds later, all those five bodies were covered in spunk from head to toe.

Pargasus turned his potent prick from one side to the other, releasing his thick gushes at will.

The lubes entered the girls’ mouths and noses. They could literally drown under all that liquid!

Uuurrrhh!!! Fuuuck!!!’

The man’s prick nutted one long, gallon-sized jet of lubes over the sluts. His balls weighed ten pounds each, and he could feel the sperm getting solid inside them, so potently that his own sight started to blank and darken!

The prick engorged and ejaculated another thick, long, frightening load over the five remaining sluts: blooooaarrsshh!! In just one gush, the monster made almost two gallons rained over the bitches.

The simple contact of the liquids on their privates set fire to their bodies! All and all, the 18-year-old teenage mega-god had nutted eight gallons of pre-spunk over them.

‘Uuuuuurrhhh!!!’ The prick engorged and exploded once again: bluuuuuursshh!! Eight gallons and a hundred ounces… eight gallons and three hundred… eight gallons and a half…

The girls were literally gasping for air under that lube ocean.

His prick came with the power of ten breeding stallions. His urethra stretched as wide as a thumb, letting flow through it a whole ocean of male juices over such nubile, fresh young bodies.

Aaaarrh, aaaaarrh, aaaaarrrhh!!!’ The god roared, seeing his women fight for air under all his loads.

Ooorrhh…!!!’ And they came. ‘AAAAAIIIIIM….!!!!’

Bluuuuursshh!! The prick ejaculated. Bluuuuuursshh!!! And ejaculated even harder!

The god felt a ferocious pinch in between his legs.

‘My balls, fuuuuuck!!!’

His testicles were all covered by thick veins, spheres carrying so much spunk they were almost solid.

The super teenager had more veins over his prick than seasoned bodybuilders in their entire bodies.

It was, after all, a lot of prick to feed with blood: 16.5 inches! Literally a cock as large as horse’s!

Through that prick Pargasus felt flowing four pints… six pints… a gallon… a gallon and a pint…

Nearly two gallons!… making the pre-spunk pool grow around those marvelous bodies.


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A busty blonde SQUIRTS GALLONS in the able hands of her brunette dominatrix! [FREE PAGES]

‘Strong! Jesus, so fucking strong! Your muscles…!’

‘Let me show you just how strong they are!’

The brunette began flexing the fantastic muscles of her back while the blonde ran her palms thirstily over them.

Her breasts…! Those two monstrous pairs of milk-making machines rubbed and squeezed immensely against one another, provoking extreme pleasure on both women as it dawned on them… just how big!… they both were!

One of the brunette’s legs penetrated the blonde’s thighs, who spread them wider.

‘My god! Your fucking leg!’

‘I’m all muscle, blondie!’


The brunette’s thighs were so gigantic there was almost no space left on the sofa for her legs.

As soon as she fit a thigh in the middle of her partner’s legs, the brunette’s muscles immediately squeezed her bloated cunt!


The brunette stared deeply within her eyes, preparing for…

‘Second round, blondie.’

‘Oow, no… oow, what the… oow!’

‘Just you feel me, my beauty!’


Her thigh began to move.


‘Just you feel what these big legs of mine gonna do to ya pussy.’

‘Ooow… oooww…!!’

Dominating her body with kisses and tight squeezes, the brunette rubbed her thigh up and down on her lover’s cunt, which kept lubing itself up ever since the last orgasm…

‘Ooh, my god! Oow… my… Gooood!’

…had ended! «Oooohh!!» The blonde couldn’t believe that fantasy was becoming a reality! «This caramel-skinned bitch… oow!… she’s making me cum… in less than a minute… my Gooooood….!!»


The brunette squeezed that pussy with her knee, which literally vibrated!… all over her labia, striking the clit with special, explosive strength.

That powerful brunette had vibrators all over her body!

‘Fuck, I don’t believe… aahiim….’ The blonde thought out loud while the brunette devoured her. ‘I can’t believe I’mma cum agaaain…!!’

The brunette didn’t reply. Her tongue…! Jesus! Even her tongue vibrated all over the blonde’s neck!

‘What are you…?! Oooh! Aaaahhh!!’

The blonde’s long legs were again shaking and trembling, and the insides of her pussy filled up with an immense, almost unbearable pressure!

Bruuum! Buuuurr! Bruuumm…! That massive woman’s body humped hers like a male in heat.

Her tongue, meanwhile… sluuuurpt, sleeeprt, sleeeeerpt!… ran over the blonde’s breasts and neck, vibrating twenty times a second, just like a machine, setting fires and explosions on every sensible spot it touched.

The brunette was immensely focused in her pleasure. Her proficiency was scary!

‘Pleeeease… aaaheeem! Stop! That’s too muuuuch!’

The dark girl smiled. ‘You ain’t seen the half of me yet, blondie.’


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FREE pages of my newest work: “The Mighty Fingers of a Fitness Brunette”


A true waterfall of lubes fell all over the floor. Its growing puddle was beginning to moisten both women’s feet.

‘Fucking shit, blondiiiee!! Aaaahhh!!’

Without resistance, the brunette unzipped her own pants and tried to reach her pussy with her freed hand.

Her muscles hardened, dancing sensuously all along with her impeccable physique. Without halting the massacre on that pussy for a second, she felt incredibly powerful, reducing her sexual partner to a puddle of feverish orgasms and writhing exclamations.


BLUM-PTUM-BLUUUM! Something terrible then happened!

‘Oh, fuck!’ The brunette exclaimed.

As she took her arm off her friend’s waist to masturbate herself, she’d forgotten that the blonde had no longer any strength left on her legs, prompting her to…

BUUUM! Like a boneless meat sex doll, the busty blonde fell down on the floor. The brunette’s fingers quickly and desperately popped out of her vulva…


…which did not prevent her, however… from keeping coming and screaming and squirting!

‘Oooohhh…. ooooaaarrrrhhh!!!’

She moaned, she shivered, and… squiiiiish!… squirted hard every two or three seconds!

Bum-bum-bumbum-buuuum-bum…! The pleasure waves didn’t stop for a second! Bum-bum-buuum…! Like the beating of drums, they kept bursting all over the body of the mega-blonde, which dripped from the nipples and the pussy labia while babbling in a frenzied jest:

‘Oooorrrhhh… blooorrhh…!!’

Squiiiishhh… squiiiiiishhhh!!… The brunette, smiling confidently, counted six more ejaculations after her partner had fallen on the floor.

She had her legs all spread and her pants drenched in her own cum, with her back on the wall and a lost look in her face, with her head swirling on all directions.

The muscular doctor laughed, gazing at her busty, big-assed Nordic goddess as she slowly closed her eyes to rest.

The Mighty Fingers of a Massive Muscle Brunette

‘Was it good, all this cum?’ The brunette doctor bragged, and the blonde reporter gave no answer.

She remained down there, on the floor, at the feet of her mighty brunette, suffering spasms of post-orgasmic bliss.

Feeling the abundant liquids of female nectar on her feet, the brunette looked down to the floor.

‘My girl!’ She marveled. ‘I think you just came, like, twenty ounces!’

The blonde looked at her with her chin lowered and her eyes profoundly lost.

‘Yooooou…!’ She uttered. ‘Yoooo-aaarr….!’

Craaaack! The muscles of that brunette’s ungodly huge and thick legs rumbled as she slowly squatted down on the floor, leaning towards the blonde to ask, with subtle sensuality:

‘Were they good, all the orgasms I just gave you?’

The blonde answered with desperate touches on her partner’s arms.

Her hands fumbled that woman’s massive, ripped biceps. The brunette then flexed them, making them harden, and extracting long, lustful sighs from her friend.

‘They’re beautiful, aren’t they? These two mountains I’ve got on my arms?’


‘You like strength, don’t you, girl?’ And then she flaunted one of her guns, extremely hard and ripped, much thicker than many men’s biceps. ‘You like power, you like ripped muscles, don’t ya?’

‘Aaahuu-eee…. oooww…’

‘I know what ya like.’ Slaaap! And gave her cheek a slight, but still considerable slap. ‘Slut. I’m gonna have so much fun with your body.’

‘Ooow… aaahee…..’

The blonde ran her hands over those arms up until the brunette’s wide, muscular shoulders, pulling her slowly towards her face.

‘Oh, I see.’ The dark-haired vixen smiled. ‘You want some good loving, don’t ya?’ The blonde’s eyes then shone, full of heat. ‘Alright, my blondie. Com’ere so momma can love you good.’ With her powerful hands, the brunette touched the reporter’s shoulders… and crushed them!


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The blond reporter looked down, seeing her lush, fair-skinned meat mountains covering the dark skin of the brunette’s mega-bosom in milk.

The brunette doctor began to breathe hastily, her heart beating strong as her lips quivered in desire to snatch those enormous tits.

‘Your hands… oow… your hands!’

Spliiish! From the blonde’s breasts, more white jets of milk gushed.

‘How lush. How lush you are!’

The brunette squeezed the friend’s belly with her hands, making the blonde feel waves of pleasure dominating her entire waist.

‘Oh, my god! What are you… aahhh!… doing??’

The brunette simply squeezed her belly harder and harder, making her feel her entire womb burst in heat and tension.

Her ovaries were throbbing. She could feel her gonads madly producing eggs and yet more eggs, filling her womb up!

The brunette gave her an amazed look.

‘You’re so fertile!’


‘Are you feeling this heat, my angel? This incredible heat in your womb?’

‘Oh, my god! What are you… dooooing?’

‘Nothing.’ She smiled. ‘It’s just you who’s in heat. All nice and ready for me… yuum!…’ She smacked her lips, ‘inseminated!’


‘You wanna have babies, don’t you?’

Overtaken by joy, the blonde closed her eyes and confessed:

‘Many! I wanna have so many kids!’

‘Do you want to be bred… by my male?’

‘Oooowww! Oh, my god!’

Ooow, oow!” The brunette mocked. ‘I’m the god here, my pretty little bitch.’


‘Oh, what a body. What gorgeous breasts, waist, and…. ass!’


The brunette lowered her hands down to the woman’s hips, grabbing strongly both sides of her buttocks.

He was hard and firm everywhere. «Such a ripe blonde… ready for consumption!»

And looked up, licking her lips so full of desire.

The white tits dangled loudly and lusciously, full of milk for her mouth. The white nectar dripped constantly over her even harder breasts.

The brunette then flexed her muscles and…


…made the blonde writhe as she fell with her mouth on her tits, giving each a ferocious slurp.

Muscle Woman Domination: Shredded Ebony VS. Fiery Blonde

Squiiish! The milk gushed strongly on the brunette’s mouth. Licking her lips, she painted all her mouth white with her tongue so drenched in hot, sweet milk.

The blonde looked down, seeing her friend’s incredibly thick and juicy lips so close to her breasts.

The brunette stared defiantly back at her, her hands powerfully squeezing her waist.

«My god!» The blonde thought. «How can a single woman… have so much power??»

The brunette dominated her massive breasts more powerfully than a horny Alpha male. It was impressive how strongly and hungrily she licked and sucked her.

‘Amazing milk, this one you make, my little cow.’

‘Oooooww!! Ooow, my god!!’

The brunette looked at her with a tigress’s eyes.

‘You white girls are the best thing in the world, you know.’

‘Oow… oooww…’

The brunette pressed against her waist with equal strength, ran her tongue and gave long, voracious lickings all over her massive jugs.

‘White meat… sweet, tasty blood! Ooh, blondie, you…’ And winked, ‘are spectacular!’


With her hands on her waist, the brunette doctor began to lift her shirts, fondling powerfully her body. She twitched and writhed, feeling her meat burn under the incredible pressure of her touch.



Foreword and intro of my NEWEST BOOK, “Super Hunk Domination” (out this TUESDAY!!)

I’ve got two new books coming this Tuesday (11)! Here’s my foreword and naughty little intro for one of them!

Hello, my precious! How are you doing on this lovely Tuesday? 😀

In this mighty book, we continue the crazy, lube-filled, cum-ridden story of our two muscular superheroes duking it out to see who’s the strongest, mightiest Alpha male!

The answer might surprise you… and it’s waiting for you on the following pages!

Twitter: @GigiPotemkin


I’m finally embracing the most erotic, downright pornographic aspects of my muscle, cum and squirting obsession (among other fetiches).

This whole superhero series is a personal achievement for me, as it marks my transition from “nice, romantic Gigi” (my previous series) to “fuck-drunk, crazy bitch Gigi!”

Ha, ha, ha, ha!! It’s so good to let these fetishes gain wings and fly freely!

I’m getting increasingly more erotic with every passing book, and every new publishing week marks a new high-point in my career.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m humble enough to admit there’s still a long way to go until I become a finely-tuned, pitch-perfect erotica writer… but I feel I’m damn well in the right path!

Your opinion and feedback, therefore, is very valuable to me. After all, there’s only so much that analytics and sales numbers can offer.

I’m always pleased to answer all my readers’ requests on my Twitter feed, so why don’t you pay me a little visit there and exchange some thoughts?

My commitment is with your pleasure… as well as my own!!

I hope you adore this new chapter of my obscene superhero, muscle-engorging adventures, and come back next week for more musclemanic goodness!

See ya again soon, my love!

A thousand kisses on your cheek,

A hundreds kisses on your cooch,

A hundred slurps on your cock!

Yours adored,

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Previously, on our crazy superhero sex adventures…

After a new danger has arrived on Earth, a few superheroes gather on the observation deck of the Tower of Might to evaluate the situation.

Amongst them are Black Lanter and White Archer, two of the world’s mightiest Alpha males!

The supers are approached by Wondrous Woman, who proceeds to lay down a plan to contain the danger.

However, the sheer eroticism of her rock-solid, muscle-abundant body strikes powerful hard-ons on all superheroes present —especially on the two impressive, gargantuan cocks of these powerful studs.

After all, White Archer has nothing less than an 11in hard cock, while his counterpart Black Lantern effortlessly reaches 13 inches of sweet, black guetto pussy-wretching, male-juice maker!

After being dismissed by the mighty superheroine, both men head to the nearest bathroom to relieve themselves of their obscene bulges.

Once alone, their competitive drive quicks in full gear. They are nothing short than the two most powerful men in history, so their rivalry couldn’t be greater.

Black Lantern is a massive, 550-pound black muscle man, while White Archer is a 400-pound multibillionaire muscle playboy with an insatiable appetite for good pussy and good ass.

Black Lantern decides to take this arrogant white boy down a notch, and so both men decide to see… who’s got the mightiest cock… and who can produce the biggest amount of juices in the shortest amount of time!

As their jerk-off competition starts, it’s pretty obvious that Black Lantern will be the winner in terms of sheer male abundance: seemingly effortless, he manages to extract almost a full gallon of precum from his dick… in a single wad!

This black bull is so damn powerful that, by the end of his performance, he milked over fifteen gallons out of his massive Afro prick!

White Lantern, in comparison —by no means a puny man—, barely extracted more than two gallons out of his sizable 11in penis.

His biggest load of sweet precum juices didn’t even surpass 15 ounces —a miracle for any man, but just a tiny dropplet compared to Black Lantern’s performance.

The black superhero stands high and mighty, therefore, after being able to shoot loads of precum so strong that they bent the metal of the ceiling itself!

However, White Archer still has many cards up his sleeve: for starters, he is a mega serial seducer who’s slept with over 10,000 women, whereas Lantern has managed “only” a “measly” 400-something score.

White Archer’s sexual skills are legendary even among many superheroes, and he is deemed by ladies and lads alike as the biggest sex machine in history.

After an altercation involving the N-word, the arrogant white man leaves Black Lantern fuming with anger! Their conflict escalates to a boiling point —and both men soon realize they can only truly settle their differences… with their fists!