‘Good’ writing VS. ‘Right’ writing: what you can learn from ‘bad’ books that sell a lot

When I started writing erotica professionally —as in, to try and make some money—, I started off like most people: optimistic and overly excited, yes, but ultimately rather clueless.

And, like most people, my writing was prone to silly mistakes that ended up costing me quite a few readers.

Is there a problem with that? Actually, not at all, because we all end up learning one of the first —if not the first— and most basic lessons any writer eventually learns: READ MORE


I’ve made a terrible mistake as an erotica writer!

Woman is sad because she has committed a really terrible and silly mistake

Or, to say it better, I’ve committed a really silly, dumb, rookie mistake when publishing my erotica!

Wanna know where I f*cked up big time?

Okay, here goes my confession.

Though I have been writing erotica for three months now, I’ve managed to publish a grand total of… one book.

Yep, that’s right: one book is all that I have shown to the world during all this time.

But wait, isn’t a book in three months really quick?” Well thought, my dear reader. If you asked yourself this question, then you must be new to the world of erotica.

Hang on a while and soon you’ll understand where I failed miserably!