Who The Doll is for

The Doll who Loved me is a serial novel about an incel being haunted by his sex doll.

It deals with several heavy themes like suicide, depression, loneliness, abuse, trauma, racism, mental illness, and more.

If you’re afflicted by some (or any) of these issues, this book is meant for you.

The Doll is kind and non-judgmental. It tries to put a positive spin on the whole “inceldom” phenomenon, and to offer solace, even rehabilitation to those who believe themselves unworthy of love.

This book is therapy to those too afraid (or too poor) to seek it.

It is friendship, love, and companionship to those who never had it.

It is sex, love, and passion to those who never had a taste of these until now, and who would like to experience these, plus many other emotions, before trying them out in the real world.

If you think of yourself as a hopeless, lost, or broken case, give this book a try.

Be safe. Be happy. Enjoy.